Laptop PCs vs. tablets

As we can all witness today, tablets are proliferating at a very staggering extent. With all its sophistication, it has hugely surpassed the capacity of even the recent laptop PC. Its thousands of apps that serve various functions from games to voice recognition interface, to video streaming and all kinds of entertainment and music, to GPRS and video and picture capture, etc. It has really put all the functions of what used to be separately invented gadget for specific functions (e.g. game and watch, beeper, etc). What future then do laptop pc’s have when it may have been over-run by tablets’ sales already, and that the forecast of NPD Display Search Group is really putting laptop PC’s future in the struggling end of the race, so to speak.

Laptop Vs tablets

Though that may have been the picture NPD has given for laptop PC’s future, there is really one undeniable fact that tablets may never be able to provide, and which is a very strong reason that laptop PC’s will stay forever. When the typewriter came into existence, it has become almost like the “spoon and fork” concept in terms of communication and correspondence in almost all areas of businesses. Hand-writing especially of bulk data and mountainous information seems an extremely daunting task and which stirred the imagination of people on how to mechanize the encoding of information hence the birth of the typewriter. Even today, though we have become digitalized, the concept of typewriting has never changed. The use of the fingers in typing and in such a position that we usually do today when we encode and edit data can never replace the laptop with any tablet. To a certain extent that voice recognition apps found in Apple’s iPhone and in other Smartphones wherein when it hears your words, the words write in your screen. The intricate work of making documents and punctuating and editing still require the laptop PC’s keyboard.

tablets and laptops

The NPD forecast is something that which have a huge chance of not happening. The influx of all these iPads of various kinds will serve very wonderful purposes and millions of people will avail of it. But people would still have a laptop PCs or desktop PCs in their businesses and homes. A huge degree of typing in the position that is quite comfortable with two palms facing down on the keyboard and with quick fingers pressing on the keys will never ever be replaced by the lazy manner that a tablet is being operated. The laptop PCs would still have a huge chunk of the market and what would slow down in terms of consumer market are those which does not have so much usefulness in homes and offices and in businesses. What do I mean by “so much usefulness?” Take the VHS and Betamax tapes for example. They have been totally out because in terms of storage for videos and films, they can be done on the disk. The disk may have changed its appearance from the long playing album to a palm-size round-shaped CD. So which one must have to go away? Do you get what I mean? Typing gadget may have changed its appearance so many times but it will remain. Again, I cannot any more overemphasized the usefulness of tablets, storage of huge information; yes but the manner that letters and punctuations and editing of encoded data will never ever replace typing in the manner that it is done now. Long live the laptop PCs! And welcome tablets for both of these types of gadgets will have longer usefulness to humanity as USB and CDs are.

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  1. Owning computers for years I never thought I would go out and purchase a Tablet. They for some reason did not seem like a computer enough for me. Yet 6 months of owning my tablet I have to say it has actually replaced my laptop. It is simple light easy to use and does everything I need it for. Now the laptop has a purpose but not when I am sitting in front of the TV or wanting to rest a tad in the airport. The keyboard issue was there for me at the start however now I can type fast on the built in keyboard and use apps that assist me with fat finger syndrome. Thanks for the Article I enjoyed it and hope others will also.

    • Good thing that your fingers were able to adjust in six months with the tablet’s built-in keyboard. Yes, it’s actually a matter of “getting-used-to”. I would still love to have both – laptop and tablet, as they are indeed of great help. It’s like having a micro-wave and a cooking gas-range in the kitchen in the sense that they can serve us to cook and re-heat our foods. Thanks to you Tim Potter for the great thoughts you shared.

  2. Tablets are becoming popular as the new technological trend in the market. They are cost effective in comparison to huge and bulky laptops that cannot be always carried along. If we talk about portability, tablets are more portable than laptop PCs. They also provide the same features as that of the laptop.

    • Yes, in my own view, tablets wins in my heart than Laptops. What to talk of; the resolution or the screen size or the sound or what else than the keyboard and the good part of it is that you can use external keyboard. 🙂

      So, tablet rocks!

    • Hi Rey. Really thank you for your comment. A lot of people would really prefer having the tablet than the Laptop. There are some people though that having to own both gadgets would not matter for they just really love the usefulness of both. If the sales of the Laptop would continue to slow down too much as against the skyrocketing sales of the tablets, that would really create a big problem to the Laptop manufacturers. However, if Laptop manufacturers would consider what I had been pointing out here that if they would do wonderful modifications with the Laptop like putting all the capabilities of the tablet in there yet retaining the keyboard (as what it is now) but designing it in such a way as that it gives so much comfort to the user; the “sales tide” may change. Lenovo, as what we are witnessing at present is into it already. So, we’ll see what this innovation they have will bring to the future of the Laptop.

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