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How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Mobile App for Your Brand?

Mobile apps have become an essential and intrinsic part of our daily lives and are clearly here to stay!

The mobile app industry is a multi-billion dollar industry and a pathway to the future. Mobile phones and tablets are omnipresent – on public transport, car dashboards and desks; in pockets and hands.

As the mobile application market continues to bear down the growth trail, it has become inevitable to build and use mobile apps in all sorts of ways in order to be in sync with the modern trends of technology.

At Cabot Technology Solutions Inc., we connect people with innovative mobile app ideas to our experienced app developers, and make their ideas a reality. In all our app development experience, we get a lot of questions such as:

  • How much does it cost to develop a mobile app?
  • What are consumers looking for?
  • How can you build a successful app?

Calculating the cost of developing a mobile application is not plain and simple. To get it straight, you need to consider several parameters and criterion before you can determine the cost of the app development.

We would like to give you a run down on how to go about it.

Mobile App Development – An Outline

It’s not easy to develop an awesome mobile application! Lots of effort goes into understanding the numerous aspects of mobile app development, like which platform to choose and the exact requirements of the customers.

The Mobile User Interface (UI) Design is vital in the creation of mobile apps. The constraints & contexts, screen, input and mobility as outlines for design are considered and the prime focus is on creating an understandable, user-friendly interface.

The brain of the app is the back end coding that utilizes a server-side language and database. The front-end code interacts with the user in real time, while the back-end code interacts with the server to return user ready results.

Testing is done before the app is deployed real time on different platforms and devices.

Different Types of Apps

There are three main categories of mobile apps:

Data Driven Apps – They involve a lot of data, content, images or sounds and are loaded onto a framework. Can be extremely complicated!

Ecommerce Apps – Designed to support the creation of an ecommerce website or add functionality to it. It enables buying and selling conducted in an online environment.

Custom Utility Apps – Complex applications that address your unique and ever changing business requirements.

The Mobile App Development Cost Factors

Mobile app for business.
How Important Is Mobile App To Small Business Growth? The importance of having a mobile app for your small business growth goes beyond just making sells for today, but, for a long-term relationship and future sales.

So, what does it cost to develop a mobile app? Many factors drive the actual cost – development and design expenses, time factor, location, app platform, the number and complexity of screens, incorporating e-commerce facility, support, integrating other apps – are all primary drivers of the price.

With respect to time, about 12 to 20 weeks is required for the development process,and the cost per hour varies from country to country. Hiring offshore developers can definitely be cheaper than hiring domestic developers.

If you’d like to learn how to calculate the cost of developing a mobile app, be sure to download our free whitepaper today!

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Hi Sunu,

Nice post! It clears the ideology and the purpose of mobile app development.

Thank You!

Thanks for sharing the details, Sonu! Mobile Application development is need of today’s businesses in order to gain success.

Nice article with some really great insights on how to go about creating your own applications. i would also highlight the importance of using a MBaaS platform that will do all the heavy lifting for you as far as coding is concerned and let you focus more on the design and look of your website.

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