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How to Make Your Home More Environmentally Friendly

Helping and preserving the environment once meant only recycling bottles and cans, and keeping your yard clean. However, today with the global warming roaring and threatening the whole world, we have to do more to help our planet.  There is no better way of preserving the environment than building and keeping a green home.

Creating an Environmentally Friendly Home in Spite of Global Warming SignalsAn example of Environmental friendly area

Control the Use of Electricity

Overusing the electricity can only make your bills go through the roof and waste the precious energy and money. In order to make your home more energy-efficient you need to start controlling the use of the electricity, and conducting and energy audit is the best way to do it. All you have to do is record the time when every item is plugged into the outlet; record when the device is used or needs the electricity and evaluate when your devices will need to be connected to the outlet. This way you are using electricity only when you actually need it. Also, make sure to unplug all the items right after you are finished with charging or using them.

Reduce cost by building an environmental friendly home

Additionally, you should opt for the appliances that have Energy Star label, which means that they are highly energy-efficient; use larger appliances such as dish washers and washing machines only during the night, and save lots of energy.  Another great way of saving energy in your home is installing solar panels and harvesting the natural energy.

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Decrease Water Usage

Reducing the usage of water is one challenging task, but can greatly contribute to the environment. You can start by replacing all of the nozzles with low flow but high pressure ones, which are effective in cleaning just like normal nozzles. Their higher pressure spreads the water over larger areas which can reduce the amount of water required for cleaning. Another way of saving water is using washers only when they are fully loaded with dishes or clothes, because each washing cycle uses more than 20 gallons of water. Also, you can install a low flow toilet and, while brushing your teeth or shaving, make sure that the faucet is off. For the use of water outside the house, you should consider collecting rain water, which is better solution for refreshing and watering your garden, than simply wasting tap water.

Clean with Eco-friendly Products

Cleaners that we usually use for chores are filled with harmful chemicals which are not biodegradable. Switching to non-toxic cleaners is the best and safest way you can clean your home and protect the air and environment. There are several brands of non-toxic biodegradable products that you can easily find in your local store.

Home cleaning tools

However, you can also make your own cleaners with some baking soda or simply clean some areas of the house with vinegar. Also, consider cleaning only by using micro fibre cloths which are made to attract dust and dirt on their own.

Compost and Recycle

Anything organic you have in your home can be reused for composting. Organic materials, such as leaves, hay, grass and some food products can be useful for making an organic fertile soil for your garden. Another traditional way of making your home eco-friendly is simple recycling. Cans, bottles, paper and cardboard are the materials that are usually recycled, so put them in separate bins and hand them over for recycling process. Also, you can consult with experts like ones from Mr Cheap Rubbish Removal, Sydney’s rubbish removal firm, and see how they recommend handling the recyclable materials in your city. Other materials that you should avoid throwing away with organic waste are batteries and electronic devices, which can be recycled or repurposed separately.

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Make your home a good example of an environmentally friendly home and encourage your neighbours and the whole city to follow your lead. With more eco-friendly homes comes healthier environment which can only lead to a better and cleaner world.

Making your home environmentally friendly isn’t as bad you could have thought. Just following some actionable guidelines, you’d be fine. But, wait, could you share with me techniques you’ve been implementing in making your home environmentally friendly? I’d be waiting to hear them on the discussion board.

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Lana,Saving ecology is our prime duty in this planet.As we make our home closer to nature.It evolves!Thanks for posting this points.

Greener environment, greener economy is the way forward. Thank you for explain more on this Dan

“When a man says to me, “I have the intensest love of nature,” at once I know that he has none.” » Ralph Waldo Emerson
thx for this article LANA.

These are very informative and useful since we need to save more energy now. Thanks for sharing such a good article.

Recycling helps not only your home but also the planet. You need to take time to do it properly. Put everything in the correct bins. Or get a professional removal company to do it for you if you don’t have the time.

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