Difference Between Freelance SEO Specialists and SEO Companies

Have you had any experience with an SEO specialist or a company dealing in SEO before? You need to read this article to learn more about the differences between a freelance search engine optimization specialist and an search engine optimization companies online.

Differences between freelance SEO specialist writers and SEO companies

Basic Difference between freelance SEO specialists and companies:

As the name suggests, the basic difference between freelancers and company lies in the way they operate. Freelance experts work independently. They can interact with the client from anywhere in the world. They are not employees of anybody and they themselves are responsible for all their work. Companies on the other hand consist of a large number of employees who work as team to provide the best service possible to the client.

Difference in Price and Process:

The freelance SEO specialists and companies differ a great deal in the prices they charge the clients. Freelance experts are much cheaper because they do not have to pay for the office rent as well as the wage of other employees. Companies charge you more price on the services they provide.

The processes that freelance experts and companies adopt are very much the same. It involves the same processes of Keyword research, Technical optimization, Link building and reporting. However, the only difference between freelancers and companies lie in the way they approach their job. For instance, some may focus more on link building for site optimization while others may target particular keywords.

Quality of Work:

There might not be great difference in the quality of work of freelance experts and SEO companies. The quality of output of freelancer depends totally upon his load management. For instance, if he has more work than he can handle, then surely he will be compromising on the quality. Companies on the other hand are very good at load management. They have number of employees capable of performing the task. They can easily divide the work among different team members to maintain the quality of work. Team work also allows them an opportunity to consult with other members of the staff if they face any difficulty.

Difference in Experience and Technology:

When selecting a company, you should first check out its reputation in the market. A trusted company is the answer to your SEO needs. A reputed company also has more experienced experts at its disposal. Freelance experts are mostly those who have worked with an SEO company and when they have sufficient experience, they became freelance SEO specialists but in your selection of the freelancer you should make sure that he does not use black hat techniques because that could be really damaging for your website.

SEO companies have better technology than freelance experts. The Companies make use of all the modern SEO research tools to raise the status of your site. They make use of specialized tools for keyword research as well as for domain or IP search.

Last word:

The choice of freelance expert or SEO Company is totally dependant upon you but you should make sure that they have a good name in the market. Freelance experts should also be trusted ones. If you do not have trusted freelance experts at your disposal then you should entrust the company with the job of site optimization.

7 responses to “Difference Between Freelance SEO Specialists and SEO Companies”

  1. Search Engine Optimization has become steadily popular in the last few months. It is due to this increase in popularity that more and more SEO companies are beginning to pop up. This is excellent news for SEO article writers because this of course means more work for them and a higher increase in the demand for their services.

  2. I don’t think a freelancer can do work like a professional company.Sometimes we can see freelancers can take project at very cheap prices but when they get difficulty to do work on that project they leave that project.But in case of company many chances to competition of any project.
    I am not against freelancing but I think there is some difference in professionalism of a freelance and a company.

  3. In recent days, freelancers are more popular than SEO companies among small and medium online based businesses. There are a lot of professional freelancers who used to give high quality SEO services to their clients. So there is no chance to underestimate them. 🙂

  4. Very interesting article. I work for a small web development company and I do the SEO for them but I’d say I’m basically freelance. I have to admit though a good SEO company will have more of the resources to produce a number of good, strong articles more quickly than a single freelance agent. Unless the freelancer is doing some link farming which I would never suggest and is probably more detrimental to oneself, in the long run the company will/should guarantee long lasting good SEO. Just my opinion.

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