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The 10 Best Trading Computers and Laptops for 2020

Gone are the days when companies used to have to install computers that took up an entire wall, or multiple walls depending on the business. For currency traders, this could mean rooms upon rooms of giant computing machines. Well, not much has changed. Although the size of computers has gotten incredibly smaller, if you’re trading with more than one monitor you may still be taking up some (or a lot) of wall space. In this age, a sophisticated trading computer is all that you need to get things done. Unlike yesteryear and with the onslaught of technological advancements, we expect way more out of our trading computers. Our internet needs to be fast and our RAM reliable. When seeking a trading computer we should also consider:

  • Multi-Monitor Display
  • Sharp Hi-Resolution Graphics
  • Optimized Configuration
  • Generous Internal & External Storage

A quick web search will give you plenty of options for the best trading computers, and even more that aren’t. Choosing a computer that’s right for you can be a personal preference. However, if you’re completely in the dark keep scrolling through to find out our picks for the best trading computers and laptops of 2020.

Best Trading Computers/Laptops: 10 Best Picks

In order to win in trades, here are the best online trading computers for 2020:

  1. F-30 Extreme.
  2. Razer Blade Stealth.
  3. Dell XPS Tower Special Edition (8930).


1. F-30 Extreme

You’ve probably heard the old adage “if it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck…”, well the F-30 Falcon laptop finitely looks like a laptop – but it has the behaviors and holds all the power of a desktop. It might be its 9th gen Intel desktop processor, or it might be it’s 2 PCIe M.2 SSDs, plus 2 SATA3 drives storage capacity. We think it’s probably both and it’s built-in cooling system plus 6-additional monitor output. Either way, this compact trader is faster and more efficient than its predecessors and will have you trading faster than ever. Is it any wonder why the F-30 Extreme has extremely topped our best trading computers list?

Best Trading Computers in 2020: F-30 Trading Laptop Computer offers you power of a desktop, and mobility to trade anywhere you are
The F-30 is one of the best trading laptop computers out there that offers you the power of a desktop computer, and mobility to trade anywhere you are.

2. F-15 Pro

For an inexpensive but extremely popular mobile trader look no further than the F-15. This laptop can handle any trading, recording, and streaming like a pro – and all at the same time! This is one of the best trading computers because it uses the latest 9th gen Intel mobile processor. You can also hook up multiple monitors with Mobile USB 3.0 powered monitors. Better yet the F-15’s screen is the same resolution as your mobile monitors – making for consistently sharp and clear trading across all screens.

F-15 Pro offers you day- trading laptop bundle
F-15 Pro offers you a cheaper option of experiencing a proper trading computer without adverse effects on your pocket.

3. Acer Aspire E 15 Laptop – 8th Generation

If you want the best bang for your portable buck then the Acer Aspire E 15 Laptop is for you. This 8th Gen Acer runs on a 5th generation i5 core processor and a 1TB hard drive. With an additional 8GB of RAM, this laptop is spacious enough for beginner traders and vets alike (not to mention the expandable RAM and 256SSD as well). Although it can’t handle multiple monitors or display fusion, it does come with a more than large enough 15.6” screen to spread out trading information to the full extent.

Top Trading Computers - Acer Aspire E 15 Laptop – 8th Generation
With 15.6′ inch widescreen, 1TB hard drive, and an enhanced 8GB RAM, Acer Aspire E 15 laptop has a lot in the offing for a beginner trader. It is still one of the best trading computers out there.

4. Razer Blade Stealth

The Razer Blade Stealth is optimized to be used anywhere. Even for outdoor usage when you need to get a breath of fresh air but also need to pay attention to trades. Because it’s meant to be used on-the-go they have upped the ante and installed one of the longest-lasting batteries on the market. If you’re carrying your laptop with you you don’t want to lug around some big annoying clunky machine, so they made the Razer Blade Stealth out of lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum. It’s also equipped with all-new 10th gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor, 16GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD! With a 13.3″ top quality display coupled with a 4K HD resolution and a nicely-designed and optimized Razer Chroma™ keyboard installed, the Razer Blade Stealth combines portability and style which is all you need from an effective trading computer. It is also ideal for creative content creators like graphic designers and web developers.

The Razer Blade Stealth Is Good Trading Computer
Razer Blade Stealth boasts itself as the World’s First Gaming Ultrabook™ with a full gaming laptop power enhanced with NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1650 graphics, which lets you play all your favorite graphically intensive games anywhere you go.

5. Dell XPS Tower Special Edition (8930)

The Dell XPS 8930 VR Ready Desktop Special Edition also makes our best trading computers list because it is fully customizable with varying premium monitors. This tower desktop has multi-monitor functionality and is display fusion optimized. You can easily add an additional 3 monitors as the Dell XPS runs on the 8th generation Intel Core i7-8700. It also boasts a Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 Video Card, 16 GB RAM, and 3.8-4Ghz processors.

Dell XPS 8930 VR Ready Desktop Special Edition
If you want to experience an ultimate theater experience, the Dell XPS 8930 is your best choice for a sleek trading computer. The same goes for forex or crypto traders who want to trade with speed and comfort.

6. Dell Inspiron 5680

The Dell Inspirion 5680 may be built for hardcore gaming, but for traders on a budget, this is the model to beat. It matches the specifications of the XPS Tower 8930 but with added thermal design and smart components. It’s also the absolute quietest while being incredibly efficient.

Dell Inspiron 5680
The Dell Inspiron 5680 lets you escape your reality and get lost in its world of future-ready technology-enhanced graphic display. It is one of the best trading computers that you cannot fault its performance.

7. Apple iMac 21.5″ i7

For Apple fanatics, it doesn’t get much better than the iMac 21.5? i7 – it has a premium display and a whopping 27” monitor. This also makes it a great machine for trading fans as well. It also allows for a multi-monitor display and premium trading features.

Apple iMac 21.5 i7
The joy of Apple users is the sleek and colorful graphic rendering capabilities of their device. This make of iMac is the dream of many traders out there.

8. Apple iMac 27″ i7

For frequent traders or newbies alike the iMac 27″ i7 offers a sleek design and quad-core processor. It also has an incredible 27” monitor and with trade-in offers from major trading computer providers, it will be a sleek addition to your office space.

Apple iMac 27 i7 Trading computer
If you have some extra quids, you can opt for Apple iMac 27 i7 because of its additional features. It ranks high on the list of best trading computers for 2020.

9. Asus ZenBook 13 UX331UN

This stunning Acer laptop has an incredible 256GB SSD and 8GB RAM. Portably designed with a slim-bezel NanoEdge display that makes it compact even more than a typical 13″ laptop, the Asus ZenBook 13 UX331UN is just 13.9mm thin. Beyond that, it only weighs 2.47lbs (1.12kg) – making it a fan favorite for traders on the go!

These amazing features make it easy to carry anywhere you want. It is currently the thinnest laptop around the world so far. Zenbook 13 is blessed with a sophisticated modern-day design with a discrete graphics chip that gives room for creativity and entertainment, manipulating images, video editing, online streaming, gaming, and online trading.

ASUS ZenBook 13 UX331UN
Looking for a sleek and compact workstation for your online trading, the Asus ZenBook 13 fits the description of a proper trading computer to go for. With its lightweight, you can bet that trading is possible everywhere you go with this new-age device ranked amongst the best trading laptops for 2020.

10. Apple MacBook Pro (Quad-Core)

The MacBook Pro (Quad-Core) is a favorite among Mac enthusiasts and day traders alike. This MacBook offers an 8th gen Intel Core processor and can handle even faster trading alongside other core functionalities.

MacBook Pro (Quad-Core)
Spotting a 1.4GHz quad-core (8th-generation) Intel Core i5 processor, MacBook Pro, comes handy with a turbo boost up to 3.9GHz for high performing graphic processing. With true tone retina display coupled with Intel Iris Plus Graphics and US-standard backlit keyboard, trading around the clock becomes easier.

Wrapping Up

Although your computer may be top of the line remember a great machine does make a great trader – however, it’s a great jumping-off point. You may be overwhelmed by choice at first remember that the latest gadgets on the market aren’t always the best – quick Google search will give you plenty of options for the best trading computers to choose from, but listed above the best trading laptops we recommend. Going with a base knowledge of what you want is fine and upgrades are more than doable in the long run.

While searching online for the best trading laptops/computers, you are going to be given plenty of options to pick, but our in-house experts have recommended these best trading laptops and desktop computers for a swift online trading experience.

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Batch Word to JPG Converter – A New Tool to Convert Doc to JPG Format in Batches

A tool that specializes in converting documents from one format to another format, has officially been launched and it is called Batch Word to JPG Converter. The Batch Word to JPG converter is a freeware tool that simplifies the process of converting any MS Word file so that it can be read on phones, laptops, and on web pages without installing Microsoft software or app

Sharing information among users is made easy when data is available in a convenient and easy to read format. The new WORD to JPG freeware conversion utility tool is easy to use and capable of converting both Doc and DocX documents into an image (.jpg) format. 

The highlighted feature in the software is the program’s ability to allow users to conveniently convert hundreds or even thousands of documents into images, all with a single click of a mouse. It creates an intuitive experience for users at the office or at home when there is a requirement to handle conversion in bulk quantities.

The technology behind Batch Conversion

Termed as a reliable converter, the Batch Word to JPG Converter is a versatile program that works on all versions of the Windows operating system. The program is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Windows Vista, and XP operating systems. Users also have the option to download this software for free and install it on Windows Server OS or choose to run a lite version on any machine by keeping the source file on a USB drive.

Software Features and Supported Formats

The freeware can seamlessly convert Microsoft Word files from all versions into JPG format. It can convert a single file as well as a bunch of files in one go. The program supports Doc, DocX, RTF, HTML, HTM, and Open Document Format (also known as ODT) into an image format. The development team behind the Word to JPG converter has incorporated multiple other formats apart from JPG including PNG, TIF, TGA, BMP, GIF, and PCX.

With the help of this newly launched free software, users can also choose to convert Doc files into PDF format. The conversion enables users to not have Microsoft Word or Microsoft Office installed on their computers. The entire process of conversion from one file format to another can be handled without the need for specific software programs licensed and installed on the host computer.

How to Use The ‘Batch Word to JPG converter Tool‘?

Batch Word to JPG Converter
Gone are those days of rigorous trial and error before you get your Microsoft Word documents into other formats. Today, we have amazing conversion tools that can do some of these tasks at the click of a mouse.

Batch Word to JPG converter is a lightweight, freeware program that weighs in at just 6MB. Users can download the program directly from this link and choose to install it on their desktop/laptop PCs.

Once installed, there is an option to add individual files or drag/ drop a batch of Doc files to be converted into JPG or the required image format. The software vendor has ensured there are no limitations on the number of files that can be converted at a time and it is one of the primary features that set this word to jpg converter unique when compared to other similar software programs.

Users have the option to choose the output image format, image size determined by 200dpi or 300dpi based on the requirement and download them for use on various platforms. 

Security and Reliability

PDFZilla is a trusted software development company that has successfully established hundreds of programs and has millions of users around the globe who use it on a regular basis. They specialize in providing the highest level of privacy and security when converting confidential documents. 

A Doc to PDF conversion can be encrypted and safeguarded with a password. The program can be secured while converting any formats. The program supports major languages including English, German, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish among several other options. 

The software a reliable and has no hidden costs, adware or automated toolbar installation issues. This makes it highly reliable for office use when handling confidential documents. The batch conversion feature delivered by the Word to JPG converter can be used in digital marketing by social media marketers to share useful information to their target audience. This is a cost-effective solution for organizations because it removes the requirement to have a valid Microsoft Office or MS Word license for every user in order to convert available documents into an image format for sharing.


You can convert Doc to JPG format with this light conversion tool, it makes the process quick and effortless. Try Batch Word to JPG converter tool and let me know your experience in the comment below.

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How to Protect Your Privacy in Windows 10 – Follow These 5 Steps

If you are familiar with search engine service providers such as Google, DuckDuckGo, or Bing, you’ll agree with me that “how to protect your privacy“, or “how do I protect my privacy“, or “how to stay secured online” are top search phrases that comes higher amongst the list of things people search for on a daily basis.

Privacy is one of the most debatable topics nowadays. Everyone wish to have their privacy intact and for this, they are ready to spend any amount of money. However, spending the money on unnecessary instruments is not a full proof solution to keep your privacy protected. But if we remain a bit alert and follow some common tweaks then we can ourselves protect our privacy. Now when it comes to the Windows 10, Microsoft is criticized for some of its features that don’t seem to be in accordance with the privacy rules and policies that one needs to follow. But guys do believe that it’s not that much difficult to protect your privacy in Windows 10. In this article, we will discuss how following some simple tips will protect your privacy in Windows 10.

Expert’s Guide on How to Protect Your Privacy in Windows 10

How to Protect Your Privacy in Windows 10 PC
If protecting your privacy is all that matters to you right now, using Windows 10 won’t directly help except you follow these tips for staying safe.

Turn Off Location Access

This is one of the most basic features that we never turn off, and in turn, we let our current location known to others. This means if you have turned on your location service then Windows, services and other apps can use your location by sending location-specific offers or ads to you. If you are ordering some food from the nearby restaurant then turning on the location access is ok but turning on your location access all the time doesn’t make any sense. Therefore, we advise you to disable your location access by following the steps below:

      •    Click on Windows Start button and select Settings (gear icon) > Privacy > Location.Turn Off Location Access to protect your privacy
      •    Now click on Change button to toggle off location service for the device.
      •    That’s it now your location service is disabled

Moreover, you can also give your location access to some of the apps, instead of allowing it for every app.

Stop Notification to Show on Lock Screen:

It is a common practice followed by every user to lock his screen while moving away from it. But if you have let the notifications to pop up even on the lock screen then it’s a serious concern to your privacy. Therefore, it is highly recommended to turn off your notification while your computer is locked. To turn off notifications appearing on lock screen follow the below steps:

      •    Click on Windows Start button and select Settings (gear icon) > System > Notifications & actions.Stop Notification to Show on Lock Screen
      •    Now toggle off the option, Show notifications on the lock screen.
      •    This will stop all the notifications from appearing on the lock screen.

If you are more concerned about your privacy, then you can also disable other types of notifications as well.

Never Make your Account Information Public:

Keeping your account info private is another method to not only protect your id but also privacy in Windows 10. This is because if you allow apps to access your account information then they can view your name, picture, and other account details. But once denied none of the apps can view your account information keeping your privacy intact. To do so all you need is to follow the steps below:

      •    Click on Windows Start button and select Settings (gear icon) > Privacy > Account Info.Never Make your Account Information Public
      •    Now click on Change to turn off the account info access.
      •    Also, toggle off the option that allows an app to access your account info.

Manage your Privacy using Privacy Dashboard of Microsoft:

Microsoft Privacy Dashboard is a less known tool that helps you to manage your privacy. By logging into this dashboard, you can not only view but also delete the data at once, that is gathered by Microsoft. To get started all you need to do is to visit the following link and sign in with your Microsoft account. Once signed in you can view and delete all your browsing history collected while using Microsoft Edge and Cortana, clear your search history, clear all your location information, manage apps and services that access your data and much more. And still, if you have some other privacy questions and concerns then you can also contact Microsoft privacy team.

Turn Off Timeline to Protect Your Privacy:

While for many users Windows Timeline feature is one of the most loved features, on the other side it is a matter of concern for others. This smart feature helps you to resume your activities from where you have left not only on the current PC but also from all the PC where you have signed in. Now, in order to make that possible Windows do gather information about your activities from all the PC, you are signed in. So, if you too feel this as a privacy threat then you can easily turn this off. To do so, please follow the below steps:

      •    Click on Windows Start button and select Settings (gear icon) > Privacy > Activity history.Turn off timeline on Windows 10 if you want to be secured.
      •    Now uncheck the option, Store my activity history on this device.
      •    Also, uncheck the option, Send my activity history to Microsoft.

Now Windows 10 will not gather information about your activities.

So, readers, now you can yourself realize that protecting your privacy in Windows 10 is not an uphill task. You have to follow just the above-discussed tweaks and keep your privacy intact.

How to Guide Operating System (Computer or Mobile) Product Reviews Software Windows 10

OneDrive Migration Tool – Transfer OneDrive to OneDrive for Business

Nowadays, many users want to keep their crucial data safe in the cloud. As we know, Office 365 is a web-based application, which involves Exchange Online as an emailing and calendaring server. All items can be accessed in Office 365 account and saved in cloud storage environment. But, sometimes the question arises that how to transfer files from OneDrive to OneDrive for Business account? One such solution is OneDrive to OneDrive Transfer tool, which helps to move all items i.e., emails, contacts, etc between two OneDrive accounts. Moreover, it provides the robust platform and cost-effective services to perform migration process. In this review page, we are going to discuss OneDrive Migration Tool in detail along with all its useful features.

OneDrive Migration Tool

OneDrive Migration Tool – Overview

Onedrive for Business file migration tool is designed in such a way to transfer files or documents between two OneDrive accounts. It is capable enough to migrate all permissions from Source ID to Destination ID. The OneDrive Migration tool offers Date-based Filter option while moving data from OneDrive to OneDrive for Business account. Moreover, it equips an option to pause a file transfer process any time they want and resume it later on whenever needed. Also, it keeps the original folder structure intact throughout the migration process. It is compatible with all latest versions of Window machine including Win 10 and its below versions.

Versions of OneDrive Migration Tool

The Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive for Business migration tool is available in two different versions i.e., Demo and Licensed edition. Users can select any of the version as per their need. Let us have a look:

  • Demo Version: The OneDrive for Business file transfer tool is only available on company’s official site. One can easily download and install the setup of this migration tool to understand the full working of it. However, there is a constraint that it will transfer only 50 items while executing migration process.
  • Licensed Version: The licensed version of OneDrive to OneDrive migration tool, which allows a user to move all items between two OneDrive Accounts. Moreover, it can transfer all mailbox items from source to destination. There is no size limitation imposed during the conversion process. So, one can simply buy this product from an official site and use it as per their convenience.

Key Features of OneDrive to OneDrive For Business Migration

Move Data From OneDrive to Another OneDrive: With OneDrive Migration tool, the user can easily transfer files from OneDrive to another OneDrive account efficiently. This application also helps to move all items, which include photos, audio, video, doc files, PDFs, etc., from OneDrive to OneDrive for Business.

Migration for MS Office 365 OneDrive Admin: In order to migrate files from OneDrive to another OneDrive account, the tool offers with Impersonation feature for Admin who wants to perform migration from one domain to another to transfer files from OneDrive Account to another OneDrive having multiple User Ids.

Note: Keep in mind that Source & Destination OneDrive for Business should be impersonated before conversion.

Option to Add Source & Destination ID: For adding the user ID of Source and Destination OnDrive account and to perform the same. The tool provides following options while moving files from OneDrive to OneDrive for business:

  • Source & Destination User ID: To add only one user at a time, choose this option. But keep in mind that one must have at least one validated source and destination admin ID before starting a process. Next, one should enter the username and password of that account and authorize it before executing the migration from OneDrive to OneDrive for Business.
  • Import CSV File: After Validating Source and Destination User ID , one can perform O365 OneDrive to OneDrive migration in batch and users can even choose this option. For this, one just has to upload a .csv file that contains multiple user Ids.

Customize Way to Migrate OneDrive Account:If users want to migrate OneDrive to another OneDrive account from a certain date range, then they can utilize date-based filter option. Users just need to mention the date range in the to and from the given field, the OneDrive to OneDrive Migration for Business tool will transfer only data that fall under a particular date range. For this, there are two date filters i.e., Creation Date & Modification Date provided by the software.

  • Move Permissions: With this option, the user can move all permissions such as read and write from OneDrive to another OneDrive using CSV File. This feature permits a user to transfer all permissions from Source to Destination user ID
  • Advanced Settings: While switching from OneDrive account to another, the users can also transfer specific files or documents with this option. It enables the user to migrate particular files such as .pdf, .doc, .txt etc.

Renders Date-range Filter Option: If users want to migrate OneDrive to another OneDrive account from a certain date range, then they can utilize date-based filter option. Users just need to mention the date range in the to and from the given field, the OneDrive to OneDrive Migration for Business tool will transfer only data that fall under a particular date range. For this, there are two date filters i.e., Creation Date & Modification Date provided by the software.

Offers Pause, Resume & Stop Option:Once the migration process begins, the software will show the live status of an ongoing process on the current screen. Also, it permits a user to pause or resume data migration process in between without any interruption. However, if users want them, they can also stop the whole process in between. After that, data are transferred before clicking on the Stop button will move.

Working Steps of Office 365 Onedrive For Business Migration Tool

  • First of all, Launch OneDrive Migration Tool on your machine.
  • Then, you can provide OneDrive Source and Destination Admin Credentials.
  • After this, choose the various filters such as Selective Permission Migration, Date Filter & specific files.
  • Go to “Import CSV” option and then, select “Advanced Settings” and enable the “include file type” checkbox as follows.
  • Finally, click on “Export” to perform OneDrive to OneDrive Migration successfully


  • Maintains folder hierarchy throughout the conversion process
  • Option to pause transfer process at any time and resume it
  • Allows the user to add multiple source & Destination id’s in Bulk


  • Does not provide preview of data before executing migration process
  • Does not render customized file naming convention feature

Observational Verdict

Based on the user interface, performance, and technicalities of OneDrive to OneDrive Migration tool, I would like to rate this product 9.8/10. The reason for not giving the full rate is that the application does not generate a preview of data before executing the migration. Besides this, there is no other negative point of OneDrive to OneDrive transfer and I can proudly say that by far, there cannot be any other software like this.

Also, read the article to know how to backup Office 365 Mailbox, click here:

Computer Tips & Tutorials Disruption Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Operating System (Computer or Mobile) Windows 10 Windows 8

Computer Processor: The World’s Most Powerful Processors Ever Created

In the past decades, technology is probably the field that advanced the most. Well, that’s the way it is supposed to be since technology is the motor for progress in other fields as well, medicine for example. With the development of smarter and more complex tech, we are now able to properly understand the human body and find new ways to treat it.

One of the greatest inventions in technological progress is the development of the processor. This made programming of objects possible and opened a door for a revolution in the technological field. Read on to find out about how processors changed the world.

The Birth of World’s Most Powerful Processors and the Impact They’ve Made

First processor ever made

The ancestor of today’s smart and powerful processors is the Intel 4004. It was released in 1971 by Intel and most of the credits for its creation went to Frederico Faggin. With a frequency of 740khz, 4bits and 2300 transistors, Intel 4004 changed the world forever.

Motherboard of electronic computer processor.
Processors are the main engine inside that makes a computer functions and perform excellent job we use them for. Without the presence of powerful processors in some of our computers, we have just a dead gadget waiting to be thrown away.

What followed

After this major breakthrough, more complex and capable processors were developed and by the end of the 80’s there was a real boom in electronics and gadgets that used the all-mighty processor to run. Soon enough, the processors became an integrant part of our lives and we probably use one without even noticing it.

Difference between a processor and a CPU

It’s a common mistake to refer to any processor out there such as a CPU. It’s not necessarily a trick question, however, the lack of information leads to the spread of such misconception. In a PC, for example, The CPU is the part that controls the executions and processes the data sent by other components and ensures that all the functions are executed correctly and everything is interconnected.

CPU processors
The processor is the logic circuitry embedded in the computer that makes it possible to act and respond to some of the basic instructions that would make the computer execute tasks efficiently. It serves four main purpose such as fetching, decoding, executing and writing back.

The same goes for consoles, they have the main CPU and other processors that help deliver the best results. However, all other devices have a processor that takes care of commands such as read or write for that specific component and takes care of errors.

What’s the best processor out there?

This is a wide discussion that can be subject to all kind of factors when it comes to determining what the best or most powerful processor is. Some voices say that it’s all about how expensive it is; others say it’s all about cores and how much overclocking can be performed on it. Over the years, the main opponents in the fight for the most powerful processor remained Intel and AMD, two giants that fight for supremacy in this field.
Intel has the advantage of being in the game a lot longer than AMD and that gave them an undeniable advantage over the years, however, the guys at AMD are recently ready to take the fight to Intel with their brand-new Ryzen. Here are some specs: 16 cores and 32 threads, it is capable of a maximum clock rate in extended frequency rate of 4.2 GHz per core and it’s simply something from the future.

Most powerful processors
To many, it is a processor, while others sees it as microprocessor. But above it, is a small chip installed inside computers and many other electronic devices to aid there functionalities. The basic function of a processor is to serve as a receiving and sending unit. While this may seem like a simple task, today’s modern powerful processors can handle trillions of data calculations per second.

But Intel were not just going to stand back and watch AMD steal the show, they came up with the amazing Core i9 with 18 cores and 36 threads all put together in a single piece of silicon, which makes it the most powerful processor in the world right now. It is perfect for high-demanding tasks like video editing or the latest video games that require a lot of resources in order to run.

We’re already used to seeing mind-blowing technology being developed every day and the future is certainly bright in these conditions. There’s only a matter of time until various devices will be able to use top-notch powerful processors and definitely change the way we live.

News Operating System (Computer or Mobile) Windows 10

How Will The Upgrade Of Cortana, Redstone & At Least 3 More Apps Change the Way You Use Windows 10 From 2017?

How many times do you remember having received Windows 10 update notifications in the last few months? Quite a few times, we reckon. Windows provides such updates more often than not which are security-related. However, any rumors or announcements regarding improvements or the launch of apps has invariably aroused the curiosity of technology-enthusiasts and kept them agog and guessing about how much the technological wizardry will enthral us.

Is Microsoft going to release an update for Cortana after Redstone 2 upgrade?
How will the upgrade of Microsoft Cortana and Redstone look like and what about the other new incoming application upgrades and introduction change the way you use windows 10 from 2017?


Microsoft is ready to take on its ambitious project of launching an evolved version of the current Windows 10 Redstone, and has just kicked off its preview for the same. It plans to go live in March 2017. For this next blockbuster update, with Operating System version 1703, the software giant is likely to introduce some new features to their upcoming OS, codenamed Redstone 2, besides trimming down on some of the current features existing in Redstone.

According to some sources, Version 1703 does not attribute to the month and year of its release. While, for others, the upcoming version denotes the time of its release.  The current OS Version 1607, referred to as Windows 10 Anniversary Update or Redstone 1, was launched in July 2016, and its previous version 1511, or Threshold 2, appeared in November 2011. Going by the historical trend, it would perhaps not be unreasonable to assume that Version 1703 has been named so, based on its time of release in March 2017.

According to a report published in Petri in early January 2016, Microsoft has allocated several weeks to OneCore and other internal systems, for which they had set a deadline of first half of 2016. This has compelled them to postpone the release of their present OS to March 2017. ZDNet, distinguished for its uncanny ability to prove rumors right, has clearly indicated that March 2017 is “indeed the current ship target for Windows 10 Redstone 2.”

Until Microsoft confirmed that it is aiming for the release of its next update in March 2017, speculations were rife regarding Windows 10 Redstone 2.  The Petri report did not extensively specify the features that Microsoft will be experimenting with. Many in the IT industry believe that the software giant will introduce a number of upgrades to Cortana. Microsoft may enable Cortana to follow users’ onscreen activity, based on the information collected. The new feature is a substantial step towards helping Microsoft delve deeper into the psyche of their users and offer a path-breaking technology that we are yet to experience.

Just as the technology enthusiasts had predicted, Microsoft has just confirmed its plan to introduce two new features the March 2017 release. It has also been communicated that the feature update will be similar to the Anniversary Update for Windows 10, which it had released in August 2016 for the Windows 10 devices, but we are yet to receive clarity on this.

The assumptions about the changes that the current Windows 10 version will undergo is based on the announcements made by Microsoft themselves, from their event on 26th October 2016, and Insider Preview Builds. A sneak peek into some features that may get incorporated in Redstone 2 indicates that ‘Microsoft Edge’ may be enabled with an Application Guard, bulk update devices may be enabled through USB, and the functionality of Version 1703 may resemble F.Lux. There will be technological upgrades to rectify software crashes, and Continuum improvements like proximity feature and independent ‘Start’ Menus as well as Bluetooth GATT support functionality. ‘OneDrive Placeholders’, which enables all files to be displayed and stored on OneDrive, including files that are unavailable on the local machine, may get relaunched. This feature had been discontinued due to user confusion, though later, it was revealed that the reason was technical glitches.

Some unique features that are reported to become an integral part of the new version are ‘Microsoft Paint App’. Another new feature is ‘OneClip’, which will enable users to seamlessly copy between Window 10 devices and Office 365. ‘Contextual Syncing’ may sync app data between different devices and allow a user to continue exactly from where he had left off in another device. ‘Office Hub’ is rumored to integrate Office 365 more effectively with Windows 10 for streamlined and seamless accessibility to available information.

Microsoft is also debating on a ‘HomeHub’ feature for managing smart devices. Further, ‘Working Sets’ is believed to enhance efficiency in Project Management through creation of working sets for every project, which includes documents, calendar and contact information. What’s more, ‘People Bar’ may display a list of contacts with whom the user has been in touch with recently. This will appear in the Windows 10 taskbar. A File Explorer App is also believed to be in the offering.

Microsoft has already started testing some of their new features for Windows 10 on their blog, Windows Insiders. It plans to introduce a blue light reduction feature and upgrade Cortana to bridge the apparent gap between PCs and mobile devices. Additionally, it has also started rolling out its Anniversary Update to its Smart Hub devices since October 13th 2016, as evident from their blog post. This includes Flash support for Microsoft Edge, inking support, simultaneous pen/touch support, OneDrive, preloaded PowerBI and photo apps.

Microsoft’s internal ship target may also usher in some smaller changes. All that the IT enthusiasts can do now is wait with bated breath till March 2017 for a hands-on experience on the next revolutionary technology to be launched with much fervor and fanfare.

Updates like these may be heavy on gigabytes. As discussed in previous blog posts, 1E’s Nomad helps in the seamless upgrade of Windows Software, with business as usual.

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Microsoft Nigeria launch; reactions, praises and surprises.

Microsoft Nigeria launching underway!!!

Microsoft Nigeria launchRise of Technology Giant Stakes in Nigeria: Few moment before the launch of Microsoft Nigeria office at V.I. Civic Towers, Ozumba Mbadiwe, Victoria Island, earlier today.

It looks like the early days of imported gadgets and softwares that runs on them is edging to a corner with the current development in the field of technology across Nigeria, the largest technology importer in Africa till date. Microsoft, one of the largest technology services providers all over the world has deem it fit to commence its operation in Nigeria. The launch event which took place at  happening at Civic Towers at Ozumba Mbadiwe, Victoria Island has taken most Nigerians in the tech space by surprise. In fact, myself, I’m amazed!

But it is good news…

Now the time for the music.

While speaking, the managing director of Microsoft Nigeria assured Nigerians of creating job opportunity for capable citizens of the country.

“We have doubled our capacity in terms of human resource. We are scaling up our intership programme to get more young people in the ICT world. We’ll create more employment opportunities for capable Nigerians. At Microsoft, we want to enjoy enormous support from indigenous Nigerians.” – Kabelo Makwane, MD Microsoft Nigeria, said in his speech.

Microsoft Nigeria official launching

Meanwhile, Main One MD, Funke Opeke also has something good to say about this latest development. She congratulated Microsoft Nigeria on the choice of location where there are several other options they could have looked at.

For Temidayo Ogunniyi, he thinks Microsoft opening in Nigeria would open the door of opportunities for unemployed technologist in the country.

Praises  and concerns for Microsoft Nigeria launch.

Here are the other reactions from the social media to the news of Microsoft launching in Nigeria.

We’ll create more employment opportunities for capable Nigerians

What do you think about Microsoft Inc., coming to Nigeria technology space?

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PST Merge Software to Merge Multiple Outlook PST Files into One

If you are an Outlook user, you might be well aware of the fact that managing multiple PST files in a single account can be very troublesome at times. The problem becomes even worse, when the PST files belong to different versions of Outlook. For instance, in case you are using Outlook 2010 and you have an ANSI PST file, you will not be able to access it in your present Outlook version. The only means by which this can be made possible is by merging it with your current PST file and accessing it.

Commercial utilities such as PST Merge facilitate the users to do the same. The software merges multiple PST files in a single UNICODE type PST file. It supports merging of both ANSI and UNICODE PST files into a single file. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for even a naive user to run the software smoothly. Outlook installation is necessary to merge PST files.

In order to give our users an idea of the complete functioning of the tool, we did a complete analysis of the PST merge tool. Here are the observations made by us.

Highlighting Features of the PST Merge Tool

  • Merges both ANSI and UNICODE PST files in a single UNICODE PST.
  • Offers 3 options for merging-Join, Merge and Merge contacts.
  • Gives the provision to exclude deleted items from being merged.
  • Allows the users to remove duplicate items from getting merged.
  • Provision to add folder containing multiple PST files.

Working of PST Merge

  • Download and run the software.
  • Click on Add Files option to add the PST files individually. In case you need to add a complete folder of PST files, click on Add Folder
  • The software offers three options to merge the PST files and the user can select any option according to the requirement.

Join: The first option, Join is used to join the input PST files in a single PST file while joining the files under a common PST file known as parent PST file. The joined PST files are visible as different folders of the parent PST file.

Join PST files option - TechAtLast
Merge: the Merge option merges the PST files into a single PST and merges all the similar folders of the PST files. For example, the inbox folder of all the PST files will be merged in a single inbox folder of the resultant file.

Select Merge Option - TechAtLast

Merge Contacts:As the name suggests, this option merges all the contacts of the input PST files into a single PST file. The PST file will only consist of a single contacts folder.

Merge contacts option - TechAtLast

  • The user can also select the Advance Options.

Exclude Deleted Items option when enabled will exclude all the deleted mails and those mails will not be merged into the output PST.This option is only available for Join and Merge.

Exclude Duplicate Items option when selected will not merge the duplicate items like emails, contacts, calendars, etc. if any,in the output PST file.This option is only available in Merge and Merge contacts option.

  • Browse the location to save the resultant PST file.
  • Click on Merge PST Files to start the merging process.

Setup & Installation of the PST Merge Tool

PST Merge is available in two distinct versions:

  • Demo Version

The demo version is made available in order to give the users, a trial of the working of the tool. It is available for free and can be downloaded from the official website. However,there are some limitations associated with this version.

  • License Version

Once the user gets satisfied with the working of the demo version, the user can purchase the license version for $69.There are no limitations associated with the working of the license version.


  • Extends support to both ANSI and UNICODE PST.
  • Allows removal of duplicate items from merging.
  • Gives provision to remove deleted items from merging.


  • Does not give a preview of PST file data before merging.
  • No provision of merging selective data of PST file.

The Verdict

PST merge is an effectual utility that has been designed keeping in mind the naïve users as well. The single panel interface makes it easy to run and the user does not need to toggle between different windows. Based on the overall functioning of the tool, we would like to rate the software as9.7/10.Although it does not give a preview of the PST file data, it merge outlook PST files into one whilst maintaining the folder structure intact.

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Top Windows 10 Apps for Top Business Productivity including Windows Hello, Passport & Others

After Windows 10 was released on July 29, a number of business users have begun showing interest in the software. Although released primarily as a consumer version with some business features built in, Windows 10 was downloaded on to 75 million PCs in the first month alone. At 5% of the PC market, 1.5 million of these downloads were by business users.

The business edition of Windows 10 includes a number of features designed to simplify the user experience, enhance productivity, and ensure the protection of personal and corporate data. Here are some of those features that make the Windows 10 experience easier for business users.

Windows 10 Apps That’d Ignite Your Business Productivity in 2016

Microsoft Windows 10

Windows Hello and Windows Passport

Windows Hello introduces users to a new, more secure way of logging in to their Windows 10. Using biometric authentication features, such as a fingerprint or facial recognition, Windows Hello allows users to eliminate using passwords, which can become lost, forgotten, or fall into the wrong hands.

Windows 10 security

To use Windows Hello, you will need certain hardware and technology. Facial recognition cannot be done on a typical webcam and requires more advanced services, such as the Intel F200 RealSense 3D camera. While these features are not currently standard with our devices, regular business use would make them a staple in future device developments.

Windows 10 security

Microsoft Passport works in conjunction with Windows Hello to give users access to other apps and online services without having to type in a password.

Virtual Desktops

One of the many features, for business users constantly operating multiple apps or switching programs, Windows 10’s Virtual Desktops allows you to split or group different open apps across a number of different desktops.

Instead of needing to use different monitors, Virtual Desktop keeps everything organized, open, and ready to use on its respective desktop.

Creating and using a new desktop is easy. Simply enter ”Task View” on your Windows 10 screen. In the bottom right hand corner, you’ll see a plus sign with the words “New Desktop” written below. Select to create a new desktop. Drag the apps you would like to hold on your new desktop into the designated space and you’re all set.

To switch between desktops, simply enter ”Task View.” Task View should allow you to see all the desktops you have currently operating. To move to a new desktop, just click on the one you would like to work in.

Windows Update for Business

Windows Update for Business is a system that makes it easier for business owners to manage updates. Right now, Windows Update for Business only has two features, Defer Updates and Windows Update Delivery Optimization, but more features will be added in the future.

Defer Updates allows business users to avoid updating their software for a few months. Windows Update Delivery Optimization allows you to get updates from other sources, making it easier to manage updates if you’re using a number of different computers or devices.

Enterprise Data Protection

Because companies recommend using one device for both business and personal use, users are storing a lot of personal and professional information on their cellphones and computers. Enterprise Data Protection will protect and encrypt any enterprise information for Windows 10 users.

Enterprise Date Protection allows users to view both personal and enterprise apps on the same screen, so user experience is not compromised. Marking an app as business will protect the personal apps from gaining information and access to anything labeled as enterprise.

Device Guard

Windows 10 securityDevice Guard is another protection service from Windows 10, in addition to Hello and Passport. Device Guard works to protect applications and programs from attacks by hackers who have already gained access to the device.

Device Guard provides business users with another level of protection that works in conjunction with traditional control technologies.

Credential Guard

Credential Guard is yet another level of protection against online and malware threats. Credential Guard works with Device Guard, but where Device Guard protects the actual device, Credential Guard protects the information within. If the device is compromised, Credential Guard will protect important information from falling in the wrong hands.

Mobile Device Management

Because business typically operates on a number of different devices, including computers, smartphones, and tablet, Mobile Device Management ensures that each user’s experience is as similar as possible.

The business version of Mobile Device Management includes features like multiple user management, control over Windows store and user groups, and management of virtual private networks.

Continuum for Windows Phones

Business users can find themselves needing computer capabilities at the most inconvenient times. With the addition of Continuum for Windows Phones, users will get a desktop PC experience on their smartphones. Through connecting a mouse, keyboard, and monitor, users can do almost everything on their smartphone that they could on a typical computer.

Additionally, users can continue using phone systems, like text messaging, while working on Continuum.

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Microsoft Windows 10 Debuts; Here’s the big Plan

Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft’s Windows 10 debuts into the software market as the company struggles to become relevant in a world where more people increasingly rely on Smartphone, tablets and online information.

Windows 10 debuts with amazing apps aimed for top business productivity

No queue is expected as it used to be 20 years ago during the days of the Windows 95, but Microsoft expects tens or even hundreds of millions of people to download its latest software release free within the coming months. Microsoft is set for a global marketing campaign, like LG did with FlashMob awhile ago, to accompany this release – to reshape its own future and to reach out to vast audience of computer users globally.

The PC and tablet will be having the Windows 10 first, later to get on phones, game consoles, and even holographic headsets. Some of the new features to expect are the revamped Web browser called Edge and a desktop version of the sweet lady Cortana, in response to Google Now and Apple’s Siri.

The company still bank on the statement that the Windows 10 will seem familiar with the Windows 7 users, the 6 year old OS still running on most PCs. Seem Microsoft and PC makers is trying to erase the memory of the 2012 big update named Windows 8 which pretty look strange and unacceptable to PC users.

Microsoft jumped the name Windows 9, a way to further distant itself from the last release as many analyst believed the Windows 8 crashed PC sales worse than ever, it’s still on watch if the Windows 10 will spin the industry back to growth.

How does Microsoft Plans to distribute the Windows 10?

Microsoft has planned Wednesday to run promotional events across cites, attached to a global ad campaign and different charitable donations. Windows 10 will become downloaded immediately to about 5million people who enrolled in an earlier test program.

To anyone who has the Home or Pro versions of Windows 7 or 8, Microsoft is offering the Windows 10 as free download over the next year (except for the enterprise version used by big organizations). Many may not get it the first day, Microsoft will be delivering downloads in waves, to ensure the whole thing goes easy but hasn’t talked about how long that would take.

Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Staples and other retailers will have some desktops and laptops already pre-loaded with Windows 10.

Why is Microsoft Offering Windows 10 for Free?

The company is set to get the new OS to the hands of as many users as possible; Microsoft needs a crowd of users to convince developers that it is worth it building great apps for the Windows 10 devices. Microsoft also believes if more people are able to try out the latest and the best Windows in town, they may likely be convinced to try other Microsoft products on mobiles and PCs.

Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s CEO has given himself a target of getting 1 billion devices running Windows 10 in 3 years. About 1.5 billion people are currently using some kinds of Windows according to Microsoft’s estimate, rather than charging them to upgrade as the company used to do, its employing the free download technique after Apple and Google’s legacy.

How will Microsoft make Money from the Windows 10?

PC makers that pre-install Windows 10 on their latest devices will still pay licensing fees. Up to recent years, most users have always waited until they bought new devices to get the latest Windows. Microsoft will also make money selling Windows and other software to enterprise users (big businesses and organizations).

More so, Microsoft is counting on Windows 10 to spur more use of other services. The Bing search engine belongs to Microsoft, the company makes money selling adverts for the engine; Windows 10 debuts with many apps that steer users to Bing. OneDrive cloud storage, Skype, and Office software are also Microsoft products, users will pay a premium to the company to use these products.

More features on Windows 10 to Wow Consumers

Microsoft claimed to have designed the Windows 10 for the way people use the computer today; faster web browser, features to makes it easy for you to start a task on PC and then switch to mobile device (Google and Apple has similar features on their software).

An upgrade on security, Windows 10 users will be able to log in with their face, iris or thumbprint, instead of cracking passwords, though this will only work on device that has the hardware.

Microsoft will still give technical support to Windows 7 user for the next five years, even though the Windows 8 is unpopular, but Microsoft’s guys is still on sit to phase out maintenance and security support till 2023 as it did with the older Windows XP, still, no need to panic about upgrading right away.

Why is the new Windows 10 innovation important to the tech industry?

Manufacturers like Hewlett-Packard and companies like Microsoft, Intel and others whose products are PC based has suffered fall in sales of PC due to growth in mobile devices.

Windows 10 won’t make people drop their hand-held device, but Nadella has strategized to reposition Microsoft for a world where people use multiple devices.

Toshiba’s consumer PC business fore runner Jeff Barney said the new software can’t be compared to the Windows 8 and will complement hardware advances in Toshiba’s latest releases, although it is not expected to have big rush at the store on Wednesday at the release but over time, there will be positive trend in sales Jeff believes.

The windows 10 is available in 190 countries today.