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Using Enterprise PDF DRM to Enforce Secure Document Sharing

Enterprise PDF DRM helps businesses a lot, especially in putting the workplace in order without creating a room for an internal breach of data. With a good setup of DRM platform in place, precise controls enforce secure document sharing.

Document protection is taken to a whole new level when corporations are involved. The dynamics are so different from what you would consider effective measures used in typical DRM apps. They are not meant to handle large numbers of documents or even people.

As such, the administration may present the most significant problem when thinking of how to securely share documents with the right people. This is indeed one of the biggest hurdles that handling such a large number of employees can bring about. Specific files need to be seen only by certain groups of people while being kept from others in the same company. This results in the need to establish an administration team for the Enterprise DRM. The people in this team will choose who sees which internal documents when they do so, and which functions they may use.

On the subject of secure document sharing, it is imperative that only the intended recipients receive and view the files you are sending. This can often be a messy affair as the recipients often seem unaware of the fact or decide to forget it. When they do this, they betray your company’s trust and end up sharing documents with the wrong users. Actions like this could have dire consequences for your company and the employees involved. You may not even be able to discover who leaked the document in the first place.

However, with a document DRM platform installed, precise controls enforce secure document sharing. These include the following.

Enterprise PDF DRM helps businesses a lot in putting workplace in order without a room for internal breach of data. With a document DRM platform installed in your organization, precise controls enforce secure document sharing.
Enterprise PDF DRM system helps small and medium scale businesses in a lot of place in keeping valuable data secure without giving room for any form of an insider data-trading. 


Top-notch 256-bit encryption may seem like all talk, but the computational power required to break through such encryption is not even available yet. So, without the decryption key, no one will be able to open your document. Nevertheless, you can send the decryption key to whoever you want.

Also, only those who you choose to give the decryption keys to will get to open the files after they receive them. Those who acquire your documents through unlawful means will find their efforts useless since they will not be able to open the documents.

Secure Decryption Keys

You are still at risk if the person you send the decryption key to forwards the same to his or her friends. If you can curtail this, you will be one step closer to stopping insecure document sharing.

Good document DRM systems have a feature built-in for this. The decryption keys are not physically sent to the user to view and enter. Instead, the decryption keys are securely and transparently transferred to authorized users devices.

In this way, the user never knows what key they are downloading. It is downloaded in the background and stored securely somewhere in the desktop where the proprietary viewer will check it every time the user opens the document. If the key is available, the document will open. If not the user cannot view the document.

Users will also not be able to share the keys as they are locked to authorized devices so they will not work if copied to an unauthorized device. This makes Enterprise DRM one of the most secure options out there.

Document Copy Controls

All the above would be for naught if the individual recipient could copy and paste the document content into Word or any other unprotected document format that they want. It would eliminate all controls and create a shareable document without any restrictions. Enterprise DRMs disable all such copy functions on the desktop, ensuring this does not happen. These include copy and paste functions, print features, and keyboard shortcuts.

Screenshots is another function which could cause many problems. The images created through screenshots could be collated into a full document which could then be shared. This would undermine all the security measures you put in place. So, Enterprise DRM systems go a step further and ensure that your users cannot take screenshots.

All these security measures ensure that no unprotected versions of your documents get leaked outside the enterprise.


This is just as important a security measure as all the others. With the right administrators, mistakes will remain a minimum. This is because the people in this group distribute documents, monitor their usage, and, if there is a need, revoke user access. And so, who you choose to be on this team will have a tremendous influence on whether your documents fall into the wrong hands. Choose them wisely and keep a close eye on them.


After safely and securely sharing documents for several years, you will look back and be thankful you decided to invest in Enterprise document DRM security. But, this requires you to take up the opportunity before it is too late or you could have a document leak tomorrow. Consider Enterprise PDF DRM and you could protect yourself from such headaches in the future.

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