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How to Improve Your Computer’s Speed and Performance

You may have noticed that your computer isn’t quite as speedy as it used to be. Modern technology innovates at an incredible pace these days, and the best in market device you bought could be completely obsolete two years later. It’s a common problem, but no cause for alarm. Computers often slow down over time, and while you probably noticed it first on complex tasks, even simple actions such as opening programs or clicking through folders can start to become ponderous. Luckily there are several things you can do to get your computer performing the way it used to. Here are a few methods you can use to improve your computer’s speed and performance.

First off, take a look at the hardware itself. If your device is more than five years old, you will be substantially limited in the actions you can take. As operating systems and web browsers are updated, they eventually move beyond your computer’s capabilities. So if it’s been that long, it might be time to invest in a new device. But if you’ve only had your computer for a couple of years, start with small adjustments and work your way up to more complicated tweaks. First, take a look at your desktop. If it’s packed with folders, give it a quick clean up. You want to cut down on the amount of information your computer has to process even at rest, and all of those files add to the workload.

Next, install a virus protection software and perform a quick system scan. Some spyware, adware and computer viruses can slow down your computer significantly, even if they aren’t serious enough to cause massive problems. If the scan uncovers any viruses, remove them immediately and see if you notice a difference. Follow that up with consistent scans, once a month or more, and you won’t have any more problems.

Now take a look at your list of installed programs. During the life of your computer you’ve probably loaded in a bunch of extraneous programs, and many of them link directly to your operating system. That means they could be causing a slow down, even when not in use. Open your application folder and give it a once over. Anything you haven’t used in a long time should be removed. That alone will free up hard drive space and improve your computer’s performance.Improve your computer CPU speed for better performance

Depending on the type of computer you have, the next step is to look at the hard drive. If you’re working off of an Apple device, you may need to replace an overstuffed hard drive with a larger one, or add more RAM. Performing either fix will definitely speed up your computer. If you have a PC device, you might consider defragmenting your hard drive first. The drive actually stores information for each file and program in a different part of its system. As your computer ages, this happens hundreds or even thousands of times. When the computer accesses the drive, it has to hunt out each piece of data stored in a different place. When you defragment the drive, all of those elements are reconnected and stored in the same part of the drive. Make sure you back up all of your files externally and then run the defragmenter. You should see an increase in speed.

If all else fails, take a look at the operating system. Sometimes a computer simply needs to be brought back to factory settings. Again, save all of your info on an external drive, then wipe the internal drive clean and reinstall the operating system off of the disks you got when you purchased the computer. You’ll lose your installed programs,┬ábut you should see a marked improvement in performance once everything is back online.

How do you increase your computer speed? Share your ideas.

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From my point of view, a blog is exactly like a car. From time to time, we should make a thorough inspection, in order to make sure it runs properly. Although my computer is pretty old, I still fits my needs, as it runs pretty fast and it’s reliable. As you have point out, it’s essential to install a good anti-virus software and to remove the old files, that we don’t need any more.

A lot of load on my desktop is the major reason my device gets slow most of the times. Intentionally or unintentionally I fill up my folders with lots of data which is of temporary use and than once the need is over, I do not pay much heed to clear it off. And when the problem starts, a lot of time is wasted clearing off the waste matter.

Change power-related settings so that your computer resumes from power-saving settings more efficiently, and adjust battery usage for portable computers.

I have this habit of gathering a lot of games from here and there, I have a craze for them like almost for a month. I play them daily, get engrossed and have fun. Later this addiction fades away and I never touch them back and search for new games. But the old ones are still stored in my desktop which slows down my computer. I need to get rid of them regularly I guess.

Lot of unwanted and unused plugins and other unnecessary folders and programs slow down your computer. Also as said upgrading your computer like increasing hard disk space or adding more may help to enhance speed of your computer.

Nice write up ..really good tips ..and virus is one thing which is faced among all so Remove spyware, and help protect your computer from viruses

Upgrading the computer from time to time can be a good idea for the computer to be kept running in a good speed. These technology related devices need some good maintainence at balanced intervals. Cleaning it off from unwanted excess data is also one of the many options.

That was a great article and indeed very informative. I have seen many people just using there system without cleaning the temp files, which makes there system slow.

Upgrading the computer regularly might help a lot when it comes to improving or maintaining a good speed of the computer. It is true more of unused and unnecessary data is stored in the desktop that slows it down which needs to be cleared evry now and then. A bigger external storage would also help depending on the requirements.

I usually do not face this problem. I have bought an external hard disk which I use to store data, games, videos, movies, songs and my other important stuff. This is easily portable and I can use the data when required. This keeps my computer clean of all the excessive information which is not needed on a regular basis.

Keeping the computer free from extra and unwanted files or load keeps the speed fast and working easy. We should not stuff our gadgets unneccesarily if it is not required. A good ram also can be a perfect option as the storage space is more. The processor also needs to be upgraded time to time as updates are made avilable.

“I think Upgrading the computer regularly might help a lot when it comes to improving or maintaining a good speed of the computer. It is true more of unused and unnecessary data is stored in the desktop that slows it down which needs to be cleared every now and then. Good Antivirus & Some Add Ons will definitely do the work.

It is truly a great and helpful piece of information.
I am satisfied that you simply shared this useful information with us.

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