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Why Cell Phone Spying Software Is a Reparation to Parenting Errors

We must agree that as parents, we have many flaws. We subjugate our personal lives at the altar of a better standard of living. But the question is, have we been able to blend a perfect balance between different aspects of our lives. Like when was the last time, you got out with your kids or partner to have a family time or are you satisfied that the money you earn is spent well.

One facet of imperfect work-life balance comes out in the form of parenting errors (that’s what I like to call it!). We work more, and then we spend that extra earned money on looking after our kids and house, hiring governesses and housekeepers. You can solve this parenting fallacy by investing a very small portion of your hard earned money on cell phone spying software. So you wouldn’t need someone to take care of your kids. It’s like the E-governess that can inform parents of their kids’ activities.

XNSPY Cell Phone Spying Software

Earn That Lost Love from Your Kids

Your kids will start loving you when they will be monitored with an intrusion free smartphone monitoring app. I bet they hate their governess (and may be you too for doing that to them) for being on their heads all the time.

By looking into their smartphone activity, parents can know where their kids have been. Or what kind of friends and peers they have. Have a look at some of the features of this cell phone spy software XNSPY:

Phone Logs Spying

This feature of XNSPY lets parents monitor their kids’ calls, SMS, phonebook logs. You can who your kids have been calling and what kind of conversations they are up to. Emails, internet browsing history and calendar entries are also other vital phone logs that XNSPY can track.

Instant Messaging Tracking

IM conversations sum up all of your kids’ late night chats. Parents can read messages or view call logs, photos, videos and audios from apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Line, Skype, Viber and iMessage.

GPS Tracker

While you are out for work, you can make sure that your kids are safe by tracking their real time location with XNSPY. Watchlist locations will let you know if your kids enter any restricted areas, set by you.

Compatibility and Pricing

XNSPY cell phone spying software will definitely not let your consider anything else with its amazing pricing that’s as low as $8.33/month. It’s compatible with all Android (2.3 or higher) and iOS (6.0 or higher) devices.

By Olawale Daniel

I love tech support services!

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