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Rothschild Investment Corporation takes a slice of the bitcoin pie

The digital currency, bitcoin has gained another major victory, And overall digital currency continues to grow in leaps and bounds. More and more credible sources seem to be accepting the usefulness and functionality of the currency. This has resulted in turn in an increased purchase of bitcoins and shares in bitcoin holding and trading companies. Rothschild Investment Corporation is the latest to dive into the world of cryptocurrency investment. The Chicago based company has purchased over 500 shares at Bitcoin Investment Trust at the cost of $210,000.

What…! Rothschild Investment Corporation also is investing in Bitcoin?

Rothschild Investment Corporation takes a slice of the bitcoin pie
Rothschild Investment Corporation takes a slice of the bitcoin pie. Isn’t this a sign to invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?

Rothschild Investment Corporation, in a recent holdings report, revealed the details of the transaction. Details of other transactions and investments in their vast portfolio were also included in the report. The report, which dates back to 30th June 2017 was released by the Bradley C. Drake, Executive Vice president at the company. The report illustrates the recent piqued interest of large and credible corporations (like Apple) in the world of digital money. Even countries have shown interest. An example of this is illustrated by China commencing plans to produce their own digital currency.

Rothschild Investment Corporation is different and separate from holdings by the Rothschild Banking Family

The news of Rothschild Investment Company owning shares at a cryptocurrency company raises some eye brows. The major reason behind this is that they are often confused with the Rothschild family of bankers. Though with similar names (or rather same name), the two entities have almost nothing to do with each other. The Rothschild Investment Corporation was founded in 1908 by Monroe Rothschild and his brother-in-law Samuel Karger. Then known as Rothschild & Company, it trades and invests in many stocks and companies and continues to do so for about 100 years now. The perceived association has been helpful at times with the company being perceived as yet another branch of the Rothschild family and its influence. This has given rise to a multitude of conspiracy theories associating the Bitcoin sector with the Illuminati.

Cryptocurrency: the currency of the future?

As more and more companies and corporations reveal they have interest in the growing world of electronic money, many pundits and enthusiast have been led to ponder. Is cryptocurrency the currency of the future? Or another passing phase in mankind’s financial history? Is the technology sustainable and can it totally replace the physical currency we have all come to know and love so much? (Indeed). Rothschild Investment Company seems to think so, with its financial report showing an interest in investing the technology as it gets progressive.

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