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Apple to produce low end cheap iPhone, cost to be around $150

Ever since Apple launched its product, most of them can only be acquired by the top class and few in the middle class. Others have to save up part of their wages in order to be able to buy any Apple device. This time, it seems Apple is cooking something up for the low end class. A smaller low end cheap iPhone to debut this year. The price target is around $99 and $149.

Samsung Galaxy S III was a Samsung flagship that pulled the market so much, it has been a rival to the latest Apple iPhone, the iPhone 5, Apple made the mini version of the Galaxy S III, this time around, there is a new circulation the internet that Apple is about to do likewise by producing a smaller and cheap iPhone.

Low end Cheap iPhone

This iPhone will be approximately one-third of the current iPhone price which is around $650 the unlock version as reported by Bloomberg. What Apple intend is to produce smaller iPhone with cheaper parts and the availability plan is late this year.

The idea of a low end cheap iPhone has been in Apple’s agenda since February 2011 as our source revealed. This product is expected to help Apple enlarge its market beyond the present customers and markets giving it a better standing to rival its Korean counterpart Samsung Electronics.

In the third quarter of last year, Apple was only able to make 14.6% sales compared to Samsung and other Android phones which carted 75%. From the third quarter of 2010 to that of 2012, Samsung share rose to 31.2% from 8.8%, whereas, Apple shares declined from the peak of 23% during the fourth quarter of 2011 and the first of 2012.

Maybe the new cheap iPhone and the just launched iPad mini could be of help to Apple’s market. The iPhone alone generated $80.5 billion in 2011 sales an amount which is over 50% of Apple’s revenue.

The reduction in sales could have resulted from high price tag which is a factor that is hindering Apple from expanding abroad, however CEO Tim Cook is saying that Apple focuses on quality product which is major and other issues are on the minor.

Making a low end cheap iPhone is a very good strategy for Apple to enter the developing market as said by an expert. China is a major market for the Cupertino Company said the CEO as the Chinese market pulled in $5.7 billion to Apple sales as at when the September quarter ended.

Recently, MTS, a Russian operator blocked Apple sales as it complained about its strict policy of placing too high price on its product in the Russian market. An Apple iPhone cost about $1000 in Russia. How do you expect the iPhone to sell in Russia while other rivals offer smartphone as cheap as $120 said MTS.

Will the low end cheap iPhone help Apple to route the developing markets? Have you been waiting for something of this nature?

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Apple produces extremely expensive phones that can only be afforded by high class people and a few higher middle class people. However, producing a cheaper phone that a common man can buy will be a good advantage on the part of Apple and it should do it soon. This will work wonders for the company’s growth.

I personally think if Apple can produce this kind of phones, everyone would love to buy them…both middle class and high class people.

Yes I have heared about this..When will it release..And Is is better..what type of services it will provide what will be its features…???

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