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10 Reasons to Choose Android App Development Over Other Platforms

With increasing popularity and utilization of Android apps, the global mobility market is now looking forward to considering the next-level participation of Android app development in the industry’s core services. It is expected that the industry may reach $140 billion of annual revenue by the end of this year. Android app development has gained a significant place in the IT industry in recent years.

Android is the most sought development platform of these days and growing with amazing momentum. Mobile app development companies are utilizing Android for custom app development for solving all significant customer issues and increasing brand value and revenues of their businesses. Android as a platform helps enterprises to develop intuitive applications.

10 Reasons to Choose Android App Development

We shall discuss the 10 significant reasons why companies need Android more than any other mobile app development platform.

1. Open-source

Android is an open-source application development platform not simply constrained to the market of Android devices and applications. Moreover, this open-source platform encourages app developers and offers the freedom to be inventive. Since it is an open-source platform, it facilitates the application developers to associate with the community of Android developers so that they can additionally collaborate on their Android app development projects.

2. Easy UI Customization

Android is made to convey dynamic and customizable software products. Android application development company are focusing on, Applications dependent on the Android app development platform are adequately customized and manageable. Google essentially centers around making the UI customizable to help app developers to develop custom Android applications for organizations.

It tends to be incorporated into the current frameworks as an expansion to enhance usability and can be executed as an independent instrument for sorting out the procedures.

3. Flexible Use and Installation

Android applications are strong and adaptable to be pushed and distributed in a few different ways. App developers have a simple time utilizing Android on account of the accessibility of tools that give a simple method for improving, fixing and refreshing applications as a result of the offices given by Android devices.

Not at all like different platforms that need set-up help, businesses can guarantee that their clients, working professionals, and other significant partners can get to and download their applications in a basic manner absent a lot of issues.

4. Simple Integration

These days, most business ventures have numerous elements, procedures, and offices. Unmistakable and separate frameworks or procedures for each element will result in unnecessarily copying the endeavors and costs that are required to keep up these frameworks and make information warehouses and disjoints.

Organizations can undoubtedly reach their intended target audience and enhance the experience without any significant expansion in their marketing budget. Besides, Android applications have the upside of being coordinated in a straightforward way. They likewise envelop a tremendous range of systems.

5. User Engagement

Despite the fact that mobile applications can, in general, alter the inside functions of a business, their capacity to increase user engagement is typically misjudged.

Among the different mobile platforms accessible today, Android is one of the most predominant players with roughly 84% of the mobile market share. It is a point of fact that the strength of Android won’t end at any point in the near future. Android applications give an exceptionally extraordinary platform to the companies that helps in drawing in more clients viably and productively.

6. Easy Adoption & Launching

Android applications are easy-to-adopt by the developers particularly while coded in Java. The script codes for the mobile applications are basic and can also be accomplished by any newcomer as well. Developers are required to simply get themselves enrolled and present the .apk file. 

7. Popularity

Clearly, we can not disregard the popularity of Android at any point by any means. People are having the iOS platform besides Android, yet many individuals are seemed to lean towards the Android much than the iOS platform. This is likewise a platform which is allowing numerous application developers to create their applications right now. As time passes, the clients are expanding and there is a possibility of an increase in the popularity of the Android platform as well.

8. Accessibility

Android is a mobile app development platform that offers a staggering reaction with access to a wide range of devices. From Smart TVs to tablets, Android has expanded its strength to each place that people may find helpful. 

9. Social Optimization

The android is the best among the many platforms which are profoundly streamlined by getting progressively social over social media platforms. This has been created for social applications. So whenever users are inspired to go social, Android can be their foremost choice. 

10. Custom ROMs

While using Android, custom ROM (Read-Only Memory) is directed to the smartphone’s firmware. Since Android is open-source, an app developer can alter and recompile code and adjust it to a range of devices. This incorporates a device’s appearance and behavior. As a mobile app development platform, Android utilizes the capacity to make multitudinous changes in code, consequently, including new functionalities to manage an application quickly.


Most of the smart device users are utilizing the Android platform and this provides Android with a large volume of customers. We discussed the most technical and user-oriented reasons in this blog for preferring Android over any other mobile app development platform. Moreover, development using Android also provides rich discoverability, high credibility of Ad attribution, cost-effective, and lots of other important benefits.

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Android app development is becoming a new trend among mobile app builders as it is more simplified in usage in contrast to iOS.

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Nice blog & great information about Mobile app development industry is going through a transformative phase. With the advancement in micro-processing technologies, you will be able to run mobile applications on multiple platforms. For example, apps built for mobiles will run seamlessly on desktops in the coming years. Moreover, mobile apps built with Flutter or React Native will work on Apple iPhones, Androids, Macs, as well as PCs. But before we get more in-depth, let’s dig into the mobile app usage statistics to understand how users are spending their time using mobile phones, and what are the opportunities in building your own mobile application.

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