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Video Editing Software – So Simple Even Your Kids Can Use It

According to statistics, about 72% of ecommerce customers say they would rather prefer watching a product or service video before making a purchase. And as compared to other conversion metrics, video marketers recorded an additional 66% extra sales every year as a result of using video in their marketing campaigns. The efficacy of using video in landing more product sales cannot be overemphasized in this dispensation. It adds a lot in terms of benefits to the brand’s overall image in the eyes of the audience, and that’s why this article today will be on how to create stunning videos for free with a very special video editing software that I will reveal in the course of this article. 

If creating memories that transcend generations is part of your goal for this year, and this new decade we just started, you will need excellent video editing software to make the dream a reality. 

Of all video editing tools I have tested, or used since last year, one stood out with a simple and intuitive user interface that I can’t wait to share with you, the readers of this educational platform. 

Throughout 2020, especially during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, movement of people was restricted in different countries of the world, and one of the best ways to get things done is to do them from home. Editing video is one of such because the skill-set was, and is still, highly in demand. 

I am going to be revealing a video editing software I just started using last month that has overtly changed my lazy mindset about editing video. I used to be lazy editing video as much as I love to create video content, the time it takes to mix scenes, effects, overlays, and all those kinds of stuff – it is not always easy if the tool in use isn’t user-friendly.

The editing tool enables you to make stunning slideshows with over 1000 inbuilt video templates to choose from. That means you can create stuff in less time because of its built-in effects, animations, transitions, and music, etc. Not only that, you can as well make use of its embedded social media integration to share your content with the rest of the world on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and others. All these are possible by just clicking a few icons and playing with the editing timeline.

What kind of video editing tool could that be?

Don’t be in a hurry to discover the industry-leading video editing software that I just discovered. The name is Filme by iMyFone. Filme helps you to discover a new way to create and tell your story smoothly. Anyone can easily use the full features in Filme to edit their videos without technical know-how. 

Amazing Features That Got Me Attracted to iMyFone’s Filme

1. Freedom to Be Creative: Unleash your Imaginative Mind!

You can easily edit videos to meet your imagination with this innovative video editor software right from your computer. Filme lets you keep treasurable memories intact by providing you with tools to bring your imagination to life in your creative way. 

Filme video editing software

2. Fast Video Mode: Create a Stunning Slideshow Fast in Seconds 

Do you want to make video slideshows for presentation without having to worry about the tedious editing process? Filme Fast Video mode lets you edit video presentations in one click. Our Fast Video mode allows you to edit videos in one click to create elegant memories for birthdays, weddings, travel, festivals, fitness videos, social media advertising, and lots more.

With a click of a mouse, you can create a cinematic experience without a firsthand learning experience. The fast mode makes it easy to create stuff at the speed of light:

  • Nothing to learn, just one click to get a magic slideshow done. 
  • Produce quick videos for your birthdays, weddings, travel, social media ads, and more.
  • Stylish and fast!
Super powerful and easy-to-use video editor
Super powerful and easy-to-use video editor that lets you do basic video editing, pan and zoom to inspire your video along with one-click upload option to the web.

Here’s a short guide on how to use the Fast Video function to make a slideshow video with this tool.

3. User-friendly Editing Mode Brings Ease to Life

With Filme video editor, you can do basic editing, as expected from a professional video editing software, add striking effects, or use its advanced features to tell your story spectacularly.

You enjoy basic editing functions – you don’t need any previous editing experience to import, merge, cut, trim, crop, rotate, split, adjust video timeline speed, create picture-in-picture effects, add slow-motion effects and upload the masterpiece to the internet, etc. You have everything right within your grasp!

Filme allows you to make a video like a pro, but with fewer limits!

Crop, Split, Rotate and Adjust speed of your video using Filme video editing software.

In the latest version of Filme 3.0, they have added some new functions, such as:

USB-connectivity: This allows connected devices to import materials (from iOS and Android devices).

Instant Upload: One-click upload to YouTube and Vimeo platforms. 

Effects Edit: Increase some dynamic effects and filters without hassle. 

4. Extra Effects to Make Your Videos Colorful

I get it, you are a gamer, and you want to create something specific – this is your free video editor for gaming. It makes it easy to create stunning videos with dynamic effects as expected in a life-gaming environment.

Dynamic Effects to Make Stunning Videos

Here are other features you can expect from Filme:

Effects: With a myriad of effects to choose from, you have a huge resource of filters, animations, and others that you can use to create colorful stories.

Transitions: What is the value of a video without proper transitions to arouse the curiosity of the audience? With this video editing tool, you can add various transitions to your video and stun your social media audience with memorable video content.

Text Options: Text effects are an additional feature that makes video stands out. With a wide range of cinematic text styles, you can create video titles with beautiful fonts and color selection. 

Audio: The multitracking feature embedded in this software makes it easy to sync the audio along with the graphic content. Filme video editor audio feature lets you add and refine music according to your taste and at the same time record your voice to share within your videos.

Filme User-friendly Editing Mode Brings Ease to Life

Do More with Advanced Features

Adjust Video Style: This awesome feature lets you tweak the video specifics without compromising the quality. You can change the soundtrack, media files, or amend the colors of the video or an object to achieve a style or an atmosphere.

Multitrack Audio: Filme can achieve the effect of being in the mixing room of a recording studio right from your bedroom. With this, you can add up and play eight or more audio tracks simultaneously.

Multi-Layer: Filme supports the multi-layering of videos, text, images, transitions, audio, animations, and overlays. 

Instant Preview: Most video software I have seen out there has a preview pane, they mostly lack one classic feature, and that is the instant preview pane. With this, you don’t need to wait to watch the ending of your video because you can preview while at the same time editing the same copy. 

What of mobile users? There’s Filme Lite!

If you have been thinking of being left behind, please scrap that feeling now because Filme also has a mobile app that you could use to edit videos on the go.

Filme Download Instructions:

Filme video editing software is one of the best video tools with special effects you can find out there in today’s market, and it is made available free to download. But if you want to enjoy unrestricted usage, I’d recommend buying a monthly or yearly license. That gives you the freedom to express yourself unapologetically. 

TECHATLAST Community Discount

We have secured a special discount offer for all our readers to benefit from. If you are interested in upgrading your Filme app to a yearly version, use this link and you will get a special discount of 75% off your 1-year license courtesy of our platform.

Supported Formats & Devices

Supported OS:

Supported video formats:

Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows 8.1/Windows 10. It works for both 32 and 64 bit operating system.

*.3g2 *.3gp *.3gp2 *.3gpp *.amv *.asf *.avi *.bik *.divx *.dv *.f4v *.flv *.gvi *.gxf *.m1v *.m2v *.mod *.m2t *.m2ts *.m4v *.mkv *.mov *.mp4 *.mp4v *.mpe *.mpeg *.mpeg1 *.mpeg2 *.mpeg4 *.mpg *.mpv2 *.mts *.mxf *.mxg *.nsv *.nuv *.ogm *.ogv *.ps *.rec *.rm *.rmvb *.thp *.tod *.ts *.tts *.vob *.vro *.webm *.wm *.wmv *.wtv *.xesc

Supported audio formats:

*.3ga *.669 *.a52 *.aac *.ac3 *.adt *.adts *.aif *.aiff *.amr *.aob *.ape *.awb *.caf *.dts *.flac *.it *.m4a *.m4b *.m4p *.m5p *.mka *.mlp *.mpa *.mp1 *.mp2 *.mp3 *.mpc *.mpga *.oga *.ogg *.oma *.opus *.qcp *.ra *.rmi *.s3m *.sid *.spx *.thd *.tta *.voc *.vqf *.w64 *.wav *.wma *.wv *.xa *.xm *.xac

Supported image formats:

*.bmp *.png *.jpg *.tif *.jpeg *.tiff

Supported devices:

PC, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, iPod, Samsung Galaxy, Smart Phone, Android Generic, Google Pixel, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PSP, Smart TV.

If you want to create memories that will stand the test of times, you will need a good video editing software for the task, and that is where Filme video editing software by iMyFone comes to the rescue.

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Editing Secrets of Famous Youtubers Finally Revealed

How do YouTubers edit videos? What editing software do YouTubers use? How do they edit videos to create those stunning and professional graphics that got us fascinated by the device screen? Read on to discover everything you need to know about editing videos for YouTube.

One of the best ways to grow your brand awareness and probably increase sales is by using video content, and to get it done requires professionalism.

According to Biteable, 72% of ecommerce customers to selected web portals would rather prefer watching a video of a product or service before making a purchase. Not only that, data collected by the same survey revealed a similar partway where video marketers recorded 66% more qualified sales yearly as compared to other conversion metrics. Of all surveyed data, about 93% of marketers testify to the effectiveness of using video content on social media in landing new paying customers. It doesn’t end there, the data also shows a staggering 54% increase in brand awareness due to the use of video content.

These figures aren’t fabricated, they are facts about using videos to get the words out there, but the problem is, how do you create and edit videos that convert as pro Youtubers does?

How Do YouTubers Edit Videos Professionally?

How YouTubers Edit Videos - Untold Editing Secrets of Famous Youtubers Finally Revealed
How YouTubers Edit Videos: The untold editing secrets of famous youtubers that has been hidden for a long time has finally been revealed. Discover how to edit youtube videos using less resources while at the same time maximizing output quality.

Are you looking to join the ranks of YouTubers across the world?

What used to be a fun hobby for many is now a lucrative career. In fact, the highest-paid YouTuber, Ryan Kaji, brings in over $26 million a year

Yet YouTube video editing is an art that many people spend years perfecting. So how do YouTubers edit videos? What secrets can you emulate to help your own videos one day become successful?

Further Reading: How to Create a Superb Video Experience in Just a Few Minutes

Keep reading for a guide that will teach you some of the simplest but most effective tricks. 

1. Get the Right Video Editing Software

The software you choose can have a big effect on what your videos look like when all is said and done. Video editor options range from free and beginner-friendly to subscription-based professional level varieties.

i. iMovie

If you have a Mac, you can use iMovie for free. Although it lacks some of the features of more advanced programs, it’s a great way to learn the basics and get good at editing. 

ii. Final Cut Pro

Another Apple product, Final Cut Pro is a much more advanced editor than iMovie. It comes loaded with fantastic special effects and tools, and ships with a price tag of $299.

It isn’t cheap, but it certainly is powerful, that is why youtubers edit videos with it.

iii. Adobe Premiere Pro

Although you won’t need it when you’re first starting out, many professionals consider Adobe Premiere Pro to be the best of the best. It costs $21 a month but features some of the most powerful tools on the market. 

Jake Paul has said before that he enjoys the power of Adobe Premiere Pro.

2. Take Advantage of Editing Techniques

Editing software aside, there are some simple tricks that many YouTubers use to make their videos look more professional. Here are three of them. 

i. Use Jump Cuts

If you plan on creating vlog style videos, make sure to edit out any pauses, stutters, or moments that aren’t necessary for your content.

Almost all big YouTubers do this, as it makes your content look more cohesive and professional. 

ii. Always Have Sound

Nobody likes awkward silences in real life, which is why it can be a good idea to add music to video. Adding background music or occasional sound effects can help cover up awkwardness while helping your viewers stay immersed in your content. This is one of the outstanding traits of how YouTubers edit videos while putting the consumers in mind.

iii. Get a Microphone

It’s easy to identify the YouTubers that use a microphone and those that don’t, as there’s an enormous difference in audio quality. Make sure that you also use one. 

If you can’t afford to buy a professional microphone yet, try using a pair of headphones. Many have built-in microphones that can help deliver crisp audio to your viewers. 

How Do YouTubers Edit Videos? It’s Simple!

While every digital creator has their own particular style, trying out some of the software and editing tricks mentioned in this guide should help give your videos a similar sense of professionalism to how YouTubers edit videos. 

Are you still wondering how do YouTubers edit videos professionally?

Do you now have a better understanding of how to edit YouTube videos? If you do, make sure to check out some of our other blog posts for more tech-related guides and tips. 

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How to Make AVI Files Compatible with Samsung Devices?

AVI is a popular multimedia format used to store videos and audios with different encoders. It is used by many users the same as MP4, MOV, and other formats. If you have Samsung electronic devices at home, you may want to play AVI files on these devices, but I recently received some complaints from Samsung users claiming that there will be an error message indicating that AVI files cannot be played on Samsung devices, which is caused by the incompatibility of AVI files on Samsung devices, it is really bad! So in this article, we will show you an effective and practical method to play AVI files on Samsung devices. Keep reading!

AVI videos incompatibility – What format does the Samsung device support?

For Android users, Samsung devices are a popular choice due to their excellent performance, high-definition screen, and long battery life. However, if you often play videos from the Internet on Samsung devices, you will find that there are some formats that cannot work with Samsung devices. So we need to convert the unsupported video to a format compatible with Samsung devices. Before that, it is necessary to understand which formats are supported by Samsung devices. As for the video, AVI, MKV, MP4, FLV, 3GP, and WMV are accepted by Samsung devices. Therefore, in order to smoothly play our AVI files on Samsung devices, the above video formats are all you can choose to convert AVI videos. Among them, MP4 is the most recommended one because it has the strongest compatibility and is generally accepted by players and devices.

Use WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

How to Make AVI Files Compatible with Samsung Devices
Playing AVI files on Samsung devices is seemingly becoming a daunting task for the smartphone users and this article aim to put to a stop to that with HD Video Converter Factory Pro by WonderFox. Read on to learn how to make AVI files compatible with Samsung devices.

There are two tools that provide conversion services, one is an online converter, and the other is a desktop conversion program like WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro, which allows you to convert between 500+ video and audio formats. In addition, it also supports you to convert audio and video files to digital devices such as Apple, Sony, Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo, etc.
More importantly, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is also a built-in video editor, video downloader, GIF creator to provide you with a one-stop solution.

Step 1: Import AVI video into the converter.

After entering the program interface, click “Converter” and “Add Files” to import the AVI file into the program.

Step 2: Choose a suitable output format for Samsung devices.

After loading the AVI video, open the format list to set MP4 as the output format to convert the AVI file, or you can also select the corresponding model in the “Select Device” column according to your device.

Step 3: Click “Run” button to convert AVI video to the format supported by Samsung devices.

Use WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro to convert AVI files to a format supported by Samsung devices
To solve AVI playing error on your Samsung smartphone, you can use WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro to convert AVI files to all formats supported by Samsung devices.

More features you need to know about HD Video Converter Factory Pro

  • Download online videos from more than 300 video sites, YouTube, Vimeo, Liveleak, Hulu, Dailymotion, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Convert video to MPG, MKV, VOB, MOV, AVI, M4V, MOV, MTS, phone, TV, desktop, laptop, tablet and much more.
  • An internal video editor enables you to cut, clip, crop, add effects, merge, watermark, trim, rotate, etc.
  • Add subtitles to the video.
  • Convert and download video files in batch mode, 10 can be added at a time.
  • Record the screen with sound.
  • Convert video to audio formats, MP3, AC3, DTS, AAC, OGG, M4A, etc.
  • Convert SD video to HD video.
  • Convert video and picture into GIF.

Final words

As Samsung devices become more and more popular in the market, its user group is also growing. It is common to watch hot videos on Samsung mobile phones or tablets, but it will be a disappointment if you find a video that is not perfectly compatible with Samsung devices, fortunately, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro will provide all-round and easy AVI files conversion services to help you convert the video format. Don’t worry that you are so inexperienced that you won’t use the software, it’s a clear and concise interface that is user-friendly for you. Try it!

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An ultimate review of the online video editor – FlexClip

Videos are great ways to get people talking. They attract likes and social media interactions. We often wonder then how to make unique videos. It is challenging to navigate with all the tools that are available on the market. FlexClip is one of them that surely you’ve heard of it.

This article will introduce you to this tool, the FlexClip online video editor, its features, and its price, without forgetting to summarize customer opinions on it.

Overview of FlexClip online video maker

Overview of FlexClip online editor

FlexClip is a tool that allows you to create or edit videos online for free. You can make videos without being a digital expert. This application is completely free to use online and does not require any purchase or download. All you need is a good internet connection, and you’re good to go. It is an efficient way to create short and original videos without getting lost in complicated features.

Its video editing, design, and editing interface are relatively easy and simple to learn. This tool is an all-in-one editor, as it allows you to do multiple tasks at the same time. If you have many videos and want to stitch them together, you can do it with just one click with FlexClip.

Features of FlexClip online video editing tool

Features of FlexClip online video editor

Those who like to create and edit videos without worrying about them are well served with this software. Indeed, like video editing software that are known, FlexClip Video Maker offers classic tools that are easy to understand for its users. This tool allows you to collect multiple videos, edit them, or cut them. You can also add text, music, or special effects without having to invest in expensive software.

At the moment, FlexClip works with Google Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. However, the tools that are offered are sufficient and rich enough to prepare quality video edits. This all-in-one video editor can trim videos with small borders. You can also edit rich color and professionally designed texts. It also allows you to decorate your video and easily edit it by adding background music or voiceover. With FlexClip, you can mute voiceover or adjust your audio video at your fingertips. It is a video editing tool capable of responding to your request, allowing customization of audio posts.

How to create videos using FlexClip video editor?

How to create videos using FlexClip

Here are the steps to follow to take advantage of FlexClip free online video editing tool:

  • First of all, you have to go to the official website.
  • Then, you should create a free account that you can use as many times as you want.
  • In the text section, insert texts according to your needs by following your chosen logo’s predefined style.
  • To insert music, go to the “Music” section. You can add your music or the stock music, and adjust the final volume.
  • To be able to add watermarks, go to the “Settings” section.
  • With FlexClip, you can adjust the format, position, size, and opacity of the videos.

The advantages of FlexClip online video editor

The advantages of FlexClip

In addition to the fact that it is completely free, FlexClip has many advantages, namely:

  • This video editing tool is easy to use, and the processing speed is two to three times faster than other software in the same category. Thus, editing videos is done in a few minutes.
  • Regardless of the format of the video, it can be done very quickly.
  • In addition, soundtracks can be downloaded, and voiceovers can be recorded.
  • Zooming out or in can be performed on an image.
  • You can access free artistic photos for personal and commercial use.
  • You can also search the media library for movies and photos if you don’t have one.
  • It supports multiple resolutions, which are 1080P, 720P, and 480P.
  • The presence of 1: 1, 16: 9, 9:21,4:5, and 9:16 ratios make it easier to play videos on smartphones, desktops, and other devices.
  • Its primary advantage is the automatic saving of videos to your account.

What is the price of FlexClip?

What is the price of FlexClip

Usually, when we talk about software, we find several subscription formulas often linked to different functionalities. This is the case for FlexClip, a free offer that allows you to process up to 12 projects with a 1-minute video.

For paid, monthly, or annual plans, you have the base plan of $ 4.99 / month or $ 59.88 / year. This Basic plan gives you access to 720P HD downloads, 50 projects, a custom watermark, and no FlexClip intro.

The Plus plan, which is $ 7.99 / month or $ 95.88 / year, entitles you to Full HD 1080P downloads, processing up to 200 projects with five stock videos per project and lasting 10 minutes at most for each video, a personalized watermark, and no FlexClip intro.

The Business plan, which is $ 19.99 / month or $ 239.88 / year, enables you to get Full HD 1080P downloads, processing up to 1000 projects with unlimited stock videos per project and lasting 30 minutes at most for each video, a personalized watermark, and no FlexClip intro.

Summary of customer reviews

Summary of customer reviews

Many people have used other authoring and editing tools and have turned to FlexClip Video. Its ease of use is one of the strengths of this software. This online tool seems to be created for everyone, as anyone can easily access it. FlexClip users are delighted with being able to process and create all types of videos. Thus, they can create personal videos (birthday, wedding, etc.) and quickly post them on different networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. For companies and small businesses, the videos created on this online software are beneficial as they help boost sales and increase traffic. In short, this software is an excellent and super easy to use video editor. Even users who have used it for the first time are not disappointed. The quality of the videos is perfect, and the features are multiple to customize the videos effectively. Voiceover, background music, or watermark, all are available for free.

FlexClip fulfills its functions wonderfully. It also allows you to create slide shows. Individuals and businesses will find this video editing software an excellent ally for easily creating quality videos.

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How to Unblock Streaming Services From Abroad in a Few Simple Steps

Aren’t you just tired of being left out from the rest of the world, blocked out from accessing some of the greatest and most thrilling movies ever? All of that’s about to change!

Yes, you probably have access to certain websites that screen some of the best Netflix hits, but have you ever noticed the quality? They’re most certainly not in HD!

There are a whole bunch of reasons why particular streaming services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Disney Plus or Amazon Prime are blocked where you’re located.

It could be because there are certain copyright and censorship laws attached to services like Netflix, only allowed to air in a tiny handful of countries.

Another reason could be due to severe censorship or surveillance laws within your country. Accessing these services would be a huge risk!

 Thirdly, there are countries like China and Russia that block off almost every other international streaming service, app and website from being aired in their country, regardless of the service being accessible there.

Another reason is, even if a service like Netflix is allowed within your country, you still won’t have access to all its libraries if you’re anywhere out of the US.

So, how do you get a grip of HD quality and innumerable movies/TV shows from blocked streaming sites?

There are a couple of ways for you to do that, but I’ll highlight only the most important.

Unblock Streaming Services - Unblock Streaming Services From Abroad in a Few Simple Steps
Most online streaming services are paid platform but here is how to unblock streaming services from abroad in a few simple steps.

The best ways to unblock streaming services from abroad

 There are 4 ways that are best suited for circumstances like these, with number 1 being the best way till today. They are:

  • By using a VPN software
  • Smart DNS
  • A proxy
  • TOR

By using a VPN software

You’ve probably come across a great amount of websites regarding the best VPN services. Only a few are reliable and not only unblock unlimited streaming services but also offer the best speeds, unlimited bandwidth, security protection and much more!

This piece of software is versatile. A VPN will help unblock services from anywhere in the world, by providing various IP addresses for you to connect to. These IP addresses hide your physical location, allowing you to enter into service. This depends on what service you’re trying to unblock.

Some of the best VPNs aren’t even that expensive if you go for the best-discounted prices or deals. Most of them even come with free testing periods.

Smart DNS

A Smart DNS is a little different from a VPN and using a proxy service. For instance, you won’t be provided with an entire list of servers and IP addresses but redirects your physical location. However, because a Smart DNS doesn’t hide your web traffic, it probably means the security protection is extremely low.

For example, if you’re within a country like China or Singapore, who observe strict surveillance and censorship laws, using a Smart DNS might not be such a good idea. The only plus side about this is the increase in speeds if compared to that of a VPN.

A proxy

Just like Smart DNS, a proxy too comes without any security protection. However, since your main target is to jet across streaming restrictions, a proxy is a good fit. But again, if you’re trying to unblock services within heavily censored regions, don’t do it!

 A proxy service should only be used if you’re trying to access an extra Netflix library etc. Using a proxy for smaller tasks is the way to go!


The last method for unblocking streaming services from abroad is TOR. It’s a free open-source software that hides or reroutes your web traffic through a series of layers.

This helps scramble your physical whereabouts, making it difficult for your ISP or the streaming service providers to identify your location. However, there’s a downside. TOR has the worst speed results ever! So, if you’re willing to wait through lagging or buffering, go for it!

Either way it helps unblock certain services. You can use TOR over a VPN, since only a few provide that option, but the speeds still won’t go any faster.

How to unblock streaming services using a VPN

Since a VPN is the most suitable option for unblocking streaming services from abroad, here’s a short tutorial on how to get started.

  • First head over to the VPN provider’s website, depending on which provider you choose. Do your research and go through multiple reviews first before settling for any.
  • Sign up for the service, by providing a valid email and password. Choose a suitable price package according to your budget, and then choose a payment method. Go for a provider that offers payments through Bitcoin.
  • Verify your account through an email that you should receive after account creation.
  • Download the app on a compatible streaming device. The plus point of a VPN is its compatibility with routers. When you connect to a VPN through a router, you’ll be able to add multiple devices to VPN protection, which normally don’t have apps.
  • Install and launch the app.
  • Sign in to your account and connect to the best server.

How to choose the best server

Now once you’re connected to the VPN, choosing a server depends on the service you’re trying to unblock. For instance, BBC iPlayer is only aired within the UK and to access it, means you’ll need to have a UK IP address. Connect to any or the best UK server to access it, asking the support chat if there are certain servers to unblock it.

The same goes for Netflix, if it’s the US library you want access too, then connect to any US server on the list. This also helps if you already have a Netflix account, and can’t access it when travelling abroad. Just connect to the best server and you’re in.

To conclude

Using any one of these 4 methods mentioned above, you’ll be able to unblock streaming services from abroad in no time. However, tread lightly. There are certain situations where countries have a huge ban on using any one of the remedies mentioned above. So always judge your situation and then go ahead with it. Using any one of these unblocking tools should be done carefully.

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Live Streaming: The Benefits Of Live Videos Streaming For Different Business Fields

If you aren’t leveraging the power of videos to promote your business or to simply engage your customers, it’s time to catch up. By 2021, the overall web traffic will be dominated by videos consisting of 82% of total traffic. If you are yet to build a digital-first business, you must create a solid foundation with tools that have been around before branching out into new heights. A perfect place to start is live streaming. The convergence of advanced technologies is making live streaming available to anyone with a mobile device.

Live streaming is broadcasting of real-time live videos to your users over the internet. You can live broadcast anything you like across the globe. All thanks to social media live streaming tools like Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope, and Instagram Live for making it easy for anyone to broadcast live videos. Live videos offer a better approach for businesses to communicate with their customers and create trusting relationships with minimum costs.

Table of Contents

  1. Reasons why you must use live streaming
  2. Live streaming for different business niches
  3. Conclusion

Reasons why you must use live streaming

LIVE VIDEOS - The benefits of live streaming for different business fields
Livestreaming can be effectively deployed in various business fields to promote brands and directly engage with the audience via live videos.

Many businesses are already leveraging the power of live streaming in a wide variety of contexts like live announcements, product launches, etc. Businesses can use live streams to enhance and improve direct communication with users. As useful as livestreaming can be, knowing how to set up live streaming video is also important. If you aren’t familiar with live-streaming technology, it is the easiest and affordable technology if you have the right tools. Integrating live-streaming to your marketing strategies will give you the opportunities to reach and interact with a broad audience across the globe.

Here are just a few more reasons why brands love live streaming services:

1. Fastest growing industry

Livestreaming is one of the popular and fastest-growing technologies. Most social media channels are promoting live videos and besides that, there are platforms built exclusively for live-streaming. The future of live-streaming is bright and it is here to stay. It is a powerful marketing tool that offers real-time and interactive content that is more appealing to your audience.

2. Live video fosters engagement

The content created during a live stream is unique by its very own nature and creates real engagement. The real-time and immediate nature of live broadcasts captures more attention and compels the audience to engage with the content. Streaming live creates opportunities for you and your viewers to discuss and share opinions instantly. This real-time connection helps to build personal relationships.

3. Raise brand awareness

Businesses can utilize live streaming to publicize your brand message. What makes live videos different from other forms of content is its rich nature. Live streams present more opportunities to experiment with different video formats whether it is short announcements or big events. A business that integrates live-streaming into its marketing strategy becomes more approachable and successful in improving brand awareness.

4. Help to understand the interests of your audience

Live-streaming is a great experimentation ground. It helps you to understand what your audience’s interests are. For instance, some live streams perform better than others. Experimenting with different types of live shows will help you understand what your audience likes and what they don’t like. During live broadcasts, you can get instant feedback and honest opinions about your services.

5. Easier to create than on-demand videos

When compared with on-demand videos that are pre-produced, live videos are much easier to create. You just need a smartphone, a social media account, and a broadband connection to broadcast live videos. If you are looking for how to set up live streaming video on a budget, you can look for solutions that offer cost-effective professional set up. Once the live broadcast is finished, you can repurpose the videos to use it in the future, which makes it more cost-efficient.

Live streaming for different business niches

Streaming can be applied to businesses in any industry. Besides marketing, live videos have become an additional tool for various business fields. To start with, you can utilize social media live streaming tools to use the lucrative opportunities provided by live videos to grow your videos. However, if these social media tools are not meeting all the demands of your business, you can consider how to build a live video streaming website as well. Here are some of the business fields where livestreaming can be applied.

1. Healthcare

Healthcare is one of the industries that has witnessed several significant technical advancements recently. Now the industry is brimming with opportunities to improve the communication with patients and caregivers along with modernizing knowledge sharing, training activities, and collaboration among team members.

Here is how livestreaming is used in the healthcare industry.

  • Conduct staff training

Medical practitioners need constant training to stay connected with the latest technological advancements in the industry. A live stream is a powerful medium to enable interactive learning that supports better accessibility for self-learning from remote locations. Furthermore, live video streaming removes the cost associated with it as well as inefficiencies in timing associated with remote training.

  • Mass communication

Live streaming in the medical industry has become a quick and effective tool for mass communication. It is effective for executive messages and announcements to be presented along with any supporting documents. Analytics in live streaming tools can also be used to track the acknowledgment and engagement of users.

  • Live-streaming surgical procedures

Some medical institutions encourage streaming surgical procedures for promoting highly engaged learning in real-time. All live videos can be recorded and saved for offline viewing later.

  • Stream health webinars

Medical professionals can leverage the power of live streaming to conduct interactive health webinars to patients to talk about health education and measures for treatment. Despite the difference in geographies, both doctors and patients can create an immediate real-time connection while discussing important things.

2. Finance

Financial organizations are constantly striving to deliver the best customer service to their customers to reduce churn rate and increase brand loyalty. And, to achieve this, there is no better tool than livestreaming. Live streams not only helps in building confidence among users, but it also allows your company to connect your customers with your customer service department in real-time.

Here are some of the benefits live streaming offers to the financial industry.

  • Virtual training

Finance is again another ever-evolving industry where the professionals need to keep up with the emerging strategies and other advancements. A live stream is extremely beneficial when it comes to keeping resources updated through virtual training.

  • Online consultation

Live streaming consultations give customers a wider choice of a good financial professional for attaining knowledge on various aspects. Any consultation regarding financial issues can be directly discussed through live streaming.

  • Customer service

Among all the applications of live streaming in the finance industry, the most significant one is customer service. Considering the diverse nature of the sector, the customers need to have great support from the team. For customer service, live streaming proves to be of immense value. Not just in delivering customer services to students, customer service training can also be delivered through live streaming to prevent any customer service issues.

3. Education

Live streaming for the education industry keeps getting better. Live broadcast helps students maximize their learning opportunities and teachers to increase their productivity. The ever-growing potential of livestreaming for the industry is evident with the emergence of eLearning platforms like Udemy.

Let’s look into how the education industry utilizes live-streaming.  

  • Reaching a diverse learner base

With live streaming, any educational institution or freelance educators can reach a diverse learner base. While physical classrooms have limitations in terms of accommodating students in a classroom, the virtual classroom doesn’t have any limitations on the number of students.

  • Real-time interactive experience

The major advantage of the live stream is that it delivers live interactive experiences to students. Live streaming platforms come with advanced tools to deliver an interactive learning experience for students about each learning concept.

  • Record the lectures

Live streaming allows teachers to record their lectures and use it for the future. Moreover, they can also use these videos on other platforms like YouTube as an acknowledgment of their work and for better monetization opportunities.

  • Analytics

Another benefit of a live stream in the education sector is the availability of powerful analytics. Online teachers can track the performance of their classes to determine whether their teaching activities are working or not. If you are looking for how to build a streaming website, you can look for solutions that integrate powerful analytics and reporting tools.

4. Real Estate

Real estate is another industry that benefits from advancements in live stream technology. Real estate agents can use live videos to demonstrate their properties with no need for the customers to be present at the location.

Here are some of the ways how the real estate industry can benefit from live streaming.

  • Facilitate virtual property visits

Use live stream to walk your customers through real estate properties to create virtual open property visits where people can view the real estate if they are not able to make it in person to the location. During the visit, add a commentary to add more value to your live videos.

  • Live stream auctions

Live auctions are very exciting to view. So why not broadcast it live as it happens. You can appoint a team to shoot the live video for you if you are busy during the event.

  • Discuss the property market with your customers

Conduct a live broadcast with a local broker or a specialist who can give insights about the industry to your customers. Tag the specialist as well to tap into their user base as well.

  • Showcase a home stager

If you are preparing to sell a home, broadcast live to give your customers tips on home staging. Ask a professional home stager to give your viewers valuable information on maximizing the potential of a given property.

5. Retail

Due to the rising popularity of live videos, the retail industry can use it for marketing and increase sales. To take it to the next level, you can allow your customers to buy your products and services during the live stream.

  • Shopping through live videos

Most of the customers prefer to shop online due to the ease of the process and accessibility. Brands are taking advantage of this trend and integrating shopping to live stream as well to make selling effortless. The newest trend in this area is the touchable video where retailers allow users to tap on products mentioned in live videos and to purchase the featured products.


In the logistics industry, customers will be interested in receiving their delivery safe and one time. Live streaming allows delivering this goal effectively. You can place a camera in the warehouse or the vehicle’s luggage area so that your customers can watch it live. You can also utilize live videos to get in touch with the drive of the delivery vehicle or the delivery executive to get in touch with customers in case of any accidents.


Streaming live is not just beneficial to grow your business, but also to emerge your business as a brand that cares for its customers. It allows you to get to know your customers better and create a close connection with them. Before starting out, you need to build your online presence and audience base, because if your audience cannot find you, they won’t be able to participate and interact with your videos. When you are just starting with live broadcasts, you can use social media live streaming tools. However, if you want to take it to a professional level, you must consider how to build a live-streaming website.

Live streaming can be effectively used in various business fields to promote your brands and directly engage with your audience. Regardless of the way you choose to live stream, you need to choose the best solution that allows you to access the essential features and monetization options to succeed.

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Recycle VHS Tapes: How to Recycle Old VHS Tapes [3 Practical Steps To Follow]

In their heyday, VHS tapes were the most popular way to record videos and watch movies, but in just a couple of decades, the technology that once seemed so advanced has become obsolete and unpopular.

However, even though VHS cassettes can’t compete with the digital video technology available today, the fact remains that there are still millions upon millions of tapes in people’s closets, attics, or storage units, never to be used again.

And that raises the question – is there any way to recycle these tapes and ensure that they don’t end up polluting the earth for hundreds or even thousands of years?

Well, to answer that question, let’s look at some of the possible ways how you could recycle your old VHS tapes, as well as how to save their contents.

Here are the steps on how to recycle old VHS tapes;

OLD VHS TAPES RECYCLING - This Is How to Recycle VHS Tapes
In their heyday, VHS tapes were the most popular way to keep memories, here are possible ways to recycle VHS tapes, and save their contents. To do that, we have outlined below step by step guidelines for recycling old VHS tapes.

1. Put Them Up for Sale

When you find an old box of VHS tapes in your garage or storage unit, they may not look like much.

Covered in dust and worn down, these tapes may not seem valuable, so most people just assume that no one would be interested in buying them and end up keeping them where they are or throwing them away.

However, in some instances, you may be surprised to find that some items in your collection have aged quite well and may actually be worth a significant amount of money.

Some collectible and rare old VHS tapes can be worth thousands of dollars – for instance, if you have an original tape of the 1978 movie Halloween, you could sell it for as much as around $13,000!

Obviously, these types of situations aren’t common, but you may find that you accidentally held on to an item that now has immense collectible value, so it’s always a good idea to check before throwing them out or giving them away.

Even if you only get a few bucks for the tapes it’s still better than nothing and that way you’d at least be ensuring that the tapes remain used and valued.

While tapes haven’t yet become widely accepted as a vintage format, there are collectors all over the world who value old VHS tapes and are willing to pay a premium for the right ones, so you should make sure to take advantage of this opportunity if your collection has valuable and rare items.

2. Send the Old VHS Tapes to a Specialized Recycling Company

Now, if you go through your VHS tape collection and don’t find anything of value, or if your collection mainly consists of home videos that are only valuable to you and your family, you will need to find other ways of recycling your collection besides selling it off.

Luckily, today there are plenty of recycling companies that accept old VHS tapes and know how to recycle them effectively so that they don’t end up in a landfill.

To get started, simply get on Google and type in “VHS tape recycling near me” and go through some of the main options, looking at the conditions that the company has, its policy, as well as the location so that you know that the option convenient for you.

Some companies will accept a certain amount of tapes for free, while others may charge a few for taking and processing them, but when you’re using a certified recycling company, you at least know that the tapes won’t become a burden for the environment.

What’s more, when using these types of services, you can sometimes even arrange for them to pick up the tapes from your home, saving you time and effort of having to drive the tapes to the recycling location yourself.

3. Repurpose Them

Sometimes, you may find that your collection of old tapes doesn’t have to go in the trash at all and that you may be able to repurpose your collection to serve you for many years to come.

Even if you don’t need the tapes for their contents, they are interesting and versatile objects that can be used in a variety of ways, depending on how much effort you are willing to put in and how creative you can be.

Today, many interior designers end up using vintage items to create exciting furniture or decorations, so you could use your tapes as a basis or a detail for anything from tables, shelves, clocks, or even wall decorations.

You can also repurpose the cassette tape into a storage box for smaller items such as jewelry or small accessories.

And if you’re feeling particularly creative, you can even use VHS tapes to create art, repurposing and remaking the tapes into something completely new and unique.

Point to Consider: Digitize Your Memories

When you’re trying to decide how to get rid of the old VHS tapes that are taking up space in your closet, you may be overlooking one of the most important considerations – how valuable is the content contained on the tapes, and can you allow yourself to get rid of them?

If the tapes contain old movies, they may not have too much sentimental value, as you can get the same movies in digital formats that provide much better quality.

However, if your tapes contain personal moments and home videos, they are irreplaceable, so while the format in which they are stored may be inconvenient and outdated.  This is why you must make an effort to preserve the captured memories residing in your old VHS tapes.

Luckily, that process doesn’t have to be complicated – there are many tape conversion service providers that have the experience and the equipment necessary to convert your tapes into a digital format.

What’s more, when you use a convert VHS to digital service, the quality of the tapes can be restored and sometimes even improved, which will allow you to enjoy seeing your memories in better quality that will not decay over time.

Instead of having to deal with VHS tapes that take up space and continually decay year after year, you can have all of your videos stored in a digital format and ensure that the memories will be preserved for future generations to enjoy.

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How to Create a Superb Video in Just a Few Minutes with FlexClip Online Video Editing Tool

Have you forgotten to make a presentation video before in your business meeting? Or do you want to quickly create a video of the exciting holiday photos and share it with your friends quickly?

Whatever the reason, when you want to create a video in a hurry that does not need advanced editing skills, then you should try this online video editing tool I’m going to be talking about in a bit. It is called FLEXCLIP online video editing tool.

How Does FlexClip Online Video Editor Works?

FLEXCLIP online video editor
FLEXCLIP online video editor tops the list of online free video editing tools. You can’t get anything better for nothing out there.

In this post, we are going to discuss how to create a superb video in just a few minutes with FlexClip online video editing tool.

FlexClip is a very easy free video maker for beginners, in which you can create professional-looking videos in just a few seconds, whether it’s a promo video for your business advertorial, a tutorial video for your product, or a lifestyle video – FlexClip online video editor get you covered.

In FlexClip’s video editor, you can cut or split your videos into the desirable clips. To take your video to the next level, you can add background music, edit text, record voiceover, and upload your logo and watermark to your video.

FlexClip video editor in use for Olawale Daniel video.
FlexClip video editor is free tool for creating professional videos online and Olawale Daniel just used it to create a documentary.

With only a few steps, you can create a far more dynamic video.

  1. Visit and sign up with your email or connect with Facebook. The registration is free and quick.
  2. After signed up and logged into your account, you can start to create a project. Click on Create New button on this page, and you will enter the editing page.
Click on Create new button to start making free online video using FlexClip
To create a new project, click on “Create New” button as outlined in the picture to start making a free online video using FlexClip.
  1. Upload your own videos or photos to the video editor. FlexClip features an intuitive and simple storyboard where you can easily manage the elements.
  2. Customize your video to meet your purposes. Add text, record voiceover, or upload background music to touch up the video.
  3. Preview and download your final video in high-definition quality for free. To preview the video, click the Preview button at the top. If you like the video, you can download it on your PC. You have options to download the video in MP4 format and choose the quality from 480p, 720p, and 1080p.
FlexClip allow you to export videos without watermark
FlexClip online video editor allows you to export videos without adding any form of watermark on it except your own watermark. It is totally free. I don’t know if they are going to add a paid version in the future, but I still think this whole features might still be available for free in the future.

Highlighted Features of FlexClip Online Video Editor:

  • A straightforward and clean storyboard to easily control your video clips and photos.
  • It is completely free.
  • Choose from a wide range of high-resolution photos, video footages, and music.
  • A clean storyboard allows everyone to trim video, insert text, add music, record voiceover with a few clicks.
  • Export videos in different aspect ratios and resolutions including 1080p, 720p, and 480p.
  • You can upload various videos and images from the local computer. The videos formats include MP4, MOV, WEBM, and M4V, etc. and the image formats include JPG, PNG, SVG, BMP, and GIF, etc.
  • One-click to trim or split your video to get the desirable parts you want.
  • Combine or merge multiple videos and photos in one single professional video.
  • Built with many text animations. You can add text or upload logo and then quickly edit text colors, fonts, sizes, etc.
  • Powerful voice recording tool allows you to record your own voice over the video.
  • Upload favorite background music or audio to match your video.

It would be much appreciated if you could try out the software and also share it with your friend to them create marketing videos and family stories effortlessly.

FlexClip is a new powerful video maker to develop quality videos for any purpose. Try it out here:


FlexClip online video editing tool is a very easy free video maker for beginners, as you and I, for creating professional-looking and high definition videos in just a few seconds. No need to download and install any additional software, you can use FlexClip online video editor directly in your browser online. If you want to make a good-quality video in a very short time, the tool is of great interest to you. Even if you don’t have previous video editing knowledge or experience, you can handle it quickly.

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Explainer Videos Gimmicks: How Tech Startups Can Benefit from Video Explainers

When it comes to content marketing for tech startups, explainer videos are a great way to interact with potential customers. Online video is such a powerful force that, video content is anticipated to account for more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019.

The moment a tech startup opens their doors they’re under constant pressure to situate themselves within the market and develop a unique value proposition. Being able to communicate their values to a diverse audience is often the difference between a successful startup and one that folds. A professional explainer video opens a dialogue with the target audience in an engaging way.

Tech giants like Google have often used explainer videos to break down their services without boring potential customers. This concept can be used by startups and SMEs to introduce and explain new products without bombarding prospects with unnecessary information.

There are many video formats to choose from. Next, to a traditional real live video, a great option for tech businesses is animation. Animated explainers work especially well when trying to highlight and visualize intangible products like SaaS services. Whether you choose to produce a live or animated video, you’ll definitely make yourself stand out from the crowd. Below we take a look at how tech startups can benefit from video explainers. 

Ways Tech Startups Can Benefit from Explainer Videos

Explainer video animation
To drive home your point in a shorter time, investing in video content marketing campaign will be handy. You can leverage explainer video to virally give a better impression of your ideas.

1. Developing a Brand Voice

Developing a clear and relatable brand voice is one of the main advantages of explainer videos. Without a clear voice, it’s difficult for customers to relate to your product and how your business can help solve their problems.

An explainer video that includes business storytelling based on buyer personas can help to personalize your marketing strategy and develop a relationship between you and your customers. This is important for tech startups because most solutions are aimed towards a target demographic rather than a broader audience.

2. Social Media 

In the last few years, video content has become a massive force on social media. Today, 45% of people spend more than an hour per week watching Facebook or YouTube videos. As a result, video content is one of the most effective ways to engage prospects on social media.

Developing presence on social media and connecting with this audience can really help a novice business to break through and it’s not easy to stand out in an industry as competitive and dynamic as new technologies. Simply adding a video to your Facebook or Twitter account can help to increase your online presence and draw the attention of new customers.

3. Demonstrate Your Solution

One of the unique challenges faced by the tech industry is that it can be hard to get customers interested in mechanical or mundane solutions (particularly if you are offering a complex SaaS solution).

For example, animated explainer videos enable you to demonstrate your solution in a way that the customer can easily understand. In many cases, it can be difficult to convey the benefits of your product without a visual accompaniment and a vivid animation can come in handy to demonstrate your products or services.

Explainer video process
Explainer video lets you automate and streamline the process of detailing your business goals and objectives without wasting your client’s time. Here is an example of a video explainer process.

4. Improving Your SEO 

Whilst seeking a high SEO ranking isn’t unique to tech startups, it’s vital for companies selling online products and SaaS. The higher your SEO ranking the more visible your site is on Google Search.

The Google algorithm is designed to prioritize sites with video content over more boring sites that only feature text. Adding videos to your site will simply help to increase your visibility on Google and drive more traffic to your site. 

5. Boost Your Conversion Rates 

When it comes to ROI, the biggest potential comes in the form of increasing your conversion rates. Producing engaging content with a clear CTA hooks the viewer in and makes them much more likely to interact with your site.

eCommerce store LemonStand added an explainer video to their site, boosting conversion rates by 10% and doubling the average session duration of visitors. Creating captivating video content is one of the best ways to boost your sales. 

Explainer Videos: Simple But Effective 

The secret to good marketing is presenting your product in a way that your target audience can relate to. Producing a simple explainer video will enable you to develop a brand voice that viewers can easily understand and relate to. Your video can be shared across social media, demonstrating the value of your product to a diverse audience.

Tech startups looking to develop traction in the market would do well to invest in video content marketing to get their products out there and drive enthusiasm. Ultimately, if you can’t get your prospects enthusiastic about your service then you have little chance of converting them into a sale. The easiest way to get them enthusiastic is to demonstrate your value. As the cliché goes: you need to show rather than tell.

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3 Tips for Effective Viral Video Marketing Campaign + Brands Using Video Marketing Infographic

Video marketing has become accessible and an essential component for all digital marketers.

Today, about 85% of them are already leveraging videos on their business sites to promote brands and products. As a business owner, you should consider trying video marketing strategy, as it offers you with an effective way to convey your message. Because of this, many brands such as Amazon, Newegg and many others are really paying close attention to video marketing and how they can benefit from it.

It also allows you to build a stable relationship with your prospects and customers. Videos are dominating the world as millions of them are uploaded and viewed every day. It is the best way people can spend free time online.

However, before you start recording videos, here are some tips you should consider if you want to get the best out of it.

The First Five Seconds Are Crucial

How you start the video will determine if the viewers will want to continue watching it or not. Capturing viewers’ attention is not an easy task, but you can do that by providing exciting and relevant content in the first five seconds of the video.

What Is The Goal Of The Video? 

Every marketing campaign requires a strategy. And just like other marketing strategies, videos too must follow a particular procedure in order to be effective. The first step is to create a well-detailed plan of what you wish the video to do.

Stay Relevant To The Vital Topic

It’s not all about having a viral video about your products on the internet. Is the content relevant? People love watching videos, but they will only take action if your video is precise about their needs. The content must be worth of the viewers’ time for it to be shared and re-shared. Making exciting boring video content won’t get you positive results, so if you are to make it exciting, don’t overdo it and try as much as possible to give samples relevant to your products. You don’t have to hide emotions and humour. Buyers love to see the face behind the product.

Add A Call To Action (CTA)

The call to action is the event or action you want your viewer to take after watching the video. For example, you can ask her to leave a contact information for the future marketing purposes or to purchase a product from your business.


A good video increases the time viewers spend on your website, YouTube channel, or social media channels. The more time they spend watching it, the more they will be tempted to check your other videos and products on your site! Also, don’t forget that Google will rank your page or website higher in its search results if it notices that people love your site. Video marketing is an excellent way to create brand awareness.

Here’s an infographic picture talking about brands using viral video marketing approach to drive sales and value across the world.

Reputable Brands Using Video Marketing as Mode of Projecting Their Products/Services – Infographic

Viral Video Marketing Campaign Strategies
Viral Video Marketing Campaign Strategies