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5 Ways Content Management Software Can Help Your Startup

Content management software is playing an increasingly active role in tech startups, many of which use content management to improve workflow, reduce paper, and make file indexing more fluid.

Mozilla (Firefox) and Automattic (WordPress) are two prominent examples who used CMS to enhance the productivity of their remote teams. Before they became hugely successful companies, Mozilla and Automattic needed an effective way for their employees to collaborate on a universal platform. This platform became content management software similar to Contentverse. With content management, they achieved their collaborative goals, even with team members situated across the world. Now, WordPress powers over 60 million web sites, and Firefox has over 450 million users. Calling their ventures a success would be putting it lightly.
In addition to tech startups, there is an eclectic variety of companies and institutions that have benefited from content management software. Law enforcement has used content management to keep better track of records, banks have used it to maximize document security, and universities use content management software frequently to share educational data.

Regardless of your business’ niche, it can likely benefit from the increased workflow of content management software, which has several benefits for startup businesses and institutions:

Benefits of using content management software for your business growthWordpress CMS for small business

Improved Universal Accessibility

CMS or Content management software lets you find files easilyWhereas some content management software is restrictive regarding apps and operating systems, most content management software can be quickly used with your already-existing Windows apps. They’re also compatible with the majority of scanners and input devices. In addition, the hosted cloud versions of CMS can work in a Mac environment through any web browser. You can use whatever you’re comfortable with to access content management software, making it a practical option for all of your co-workers. Likely not everyone at your business is a tech wiz, and that’s OK. The universal tendencies and ease-of-use of quality content management software is very easy to learn.

CMS let you quickly Find and View Files

Remember the days when manila folders were routinely strewn across office desks? It’s a faint memory for most companies that utilize content management software. How content management software works globallyWith content management software, you can find any file in an instant, even if you just remember a sliver of its name. Its efficient search functions make cumbersome manual document searches a thing of the past.

In addition to the ability to quickly find files, content management software acts as a nearly universal file reader. You no longer have to install an abundance of programs just to access a specific file type. Most software allows users to view over 400 different file types, regardless of whether the native app is installed. Adobe Illustrator, Microsoft Access, and AutoCAD files are just a few file types that content management software can access in an instant.

Enhanced content security

Every company has sensitive files. It’s up to you to keep them that way. CMS makes that job a whole lot easier, with highly secure 128-bit encryption making sure that your content is for your eyes only, or whoever you allow. You can even apply the “double secret” function to specific files, which will allow files to have two layers of encryption. Even with all this security, accessibility is never sacrificed, and your files are never altered from their native format.

It reduces office paper usage

Paper costs can be a hassle without content management software. DigitaCMS or Content management software lets you find files easilylizing your documents and placing them on content management software has a vast number of benefits, one of them being the money you can save each year on using less paper. Also, CMS tracks every single action, so handwritten reports are rarely necessary. And since most can be accessed from anywhere, even on your smart phone and tablet, you can use this paper-saving methodology everywhere at any time.

Utilize automated workflow

The power of content management makes managing a project’s workflow a lot easier. When you’re finished working on a particular file or assignment, content management software automatically sends the file to the next collaborator in line, which is fully customizable. This makes managing projects a breeze; you no longer have to be worried about every single aspect of the project’s workflow. With CMS, workflow is fully automated.


Content management softwares makes it easier for collaboration between different people at different location of the world, not to talk of office location where data could be inputted in a matter of seconds with the use of CMS system such as ERP and others.

What do you think about content management softwares such as WordPress, Mozilla etc.? Please share your views below.

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Thanks Daniel ..

I think the best 2 content management systems are wordpress and blogger

I enjoyed reading your blog .. thanks a lot

I agree with you, that content management software often becomes a must, but in many pprojects, due to specifications and tech details, it has to be custom CMS and often developed by own developers team. But it would be great if there appear more highly customizable CMSs, especailly for small business

As time goes on, there would surely be enough CMS systems, specifically focused on small businesses. But with my experience using WordPress, I think small businesses are making use of it because it is very easy to customize at cheaper rate.

Thanks for the info

It is true content management is revolutionizing the world and how we work. It’s allowing the world to be more productive, and organized.


Hey Olawale,

I only wish I were smart enough to invent something like WordPress or FireFox. As time goes by more and more people become reliable on them for just their every day tasks. Okay, maybe not a blog but once you’ve created one on WordPress there really isn’t any going back.

I think these types of content management softwares will continue to be the thing of the future with more and more cropping up all the time. Everyone want to get their piece of the pie.


Sure, including me Adrienne 🙂

Content management systems are one-time system that stays for longer time. WordPress, thanks to Matt Mullenweng for this piece of software, has become everyone’s choice all over the world. I totally agree that there isn’t anyway of going back because you keep on improving and introducing new stuffs to complement the system.

Thanks for taking your time to comment here Ma 😉

Sure, including me Adrienne 🙂

Content management systems are one-time system that stays for longer time. WordPress, thanks to Matt Mullenweg for this piece of software, has become everyone’s choice all over the world. I totally agree that there isn’t anyway of going back because you keep on improving and introducing new stuffs to complement the system.

Thanks for taking your time to comment here Ma 😉

Thank you so much. that’s so flattering. I’ll be sure to add that once we get a few more responses. Much appreciated, you rock. 🙂

Nice read! Since this article was, so many new types of CMSs have emerged in the market; the latest being headless CMSs. Apart from WordPress and Drupal, we have some really good CMS providers such as Contentstack and Contentful that makes content management pretty easy for you.

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