14 Quick Tips for Freelance Writers of this age

Writing is a creative outlet. More than words, it is a performance.

Pleasing an editor is an important task for any writer. Ever wondered, what is going to take you to the next level as a freelance writer? What tricks are going to hook your readers?

Below are a few tips to steal from freelancing practitioners, to get started as a new freelance writer.Freelance writers

1. Start Pitching Interesting Topics

As you are a fresher to this field, you must start pitching as often as you can. This brings you a recognition among the clients. The best way is to plan a goal and stick to it. Get the reader interested.

Along with pitching to job boards, also make sure to send some cold pitches as well.

2. Make the content worthy for Readers

Not all the successful writers possess degrees, nor they maintain a good writing style grade. Just make sure the content you are writing is enable to grab the reader’s attention. Readers must find the story interesting and avail the message reaching them.

3. Have a Blog

Having your own blog creates an identity among the clients. It acts as your personal portfolio and helps you get more enquiries from the clients. As you don’t have any samples to showcase, your blog posts act as samples. These samples come in handy whenever you send a pitch.

It is a sure quote thatWriting every day improves your writing”.

4. Plan Your Writing

Invest time in planning the idea of the article for a better output. Plan an outline of the writing and then dig into the actual story. Organizing the thoughts from the beginning itself creates a flow in the article that eventually leads to a good end product.

5. Focus on Goals

When your writing gets rejected by a client, don’t take it personally. Hope that your writing style might fit for some other website. So, don’t let the fear of rejection stop you from executing actions. Have faith in yourself and stick to your goals.

6. Please the Editor

There is sometimes your article might get rejected over and over again. This doesn’t mean your writing is bad, but, it can also mean that you haven’t properly followed the guidelines of the editor.

There are definitely few favorites that an editor possesses, and incorporating them into your writing will increase the chances of acceptance.

7. Edit, Re-Edit Your Work

Check if there are any grammatical errors or spelling issues in the content. Certain spell checker tools will make your job easier. Make sure to frame articles in the complete sentences and that variation is present in the sentence structure. This constant check also makes the job easy for editors, in later stages.

8. Intelligent Approach

Don’t send your work to an editor, until and unless you feel confident about it yourself. Wait until you feel you have done your best job, then send it for publishing. If you still feel low, initially send your query to the editor once, whether the content is appropriate to them or not. Go through the guidelines and make an appropriate approach.

9. Have Other People Read Your Work

Share your work with the people around you to gather their opinion. Accept their legitimate advice regarding technicalities. Choose your readers carefully and get people who will give you constructive criticism.

10. Clear vision about Writer’s Guidelines

Highlight important information in your writing. Different editors accept different norms of formatting. There are also other key pieces of information that guidelines request. Some request pieces by specific dates.

11. Submit Professionally

Address the editor professionally by his/her last name. This is a good business practice and helps you create a lasting impression.

12. Maintain the schedule times

If there is a time limit for any submission, make sure to schedule your work way before the date. Meet the deadlines adequately. If in any case, you are unable to meet a schedule, ensure to inform the editor about the changes in timings, beforehand.

13. Maintain network with other freelance writers

Be on the lookout for more work by reaching out to other freelance writers. It is one of the wisest things you can do. As other freelancers are also travelling in the same boat as yours, they are aware of the specific information regarding the clients and their rates.

It is nice when you have someone to share thoughts and talk about all the things regarding ‘blogging and freelance writing’.

14. Develop a Marketing Plan

A solid, consistent marketing plan will help you achieve a sustainable business. Marketing yourself is an excellent means to it. Few tips include:

  • Start Guest Posting. This gives you an author bio that helps you get noticed.
  • Maintain a writer website.
  • Hold Twitter and LinkedIn URLs.
  • Connect with businesses on social media.
  • Comment on blogs.

Final Thoughts…

If you market yourself right by applying these principles to your writing, your chances of acceptance can be enhanced. Moreover, clients will start approaching you.

Wish you all the luck!!!

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  1. Freelancing has always been one of my methods of making money online… With this tips you have giving out. I’ll try to work more on myself…

  2. I am working on blogger and adding posts on daily basis. I have a question? Can you reply how much blog posts are required to have ad-sense account.


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