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The Evolution of Twitter – The Rise, the Growth, and the Good Memories of Twitter

I came across an amazing infographic detailing the beginning, the development, the rise, the growth, the advancement, the progression, the expansion, and above all, the Evolution of Twitter from a startup wannabe to a popular social network giant within just nine years. I thought of sharing the infographic with you, our esteem readers, so you can learn from the giant stride of this amazing company which could also mean a whole lot to your small business success.

Being one of the top #5 most visited website in the world, Twitter has pride itself to be a game changer in the social media industry over the years. It was founded on March 21, 2006 by four amazing guys namely; Biz Stone, Evan Williams, Noah Glass, and Jack Dorsey. They have a burning desire and passion to create something different from the common that everybody is familiar with – and that’s what bring about Twitter of today – a short social networking service that allow its users to send and read 140 words of text per tweet.

From mere passion to becoming a full time business entity, Twitter has went on to become an innovative and creative hub where people now rely on to send and receive data, engage, and do business, and it has even went beyond that to becoming a news portal for what’s trending.

With existing translation up to 33 languages of the world, including Chinese language which was reported awhile ago here despite its ban in the country, Twitter is easily accessible on the go to people all over the world. It takes a smartphone and internet connection to get connected and sharing in seconds. In fact, with recent advancement in technology, I recently learnt that some dull-phones now have text messaging functionality, powered by service provider, that enable users to tweet without internet with short codes. Though, it wouldn’t have been possible without these network service provider bundling this into their package in partnership with the social giant.

But the truth is, its real!

As I’m writing this, there are about 288 million active users sending and receiving more than 500 million of tweets per day. With their larger user base, the number of employees in the company still stood at 3600 employees across the world.

Before, Twitter was basically for socializing between individuals, but that has changed lately with Twitter boasting of enabling businesses grow fanbase, improve engagement and increase sales through its advertising platform. Small businesses thrives better on Twitter these days, especially when the campaign is highly targeted to the right audience.

The Evolution of Twitter infographic elaborates more on how frequent the company had embraced change since its inception, migrating from “What are you doing? question to “What? Why? How?” question and now “What’s happening right now?” in a more stylish way that doesn’t give room for too much detection from users.

I bet, you too didn’t take note of these changes!

Most retweeted post ever

Ellen degeneres still holds the record for the most retweeted post ever on Twitter till date at over 3.3 million times.

Most followers

Katy Perry leads with 67387699, Justin Bieber with 61945823, President Barack Obama on 57098677, Taylor Swift at 55037637 and Google’s own video search engine, Youtube got 49760981, while Lady Gaga, Justin Timberlake and Rihanna shares 45195201, 43545091, and 42764,643 respectively.

The Evolution of Twitter – The rise and growth of Twitter after nine years of establishment.

Go through the infographic below, titled The Evolution of Twitter. Do let me know if you agree with the figures claimed below through the comment box. Let’s start talking.

The Evolution of Twitter

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