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The Proliferation of Chinese Apps as Tools of Surveillance

China may not be part of the Five, Nine, and Fourteen Eyes Alliances, but it has one of the most advanced mass surveillance and censorship systems. Software and hardware developed in China often pose the threat of monitoring and recording the data of its users – that is why the US government is wary of Chinese apps data collection policy such as the case of Tiktok. Anyone found engaging in any activity the government does not endorse, undergoes huge trauma at the hands of the law.

One of the strongest hints comes from the head of research at the Dutch Institute of Vulnerability Disclosure (DIVD), Victor Gever, who claims that billions of messages of Chinese app users like QQ and WeChat, were stored in a matter suggested they were a massive dragnet for censoring content. And obviously, there can’t be censoring without monitoring everything users do.

Why Do Chinese Apps Monitor User Data?

Why Do Chinese Apps Monitor User Data_
The Chinese government has been accused on many occasion over its roles in monitoring user’s activities through different chinese originated mobile apps. China has one of the most advanced mass surveillance and censorship systems. Most Chinese apps data are monitored against the user’s wish.

 “Every Chinese tech company has to comply with the Chinese cybersecurity law which allows the Chinese government to have access to the app’s data these companies collect – this is part of the nationwide mass surveillance systems that are in place in China,” said Victor Gevers. It is because of this reason most developers from China use a techno-surveillance approach for all their apps.

They believe all app data of users belong to their government. In their minds, it is okay to collect data in such a manner. And those who believe, the government doesn’t, we already know how they are dealt with. However, the implications of such a finding are insane. Smartphones, which are carried by most working-age people, are powerful tools if leveraged for monitoring and censoring.

Chinese Apps Data Used by Police?

Many Chinese apps data is used extensively by the police for monitoring people’s online behavior and movements. With COVID-19 taking over, the government has gained even more incentive to improve their surveillance activities. A “close-contact” app developed by the state-owned firm, China Electronics Technology Group Corporation is furthering China’s agendas.

Bear in mind this is the same company responsible for the surveillance technology deployed in Xinjiang. As a result, the app itself should be viewed with skepticism. It provides officials with data drawn from the China Railway and the Civil Aviation Administration of China, the Ministry of Transport, and the National Health Commission to track citizens’ contacts, health, and travel with infected people.

Can You Bypass Monitoring and Censorship?

It seems that China does not want to leave any stone unturned in keeping a strict eye on its citizens, and previously, they even took strict action against individuals trying to bypass imposed restrictions. VPN apps like Avast VPN were particularly banned in the country with the government even imposing legal fines. Later on, the Chinese Government approved the use of VPNs, as long as they provided backdoor access to these Chinese apps data.

Subsequently, there was an influx of free VPNs spreading in the marketplace, after which a study found that 59% of these apps had links to China, 86% of the apps had unacceptable privacy policies, 64% apps had no dedicated website, and 83% of app customer support email requests were ignored. Below are details on the numerous VPN apps with links to China:

Application NameOwnershipAndroid Downloads
SuperVPN Free VPN ClientChinese100 Million
VPN Super UnlimitedChinese1 Million
VPN Proxy MasterChinese10 Million
TurboVPNChinese100 Million
TouchVPNChinese10 Million
Snap VPNChinese10 Million
VPN 360Chinese1 Million
YogaVPNChinese10 Million
SkyVPNChinese10 Million
Thunder VPNHK Chinese1 Million
Free VPN by Freevpn.OrgChinese1 Million

At first, I thought this was a coincidence but upon digging further, I realized there’s more to the story. More or less, all these free VPNs have affiliations with companies located in China. And bear in mind, a lot of users online go for the “free” option, rather than paying for a premium VPN product. This can be verified by the number of downloads on the Google Play and Apple Store.

It is quite possible that these services may be indulging in session/connection logging to track the searches and activities of users online to enhance their solutions and spy on the people at the same time. As you can see, almost all VPNs have crossed an average of 10 million downloads (on the Google Play Store alone). And, if we talk about SnapVPN, VPN Master, and Turbo VPN, they even have an interconnected company structure.

The privacy policies of these three providers were incredibly similar (currently they have been removed or altered after people started noticing similarities). They openly stated that they do record a lot of user data, which includes everything that can reveal your identity, your location, and searches performed. Below is a snippet from one of the privacy policies:

The data we collect can include SDK/API/JS code version, browser, Internet service provider, IP address, platform, timestamp, application identifier, application version, application distribution channel, independent device identifier, iOS ad identifier (IDFA), Android ad master identifier, International Mobile Subscriber Identification Number(IMSI), iOS network card (MAC) address, and iOS international mobile device identification code (IMEI), the equipment model, email address, the terminal manufacturer, the terminal device operating system version, the session start/stop time, the location of the language, the time zone and the network state (WiFi and so on), the hard disk, the CPU, and the battery use, etc.

Wrapping Things Up

The information above only verifies repeatedly that China is a surveillance giant, which not only keeps an eye on its own citizens but even hijacks valuable tools like VPNs to gain access to the data of billions of users around the world, regardless of which country they are located in.

The citizens of the country don’t have any choice but to comply with the Chinese governments invasive laws and activities. However, if you reside in a different country, make sure to avoid downloading/installing any programs with ties to China.

It may not seem like a big thing to many. Most even say, “I’m not a terrorist, why do I have to be worried about my data being monitored?” Realize this issue is bigger than us all, and anyone who goes online deserves the right to enjoy privacy and anonymity!

Even the U.N. has declared that mass surveillance is a violation of human rights, as it increases the cases of arbitrary arrest and detention. Domestic safeguards need to be implemented in line with the international human rights law, but that can only happen when people take such things seriously.

What do you think about the proliferation of Chinese apps into the market as a secret tool for mass surveillance? What are the necessary steps you suggest to be taken in preventing incessant and illegal Chinese apps data collection around the world?

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Jumia Women and Visit A Hospital Today Rally Support For New Mothers, Sick Women to Mark African Women’s Day

Jumia Women, in partnership with Visit A Hospital Today team, has rallied support for new mothers, and sick women in Lagos to mark African Women’s Day.Visit A Hospital Campaign and Jumia Women Has Rally Support For New Mothers, Sick Women to Mark African Women’s Day

To commemorate this year’s Pan-African Women’s Day and in line with the global theme which addresses maternal and neonatal mortality in Africa, the female staff of Jumia Nigeria has rallied support for new mothers and other patients who couldn’t meet the discharge requirement as a result of unpaid medical bills at the Ikorodu general hospital by helping them to offset their outstanding bills.

As a result, the patients have now been discharged and equipped with financial support to cater for the new babies. The contributions were channeled through the ‘Visit A Hospital Today’ non-governmental organization (NGO) in Lagos.

The African Women’s Day, created by the African Union is commemorated on July 31st of every year to advocate for quality maternity services for disadvantaged women who continue to die needlessly in underserved communities and to curb poor quality of health services, poor accessibility and weak referral systems for African women.

Jumia’s public relations and communications manager, Mr. Olukayode Kolawole who described the financial intervention on behalf of the new mothers as kind and thoughtful, said:

“When I heard about the plight of these new mothers and other patients who couldn’t meet the hospital discharge requirement because of their outstanding medical bills, I sought for support from our female staff, especially those who are mothers to contribute towards raising the sum. This collective effort towards helping other women in need through their financial resources reached far beyond what we set out to raise. Now, these women have been discharged and the babies are receiving the needed motherly affection.”

Founder of Visit-A-Hospital NGO, Miss Aderonke Rene Ahmed said hundreds of new mothers and women are always stuck in most hospitals because of lack of funds to pay for their medical bills.

Every week, we’re always in different hospitals providing financial support for these patients. We thank the wonderful women at Jumia Nigeria for sponsoring this month’s hospital visit.”

Until now, these new mothers had been stuck at the general hospital with their babies for a few weeks because they couldn’t pay their medical bills. “Jumia’s intervention provided succor for them in the nick of time,” she added.

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7 Critical Skills needed To Run an E-commerce Business Successfully

The term “e-commerce” is used to describe transactions conducted over the internet. Many interact with e-commerce businesses on a daily basis either by purchasing physical goods, digital goods, or subscribing to online services.

Some example of e-commerce businesses include:

  • Shutterstock – A website that allows businesses and individuals to buy high stock quality images for personal or commercial use.
  • 99 Designs – a website that allows you to purchase design services over the internet. Logo and web designs are examples of these design services.
  • Jumia – A pan-African e-commerce platform/website, that allows you to purchase goods and services.
  • Amazon – World’s largest ecommerce portal for everything you could ever think of in your home and offices.

E-commerce businesses can either operate purely online such as that of Jumia, which do not have physical stores, allow shoppers to buy their goods online, and have them delivered. There are numerous benefits of running an e-commerce business. With so many areas of operation to manage at once while running an e-commerce platform, There are some specific critical skills that e-commerce business owners need to develop in order to be successful. They include;

Critical Skills For Running a Successful E-Commerce Business7 Critical Skills For Running a Successful E-Commerce Business

1. Critical Thinking

Being able to think critically is essential for running an e-commerce operation. Successful e-commerce business owners can look at all of the different elements and decide how to act in order to meet business and customer needs.

2. Problem-Solving skills

As an e-commerce business owner, you need to have the ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently, with an impact on everyday operations. You’ll need to do this using creativity to find innovative new ways to do things. You will also need to be resourceful. If you can look beyond your own available skills and materials then you’ll be able to find new ways to approach challenges and meet your business goals.

3. Leadership

There is a need for strong leadership skills to drive the success of your business. This involves being able to effectively motivate your team and to improve their productivity, communicate clearly with your suppliers and customers, and make important leadership decisions.

4. Emotional Intelligence

This deals with the ability to understand that the people you interact with, both in person and in the online world, are humans with feelings. Emotional intelligence allows you to apply empathy, listen to others, and think about your response before you speak or act. This critical skill helps you to boost your employee retention, improve productivity and also increase profitability.

5. Communication

An e-commerce business owner is likely to always interact with customers via e-mail or social media. Having a strong written communication skill is necessary in order for you to excel in the online space. Occasionally, you could write a personalized email to specially greet and appreciate your customers. You could as well offer them a special discount code for their next purchase – this helps build trust and confidence in your customers.

6. Perseverance

This can be defined as an act of self-control, and having the attributes needed to stick, despite failures and set back, is of high importance. There are many situations in running an online shopping business that requires perseverance and grit to achieve success. They range from technology malfunctions to Google changing its search engine optimization practices and driving traffic to your site. Being able to persevere despite these setbacks will carry you through to eventual success.

7. Continuous learning

Show me a man who has achieved virtually, if not, everything in his life, and I will show you a man who had sold himself to consistent personal development. As a business owner, you must study continuously, around your schedule, with a flexible online delivery that allows you to complete a specific course via e-learning at a specific time.

I strongly believe these critical skills will set you up for success if you are operating an online commerce portal, but it doesn’t stop there. Just like I’ve said earlier on, consistent personal development will help you to grow more in strength and wisdom of improving your business on a regular basis.

If you have additional critical skills for entrepreneurs to get ahead in their chosen career, please share them below.

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Stock Investing Is Essential For Your Success, Read This to Find Out Why!

Dubai is the most stable economy, which could be of great interest to the people who are looking for investment opportunities. It could be a great place to establish yourself as a businessman. When it comes to investing, you may require the help of banks. Investment banking in Dubai has the facilities for all.

Investment is a great way to increase your profit. You need to look for the best opportunities to invest your money where there are chances of growing it, rather than a risk of loss. For this, you need to look round the market. Dubai banks are also there to facilitate you with their investment plans and also multinational corporate sectors could also give you the opportunity for investment.

It is better to study the market before investing in any sector. Though Dubai is a fully developed region and has been giving space to newcomers as well to establish themselves there. You will find a number of options and places to invest your money. Study the market demands and see which could be the sector that you can invest in.

Oil business in Dubai is at the boom. You have the option to invest in the oil firms or refineries. These would enable you to grow and progress further. The Arab regions are best known for their oil, which is exported worldwide. Investing in the oil business could be a clever move by investors.

People from all over the world come to Dubai, for vacations, spending their holidays or even for business meetings. They all need a place to live and thus hotels host them. Hoteling industry of Dubai is one of the most beneficial sectors that you can invest in. This is the most profitable business model, and depending upon your investment amount, you can earn well through it.

The stock market in Dubai is again the very popular and first choice of many. The stable economy of Dubai let you invest in the changing stock market, which could require a focus. It could be risky for newcomers who do not have much idea about the market, but if an experienced person is chosen to handle, it could prove to be the best option for investment.

10 Potent Long-Term Investing Strategies for Prosperous Billionaires
Most of the times, being rich isn’t one of the majority goals for millionaires and billionaires alike; staying wealthy is – it takes a lot of hardwork and crazy permutations to attain such kind of feat! But with a proper long-term stock investing strategies in place, a common man could soon join this list of high grossing wealthy people in the society.

Benefits of Investing in the Stock Market

Stockbrokers play an important role in the stock market as they are best aware of how it works. They decide when to make the deal, like buying of shares and at what time, these should be sold. So basically stockbrokers have control over the stock market and they need to be efficient in dealing the matters of the stock market.

If you invest in a mutual fund, it let you collaborate with other people. When investment is done through a mutual fund, the manager who is responsible for the active management of this will decide where the investment will be made. The buying of shares will be according to his decision. High-fee could be charged through this but it also diversifies the portfolio.

It is important for the successful trader to know about the up to date trends of the market. He should know about the changing dynamics and should be capable of taking a smart move when needed. They have a detailed eye on the changing patterns of the market and strategize their deals accordingly. There is a number of investment plans offered by investment banking that could be of huge benefit. The choice is yours, visit the available options and check what they have to offer.

During travel, you will often go to doing the activities you love. As for some sports playing golf, and other activities could be joyous. These could be a lot more fun with the travel offers given by many banks.

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Why Cash for Cars Services are Valuable in Australia?

Cash for cars is a service that is of course loved by most people. However, cash for scrap and junk cars is not one such service at all. Having your car involved in a major accident or seeing it become useless is a great pain for a lot of us. However, it is still a very real situation in which many of us can get involved even when it is a very unwanted one as well. Cash for cars sydney and many other cities of Australia are services available for everyone to take advantage of.

When your old junk or damaged car is no longer sellable for resale, it may be best to get whatever you can for it. Sell my car for cash now is one of the trending searches in Google and it is there for a reason. Some of the many instances that can make cars or vehicles non-usable or even non-repairable include:

  • Major accidents where cars lose their shape or form and are non-drivable
  • Too much usage with their mileage meters over clocking a great deal
  • Bad maintenance causing cars or vehicles to age badly losing their appeal
  • Being parked for a long time causing rust and early aging of its parts and materials

For all these instances, cash for scrap car services will serve best in whichever city of Australia you might be in. Cash for cars Brisbane will be the best option for people living in or near Brisbane area. Here’s why these cash for car removal services are so valuable in Australia:

Why Is Cash for Cars Removals So Important In Australia?

Sell Your Non-Working and Used Car for Cash Quick in Australia
Why should you sell your non-working and used car for cash quick in Australia? We round up some powerful points why cash for cars service continues to trend in Australia. And we also talk about reasons why you should take advantage of this opportunity to make money off your abandoned scraps.

Damaged Cars Don’t Sell Great

Thing with broken and badly aged cars is that they are not very feasible for reselling. Of course no one would want them for reuse in Australia and naturally the best option left would be cash for scrap car removals. When you have a working functional car or vehicle, reselling it to anyone would suit best. But in case of non-working, damaged or broken cars, cash for junk car removal services would serve you best. There are many different services available in different parts of Australia.

Cash for Car Services Offer Free Towing

Look For Cash for Cars Services That Offers Free Towing
If maximizing your output from your non-working and scrappy car is all that you are thinking, then getting a cash for car removal with free towing option would be your bet. You save more and increase what you get at the end by so doing.

Another quality feature best cash for cars in melbourne services offer is free towing. You have to check this feature with every service provider that you plan to get service from. When you do get a free towing option, you will be able to save a lot for your cash for car removal service. Whenever you have a broken or non-working car, the best thing to do is to sell it with cash for car service providers.

Cash for car sydney west is a very accessible service and will provide you free towing as well when the right ones are selected. This way, you will not need to take your broken or non-working car to their locations at all. Simply, they will help you take it. When you get attractive cash for car offers along with free towing, the overall cash payout will look and feel great.

Cash for Cars Services Offers On-Spot Cash

When planning to sell your car for cash, you can find options easily on the internet and also from workshops in the neighborhood. When you get a good deal with cash for scrap car removal service providers, you should be able to get on-spot cash as well.

Whether you need cash for cars services in gold coast or for any other city in Australia, you will almost always get on-spot cash. However, there are some service provider who can offer slightly higher cash quotes but then promise a later pay date. This is never a great idea as you will then have to chase them to get your promised cash. When they take your junk cars with them, you will not have anything to negotiate with as well.

Quite often such services can lower their actual cash quote that they offered on the spot and replace it with new smaller ones. This is because they have possession of your car or vehicle and are in full power to alter the deal as they may see fit. However, on-spot cash is usually an option that you can benefit from greatly. This cash that you collect can be used towards purchase of a new vehicle or for any other purposes.

Cash for Car Services are Unwanted Necessity

cash for scrap car removals
Cash for car services are unwanted necessity, hence, the need to get quick cash for scrap car removal service providers involved. By so doing, you save yourself some money and raise fund towards buying new one.

Even though cash for broken cars might not be a service anyone looks forward to, but they can be necessary nevertheless. When you have a broken or damaged car that is beyond repair or use, the only option you will have left is that of selecting a high quality cash for car service. Thing with these is that you need to consider choosing the best service when in such a situation and not whether or not you should be using these.

Fortunately, for major cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and many more, cash for car services are easy to find. All you need to know is where to find these quality service providers. People who might have used their services before can be a good source. The internet of all things also has some useful details as many services now have internet websites. Social media can also help. Seek help from whatever source and you should be good to go. Reading online reviews and feedbacks on any of the cash for car service provider of your choosing before committing to them.

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Stock Trading 101: 4 Ways to Watch Stock Trading Business & its Growth

Why the UAE region is the most essential part when we categorize the Middle Eastern region around the globe? The reason is that it is a most basic point and spot where exchange among Asia and Europe is being taken out. We can observe that UAE stock trading is particularly imperative for all speculators from everywhere throughout the world. So we can say that exchange services resemble a scaffold between two subcontinents and particularly the requirements of oil assets are extremely pivotal in such a manner.

4 Ways to Watch Stock Trading Business & its Growth

Opportunities for Stock Trading Options

We can say that stock trading services and opportunities are best available in the UAE region because of its best investment choices. The majority of the central eastern states depend on their oil assets and same is the situation with Dubai as it is the second biggest condition of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dubai likewise center around oil assets yet not as much as different states of center east. Well if we see the state of Dubai, it depends on the monetary assets like universal brands and banking area and especially digital ledger is particularly critical for this reason.

Stock Exchange Reviews from Globe

Dubai stock exchange is a gift for expatriates as they can put effectively in any scheme that has started in the area with appropriate investment and can get the most extreme benefit. To all the more likely use Dubai as a sourcing stage for trading, global merchants need to initially identify their objective markets that identify with their items in the stock trading markets in Dubai. Additionally, the merchants and the business network ought to comprehend what items are popular, and how best to connect with these business sectors. Well, one thought I will give you that is one can motivate the banking services of Dubai to manage UAE stock trading. Dubai district is for the most part presently endeavoring to shift to other worldwide items with the goal that it needs to least depend on its oil sends out in which the greater part of the speculators are not intrigued.

One of the main areas that still need to explore is a currency market that is pretty important to be noted on time. With the passage of time, things are becoming quite popular for all kinds of customers and people are getting maximum profit from this market as well. The function and structure of the market are simple and straight in a line that you have to invest a little amount which actually need best investments to get maximum profit.

Niche Trading Areas For Best Practice

Numerous nations especially the oil exporters, are endeavoring to uplift the financial diversification so as to diminish their dependence on different assets. Stock trading in Dubai keeps on updating their mechanical offices and foundation, development-related exchange. These services are especially famous in Dubai. If we talk about the stock trading in Dubai then Machinery and electrical hardware is Dubai’s real trading area. On the other, there is another factor of trading that is particularly essential and it is forex trading and it is totally different from other markets. This market manages the cash trade and if one has a grasp on this market then cash is definitely not a major issue.

What’s more, from the most recent couple of years the forex trading is especially well known and prevalent among speculators working in Dubai. Dubai is a noteworthy wellspring of customer markets for Middle Eastern and African organizations pitching to their developing shopper markets.

There are numerous different advantages of best banks working in this area. One can get all data about Dubai trading services being given by the best banks of Dubai through official websites of some of these banks. Above all else, you need to login on the official page and there you will locate an online portal of the administration like UAE stock trading. At that point, you need to open that portal and all data in regards to all packages will be at your hand inside no time. No, you can likewise request or take different services through digital banking services.

Among Other Banks Which Should Be:

Among best banks, Mashreq bank in Dubai is viewed as a standout amongst the most solid bank in Dubai as it has been working from the most recent three decades. The most critical factor of bank that influences it to recognize from different banks is its double banking services that are customary and Islamic banking services. As the greater part of the general population in Dubai are especially inspired by Islamic banking services for stock trading in Dubai, Mashreq bank under one rooftop provide every one of the necessities for different clients. Presently I recommend all to take the services of Mashreq bank. To get the best opportunities for currency trading we suggest you choose the right market so that one could get the best services at the spot.


To excel in this industry, you need to understand stock trading basics, and you can only get that through stock trading books and websites for beginners and dummies out there. We have covered series of articles on financial markets, you can read them also. Another alternative to reading blog posts and books is to enrol in full-fledged free stock trading course to get yourself in shape for the challenges ahead.

You can as well play some of the top stock trading game simulators on your mobile smartphone to stay abreast of what’s going on from day trading stock terms to stock trading game theory, penny stock, short and long term strategies for beginners, and some other general knowledge of the industry. There are no limit to what you could gain by volunteering yourself to be schooled about the industry.

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Twisting Tao Zhu Yin Yuan Tower: Using Architecture to Save the Planet against Global Warming

Tao Zhu Yin Yuan, literally meaning “Retreat of Tao Zhu” leaves many in awe as they pass by this modern day wonder. Located in the heart of Taipei Taiwan in the Xin Yi District, this giant building with its double helix structure is literally a smoke eater. With over 23,000 trees and shrubs, it is estimated that the shrubbery on the Tao Zhu Yin Yuan will absorb over 130 tons of carbon dioxide every year, therefore help making the air in Taipei cleaner and safer.

The brain child of archibiotect Vincent Callebaut, known for his beautiful, technological as well as environmentally friendly works and projects, Taipei’s jungle skyscraper as it is also affectionately called is said to contain over 40 condo homes as well as 2 penthouse apartments each equipped with the stunning view of the Taipei skyline and lush beautiful greens, essentially making it a modern day and highly innovative tree house.

How the twisting Tao Zhu Yin Yuan Tower idea was conveyed and the history.

Tao Zhu Yin Yuan actual view
An architectural design of Tao Zhu Yin Yuan tower with its actual view from the bottom of the building. | Copyright: Vincent Callebaut Architecture.

The Vision of  Tao Zhu Yin Yuan tower

The winner of an architectural international competition in November 2010 Vincent Callebaut architectures began construction in 2013 and scheduled to be complete by September 2017. The building from conception is a wonder and according to the creator it is inspired by the helix structure of the DNA strand which symbolises renewal. The building is expected to house a massive forest of trees as well as help in cleaning of the environment.

Architectural master-class

Breaking the norm for what we know as conventional architecture, the Tao Zhu Yin Yuan consists of 25 floors with 4 of those being located underground. The building itself is made to climb while gradually twisting on its central axis at an increment of 4.5 degrees until it makes a full 90 degrees turn right at the very top. This is not some random flaw or just an artistic gimmick but also a well thought out response to some issues pertaining to the building and its construction. This twist satisfies the four major targets of the creators of the project:

1. Purposefully concepted

The pyramidal orientation of the pyramid is preserved perfectly. The objective here is to be perfectly integrated in the North/south pyramidal profile of the building volume.

tao zhu yin yuan full from side view
Full view of Tao zhu yin yuan tower from one of its sides. It was designed by Vincent Callebaut Architecture.

2. The creation of extra space for the open air garden to be hosted on the building.

Aerial view of the giant Tao Zhu Yin Yuan green building
Aerial view of the giant Tao Zhu Yin Yuan greener environment focused building desgned by Vincent Callebaut Architecture.

3. Tourist-focused scenery

Offering individuals residing or visiting the building a panoramic view of the stunning scenery and beautiful skyline.

Tao Zhu Yin Yuan city structure
Tao Zhu Yin Yuan city structure from the neighboring condominium around the environment.

4. Preserving the privacy of the residents of the tower.

The high compacted central core, which is an integral component of the spiral structure, is also important to the dynamic nature of the building not just supporting the building but serving other important functions as well. Surrounded by foyers that aid accessibility the core is fully equipped by level with 2 stair cases that makes it possible to move from floor to floor as well as 4 high speed elevators that is capable of carrying 24 people, a car elevator which is also useful for transporting giant objects ranging from furniture to works of art as well as 2 sky garages for cars of the tenants or condo owners.

The apartments in the building are of stunning design with each unit including a living room, kitchen, dining room, family room and multiple bedrooms. An outdoor pool and fitness centre are also part of what the construction team has in store for the building.

Tao Zhu Yin Yuan from afar off with landscape view
Tao Zhu Yin Yuan from afar off with full landscape view from a nearby tall building.

Perhaps the most intriguing of fact about this building is that it has been equipped with up to 23,000 trees. This trees and shrubs placed on terraces and by walls will be able to consume 130 tons of the carbon dioxide found in the Taipei air in one year. That is equivalent to the amount of gas produced by 27 cars. This architectural marvel blazes a trail for others in eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable technology.

How the Twisting Tao Zhu Yin Yuan looks like from the next condo when we look much closer.
How the Twisting Tao Zhu Yin Yuan looks like from the next condo when we look much closer.

It is also armed with natural lighting to compliment the beauty of the trees, natural ventilation and an extensive array of rooftop solar panels to ensure it is self-sufficient and self-sustained.

ALSO READ: Cities of the Future: What Will Our Cities Look Like in 2050?

A beacon for the Future

In a world where global temperatures are on the increase, rapid climate changes, deforestation and atmospheric imbalance of gases in our atmosphere as well as ozone layer depletion. New and much more efficient alternative means of lifestyle choices ranging from the choice of fuel to consume to the architecture we choose to adopt are being explored by leading scientists, innovators and contemporary thinkers.

Greenish Tao Zhu Yin Yuan tower
Tao Zhu Yin Yuan is greenish in nature. The structure was perfectly constructed with the environment on major consideration. The architect had factored in the environment and how the building would not just provide housing solutions, but it also housed the world’s largest green plantation aim at protecting the community.

The Tau Zhu Yin Yuan is a beacon or symbol of perfect balance between technology architecture and very progressive environmental protection strategies, is it sustainable? Is it a bit over ambitious and over the top? Or do you think Mankind has taken a step towards a grand and better future with a safer planet. Please, feel free to let me know your thoughts via the comments section below.

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US Army developing “Invisibility Suit”? Can this be true? Another World War looming? or What?

The US Army “Invisibility Suit” project! Isn’t this a strategic World war preparation in the making, or it is just a “Dodge and Fire” or “Boju Boju”kind of children’s play ideology?

It is no longer NOW YOU SEE ME”!

I believe you must have heard or see the blockbuster American fictional film directed by Louis Leterrier which features Morgan Freeman as Thaddeus Bradley. If you haven’t, I will be forgiving, it is not your fault, but you’ve got to see it!

Stepping back into the past a bit, I think I have been a devoted student of learning and cherishing other people’s cultural backgrounds – including mine. This has helped me to have a vivid memory of some of the childhood plays and games that we used to play back in the days such as Boju Boju, Dodge and Fire (or say “dojin faya” because that’s how it is well known for and pronounced mostly by kids in my native Yoruba language), and I will continue to, as long as I’m alive! – it pays.

This kind of children play requires children hiding from each other; one group would hide while the rest will embark on a Guinness Ultimate Search quest kind of a thing to find them and probably ambushed and shoot them with the fake gun upon sighting their whereabouts. I bet you’d enjoy this type of children “hide and seek” play if you were lucky to be born in Nigeria, especially in the South West part of the country where Yoruba culture is at its best.

What amazes me now, after many years that this kind of play has gone into extinction owing to latest technological advancements replacing old time memories at a rocket speed ( so, so fast), the US Army has embarked on a mission to stylishly bring back my old time dodge and fire game play into the furrow of its operation.

US Army developing Invisibility Suit - Can this be true

[bctt tweet=”The US Army also wants to start playing Boju Boju and Dodge and Fire with the Invisibility suit? “]

According to the news emanating from our partner and an intelligence source, there’s plan to develop an invisibility suit for the US Army troops underway. The US Army has call for firms that are into developing stealth fabrics to get in touch and provide the first prototypes within 18 months. They hope that the stealth suit will have advanced military functionalities like ability to work in all terrains such as in ice caps to desserts, in bad weathered area, and in any kind of temperatures at any point in time.

The companies that will be selected will have to submit 10 different suits for testing within one year phase, and all the stealth suits that will be submitted must be conformable with, and function properly in, all environment from all angles.

You’d wonder how possible this could be, knowing fully well that the suit has to maintain its invisibility status at all times, that means there has to be source of power to run it. In response to this, the US Army has categorically stated that if need be, that the suit will requires power supply to work, it must have a battery lifespan of at least eight hours of uninterrupted power supply. And in relative to weight, it must not weigh higher than 0.45KG.

The US Army declared their intent and would want the following configurations for the Invisibility Suit:

  • Has 360-degree coverage and ‘can dynamically react to different ground location under varying light conditions.’
  • Can be built-in into the soldier’s equipment.
  • Preferably, will not require a power supply to work. But if it does, it ‘must last at least amount of 4hrs and weigh no more than two pounds’ including in-built batteries and connections.
  • Reveals infrared light just the same way like other army uniforms.
  • Functions in a range of terrain, as well as desert, urban areas, jungle, forest, and mountains.
  • It must works below freezing point and at temperatures that’s above 95° degrees Fahrenheit, in high storm, in tempestuous weather, and in dust, fog, or smoke.

The invisibility suit demo on the field

Watch the video below featuring Guy Cramer of Hyper Stealth, one of the companies that might be working on the proposed prototype of the Stealth Suit. He may be one of the selected few people who have their supplies used to help the military. He says he has verified and demonstrated its efficiency to the Military sometime last year and that the newly launched project will enable him to move forward on it. I’d expected him to talk more on how the technology behind this stealth suit works but Guy Cramer could not provide much detail on that.

I guess he didn’t want to expose the secret.


Looking at this invisibility suit project by the US army, I strongly believe there’s going to be a kind of upgrade in the military and it will encourage so many stealth war activities. Inability to see the enemy afar off means you stand the chance of been annihilated sooner than expected.

I’m afraid, this invisibility suit introduction into the army system might be exploited for personal gains by those in higher authority. What do you think?

I’d like to know your reaction, and probably, an update about the post. Thanks

Image Credit: Associated Press, Hyper Stealth

Africa News World News

News: Millicom invests in Rwanda, PayStand accepts Bitcoin, and Bitrix challenges DropBox

April fool, April Cool!!!

Yeah, April is going to be one of the COOLEST month for the tech scene this year with series of technological innovations. It looks promising; Bitrix is challenging Dropbox for Russian largest online backup space, Paym now allowing UK bank account holders to pay IOUs through their mobile number – first of its kind in the country – Viber launches “Viber Out Calling” for Win 8 phone users, PayStand makes Bitcoin online payment visible and more sensible, and the best of today’s tech updates is about Africa business revolution as Millicom is planning an incubator installation in Rwanda in order to empower entrepreneurs.

The move will impact them with knowledge for creative reasoning and the company will also provide seed finance for their startups to let them stay on their own. But in my own view, the company is looking beyond that. They want to extend their stem into the country and other part of the sub-saharan african countries through the philanthropist-like initiative.)

Time will tell if I’m right or wrong….

So here are the trending technology news for today. Relax, enjoy and share with your friends.

Today in History Tech History

Exactly this day, Microsoft announces its first hardware product called Z80 SoftCard. It is a micro-processor that plugs into the Apple II PC in order to enable it to run computer programs written specifically for the CP/M operating system. Read more from TDITH.

Trending Tech News Today:

Bitrix, tagged Russian Dropbox killer, aims to let users do it all in their own way. They are ready to replace Dropbox in the country if given the chance. But I don’t think this would go well with Dropbox. Read more from Forbes Technology

Viber, the popular social messaging service provider has announced its “Viber Out Calling” on Windows Phone 8. Report by @jordanrcrook

UK bank account holders can now register for Paym’s system to in order pay IOUs with their mobile number alone. According to report they are aiming at 90% of the whole population of the UK to embrace this technology because it would soon be rolled out on all the accounts in the country

PayStand launches its online payment service with Bitcoin adoption along with Credit Cards And E-Checks by @jshieber

The company had raised a $1 million in seed financing from investors such as Cervin Ventures, Central Coast Angels, Serra Ventures, and TiE LaunchPad. But they are still in beta.

Flappy Bird Games’ new season soars to top of the App Store charts in a recent report. GuardianTech has more on this here. @guardiantech

TicketTea has acquired Telentrada, another ticketing service in Spain by @sohear

Report says Apple is eyeing a Japanese Chipmaker because they want to improve iPhone battery life, and screen. @mashable reports.

Flexibits’ Fantastical 2 app, the iphone best calendar app, debuts on iPad. @sarahintampa reports

Rwanda receives Venture Capitalist generosity

Rwanda to enjoy venture capitalist’s generosity as Sub-Saharan Africa receives more interest from top tech entrepreneurs and financiers. Africa, as one of the world’s emerging market in the tech scene, has received series of interests lately, and I think this is what convinced Millicom, a Sweden-based telecom firm to think Rwanda is the right place to start from. I don’t think they are wrong if truth must be told. Strauss has more on Forbes to share

Health Corner:

Do you know that short bursts of exercise can give you the same energy boost as that of coffee drink - Yes, you read it right, but there is something you must know.

Do you know that short bursts of exercise can give you the same energy boost as that of coffee drink? Yes, you read it right, but there is something you must know. That’s, you shouldn’t overdo it, especially when your body isn’t in the right mode. However, taking coffee could be ideal for some, but 30 minutes of exercise may prove to be far more effective. There’s a science behind it. @Lifehacker


Tesla is planning to offer an “affordable” car by 2015, but will it take off?

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To your tech success.

Olawale Daniel


Motoring World News

Toyota vs. Australia 2017 – A Spelling Doom

“We did many things that we could to transform , but the reality still remains that there are too many actors beyond our control that makes it unviable to build cars in Australia.” Toyota Australia CEO Max Yasuda said on monday.

This is evident enough to know how difficult it is to keep up building and investing in a country without making any gains due to some crisis in the country which the government pay less attention to correct. Putting all the factors in consideration, anyone could reasons why they keep up building in Australia. the factors they listed include, high cost of dollars, high cost of manufacturing and lots of challenges in the country.

Toyota to close Australia manufacturing plants

They have resolved to stop building in Australia come the end of 2017. However, following this resume, other auto manufacturing car companies also resolved building cars in Australia too. General Motors Co. announced that it would also stop its manufacturing in Australia in 2017. Ford Motor Co. also announced it would stop production in May 2016 in Australia.

If these actions should take place, about 2,500 jobs and more would be lost and this would lead people to join illegal practises that will do them and the country more harm than good.

This action, when implemented would spell a doom on the country’s economy and also to other manufacturing companies available in the country. when all car companies are all complaining about the high cost of production and the slim chances of growing financially.

In another development, according SMH report, it clearly shows that Toyota’s decision to stop producing from Australia emanated from its employees’ refusal to accept pay-cut proposed by the company towards the end of last year.

The government of Australia should sit down and think of the right thing to do in order to help curb unemployment in the country at large.

When and if these companies should go ahead with what they have said, it would be hard for Australia to still stand strong economic wise in the business world as one of the leading nations of the world.

We can only hope for the best.