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How to Get Free $75 Google Adwords Coupon for Video Adwords Free Advertising

Google is Giving Away $50 Million in Free Advertising to Promote Video AdWords

Google has officially launched its AdWords for video content product for all businesses today, Monday, with a new freebie program offering $50 million worth of free adwords coupon to small businesses for free advertising on its video platform, Youtube videos.

The popular search giant announced on today that it is offering a $75 in free advertising for over 500,000 businesses to advertise free of charge. In an post by YouTube blog, the number was set at 500,000, which would be totalling $37.5 million. However, a YouTube representative says the 500,000 mark is not a set number.

How to get $75 Free Google Adwords coupon code for youtube video advertising
How to get $75 Free Google Adwords coupon code for youtube video advertising

Google Adword for Video content

The Google Adword for video content was introduced in September 2011, and the AdWords for video technology is still the same as that of the normal Adwords that we are familiar with – but the truth there is, you can only use it on Google-owned Youtube Videos.

How Google Adwords for Video works?

On Google Adwords, you only pay for clicks and set your budgets via bids, but the case is different with Adword for Video content – here, you only pay when someone watches your ad. That is all!

The program have been opened for the masses since last December but today is its official launch – and the good news is, Google is publicizing it withfree $75 coupon code offer.

How to Get $75 Free Adwords Coupon?

For those of you interested in getting your $75 coupon code to advertise your business on Google’s Youtube videos, please click  here to signup.

The new AdWords for video content program is the latest Google’s attempt to monetize YouTube better. In the mean time, Youtube attracts 800 million unique visitors every month and there’s need to monetize it better, and here’s the opportunity for you to benefit from the goodies.

Since now, Google hasn’t disclosed any financial data about Youtube, but some analysts believes that the site’s revenue is in $1 billion range in 2011.

If you want to know more about Google Adwords for Video, watch the videos posted below:

Hope you find this post helpful? Kindly share it with your friends and loved ones and get your part of the goodies. I have used mine and it was fantastic 🙂

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SSeems interesting but if the ads aren’t relevant to the viewer I’m not sure how effective it would be, I assume they would be. Also it occurs to me that people watching youtube are likely to not be in “buying mode” so sticking with text adwords may still be a better option. Is this charged PPC or by view?

Thanks for the info, I’ve actually been looking into adwords and this is a pretty awesome way to get started on it.

Wow, this is good news. Free ads in Google will help a lot to promote your site. I will definitely sign up for this. Thank you so much for sharing this.

Olawale where did you get this i mean i apply for coupon code and instantly receive $75 Adwords code. You are just awesome and keep sharing offers like these.

Wow that’s a great offer, thank you for sharing it with us. I hope i will manage to get one coupon.. I hope some of you win one too. Good luck everyone!

its awesome article.. i would like to tel that adwords are the best one to find the keywords but the video would not be sound more, its my thought.
but your thought is somewhat different..
thanks for your interesting post..

Good news. But now a days, adwords is sending free $100 coupons to analytics users. I got more than $400 adwords coupons. Used all of them 😀

thank you guys i got 5000 INR adwords coupon as free thank you .i have used that for my website promotions .i got the idea after red this post

Without any opening balance it is possible go get free coupon. whenever we put any opening balance in google never provide any free coupon..

i think so Google Never provide any Free coupon for Adwords whenever we havent put any opening balance via credit card or coupon goggle never provide to you..

$75 free to use as you’d like. I think this a great idea and thanks for sharing. I used to think it would be really expensive to advertise with Googl but this is a nice incentive

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