15 Phone Marketing Mistakes To Avoid That Could Cost You A Fortune

What are the costliest phone marketing mistakes of all time? Why can’t you close the deal even after all the talks? How do you avoid making the same phone marketing mistake over and over while trying to close a deal?

Phone marketing has been an excellent way to sell products and services since the 1900s. Seventy years later, call centers appeared and so did telemarketing. In the 2000s, SMS messaging has changed the world. In the 21st century, smartphones gave birth to mobile marketing.

Regardless of the rich history and formidable experience to learn from, companies still make blunders when setting up phone marketing strategies.

Let’s look at the most common phone marketing mistakes made by phone marketing specialists. Find out what NOT to do right now. 

15 Phone Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid; Could Cost You A Fortune

15 Phone Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid - They Could Cost You A Fortune
Understanding the nitty-gritty of smartphone marketing means your business should by be operating at a fast pace above its competitors and you’re attracting sales like a magnet. But, failure to avoid these phone marketing mistakes could spell the doom for your business.

So here’s how not to do phone marketing in this frequently-changing era of commanding customer’s attention.

1. Focusing Too Much On The Product

When you are trying to cram hundreds of words about your products in one short phone call, the listener is overwhelmed. No one wants to hear too much about the excellence of your product. After all, it’s hard to believe without actually using it.

Focus your attention on the customer’s needs and desires. Talk about the listener not about yourself. Explain how your product can meet their demands and solve their problems.

Phone Marketing Mistakes - Focusing Too Much On The Product Is Not Ideal for Effective Phone Marketing
Don’t make the phone marketing mistake of focusing all your attention on the product. It is not ideal for an effective phone marketing campaign. What if you put the customer through the experience of what he/she could get as a result of using your product, how does that sound to you? People buy experience, not just features.

2. Relying On Emails

Phone marketing should be about calling. While emailing is an important part of the marketing campaign, emails without a follow-up call can decrease the effectiveness of sale by 98% according to Lisa Calhoun’s post on Inc.

People view calls as personal interaction. It’s much harder for them to hang up the phone than to send your email to the trash or spam folder.

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3. Sharing The Price Too Early

When speaking with the prospect, marketers often hear questions about pricing. By sharing the price too early, you are likely to hear goodbye immediately.

Don’t reveal the price until you learn what exactly the person wants. When you share the price while explaining how useful the product is, the client is more likely to accept it.

4. Spending Time on Buyers Without Conversion Potential

Even if your marketing team has done an excellent job singling out the target audience, it’s still possible to contact a person, who can’t benefit from your services. Spending time trying to sell a product to such people is counterproductive.

Come up with qualifying questions to help you determine whether the person is a potential buyer. You should identify the buyer within the first two minutes of the conversation.

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5. Calling The Wrong Person

According to specialists at Byteplant, many useless calls are made by companies that don’t use phone validator services.

If you have a formidable list of phone numbers, some of them are bound to be either outdated or wrong. By maintaining your phone list hygiene, you can avoid calling the wrong people and wasting your time.

6. Getting Too Technical

As a good marketer, you know the produces and services inside out. You can spend hours talking about their benefits. However, buyers rarely want technical details. They get bored with such a huge amount of information.

Focus on the most important details and offer them in response to the clients’ needs.

Simplify the Sales Experience - Don't Make It Too Technical
To drive home your points and get the customer to decide quickly, try to simplify the explanation. It must not sound too technical to understand.

7. Not Making Sure The Client Understands

The information about your product can appear crystal clear to you. Meanwhile, the client may be at a loss. Don’t keep pounding listeners with information before you make sure they understand what you’ve already said.

Keep talking about their needs and desires and how the product can satisfy them.

8. Forgetting About The Power of “Yes”

Structure your conversation in a way to get the client to answer yes to the majority of your questions. This can help them say “yes” when you ask them to make a purchase.

Ask the clients what they are looking for. Then offer them a solution and ask if that’s what they are looking for.

Forgetting About The Power of “Yes”
The holy grail of getting the sales locked-in is making your prospect to agree with everything you are saying. That resounding yes, yes, yes goes a long way to open the door for you to close the sale. Don’t make the same phone marketing mistake of just talking without getting the feedback from the recipient of the call. It must be a two-way thing; you talk, you listen!

9. Not Asking To Buy

Marketers often forget to ask the client to make the purchase. No matter how well you’ve explained the benefits of a product, don’t expect the client to say “I want to buy it” immediately.

Make the next step toward making the sale by actually asking the client to buy. 

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What is the essence of the call if closing the deal is missing from your agenda? Don’t make this phone marketing mistake of just doing the talking without asking the client to act. Assume your prospect knows nothing about the next line of action.  

10. Avoiding The Follow Up

Follow up calls are often the most important part of the buyer-seller relationship. The probability of selling to a returning customer is a whopping 70%.

Make sure you follow up with the client to find out how they like your products and services. The feedback can be priceless for your future marketing efforts. 

11. Failing to Personalize Messages

Phone marketing specialists, who have to make hundreds of calls per day, often make a phone marketing mistake of saying the same things to each client. However, the generalized messages are less likely to achieve a sale than personalized conversations.

Make sure to learn at least some information about each client, at least the basic demographics.

What do you stand to gain by sharing general data with the same client at the same time? You don’t have to sound robotic, there’s a need for some level of personalizing what you intend to say to a particular customer at a time. Not doing this is ruinous to your phone marketing campaign.

12. Not Listening To The Client

Many marketers think that they are listening to the client, but they aren’t. Don’t rush to answer the question to move on to the next point. If the client is sharing information, you have to process it carefully to use for your further marketing efforts.

Make sure you are fully engaged in a conversation. It’s much more important to answer questions extensively than to share the prepared text.

Phone Marketing Mistakes - Not Listening To The Client Is Bad
Not listening to your client adds to our list of phone marketing mistakes that could be disastrous to your company’s brand image. Discipline yourself to listen more because when you do, you get to the root of your client’s fear and solve them by providing your solutions; the product!

13. Sounding Shy

Sales representatives must sound confident. If you appear shy or timid, the customer is likely to hang up within the first minute of the conversation.

Sounding Shy on the phone
When you mumbled throughout the whole phone marketing conversation, you have a high tendency of sounding shy to your prospective client on the other end. It is one of the costliest phone marketing mistakes. You must sound confident, no matter what.marketin

14. Rushing Through the Call

You may have hundreds of phone calls to make, but it doesn’t mean you have to rush through them. A potential customer may have questions that need explaining. By being brief, you may be saving time but losing a conversion.

Rushing Through the Call
Keep calm and never ever sound anxious through the call. Don’t be in a rush because the end result is to close the sale. Another phone marketing mistake you should be wary of. Smile, be personified and let your client water the floor for you.

15. Being Afraid of Failure

Don’t be afraid of failure. The majority of calls ends up without conversions. However, even 10% of conversations is a good figure for many companies.

You have to remember that hang-ups are an integral part of your job. Don’t feel discouraged when you hear a click. It may affect your attitude during the next call. 

Closing remarks on avoiding phone marketing mistakes

Phone marketing is an excellent way to get conversions and build long-term relationships with your clients. Take the time to structure it in the most efficient way possible by avoiding the above phone marketing mistakes. 

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