8 Guaranteed Ways to Lose Clients Fast with Expert’s Touch to Keeping Them Happy At All Times

Do you find it easy to lose clients in your business and you want the situation to take a new turn? Read on.

The key to economic success is keeping clients happy.  

Returning clients are telling you that they like your work every time they come back. The work you’ve done in the past, however, isn’t enough. You’ve got to be continuously impressing them to convince them that you are the person they need.

Here come new ideas on handling clients, the complete beginner’s guide to handling client reactions; the only resources you will ever need in keeping your clients happy always.

Avoid these eight things to please your clients so they’ll keep coming back and you won’t lose clients so easily.

How Not To Lose Clients Faster and How to Build a Lasting Empire with Your Clients. 

How Not To Lose Clients Faster and How to Build an Lasting Empire with Clients 
Tired of Losing Clients? We’ve discovered new ways why business owners lose clients faster and how to avoid such from occurring again. From handling customer’s outburst, to how you react to situations and how you relate with them are some of the points raised.

1. Ignore Your Clients (but DON’T)

You haven’t quite gotten around to doing that one client’s project yet, so when your client emails you, you just don’t respond. Then when they shoot you a follow-up tweet, you just pretend you didn’t see it and so on. At this point, you’ve started losing your client.

Communicating is of the utmost importance when it comes to keeping clients happy. Even if you are behind on their project, just let them know; they’ll be appreciative of the effort and, more than likely, be understanding of the situation.

2. Be Unavailable (be REACHABLE)

In the age of social media, clients expect you to be available when they need you. In their minds, since they have their phone on them 24/7, you must have yours on as well. You might not always be available, everyone has to take their Candy Crush breaks, but you at least need to appear available if you don’t want to lose clients.

When you leave the office, set up an automatic email response to let your client know that you aren’t in at the moment, but you’ll get to their email ASAP. If they tweet you, shoot a quick tweet back saying you’ll follow up with them tomorrow. If they get some kind of acknowledgment from you, it will make them feel like they feel like you care about them, and that, in turn, will keep them around.

3. Lack Courtesy (APPRECIATE them always)

A simple thank you can go a long way. In comparison, a lack of thank yous go just as far but in the opposite direction. Being polite to shows the client that you consider them more than just a paycheck and are truly thankful that they are giving you business.

4. Speak Ill of Your Client (please DON’T – it will make you lose clients)

It’s been a long day, so you go out to dinner with a friend and tell them all about this horrendous client who forgot about your meeting today. You’re frustrated so you keep talking and getting more worked up. You start wondering why you are even keeping this client even though they’ve given you great projects before and normally super communicative. The next day you go into work to see an email apology from the client. You respond quickly and negatively, still fuming from that conversation with your friend. Upon reading the email, the client decides they don’t want to work with you anymore.

This is a fairly common scenario. The moment you start talking bad about your clients, you start planting a negative seed in your brain. This seed will fester and grow, and it will start to affect your interactions with the client. You will start treating them more negatively until they decide to leave.

5. Improperly Invoice (be ACCOUNTABLE and ON-POINT)

Have you ever meant to do something really important, but just kept pushing it off until you forgot about it? Was that important thing sending an invoice? In your rush to send that late invoice out, did you misspell the client’s name?

Forgetting to send invoices happens more often than most people think, and clients hate it. It actually could make them feel ignored and unappreciated. Avoid doing so by investing in invoice software that will help you remember your clients’ due dates as well as how to spell their names.

6. Make No Effort to Know Your Clients (invest time in CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP)

If you go into an office and the receptionist recognizes you and asks you about your kids or spouse, or your job, you feel special. You feel like you have a connection with that receptionist and the business. You want to build a connection with your clients so that they feel like you really care about them as an individual rather than just a paycheck. You will lose clients if you don’t create room for a business-client relationship.

7. Don’t Listen to Feedback (listen and revert to COMPLAINTS)

Clients will give you feedback, whether you ask for it or not. If you ignore the feedback, the client will feel like they aren’t valued and they’ll go somewhere where people will listen to them. You don’t necessarily have to utilize the feedback, but you should listen to it. Ask a follow-up question and give them your attention so that they know you’re hearing them. Who knows what treasures you may unearth by simply listening to your clients’ feedback.

Put quality first
How Not To Lose Clients – When you put quality first, you’ll gain good customer feedback and review which would eventually expose your brand to a new audience.

8. Doing Shoddy Work (QUALITY FIRST should be your focal point)

This one is as simple as it sounds. If you aren’t doing your best work, your clients are going to notice. They’re paying you for your best work, so if they feel like they aren’t getting it, they’ll take their business elsewhere – it is one of the easiest way to lose clients.

If you avoid these eight things, new clients will not only come knocking at your door, but they’ll also stick around for dinner and dessert.

How low can your clients go? The answer to that question depends on your level of relationship with them. This article has detailed how to stay popular in the client world and how to build an empire with clients that’d last for ages. Taking all these eight guidelines into practice would certainly save you a lot of money and time from negative company review, lawsuits and bring more positives towards your brand.

What are other techniques you’re using to keep your clients happy that are different from what we have shared above? There are many other business owners out there that wouldn’t want to lose clients, would you mind sharing these tips with them below?

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