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iScreen: Imagine Apple TV with Magnificent Curved Screen [PICS]

Apple TV which has been rumored that it might be released somewhere between now and the next two years, 2013 got another boost with a rumored design which might likely envy Apple itself. The design came from Ciccares Design for MacRumors which specializes on latest Apple and Mac computer rumors. The company said that the design isn’t a leak of Apple’s design but it is a likely concept of what the rumored Apple TV might look like when it finally becomes a reality. 

“However, it’s not entirely based on fantasy. Given Steve Jobs’s tantalizing aside to author Walter Isaacson as the two worked on the late CEO’s biography — where Jobs boasted that he had “cracked” the secret to television, envisioning an integrated, wirelessly synched TV set with “the simplest user interface you could imagine” — an Apple television could very well be in the offing.

Beyond that, another one of the latest obsessions of Steve Jobs was with curved glass, as seen in his plans for Apple’s spectacular flying-saucer-like HQ. As you can see, that idea was worked into this design to maximum effect.”

The new TV when finally out will feature the Apple iPhone 4S’s digital assistant known as SIRI, where the new and yet to be released TV might be able to hear and respond to your voice commands in order to perform tasks – maybe to tell the device to switch to a station you would like to watch or anything else.

The Apple TV designs inside this article when seen are fun to see because of its nice and exciting look. However, we should not forget that Apple hasn’t officially announced any product related to this one.

See other images for the iScreen known as Apple TV from MacRumors.

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I just know about this apple tv today after reading this ,its design is looking very good, as you say your voice commands in order to perform tasks is it also touch screen ?

Well, the most important thing that Apple needs to do right now is make sure to fine-tune things that are working for itself and repairing the products that didn’t quite take off. TV is still some time away.

I imagine the curved Apple TV would have a premium price tag but I also know that Apple fans would be queueing up for DAYS to get their hands on one (as with all big Apple product launches). Very innovative…one downside I see is that the curved screen may hamper viewing for people who are not seated directly in front of the TV…

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