Here’s How You Can Make Your Family Car More Tech Savvy

Adding the right technology to your car can make it feel like new. As a parent, you spend a great deal of time behind the wheel. Your automobile needs to be safe, comfortable, reliable — and enjoyable. Are you thinking about getting some cool gadgets for your car?

What is a car gadget?

As with every aspect of our modern lifestyle, various devices are continuously being designed to make everything as easy as possible. And driving a car is no different. Car gadgets are electronic pieces of equipment devised to optimize your driving experience. But do you really need them?

Are car gadgets useful?

Since a considerable amount of time is spent on the road, often drivers -and passengers- aim to optimize the environment. They want to get the most out of their ride. While the apparent benefit is added entertainment and value to your automobile, these devices also prevent maintenance issues from cropping up. They allow you to multitask safely, for example, answer a phone via hands-free. They prevent you from getting pulled over by the cops. They also keep you completely aware of everything that’s happening around your vehicle. Various displays provide information at eye-level positions so you won’t get distracted from focusing on the road.

Investing in these small yet powerful pieces of technology can help save you in the long run. Are you searching for the best family car gadgets for your next family trip? Here are some products that you should consider as your family car gadgets.

Top Selection of Family Car Gadgets You Can Get Out There

Family Car Gadgets - 5 Ways To Make Your Family Car More Tech Savvy
Installing the right technology to your car can make it feel, look, and perform like new. But only few people know about adding those little spices. If you want to make your car tech savvy, this post explains how to acquire the best family car gadgets for your ride.

Dash Cam

In today’s tech-driven world, dash cams have skyrocketed in popularity. You can easily record everything that is happening on the road while you are behind the wheel. This is especially valuable if an incident occurs and you have to settle disputes on insurance claims. In fact, when everything is on camera, it’s possible that this gadget can also improve your driving.

Rear Camera

If you have an older car to accommodate a growing family, you cannot benefit from the new technology features available in recent models. However, gadgets like the rearview camera are readily accessible. A camera is mounted just above the rear number plate. The live footage can be transferred to your smartphone via Bluetooth or displayed on a screen attached to the dashboard. It’ll provide you with the ability to reverse safely or park without scraping the bumper.

Mirror Dash Cam

Safety can be sophisticated. There are several models which combine the functions of a dash cam and rear camera. They can be fitted over the rear-view mirror of your car. Integrated with an LCD touchscreen, you can effortlessly record everything that is happening in front as well as behind you. Some gadgets such as the YI mirror dash camera have an additional feature – driver fatigue alerts. It’s a great way of enhancing the safety of the family, especially on road trips when there is quite a bit of driving.

Smarter Incorporation with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

A lot of new cars support CarPlay by Apple and Android Auto by Google from the get-go. Both offer a trouble-free way to connect your phone to the in-car entertainment system, providing hands-free access to calls, messages, music, GPS, or any other app. It’s a simpler and safer way to use your phone while you drive.

Older vehicles are not entirely out of luck. You can easily purchase the system and install it in your automobile. But it can get a bit pricey as you’ll need to pay for parts, the labour for installation, and of course the head unit. So before you decide on this piece of technology, get a free car valuation done on your current set of wheels. You don’t want to invest in a product that will surpass or equal the value of your vehicle!

Head-Up Display

Another cool device that will benefit the driver is a head-up display. It projects important information onto the windscreen, including directions, the speed limit, your speed, viewing notifications, and much more. HUDWAY glass and NAVION Augmented Reality Car HUD are just a couple of tools which let your eyes focus on the road ahead while keeping your hands on the wheel. And though these features vary from model to model, they definitely add a futuristic feel to your car.

Roav Viva Alexa-Enhanced Car Charger

Don’t leave Alexa at home- bring her with you in the car. She’s no longer only in the Echo. Alexa-tech is usually expensive, but Roav Viva is dedicated to serving you and your family. Simply plug in the device to your car charger, tap the microphone icon, and ask Alexa to help you with anything. Inquire the nearest coffee shop, get directions, update your schedule, or make/answer phone calls while on the go.

Baby Mirror

Now, this is a must-have for those who have a baby on board. Keeping a close eye on a child while driving can be a challenge, especially if it’s a rear-facing child seat. But a baby mirror placed on the back seat headrest can make it simple to watch your child from the rear-view mirror.

How to choose the right gadget for your family car

There are so many items in the market, so how can you make the best selection? Here are a few guidelines to head you off in the right direction.


Need help backing into a parking spot?  Each person has a unique set of needs- find out what feature can make your time on the road more relaxing and entertaining. With just a little bit of gadgetry, you’ll notice how different driving can become.


Price often dictates what you can buy, no matter how much you think you need a gadget. Sometimes it cheaper to buy a product that offers multiple features. So while you enjoy the open road, a little more safety with a bit more clarity can go a long way.


Take a look at associated material, electronic capabilities, and wireless connectivity. You want to make an investment that lasts. Typically, it’s smarter to stick to recognized brands. These companies adhere to strict standards of production and services. And it’s highly possible that you’ll get a better warranty.


Before you commit to a purchase, make sure to check out customer reviews. You’ll be able to get unbiased feedback on any item.

You’ve got the wheels, so it’s time to throw in a couple of gadgets to enhance your ride. There are many amazing gadgets and bits of tech available. But select only those that are truly beneficial to you- and your pocket. With the prospect of advancements in technology, it’s exciting to see what else will be available in the near future.

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