Pet Gadgets – This Year’s Hottest Tech for Your Pet That’d Revolutionize Your Home

Tech is rapidly taking over our everyday lives, with so many gadgets for just about everything you can think of, and now even the pet industry has been taken by storm. Ever thought about how you can keep an eye on your dog when you’re not at home? Or perhaps you feel a machine throwing your tennis balls is much easier than doing it yourself? Well, we’ve gathered this year’s hottest tech gadgets to revolutionize yours and your pet’s life. 

4 Hottest Pet Gadgets You Can’t Afford To Have for Your Pets

When it comes to pet gadgets or toys, there are limitations to what you could have around, especially if you are a nursing mother, for safety purpose. Kids won’t let you put up just anything in the home to avoid chocking and other domestic accident. But these three hot pet gadgets will certainly revolutionize the overall experience of your home, and that of your pets.

1. Motorola Scout Connect – 85 Wi-Fi Monitor – £109.99

Pet Gadget - Motorola Scout Connect – 85 Wi-Fi Monitor 3 - Motorola Scout 85 Connect HD Black Indoor WiFi Remote Access Pet Monitoring Camera
Pet Gadgets: Motorola scout 85 connect HD is a black indoor Wi-Fi remote access pet monitoring camera that can be stationed anywhere in your home very close to your dog. It captures every moment of your dog and thereby keeping you in the loop of the events going on in your home. | Image Credit: Petwell

Communicating with and keeping an eye on your pet has never been easier now that the Motorola Scout Connect 85 has been introduced to the market. Supported by the RSPCA, the Motorola is designed to let you record and watch videos, as well as allowing you to talk to your pets when you’re not at home. This is ideal for pets that get a little bored or anxious, as having your voice can be a comfort to them. You’ll also find that being able to watch what your mischievous puppy is getting up to when alone is extremely useful, as you can either interrupt them and stop them, or keep an eye on their behavior and train them to behave differently going forward. 

2. iFetch Ball Launcher – £230

Pet Gadgets: iFetch Ball Launcher - Small Interactive Ball Thrower for Dogs - Launches Mini Tennis Balls
Pet Gadgets: iFetch ball launcher is a small ball-throwing toy for your dog. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age. It offers your pet a fun-experience that is left to none with its mini tennis balls.

Making the ultimate gift for your pet, the iFetch is every dog’s dream. After a long period of throwing the tennis ball for your dog to fetch, you’re guaranteed to get a sore arm and need a rest, but your dog probably isn’t ready to stop playing just yet. This is where the iFetch Ball Launcher comes in extremely handy. This automatic ball launcher provides your dog with hours of fetching fun, helping to tire them out and give them the exercise they need to keep fit too. With a distance of up to 40 feet, the iFetch is ideal for larger dogs too, as it can throw the balls far enough away for your dog to still have to run and fetch it back. 

3. PetSafe Frolicat Bolt Laser Toy – £19.99

PetSafe Frolicat Bolt Laser Toy
PetSafe frolicat bolt is an interactive laser toy designed to entertain even the laziest cat. It is a proper definition of keeping your cats busy.

It’s no secret that cats love to chase things, especially lasers. There are some great laser toys available within the pet industry, but nothing quite compares to the PetSafe Frolicat Bolt Laser Toy. With its lightweight, upright design this laser toy is ideal for projecting a bright laser onto the floor, providing your cat with endless fun and hours of entertainment. Being lightweight and portable, this particular laser toy is ideal for moving from room to room, so if you have a house full of people round for dinner, you can keep your cat safe in another room with their laser toy to keep them entertained and happy

4. Litter-Robot 3 – £483

Litter-Robot 3 Open Air Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box
If caring for your pet tops your list of ambition, Litter-Robot 3 is an open-air automatic self-cleaning litter box that you need. It makes caring for your pets a lot easier and faster.

For those who are tired of scooping up cat litter and creating a freshly cleaned litter tray for your feline friend every day, your prayers have been answered. The Litter-Robot 3 is just as cool as it sounds, both looks-wise and performance-wise. This litter tray is the highest rated automatic, self-cleaning litter tray available for cats today and it’s not surprising why. Once you add the Litter-Robot 3 to your home you will instantly be able to change your daily routine, with a trendy litter box that cleans itself, reduces the odor of litter and provides your cat with a cozy pod for privacy

What else could you have wished for in a pet gadget? These four are the best pet gadgets you could ever have wished to have in your home. If there are others you are enjoying, please drop them for us in the comment section and let’s discuss them.

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eye on your pet has never been easier now that the Motorola Scout Connect 85 has been introduced to the market. it’s really nice gadget

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