No More Entry for Travelers in the US without Their Facebook and Twitter Accounts Being Scrutinized

Bad News: Travelers in the US without Their Facebook and Twitter Accounts Being Scrutinized Will be Granted No Entry.

Hey travelers. welcome into the world of none confidentiality!

The new development emanating from the US is making many travelers unrelaxed lately because of the new rule on authorization which could be preventing people from gaining entry into the country unless, their social media accounts (such as Facebook and Twitter) were being scrutinized of any form of irregularities.

Surrender Your Facebook & Twitter Account or No Entry!

No Entry: United States Passport for traveling entry and documentation purpose
United States Passport had been serving as the major requirement for travelers coming into the country for a very long time. But, the story will change soon as Facebook and Twitter will be added to the list of basic requirements for visitors to the US or else, there’d be no entry.

This report is stating that the US government had tendered an ESTA(Electronic System for Travel Authorization) form for any traveler that was under the umbrella of VWP-Visa Walver Program that such traveler had no other option rather than to submit his social media accounts. But for what reason? You shall learn about this as you read on.

Which means if you intend to make a travel that requires VWP form, you have to be ready to surrender all your requirements which must surely include your Facebook and Twitter accounts. It is a must do.

I am releasing the latest report of the information that took place on Thursday Dec.19 through Politico of which Mashable also got the confirmation through a CBP (Customs and Border Protection) representative who announced that the government had approved the revolution that had just taken place that  it was a new strategy to uncover any unlikely confidential.

And just as of a recent,the traveling agency intended never to give entry to all aliens that could not present their social media account(s) irrespective of reasons. To add to this, the chief of staff for the American Civil Liberties Union`s Washington office, Michael W Macloed-Ball said that there were very few sets of laws on the way details might be gathered, preserved, and circulated to the other agencies, and that there would be no procedures that would limit the government from invading in the privacies of  others. So this means that this change is really a bridle to both the government and the travelers and there is no inequality in it.

Even though the government has the privilege to collect information. So Macloed finalized his comment by saying that it would be polite to concentrate on the intimate details articulated for so long.

To hit the nail on its head here in this report, without the Electronic System for Travel Authorization form completely filled through Visa Waiver Program, no foreigner would have the right to enter into the country.

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