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10 Reasons to Invest in Solar Energy Systems – #EarthDay Wake

“Here comes the sun, and I say, it’s all right.”According to the Beatles, the sun is a great subject for lyrics. It’s also an excellent source of energy.

There are financial, ecological and environmental reasons to switch to solar. As an investment opportunity, solar power is an up-and-coming energy system with a lot of potential.

When homeowners and businesses chose solar, investors profit. And there are a lot of reasons why people are rethinking their current energy suppliers and taking a closer look at solar systems.

Solar Energy Systems
Here are the valid and reasonable factors to consider if you want to Invest in Solar Energy Systems | CC:- Tropical Solar Energy

We Think You Should Invest in Solar Energy, and here’s why:

1. Easy Does It

Compared to other power systems, solar energy is simple. There are no mechanical parts to break. Even if an issue develops, many homeowners have maintenance contracts with their installers.

Wind turbines get a bad rap for their noise levels, even though a typical home turbine makes less noise than a refrigerator. However, solar panels have the benefit of being completely silent.

2. Get Rid of the Grid Inspectors

Homeowners who want to be free of the massive energy grid in the U.S. can use solar energy and be completely independent. Solar power isn’t just for hermits, ecology fanatics and political activists — people throughout the country have gone off the grid.

Perhaps more importantly, solar energy offers an option for developing countries that essentially have no grid. Solar energy is a safer, cleaner and more reliable alternative.

3. Choices, Choices

Homeowners who buy solar systems outright receive the largest savings most quickly. However, people without ready cash can also go solar.

Some solar energy companies lease their equipment. Maintenance costs are included. Consumers save 10 to 20 percent on electricity. Average savings are $10 to $40 monthly.

Certain lenders offer solar loans. These loans typically cover the entire installation and are paid off within 10 to 20 years. Meantime, homeowners save $40 to $120 each month —an average of 40 to 60 percent of their electric bill. Once you settle your loan the savings jump dramatically.

4. Solar Selections

Not all solar systems are the same, so homeowners can use what best meets their needs. Early solar panels were monocrystalline, grown from a single crystal of silicon. These are typically black and very efficient.

Polycrystalline panels, somewhat lighter in color, are cast from molten silicon. This process results in more imperfections, so efficiency is affected. However, manufacturing polycrystalline panels requires less energy and fewer materials.

5. Businesses Are Big Business

Homeowners aren’t the only ones interested in solar systems. Businesses are seeing the advantages, as well.

In addition to lowering electrical and maintenance costs, businesses can use the shadows from their large panel arrangements to shade parking lots or outdoor work and leisure centers.

A company can focus its adoption of solar energy in order to market itself as environmentally conscientious. Solar has increased in popularity because the cost of solar has dropped 50% since 2008. It can make a commitment to using greener power and reducing its carbon footprint, a move that can also encourage media attention.

6. Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

When energy comes from fossil fuels, much of the work is mechanized. The production and installation of solar energy systems on the other hand needs actual workers.

Over 200 thousand people work in the solar energy industry, manufacturing products, making sales and installing systems. Employment grew more than 100 percent in the first half of the 2010 decade, and expansion is expected to continue.

7. Energy to Spare

The sun is full of energy. Every 18 days, it releases the same amount of energy as earth’s remaining stores of coal, oil, and natural gas, which are finite.

The sun releases an enormous amount of energy — about 1,300 watts per square meter. Not all of this energy reaches earth, as the atmosphere reflects some away. On average, the sun delivers 4.2 kilowatt-hours of energy to every square meter on the planet. For comparison, one kilowatt-hour is enough to run a smart phone for a year or power ten 100-watt incandescent light bulbs for an hour.

It’s not just the hot and sunny southwest that can collect solar energy. Even in cloudier regions, the sun still shines —but it’s usually not as strong. Solar panels also work more efficiently in colder weather.

8. Money in Your Pocket

Most households save $100 to $200 monthly on their electric bill after installing solar panels. That means the system pays for itself within five to 10 years. After that, electricity is essentially free.

Through 2016, a federal tax credit covers 30 percent of installation costs. Homeowners who stick around after setting up a solar system experience a terrific return on their investment.

9. Help for the Planet

Have you heard of global warming? Energy needs contribute to that. Most power plants are guilty of producing significant amounts of carbon dioxide and other gasses that capture heat inside the atmosphere, altering temperatures.

At the other extreme, solar systems cause almost no emissions. Preventing the formation of greenhouse gasses is just one advantage.

Coal and natural gas power plants cause air and water pollution, which are associated with lung, heart, and neurological problems. Solar energy systems don’t release any toxins into the air or water. Not only would the earth be cleaner with less fossil fuel use: People would be healthier, too. We believe in greener economy and here are the valid and reasonable reasons you should invest in solar energy systems for the betterment of our economy and the world at large. So, let’s invest in solar energy system and we will all reap its benefits.

Megan Ray Nichols is the editor of Schooled By Science. She enjoys discussing renewable energy innovations and other scientific discoveries on twitter @nicholsrmegan.

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Exactly, electricity costs can make up a large portion of the overall budget for your home, business or non-profit. With a solar panel system, you’ll be generating free power over your system’s 25-30 year life cycle. Even if you don’t produce all of the energy you consume, your utility bills still will be much smaller. Either way, you’ll be saving a lot of money.

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