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Easy Steps To Delete Facebook Account

If it happens that you notice that your facebook account is no more interests you again or it is causing you to loose focus of what you are doing or you just think that deleting it is the best answer for you in order to achieve some of your purpose in life. Then, I have got a solution for you, from this post, in the next minutes now you will be able to delete your facebook account from being existing on facebook.

You are the only one that know what really prompted you to wanting to take the step in deleting your facebook account, so, before you do this kindly remember that once you do this you can’t undo it back (it is irreversible move).

Tell me how, I just need to do it…

Since you have made up your mind to delete your facebook account, I don’t think there’s anything I can say to convince you not to do it. Now, here we go.

Head over to the Facebook Account Deletion page and complete the task by clicking on the submit button and then read the warning message and click on okay button after that. Viola your account is deleted forever…. 🙂

Delete Facebook Account

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By Olawale Daniel

I love tech support services!

6 replies on “Easy Steps To Delete Facebook Account”

May be soon lots of people will start deleting Facebook Account. They will open account in Google+. It is a very way to delete. But I don’t know it. I save your article for future time.

That’s really great to hear@Ahsan, I think that’s the best option since google is rolling out new features that can help we bloggers to enjoy our online presence. I don’t see reason why many will not delete facebook account. Most of the accounts are 70% easy to hack due to facebook “I don’t Care Attitude”.
Thanks a lot for this awesome comment 🙂 🙂

such an easy shortcut i was wondering how to delete it. cause it deleted and whenever i sign in again with same id and password then again i am able to login to my facebook account.

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