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Facebook Live Streams from Mark Zuckerberg; Telling from my own point of views and concerns

The latest report this week aimed to disclose the latest release program of the Facebook founder – Mark Zuckerberg, who himself stated that they were launching Facebook Live for everyone. He explained further that the New Released System formally known as the Facebook Live makes it easy to create, share, and discern live video. He disclosed that the service was started as a tool to unite all human-beings one to one or one to multitude – this same initiative that has been in existence with Youtube for ages, only for the fact, unlike Youtube that’s solely a video sharing platform, Facebook live on the other hand is coming from a social media perspective.

So, what’s Facebook Live Streaming all about?

Facebook Live lets you stay in touch with your loved ones.
Facebook Live lets you stay in touch with your loved ones and those who really matter to your life.

In reality it’s just like a television camera so portable and pocket-able which means that whosoever now has a touch-tone phone or smartphone which could browse the web also has the power to publicize to anyone in the world. Such would be able to design, discern, and distribute live video content anywhere and any time. In addition whenever one shares this live video, he stays personally connected. Now the system has made communication so easy and fast and opportunities are being newly created for the whole wide world to become one. The program has now made the world free of the fear of multitude (agoraphobia). Now the most fearful ever could be facing the largest crowd in the world and as well communicate with them.

It was a joyful thing as Mark Zuckerberg went all round answering questions upon questions about the new invention of his.

Mark Zuckerberg`s 1st  Comment

“Live is like having a TV camera in your pocket. Anyone with a touch-tone phone now has the power to broadcast to anyone in the world. When you interact live, you feel connected in a more personal way. This is a big shift in how we communicate, and it’s going to create new opportunities for people to come together”.

Could you imagine the state of mind of the CEO when he was commenting over his innovation? There would never be any course for alarm. His joy was overflowing because I personally felt it from him.

He continued, “I’ll be going live myself around 10:30 am PT today and I’ll answer some of your questions about the new product`. Speech by the company`s founder”

This is live and direct. There is no greater joy like the joy of  achieving a new thing. If you ever tried riding a horse inside CEO,I am assuring you,the horse would never stumble let alone falling down.

The Questions Recapitulated by `The Guardian`-

Also there had been a lot of questions asked which were briefed by the Guardian such as the following ones below:

“Does increasing the visibility of violence lead to justice for the victims of violence? Does the video itself constitute a form of redress? Does consuming such imagery sensitize and politicize viewers? Or does it exhaust us – or worse, encourage a perverse kind of voyeurism. In short, should these kind of videos be produced, watched and circulated?”

People were eager to know the great effects that the intensification that the visibility of all events are having towards fairness, also if the overshadowing of the image is to sensitize and politicize the listeners otherwise is this system having anything positive to add to all man kinds?

These were the inexplicable questions raised so as to be sure if the outcome of the Facebook live is to be encouraged, created, viewed, and disseminated and of course, this creativity has already added value to people all over the world.

Mark Zuckerberg Connecting with His COO using the Facebook Live Stream

On Wednesday, the Facebook CEO had a live Facebook video chart together with his company`s COO, Sheryl Sandberg, where they had a brief talk over the year 2016 and also discussed what they were expecting to see, and have in 2017. And there also, Mark tackled the hullabaloo of the counterfeit information that was put out all over the Facebook at the time of  election (issues about fake news and jokes being broadcast on the Facebook). There he made it clear that Facebook had happened to be nothing but an innovated form of proposal and not a business as of the olden days. He gave reasons for building the tool that news is not just for people to read on the stage and not only to be distributed, instead it is also to be lively by uniting the world.

Specially to me, I do not see anything sensible in this castigation.

Facebook Live Streaming puts you in front of your audience and makes sharing easy for you.
Facebook Live lets you stay in touch with people that matter to your world. The streaming feature puts you in front of your audience in no time and makes sharing a lot much easier.

 Zuckerberg’s Comments and Conclusion:

Though the comments thereof really raised a lot of argument as soon as the election ended, nevertheless, he made his opinion known through his own Facebook page whereby he declared that out of the 100% content on Facebook, 99% of what people would often see would be true while just minute would be counterfeit pieces of information and jokes. He explained further that the jokes that might be available would not be for any fan, neither would they be for any politician.

Zuckerberg concluded that they had been at work over a program which could give people the easy access to identify all jokes and pieces of wrong information, he made it visible that they were working to improve and it could later on be seen that the steps taken over this matter were really immediate.

The Modern Zuckerberg`s System:

After,  as a result of the conclusion made during the election period, they arrived at the latest social media tool – Facebook Live which enables all users of Facebook to find it easy to solve the current problem. Which means now, there would not be any existence of unreal information.

I also am urging every reader of this report to try and unveil any fake news discovered. Simple.

In addition,the giant company`s founder released an open invitation for many more complaints to whoever wishes to table them at any moment from now on that it is so easy to reach anyone in the world through the social media-Facebook-Live, as stated by the CEO Mark Zuckerberg during the time that the argument was really on fire.

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