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PCs vs Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones – Is the PC Becoming Obsolete?

The popularity of Smartphones, tablets and laptops has meant that desktop computers are not as popular these days, but they are in no way obsolete. Desktop computers are still in high demand, but they are not as needed for accessing the Internet anymore. There are now cheaper ways to get onto the Internet, so all the people who bought computers in the past to get on the Internet, are now turning to cheaper options such as tablets, smartphones and laptops. Here are some facts that show the positive sides to both owning a PC and owning an Internet-ready mobile device.

PCs vs Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones - Is the PC Becoming Obsolete?

Here are few of the reasons why PCs have become surplus to requirements in the market:

Smartphones are cheaper to buy than PCs

This is now a very decisive factor for some people because the global economic downturn has meant that people are not able to afford PCs anymore. So they are turning to smartphones in order to do some of the things they would have otherwise done on a desktop computer.

Smartphones allow for quicker Internet access

This is a reasonably good selling point for smartphones. If a person wanted to access the Internet in the past, they had to go home and start up their computer. Whereas these days a person may access the Internet wherever they stand, so things such as Internet maps and store locators are now of even more use.

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The Smartphone, laptop or tablet cannot do what a PC can do

A PC is capable of holding and operating very large and complex programs. It is also able to communicate with a massive number of other devices at one time, and is able to handle a massive number of tasks at one time. It is able to process more information at a faster rate.

A PC is still needed for business uses

Mobile technology is not going to replace a PC at work, because a PC is far more efficient than any form of mobile device. PCs are quicker at what they do, are able to hold more information, and can be customized to make them even more efficient. Even the fact that they can be used to type with a keyboard makes them more efficient for use at work than a mobile device.

A PC is still better for playing games on

Computer games work a lot better on PCs. A PC is capable of processing more information, so it is able to handle bigger and more sophisticated games. It can also produce better graphics, usability and sound than any form of mobile technology, and the games on PCs can be a lot more advanced and bigger.

A PC will always have more memory

This is true for the simple reason that PCs are bigger and have an AC power source instead of having to rely on a DC battery. They will always have a lot more memory than mobile devices and laptops.

A mobile device is usually more secure

This is partially because there are less hackers and virus manufactures out there that are willing to spend their time trying to get into a person’s mobile device. There is more valuable information on a PC than a mobile device.

A PC is more sophisticated and adaptable

If you upgrade a PC then the sky is the limit. The size of a PC case means that more technology may be stuffed into it, and the case may be upgraded to a bigger size if people want to add in even more technology. A PC can be adapted in hundreds of ways more than a mobile device can.

You will have to replace your mobile device more often

You can keep a PC for more than ten years, and if you update it as needed, there should not be any problems. The same cannot be said for mobile devices, and some people change their mobile device as often as every 18 months.

A PC can also be used to watch movies and TV shows

The same is true of mobile devices, but a PC can hold more video files, it has a more reliable Internet connection, and it has a bigger screen and the ability to have high quality speakers attached. A PC may even have surround sound attached, which makes for a far better viewing experience.

PCs vs. laptops, which would you choose?

By Olawale Daniel

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14 replies on “PCs vs Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones – Is the PC Becoming Obsolete?”

The PC slump that happened recently already gave signs of the PC era depletion and this post has wonderfully explained why it is happening. Thanks for sharing it.

Hey Olewale,

It can be denied that with the current generation of devices, PC has been slowly depleted in the ranks but I still believe that PC is not out yet. With the reasons you just mentioned above, it still proves that PC has still maintain it’s worth as very useful device. But I’m not really sure what will be the outcome in the future though. It is likely that the PC era would come to an end and that is inevitable. With the new technology rising, the old ones will be left behind and PC’s are no exception to it.

I preffer Laptop. Laptops are easy to handle and are portable than PC and tablet are only for watching or reading news we cann’t do work properly on tablet. So i like laptop.

Yes, you are absolutely right. The only major difference between desktops and other hand held devices is portability. And the other important aspect is none smart phone or laptop never beat the storage capacity of PC.

As the demise of the CD/DVD/ medium has been `foreseen` by so called tech savvy people thus this argument will also continue . YES , they will fall by the wayside but certainly not as quick as some say / predict due to the fact , that they still serve some purposes which just havent been equalled by newer technologies .

I like the portability of a laptop because it’s important in my field of work. But I do like using a PC too. They both have there pros and cons. For tablets I can’t work using them but I do find them handy when I’m just checking a few things quickly or reading up on something.

Yes Michael,

Laptops has better working options especially when it comes to tasks that requires bigger screen resolution such as graphic designing and video editing compared to tablets that are good for on-the-go activities. I love the two, because I use them on daily basis and they represent my productivity level.

Thanks for having time to comment here Mich 🙂

Time is changing in life as it changes and accepts this change and integrates as soon as possible. Although the use of computers in the BI part of life continues. I have come to the price of computers at smartphone prices

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