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6 Gadgets That Will Rival new iPad (iPad 3) in 2012

From its initial release to its latest version, Apple’s iPad has both wowed consumers and inspired competitors. For example, Samsung and Motorola with their Galaxy and Druid series gadgets have given Apple a run for its money. The new iPad (formally rumoured to be iPad 3) is no exception and can expect fierce competition as manufacturers continue to release their own innovative tablets and gadgets. Before exploring the competition, let’s first look at what Apple has in store. But before you read on, would you consider reading these two great posts about the new iPad?

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The New iPad
The New iPad

What the Apple iPad 3 (new iPad) has

The third generation iPad isn’t a major redesign. In fact, it’s much like its predecessors, only better.

Retina Display – The iPad 3 features a stunning “Retina” display that translates into a resolution of 2048 by 1536 pixels. From viewing photos and videos to working with text, the new display is razor sharp and markedly better than iPad2 and the original. The downside to this even-better-than-high-definition display is this: some apps aren’t ready for it and their graphics may appear overly pixelated. Expect developers to update their apps in response.
5MP iSight Camera – At last, a decent camera in the iPad. This is a 5 mega pixel camera capable of creating impressive high resolution photos and videos.
Ultrafast 4G LTE – The new iPad boasts 4G LTE (Long-Term Evolution) capabilities. This technology is still in its infancy, so it’s not widely available. However, if you can get it, it’s dramatically faster than 3G. If you can’t, the iPad 3 includes Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi plus 3G.
The new iPad is looking impressive so far. Which devices will compete with the iPad 3 this year? Here’s a look at some of the major contenders:

1. Amazon Kindle Fire

For many, it’s been a choice between the Kindle and the iPad. Both devices have evolved rapidly, and the Kindle Fire has already heated things up. First, the Kindle Fire has a huge price advantage over any version of the iPad, starting at just $199 as opposed to $499 for an entry-level iPad. Amazon’s store is also massive, and Prime subscribers have access to a vast library of free videos. The Kindle Fire also boasts an easy-on-the-eyes display and elegant Web browsing experience. At seven inches as opposed to over nine, the Kindle Fire is easier to tote in a purse, briefcase, backpack, or even a large pocket.

2. Samsung Galaxy Note Series

Blending the best features of a smart phone with those of a tablet, Samsung has created a hybrid gadget that small (five inches), portable, and impressive. Larger than a phone, the Galaxy Note features a stylus for greater precision than finger swipes. Not only that, the Galaxy Note is also available in a 10.1-inch size – larger than the iPad. The 10.1 version also supports 4G connectivity and its camera comes with a flash.

3. Asus Transformer Prime HD

Have you ever tried to do serious typing on the iPad? The Asus Transformer comes with a removable external keyboard, solving the problem elegantly. Of course, it also includes all the standard features you’d expect of an iPad 3-era tablet.

4. Toshiba Thrive

With its full size HDMI and USB ports, the Thrive solves another shortcoming of other tablets. Need to quickly access data on a portable Flash drive? Want to view your tablet’s photos and movies on your large screen HDTV? Simply connect a cable and you’re in business!

5. Google Ice Cream Sandwichbased Tablets

Google’s operating system upgrade, Ice Cream Sandwich, has many speculating that Google may be getting ready to enter the tablet market. Many popular Android-based tablets including the Galaxy Note 10.1 mentioned above have updated to Ice Cream Sandwich to good effect.

6. Microsoft Windows 8-based Tablets

Not to be outdone, it’s widely speculated that Microsoft’s Windows 8 system with its integrated tablet features will launch a new wave of tablets.

Apple’s iPad 3 or the New iPad is sure to impress existing and new iPad users alike. However, as the competition heats up, the iPad may find itself losing market share. From smaller tablets with comparable features and innovative tablets that take the evolution of tablet computing to a new level to less expensive alternatives that do most of the same things, there are quite a few gadgets that can compete with the new iPad.

Guest Post contributed by Zoe Howard, on behalf of,uk. He has been writing on behalf of Phoneshop for a very long time.

14 replies on “6 Gadgets That Will Rival new iPad (iPad 3) in 2012”

I heard that Google is launching a nexus tablet too that would cost somewhere around 149$. These are still rumors but I’m looking forward to it. That could give iPad a nice competition

I’ve never understood the appeal behind the iPad, and this article further enforces my opinion that version 3 is just an expensive way to show off! As this article reminds us there are so many other gadgets out there, that are cheaper and provide better performance.

I’d put my money on the Kindle Fire as being the biggest competitor. Very different form factor and everything and largely different intended use, but the low price point and high quality makes it a contender for sure.

I hope Asus and Samsung Galaxy Note will be the toughest competitors for Apple iPad, as Asus recently has introduced its transformer and PadFone series with some new style and features and on the other hand Samsung has already proved itself in terms of tablets and Smartphones.

Great evaluation, I like Apple products but they’re little expensive compare to other brands, I want to buy ipad3 but hesitating because of its price, Toshiba Thrive and Samsung Galaxy Note Series are the best options for me now as Samsung galaxy reviews are pretty good, thanks for the wonderful evaluation .

Apple iPad 3 is the best iPad, now if you can buy that it’s better, but if you can’t afford, why don’t you buy the cheaper one? I think all gadgets created by other companies can satisfy you and can also provide a better performance.

Apple iPad3 is the best. If you can’t afford the iPad3 there are lots of options that you can choose there that can satisfy you and can provide a better performance too.

I’ve never comprehended the intrigue behind the iPad, and this article further implements my assessment that rendition 3 is only a costly method to flaunt! As this article reminds us there are such a significant number of different devices out there, that are less expensive and give better execution.

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