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Batch Word to JPG Converter – A New Tool to Convert Doc to JPG Format in Batches

A tool that specializes in converting documents from one format to another format, has officially been launched and it is called Batch Word to JPG Converter. The Batch Word to JPG converter is a freeware tool that simplifies the process of converting any MS Word file so that it can be read on phones, laptops, and on web pages without installing Microsoft software or app

Sharing information among users is made easy when data is available in a convenient and easy to read format. The new WORD to JPG freeware conversion utility tool is easy to use and capable of converting both Doc and DocX documents into an image (.jpg) format. 

The highlighted feature in the software is the program’s ability to allow users to conveniently convert hundreds or even thousands of documents into images, all with a single click of a mouse. It creates an intuitive experience for users at the office or at home when there is a requirement to handle conversion in bulk quantities.

The technology behind Batch Conversion

Termed as a reliable converter, the Batch Word to JPG Converter is a versatile program that works on all versions of the Windows operating system. The program is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Windows Vista, and XP operating systems. Users also have the option to download this software for free and install it on Windows Server OS or choose to run a lite version on any machine by keeping the source file on a USB drive.

Software Features and Supported Formats

The freeware can seamlessly convert Microsoft Word files from all versions into JPG format. It can convert a single file as well as a bunch of files in one go. The program supports Doc, DocX, RTF, HTML, HTM, and Open Document Format (also known as ODT) into an image format. The development team behind the Word to JPG converter has incorporated multiple other formats apart from JPG including PNG, TIF, TGA, BMP, GIF, and PCX.

With the help of this newly launched free software, users can also choose to convert Doc files into PDF format. The conversion enables users to not have Microsoft Word or Microsoft Office installed on their computers. The entire process of conversion from one file format to another can be handled without the need for specific software programs licensed and installed on the host computer.

How to Use The ‘Batch Word to JPG converter Tool‘?

Batch Word to JPG Converter
Gone are those days of rigorous trial and error before you get your Microsoft Word documents into other formats. Today, we have amazing conversion tools that can do some of these tasks at the click of a mouse.

Batch Word to JPG converter is a lightweight, freeware program that weighs in at just 6MB. Users can download the program directly from this link and choose to install it on their desktop/laptop PCs.

Once installed, there is an option to add individual files or drag/ drop a batch of Doc files to be converted into JPG or the required image format. The software vendor has ensured there are no limitations on the number of files that can be converted at a time and it is one of the primary features that set this word to jpg converter unique when compared to other similar software programs.

Users have the option to choose the output image format, image size determined by 200dpi or 300dpi based on the requirement and download them for use on various platforms. 

Security and Reliability

PDFZilla is a trusted software development company that has successfully established hundreds of programs and has millions of users around the globe who use it on a regular basis. They specialize in providing the highest level of privacy and security when converting confidential documents. 

A Doc to PDF conversion can be encrypted and safeguarded with a password. The program can be secured while converting any formats. The program supports major languages including English, German, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish among several other options. 

The software a reliable and has no hidden costs, adware or automated toolbar installation issues. This makes it highly reliable for office use when handling confidential documents. The batch conversion feature delivered by the Word to JPG converter can be used in digital marketing by social media marketers to share useful information to their target audience. This is a cost-effective solution for organizations because it removes the requirement to have a valid Microsoft Office or MS Word license for every user in order to convert available documents into an image format for sharing.


You can convert Doc to JPG format with this light conversion tool, it makes the process quick and effortless. Try Batch Word to JPG converter tool and let me know your experience in the comment below.

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Computer Processor: The World’s Most Powerful Processors Ever Created

In the past decades, technology is probably the field that advanced the most. Well, that’s the way it is supposed to be since technology is the motor for progress in other fields as well, medicine for example. With the development of smarter and more complex tech, we are now able to properly understand the human body and find new ways to treat it.

One of the greatest inventions in technological progress is the development of the processor. This made programming of objects possible and opened a door for a revolution in the technological field. Read on to find out about how processors changed the world.

The Birth of World’s Most Powerful Processors and the Impact They’ve Made

First processor ever made

The ancestor of today’s smart and powerful processors is the Intel 4004. It was released in 1971 by Intel and most of the credits for its creation went to Frederico Faggin. With a frequency of 740khz, 4bits and 2300 transistors, Intel 4004 changed the world forever.

Motherboard of electronic computer processor.
Processors are the main engine inside that makes a computer functions and perform excellent job we use them for. Without the presence of powerful processors in some of our computers, we have just a dead gadget waiting to be thrown away.

What followed

After this major breakthrough, more complex and capable processors were developed and by the end of the 80’s there was a real boom in electronics and gadgets that used the all-mighty processor to run. Soon enough, the processors became an integrant part of our lives and we probably use one without even noticing it.

Difference between a processor and a CPU

It’s a common mistake to refer to any processor out there such as a CPU. It’s not necessarily a trick question, however, the lack of information leads to the spread of such misconception. In a PC, for example, The CPU is the part that controls the executions and processes the data sent by other components and ensures that all the functions are executed correctly and everything is interconnected.

CPU processors
The processor is the logic circuitry embedded in the computer that makes it possible to act and respond to some of the basic instructions that would make the computer execute tasks efficiently. It serves four main purpose such as fetching, decoding, executing and writing back.

The same goes for consoles, they have the main CPU and other processors that help deliver the best results. However, all other devices have a processor that takes care of commands such as read or write for that specific component and takes care of errors.

What’s the best processor out there?

This is a wide discussion that can be subject to all kind of factors when it comes to determining what the best or most powerful processor is. Some voices say that it’s all about how expensive it is; others say it’s all about cores and how much overclocking can be performed on it. Over the years, the main opponents in the fight for the most powerful processor remained Intel and AMD, two giants that fight for supremacy in this field.
Intel has the advantage of being in the game a lot longer than AMD and that gave them an undeniable advantage over the years, however, the guys at AMD are recently ready to take the fight to Intel with their brand-new Ryzen. Here are some specs: 16 cores and 32 threads, it is capable of a maximum clock rate in extended frequency rate of 4.2 GHz per core and it’s simply something from the future.

Most powerful processors
To many, it is a processor, while others sees it as microprocessor. But above it, is a small chip installed inside computers and many other electronic devices to aid there functionalities. The basic function of a processor is to serve as a receiving and sending unit. While this may seem like a simple task, today’s modern powerful processors can handle trillions of data calculations per second.

But Intel were not just going to stand back and watch AMD steal the show, they came up with the amazing Core i9 with 18 cores and 36 threads all put together in a single piece of silicon, which makes it the most powerful processor in the world right now. It is perfect for high-demanding tasks like video editing or the latest video games that require a lot of resources in order to run.

We’re already used to seeing mind-blowing technology being developed every day and the future is certainly bright in these conditions. There’s only a matter of time until various devices will be able to use top-notch powerful processors and definitely change the way we live.

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Microsoft Nigeria launch; reactions, praises and surprises.

Microsoft Nigeria launching underway!!!

Microsoft Nigeria launchRise of Technology Giant Stakes in Nigeria: Few moment before the launch of Microsoft Nigeria office at V.I. Civic Towers, Ozumba Mbadiwe, Victoria Island, earlier today.

It looks like the early days of imported gadgets and softwares that runs on them is edging to a corner with the current development in the field of technology across Nigeria, the largest technology importer in Africa till date. Microsoft, one of the largest technology services providers all over the world has deem it fit to commence its operation in Nigeria. The launch event which took place at  happening at Civic Towers at Ozumba Mbadiwe, Victoria Island has taken most Nigerians in the tech space by surprise. In fact, myself, I’m amazed!

But it is good news…

Now the time for the music.

While speaking, the managing director of Microsoft Nigeria assured Nigerians of creating job opportunity for capable citizens of the country.

“We have doubled our capacity in terms of human resource. We are scaling up our intership programme to get more young people in the ICT world. We’ll create more employment opportunities for capable Nigerians. At Microsoft, we want to enjoy enormous support from indigenous Nigerians.” – Kabelo Makwane, MD Microsoft Nigeria, said in his speech.

Microsoft Nigeria official launching

Meanwhile, Main One MD, Funke Opeke also has something good to say about this latest development. She congratulated Microsoft Nigeria on the choice of location where there are several other options they could have looked at.

For Temidayo Ogunniyi, he thinks Microsoft opening in Nigeria would open the door of opportunities for unemployed technologist in the country.

Praises  and concerns for Microsoft Nigeria launch.

Here are the other reactions from the social media to the news of Microsoft launching in Nigeria.

We’ll create more employment opportunities for capable Nigerians

What do you think about Microsoft Inc., coming to Nigeria technology space?

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PST Merge Software to Merge Multiple Outlook PST Files into One

If you are an Outlook user, you might be well aware of the fact that managing multiple PST files in a single account can be very troublesome at times. The problem becomes even worse, when the PST files belong to different versions of Outlook. For instance, in case you are using Outlook 2010 and you have an ANSI PST file, you will not be able to access it in your present Outlook version. The only means by which this can be made possible is by merging it with your current PST file and accessing it.

Commercial utilities such as PST Merge facilitate the users to do the same. The software merges multiple PST files in a single UNICODE type PST file. It supports merging of both ANSI and UNICODE PST files into a single file. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for even a naive user to run the software smoothly. Outlook installation is necessary to merge PST files.

In order to give our users an idea of the complete functioning of the tool, we did a complete analysis of the PST merge tool. Here are the observations made by us.

Highlighting Features of the PST Merge Tool

  • Merges both ANSI and UNICODE PST files in a single UNICODE PST.
  • Offers 3 options for merging-Join, Merge and Merge contacts.
  • Gives the provision to exclude deleted items from being merged.
  • Allows the users to remove duplicate items from getting merged.
  • Provision to add folder containing multiple PST files.

Working of PST Merge

  • Download and run the software.
  • Click on Add Files option to add the PST files individually. In case you need to add a complete folder of PST files, click on Add Folder
  • The software offers three options to merge the PST files and the user can select any option according to the requirement.

Join: The first option, Join is used to join the input PST files in a single PST file while joining the files under a common PST file known as parent PST file. The joined PST files are visible as different folders of the parent PST file.

Join PST files option - TechAtLast
Merge: the Merge option merges the PST files into a single PST and merges all the similar folders of the PST files. For example, the inbox folder of all the PST files will be merged in a single inbox folder of the resultant file.

Select Merge Option - TechAtLast

Merge Contacts:As the name suggests, this option merges all the contacts of the input PST files into a single PST file. The PST file will only consist of a single contacts folder.

Merge contacts option - TechAtLast

  • The user can also select the Advance Options.

Exclude Deleted Items option when enabled will exclude all the deleted mails and those mails will not be merged into the output PST.This option is only available for Join and Merge.

Exclude Duplicate Items option when selected will not merge the duplicate items like emails, contacts, calendars, etc. if any,in the output PST file.This option is only available in Merge and Merge contacts option.

  • Browse the location to save the resultant PST file.
  • Click on Merge PST Files to start the merging process.

Setup & Installation of the PST Merge Tool

PST Merge is available in two distinct versions:

  • Demo Version

The demo version is made available in order to give the users, a trial of the working of the tool. It is available for free and can be downloaded from the official website. However,there are some limitations associated with this version.

  • License Version

Once the user gets satisfied with the working of the demo version, the user can purchase the license version for $69.There are no limitations associated with the working of the license version.


  • Extends support to both ANSI and UNICODE PST.
  • Allows removal of duplicate items from merging.
  • Gives provision to remove deleted items from merging.


  • Does not give a preview of PST file data before merging.
  • No provision of merging selective data of PST file.

The Verdict

PST merge is an effectual utility that has been designed keeping in mind the naïve users as well. The single panel interface makes it easy to run and the user does not need to toggle between different windows. Based on the overall functioning of the tool, we would like to rate the software as9.7/10.Although it does not give a preview of the PST file data, it merge outlook PST files into one whilst maintaining the folder structure intact.

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What I Love about my Nokia Lumia 520

The Nokia Lumia 520 is a humble phone. It isn’t flashy, it doesn’t have specs to die for, it isn’t a part of a thriving app ecosystem, it doesn’t even have FM radio!

Being an entry-level Lumia phone, it is also cheap, though it definitely doesn’t look it.

But descriptions can be deceptive.

It is all too easy to be mightily impressed by the bigger, badder phones like the Note 3, the HTC One, and the iPhone 5 (or whichever number is the latest) and feel sorry for your little unpretentious friend. Ha! Not anymore.

I’m a proud owner of a humble smartphone and I have set it up to support my lifestyle in a way that I don’t need anything more sophisticated. Good for me since I can now keep the extra cash in my pocket!

Poor me, huh?

If you own one of these devices too, you will find yourself nodding in agreement as you read this, and also learn a few new ways of making the most of it. If you are thinking of buying a Lumia 520, I say go ahead! But only after reading this.

With that out of the way, let’s look at what I love the most about my Nokia Lumia 520.What I love about Nokia Lumia 520It looks good.

Yep, it does. It is every bit a looker. I own a red one, which is a cheerful colour but if I ever get bored with it, changing the back case is a matter of minutes. Or seconds, depending on how fast you can do it!

The phone is sleek, lightweight, and sturdy (has survived a couple of falls already). And though Nokia doesn’t claim to be so, I suspect it is scratch-proof, too. But don’t quote me on it, just conveying my experience!

It’s customizable the way I want it

Nokia Lumia 520 by TechAtLast

A friend, after going through my Lumia when it was just a few weeks old, remarked to me that my phone had ‘me’ written all over it.

I take that as a compliment!

Seriously, my phone is all about me. It is about my favorite playlists pinned to the home screen, my favorite yoga, meditation, and technology apps gazing at me in the form of big colorful tiles, even my to-do lists for the day in the form of sticky notes pinned right there where I can’t miss them.

Even the theme color is pink (which is my favorite color, no points for guessing!), and which I think goes swimmingly well with the overall blackness of the phone.

So if you are a tad self-obsessed and love to plaster your pictures over everything you own or leave your imprint on everything that belong to you, you are going to love this cutie!

The most wonderful thing about the Nokia Lumia 520 is not that you can customize it but that you can do it to your heart’s desire.

And I like change. I keep moving the tiles around, changing the theme color and the back cases, all of which makes me feel like I have a new phone each time I do it!

Nokia Lumia 520

Nokia Music

I have a thing for music phones. The Motorola phone I owned prior to this one (Moto Rockr) was also a music phone. The Nokia Music store has got a great collection of songs and soundtracks. I can find anything I want in there, and it is all available for free download. Good quality music from a trusted source at free of cost? Yep, I’ll take that.

I have had this phone for 3 months now and I already have more than 400 songs downloaded to it (I honestly cannot think of any more to download). Granted the subscription is only free for a few months, but hey you can use it to your heart’s content and download as much as you want till then.

The apps

I’m not a social media junkie but all the big names have a presence on the Windows platform. Personally, I only use Twitter of them all, which works perfectly well on my phone.

Of the apps that I have set up to support my productivity and/or lifestyle are: MyFitnessPal, OM chanting, One Note, Diary, Here Drive + Here Map, a couple of my bank-related apps, a few blog and magazine apps, a couple of news apps, yoga apps, and meditation and motivational apps.

Not exaggerating at all when I say that I have started meditating regularly, and smoking far less courtesy an e-cigarette app, ever since I downloaded the relevant apps to my phone.

Of course, I have more apps too, some of them entertainment and travel-related, but my point is that despite the relatively small app collection on the Windows platform, I have everything I need to support me on the go.

In fact, I only use about 60% of the apps installed on my phone anyway, so not sure if I even need any more!

The camera & related apps

Nokia Lumia 520 camera

The Nokia Lumia range is now known for excellent cameras and though 520 is its lowest offering (5 MP), the camera is still good — especially in low-light conditions.

The images come out bright and cheerful, and a lot better than those taken by Android phones with cameras of similar megapixels.

The 520 doesn’t have a front camera, true, but I had owned a Motorola touchscreen phone for six years (2007-2013, before I got my Lumia) and have perfected the art of taking selfies with rear camera so I’m not any poorer for its lack in 520.

The Nokia Insta Me and Glam Me are awesome apps if you want to touch up your photos. I mostly leave mine alone but I have tried these apps and by god they can make a world of difference to even the most ordinary of pics!

Conclusion: It’s just the right thing.

I realize that the features I’ve mentioned so far are available on all Lumia phones but where the 520 scores is that it is just the right combination of things.

It doesn’t overdo anything.

What am I going to do with weird sounding units describing the battery power or all those endless specs and gazillion features which tech geeks love to rattle off of their tongues? I couldn’t care less if it’s Android or iOS or whatever as long as my phone works silky smooth (which it totally does!)

I prefer a phone that is simple to use, good to look at, customizable, and fun!

The 520 is all of that.

I know I’d probably love the 920 too, but hey, I don’t need half the features it contains.

You either don’t use all the features you pay good money for, or you end up using them more than you need which basically amounts to you wasting your time and other resources.

This is where the 520 trumps – it serves its purpose, and rather delightfully, too, but does not waste your time. It is interesting and engaging, but stops at the right limit. So that you can get off the phone and get some work done!

Awhile ago, I wrote on my frustration about personal computers, smartphones and tablets as whole; I ditched my laptop for tablets, you can read it over because you’ll sure love it. Here’s why I ditched my laptop for tablet.

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Experts reviews for new Acer Iconia W3 windows 8 tablet

Finally the first 8.1 inches Windows 8 based tablet – Acer Iconia W3 is launched in the market. With this, the beginning of new category small size Windows based tablets is seen. Last year when Windows 8 was launched it simply inspired a number of PC players to experiment on different hardware designs, however, most of them were seen focusing on the devices that belonged to 10 inches tablet category. The Iconia W3 falls into the category of small tablets, which is dominated by devices like Nexus 7 and iPad mini.

In terms of performance and features, this newly launched device seems to be promising. Well, let’s check some of its important features in an expert point of view in the following paragraphs.

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Acer Iconia W3 Specifications

Acer Iconia W3 with keyboard

Acer Iconia W3: The Hardware

The Iconia W3 device features 8.1 inches WXGA LED display with 1280 by 800 pixel resolution backed by a Dual core Intel Atom 1.5GHz Z2760 processor along with the Intel Graphics Media Accelerator carrying 2GB RAM. The storage space is of 32GH, however, the moment you turn it on for the very first time, the usable memory is somewhere close to 8GB, which means you need to buy additional 32GB Micros SB card to increase the memory. Then you will find a Micro USB port, which helps in connecting the device with your PC to transfer your data without any hassle. The Micro HDMI port in it simply helps in connecting to your audio or video systems to enjoy a perfect entertainment or help you for other purposes. Talking about the power, you have the battery backup up to 6 hours. One flaw, which is noticed by the experts, is that this device has poor viewing angles, which can dismay many of the users.

Acer Iconia W3: The software

The Acer Iconia runs on Windows 8 Professional version, which gives the users the ability run all the new breed Win 8 applications and try out the legacy versions. The users can very easily install things like Stream, Call of Duty Black, Startcraft 2 and OPS along with a number of other big stuff. Though it doesn’t carry a dedicated graphics cards, which means you will not be able to run AAA titles at high quality, but for RTS based or other smaller games can run smoothly. This therefore helps in handling the PC to manage different shaders and particle effects. The other pre-installed applications, which Acer has incorporated, are Spotify, Netflix Encyclopedia Britannica, Kindle, Skype and TuneIn Radio that are important for any level user.

The Windows 8 in this device simply makes the overall environment very much pleasant and dynamic, hence when you install different applications, you can really have a good user experience, which is not the case over iOS or Android based devices. The Windows 8 store is known to have loads of content hence you can find more news apps like Nook, RSS Reading apps and Pulse for the users. You can find loads of games and several other things, which gives an extra edge to Iconia W3 device, thus attracting both users and developers towards it. So whether you are an engineer or a software developer, you can run anything and everything (right from Auto cad to Adobe) over it and carry out a wide range of task over this device.

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The Iconia is armed with Broadcom WLAN module; which supports the WLAN standards 802.11 B/G/N. You can find a Bluetooth 4.0 chip in it, which is smartly integrated in the device, but Iconia W3 fails to have 3G and not even the LTE module. At the same time, there is no high level versions of the tablet with similar kinds of features found in W3 are seen in the market either. As the tablet runs on Windows 8, you have the option of using the mobile internet via the external UMTS stick; whereas the GPS module is not seen integrated at the moment.

Cameras and other accessories

The Iconia W3 comes up with two cameras and both of these have the resolution of 2MP. Using any of the cameras, you can easily record okay quality videos and capture images with a resolution up to 1920 by 1080 pixels. As per experts, the cameras do not record high quality pictures and hence you may find blurry and pale kind of images. As far as the accessories are concerned, you will find some manuals, quick start guide, micro USB, adaptor, Windows 8 recovery DVD, power supply unit and of course an accessory keyword, which measures 11.25 inches. The discrepancy seen in sizes though helps in typing comfortably but at the same time it appears mismatched and clunky.

Acer Iconia W3 Slideshows


Acer Iconia W3 back view showing the docked part Acer Iconia W3 side attachmentAcer Iconia W3 displaying appAcer Iconia W3 front view with screen displayAcer Iconia W3 right side






<<Click on each image to see larger version>>

Final word

Acer Iconia W3 is available currently at a cost of 379 dollars, which makes it a cheaper tablet in this sector. So, will the Acer Iconia W3 would dominate the market is a big question, which only time will suggest.

Allie is a writer blogger. She loves writing, travelling and reading books. She contributes to punchh

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Windows 8 Start Screen – How to Skip and Boot Directly to the Desktop

To all of you guys in love with Windows 8 Operating System, I have a great news for you today!

Windows 8 came few months back, and its arrival bring joy to people’s face. I could remember vividly how people were searching for Microsoft Windows 8 crack or trial version when it was first launched. That shows there’s a big market for the OS — and that as well, increased Microsoft OS market domination during the time, even till date.Windows 8 Start screen displayed at CES 2012 folding Yoga PC

Before the launch, Lenovo announced their ThinkPad Tablet featuring the Windows 8 operating system, and at that time, Windows 8 hasn’t been released by Microsoft. But the market readiness for the OS was revealed when top PC manufacturers like HP and Lenovo decided to feature the OS in their latest and upcoming product releases.

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My Love and Hate about Windows 8!

I love the OS UI (User Interface) but there’s this feature I hate most in Win 8, the “Start Screen” imposed on users. As you all know (Win 8 users), that you cannot remove the tiled, multi-colored Windows 8 “Start screen” feature booting your computer.

I prefer going directly to “Desktop” like I used to do in Windows 7, but the case is different with Win 8, and Microsoft do not include an option to disable “start screen” feature. Though, it is one of the coolest features in Win 8, though, it slows the PC down a bit.

So, if you want to skip start screen badly next time, I’d recommend you use third-party app to disable or skip “Windows 8 Start Screen” while booting your PC.

How to Remove Windows 8 Start Screen Hassle-free

To skip the default Start screen and boot directly to the Desktop on your Windows 8 PC, you should download Classic Shell app. The app will re-enable your Start button to return to Windows 8 desktop toolbar, and also allow the PC to boot directly to the desktop whenever you put it on.

However, using Classic Shell does not actually mean you’ve permanently disable windows 8 start screen.

Let’s be skeptical, between Windows 8 and Windows 7, which is the best to you? And when it comes to Windows 8 Start Screen, what is your side of the story? Do you like the features or you don’t? Please share your views below.

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How to Speed up Windows 8 Running slow

Windows 8 can have a tendency to run quite slow, especially if you have upgraded from an old computer. Here we have a look at why your system may be running slow and what you can do about it.

Determining the cause of a slow Windows 8 PC

If it takes a lot of time when booting up your computer, this is most likely due to the amount of processes that are being loaded during start up. If on the other hand if your operating system slows when you copy files, this would probably be due to the buffer memory of the system not being available. Otherwise, when it slows when you are in the middle of a gaming session, this would be down to other unwanted applications running in the background at the same time.How to make windows 8 pc work faster


The first step is to get to know what usually get launched during the start up time and then try and trim it of any processes that are unnecessary or seldom required. In order to do so, you need to open the task manager and go to the start up tab where you can disable any applications you know you won’t be needing. For example, iTunes often includes a startup application which is only really necessary when you want to run the program at the time.

Another important thing that you can do to resolve a slow operating system is to clean up the buffer memory and all the unnecessary temporary files that makes it respond in a slow manner. The way you do this is by opening the Run window (which can be done by pressing the Window+ R button) from your keyboard and then press enter. Enter “%temp%” and this should show you a folder full of temporary files which you can delete.

In the same way as before, open the Run window again and type “temp” and then press enter. Again delete all the files. Another folder with temporary files which can be deleted can be found by opening the run window and entering “prefetch” where you can also delete all the files. The last step of removing unwanted files is to right click on my computer and select properties. In the properties window you should see a disk cleanup option which will prompt you for which temporary files to delete. By following that step by step process, you will be able to clean your system’s buffer memory successfully which will help speed up the system.

The next way of speeding up the process is by reducing the runtime services of your system, being additional processes that run in the background. In order to do this, press the Window+R button again and then just type “msconfig” and press Enter. Once done, you can go to the Services tab and click on “Hide all Microsoft Services” and deselect services that are not useful at runtime and press OK. These two steps will actually reduce the runtime services.

You also have to pre-set your registry value attributes in order to clear all the unwanted applications. To do this, just open the Run Windows again and navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER/ Mouse and the you double click on the MouseHoverTime in the Edit String window then change the value from 50 to 100 and then Press Enter.

These are all housekeeping measures that can help. In addition to these, there are further tricks that can be deployed. These include disabling animation properties, sound notifications and preventing windows from displaying more information than is required. Geek squad also have some clever ways of speeding up the starting up and shutting down process, by bypassing the login screen at startup for instance, or condensing the entire shutting down process to one click.

What are the others ways you use to increase the speed of your Windows 8 PC, and earlier Windows OS? Please share them with us.

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WhatsApp Outs for Windows Phone 8; Goes Free for iOS for a Limited Time

In this rapidly growing technology, smartphone has become necessity. You might be owner of an incredible smartphone. Right? Well, if this is so, then you must be familiar with the popular cross-platform messaging app for smartphones. Yeah, you guessed it right! WhatsApp is what I am talking about. This is the fastest growing messaging service and is rapidly replacing the normal way of text messaging over mobiles. A recent survey shows that WhatsApp is affecting the mobile telecoms as the major part of their income comes from the SMS and due to the rapid on-going growth of WhatsApp, people are not showing interest to carry their conversation via SMS. Well, this is not any shocking point as who in this world likes to pay for a service, that he/she gets for free?

We sometimes heard that Facebook is interested in acquiring Whatsapp.

WhatsApp for Windows Phone 8 is out now


As WhatsApp is available for all major mobile operating systems, it has now found its way for Windows Phone 8 as well. This popular messaging app is already available for Windows Phone 7.5, but has recently got released for new mobile operating system by Microsoft, the Windows Phone 8.

The version of WhatsApp for Windows Phone 8 has been designed in partnership with Nokia. While the app promises to be packed with a plenty of features for Windows Phone 8, but the users are reporting that the Window Phone 8 version of this popular app lacks in many features.

WhatsApp got popularity because of its emoticons pack, and according to users this feature ,which made WhatsApp popular, is not a part in its Windows Phone 8 version. Along with many other features, the Windows Phone 8 versions lacks in fast resume from the live tile, which is common to see in Windows Phone 8 apps.

WhatsApp goes free for iOS for a limited time

Another update regarding the popular messaging app WhatsApp is that it goes free for iOS for a limited time. While the Android version of this app is free to download and there is yearly subscription plan; iOS users need to pay for this app in order to use it. If this is matter of concern for you, then it is a golden opportunity to grab this popular messaging app for your iOS device for free. The announcement regarding this was made on WhatsApp Twitter account, according to which, the app is made free as a manner of Christmas Gift for users. Here’s the tweet announcing it:

“Happy Holidays! WhatsApp for iPhone is free for a limited time. Tell your friends!”

The WhatsApp for iOS will be free for a limited time. Well, WhatsApp did not tweet anything notifying about that ‘Limited Time’ period. So one can’t say that how long it will be free. But yes, as this is Christmas Gift, so expect it to be free in the holiday season. The app is most likely to become paid from 25 December on wards.

Spam Messages rolling on WhatsApp

Spam messages always keep rolling on WhatsApp. A most recent spam message says you to  send this number “UR1994 KB1212 RJ1708 to 10 people. According to this spam message, WhatsApp will start charging for messages from the new year’s start, but by sending this message to 10 people, one can use the service for free of cost.

Not only this one, but many other spam messages have got rolled on WhatsApp till date. Most of the messages claim this service to become a paid one in anytime soon. As a smart user, just underestimate such messages. If you don’t, then such spam messages will keep hitting the WhatsApp in future as well.

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Operating System (Computer or Mobile) Windows 8

How to Update Windows 8 Apps Manually

The much awaited, Windows 8 from the Microsoft is finally out and you can get the same by paying for it. Well, I know, you are smart enough that you might have already installed Windows 8 on your system. Right? Thumbs up, if it’s. Well, talking about the Windows 8, it has got plenty of features in it  and is expected to break all the records, in terms of popularity, in terms of sales and the Windows 8 app market is rapidly growing everyday and offers most for free.

You might be familiar with the features that Windows 8 offers to you, but do you know that Microsoft has announced the store for Windows 8 apps. The Windows Store is also getting good response, other from the users and developers and now the apps’ count has hit the mark of 17,000 +.

Windows 8 apps


The main work of Windows Store is to provide you one place to find all of your favorite apps, to use with your Windows 8. But along with that, Windows Store also features the automatic updating facility, for the apps, you download from it. This is one of the much appreciated features of Windows Store as you don’t need to take the tension of updating your apps. Windows Store does this work for you.

I know this feature is great and is useful for every individual, but if along with that, you should also be familiar with the manual update of apps. Don’t worry, it’s not that hard. Let’s have a look at the process to manually update your Windows 8 Apps.

Windows 8 apps home screen

But Why Updating Windows 8 Apps Manually ? 

Well, as already stated, you get the facility of automatic update of your Windows 8 apps, then why to go all these steps for manual update? There are two major reasons to learn manual update process. Firstly, sometimes, even Windows Store does not push the updates and if you are solely dependent on the automatic update feature, then you will surely miss that new update. So unknowingly, you will be having old version of that particular app, while other smart users, will be having the latest one.

Secondly, Windows Store may be late in pushing updates for installed apps. It may also happen that your friends will get the latest version of any app, before than, you get. I know, you will not like to defeat from your friends. Will you? So if you don’t want, then do follow this step by step process to manually update your Windows 8 apps.

Updating the Windows 8 Apps Manually 

  • Of course, open the Windows Store first. Familiar with how to do it? I hope you are.
  • So now open the Charms menu by pressing Windows + C  shortcut. Though, this is simple way to open the Charms Menu, but you can open it with the help of mouse as well. For this, move your mouse cursor to Charms menu hotspot. It’s located on the top right of screen.
  • Once the menu gets opened, click on “Settings” and then “App updates”.
  • Under the “App updates” menu, click on “Check for updates”.
  • The same will be performed and you will be taken to new page, in case, any new update(s) is/are found.
  • Use the “Select All” option to select all the available updates. Of course, you can choose the updates manually as well.
  • Clicking on “View details” button will display the details of selected update. Though, this is not compulsory step, still it’s good to have the info about the new update.
  • Click on the “Install” option to install the selected updates.
It’s all over. You can now update your Windows 8 Apps manually by following this process. Ask your doubts in the comment section below.