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How to Improve Efficiency Without Breaking the Bank

Efficiency isn’t something that every business has a problem with, especially in the modern era with so many gadgets and systems in place designed to make the working day much simpler for employees to keep them both happy and producing their best work on behalf of the company. If you can keep people working to the best of their abilities, giving them everything they need in order to not only be more productive, but to maintain the high standards; then you’re on your way to becoming a highly successful company with some of the best staff in the industry.Improve effieciency

Simple techniques to improve efficiency, productivity, and morale of employees

Admittedly not every business can afford to bow to every request from members of staff for new equipment or the latest software, but just giving them enough to improve efficiency, productivity and morale – three of the most important things within any company – is likely to be enough. The question is, how do you do that?

To some the answer is simple – throw money at it in the form of the latest devices, equipment and software and people will be so grateful that they’ll want to stay after their shift ends, (which isn’t necessarily true of course). To others, the answer is less clear cut and even if it was that easy, they don’t have the money to be spending on new computers for the whole office. Instead, they look into systems and software that will make their working lives simpler.

One such example is to invest in the kind of IT service management solutions offered by which is designed to help administrators to organize their working day. When staff encounter problems with their computers they often email or phone those tasked with resolving the issues and asking for help. However, in a busy office this can take hours and reduces efficiency and productivity. By implementing service management software, however, the technicians are able to receive ‘tickets’ from those affected and they can then organize them according to the time they were received or according to the priority of the task so that the problem can be resolved as quickly as possible either in person or by sending an email or making a call to the person explaining how to resolve it, ensuring that the person is able to get back to work with the minimum amount of downtime possible.

Another example is in the form of cloud computing which enables employees to work either remotely or on another device through the use of an account which means they no longer have to be in the office or via a USB drive. When people currently leave the office for a course or meeting, they are producing nothing whatsoever and downtime is never good for a business, especially if they’re unable to reply to emails. Thanks to Wi-Fi and other forms of mobile Internet, people are now able to work from anywhere including the train or a hotel room, by logging in to their files “in the cloud” and continue with their workload which helps to get the work done and avoid missing important deadlines. They can even work from home if they wish without having to remember to take CDs or USBs home with them each night.

Service management and cloud computing are just two modern examples – there are tons of other packages out there and none of them will require significant expenses in the form of new machines or operating systems which will bring the office to a halt for a few days. Some are as simple as registering online (in the form of cloud systems like Google Drive or Dropbox), while others may require some training in the early stages but they will be able to continue with their work in the meantime.

Efficiency is something that is relatively easy to improve, as you can see. With a few simple installations and some training, people are able to do more work without feeling as though they’ve put in hours of extra time. The key to improving efficiency, productivity and morale is quite simple – make life simple. By taking away time consuming tasks and replacing them with systems, people are able to get on with the important jobs. Similarly, by bringing in things that will improve morale – such as office pool tables, weekly breakfast meetings or regular post-work drinks – your staff will look forward to arriving at work each day rather than counting down the hours until home time on Friday.

By Olawale Daniel

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this topic is so close to me. Good equipment is the half of efficiency. In our company we choose computers according to needs. For example strong computers for designers and simple computers for accountants

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