Rural Internet: Connecting the Unconnected All At Once

This may be hard to believe but in 1995, only 0.04% of the planet had Internet access. 25 years later, the world is now dependent on a reliable Internet for most everyday tasks. Canada is a very large, sparsely populated country. Providing quality Internet services to rural Canadian communities has been a challenge for most Canadian ISPs, with many communities remaining on slow dial-up Internet. In other areas, DSL is an option with low data-caps and large overage penalties, if you go over your limit.

At first glance, mobile data options appear to be a quick-fix to get your email or go online.

Mobile services and packages, however, are not designed to stream the amount of heavy usage most customers desire. Again data limit overages can be a hefty fine from your carrier company.

Mobile phone plans are notoriously overpriced and price gouging has been a controversial topic for many years among mobile carriers. Even with high prices, poor connection quality is a common concern with mobile services. In 2011 BlackBerry made major news when the entire network collapsed.

With a lack of infrastructure for wired and cable-based internet services, rural Canadian customers have been looking for alternative solutions that work.

One solution internet companies provide that is popular is fixed wireless Internet. Rural internet is fiber-fed at each tower location, which makes it extremely fast and reliable.

What is a fixed wireless internet?

What exactly does “fixed wireless” mean? Compared with mobile services, which means you can operate your device anywhere, a fixed wireless service provides Internet services in a specific location, direct to a house or a building. Sometimes getting the nickname, “DirectWave” as the wireless wave is directly aimed at a specific location.

Installation is a fairly simple process, an antenna is set-up on the roof of a home or building, and everything is handled by the ISP, similar to satellite TV.

Essentially, the internet service is transmitted wirelessly, and the line of sight from the tower to the home must be clear. Trees, big hills, or even buildings can obstruct the quality of service as a clear line-of-sight is required between antennas and their corresponding towers.

The antenna or dish communicates to a nearby wireless tower, which can connect to many antennas at the same time. This is commonly called MU-MIMO technology in the internet world.

There are many pros of using rural internet! Fixed wireless is generally faster than DSL and faster than 4G mobile services. The High Speed is offered alongside Unlimited data, which means no data-caps and unlimited entertainment. Which is really great news for gamers and TV streamers alike!

Fixed wireless internet is so fast and reliable that it is a standard option for businesses looking for internet in rural areas.

Fixed Wireless Vs Satellite Internet as a Rural Internet Solution

Sometimes, consumers confuse fixed wireless and satellite services. Fixed wireless is a ground-level technology, where satellites are situated up in space. Lag is a major issue with satellite internet since signals are transmitted out to space of orbiting satellites and back down to residential homes.

Another comparison to be made is the Weather does not interfere as much with fixed wireless compared to satellite transmissions.

Fixed wireless is a fairly new technology but is an increasingly popular choice in rural Southwestern Ontario as it has become a more affordable option. As technology improves, costs go down.

The fast speeds and lack of data-caps make fixed wireless services very attractive and anyone doing any rural internet research would definitely be interested in this type of technology.


Many people living in rural parts of Canada are still left without a high-speed internet connection. For some, there are no options for internet access at all and for others, it’s the cost factor.

No matter what side of this coin you are on, internet access has become a necessity for everything we do online today. From searching for employment, getting a higher education and even social engagement.

Online influencers even have gone so far as to say that, internet access is a basic human right like Mark Zuckerberg in this Entrepreneur article. There are many reasons, but it’s clear that there are not many people in this day and age that don’t use the internet on an hourly basis.

As stated earlier, some believe it is a “human right” to have access to the internet and I agree with them.


Medical Education: Is Artificial Intelligence The Way Forward?

Artificial intelligence is one of the boons of the 21st century. It is shaping the world as we know it. In the future, it will have even more impact. Leveraging it, medical education the way it is taught can be revolutionized.

The use of artificial intelligence is on track to improve medical accessibility to millions of patients globally. It can reduce medical errors, medical negligence, and provide relief to thousands of overworked doctors in the world. For that, doctors need to be well-versed in AI and know how to use it in medical science.

The Role of Artificial Intelligence in Medical Education

Here are some ways medical education can benefit from AI:

1. As a Data Aggregator

Most medical students are incredibly overworked. AI can help them by acting as a data aggregator by:

  • Eliminating rote learning
  • Promoting application-based learning
  • Promoting a collaboration-based environment
  • Promote critical reasoning skills
  • Helping students focus on the essentials of knowledge

AI in medicine as a data aggregator

2. Clinical Decision Making

With the vast amount of patient data available online, the world is moving towards personalized medicine. In the near future, redundant medical tests, that are common for everyone, will be replaced with tests that are tailor-made for an individual. It will provide better patient care and reduce costs. AI is central to this concept, and students need to know it, to be able to use it. It will help in:

  • Conducting a thorough check of the individual’s blood profile and past diseases, if any
  • Generating genomic profile, that is, an analysis of patient’s genes
  • Clinical decision making
  • Predicting the medicines that the patient should use, based on height, weight, age, sex, and other factors
  • Providing high accuracy of treatment
  • Ensuring high efficiency and lower costs of treatment

Clinical Decision Making

3. Help Physicians Develop Empathy

Physicians are mostly overworked wherever you go. In India itself, there is a current deficit of 6 million doctors and 2 million nurses. As such, doctors cannot really be expected to empathize with patients, even as students. Millions of other lives are dependent on them.

AI can help mold budding physicians from a young age by:

  • Freeing up plenty of their time
  • Helping them devote more hours to patients
  • Helping improve their communication skills
  • Helping them take time to listen and empathize with the patient by fully listening to the patient, and learning about the signs and symptoms

4. Introducing Robotic Surgery Courses

The world’s first telerobotic surgery was performed in India in 2018. The doctors using these advanced technologies never had the opportunity to study them in medical education.

However, the world is undergoing a shift in how medicine is practiced. Robotic and tele-robotic surgery is widely prevalent now and in the future. If students are taught such revolutionary techniques during college, they will come out with a very well-equipped doctor.

Benefits of such courses are:

  • Physicians can perform surgery from anywhere in the world
  • Physical barrier to medical treatment or surgery can be eliminated
  • Millions of lives can be saved
  • Medical accessibility issues can be solved, especially in a country like India
  • Future physicians will learn about prevalent technique and be ready for challenges

They can be prepared with skills necessary to upgrade to higher technology in the near future.AI in Medical Education

5. Learn the Importance of Preventive Care

Medical education is primarily based on reactive treatment. It still focuses almost entirely on what to do after you have a disease.

But what if you, as a doctor, could prevent diseases from happening at all?

And this is where Artificial Intelligence comes into the picture.

With the advances in technology, there has been a rise in activity trackers like Fitbit. Leveraging the power of these, you could instantly connect to your patients and monitor them real-time. And you could identify dispositions towards chronic diseases like diabetes and obesity from a mile away. This activity alone can save millions of dollars. Thus, getting to study specialized courses aimed at taking advantage of such technology is very crucial.Learn the Importance of Preventive Care

6. Centralize Data

Rather than making a patient run from department to department, the world is now moving towards value-based care model.

Here, the patient is the most important part of the treatment, and not the overall cost incurred.

Teaching students how to use Data Science and AI to centralize patient information onto a common platform is something that is of utmost need.

AI can help in this context by:

  • Streamlining patient flow through hospital departments
  • Bringing information about medical test results, diagnostic reports, previous diseases or surgeries, if any, on to the common platform for any physician to readily access
  • Readily providing information regarding the issues plaguing patient
  • Other pertinent details, such as the medicine(s) the patient is taking

All these are crucial information that can be collated and analyzed immediately through the power of AI.

Wrap Up

Exposing the physicians of tomorrow to such technology only helps to hone their skills. Thereby, they get ready for the real world, and the technologies that they will get exposed to. Inclusion of these topics during medical education is the best way to equip them with technological skills that will ultimately shape their future.


Pet Gadgets – This Year’s Hottest Tech for Your Pet That’d Revolutionize Your Home

Tech is rapidly taking over our everyday lives, with so many gadgets for just about everything you can think of, and now even the pet industry has been taken by storm. Ever thought about how you can keep an eye on your dog when you’re not at home? Or perhaps you feel a machine throwing your tennis balls is much easier than doing it yourself? Well, we’ve gathered this year’s hottest tech gadgets to revolutionize yours and your pet’s life. 

4 Hottest Pet Gadgets You Can’t Afford To Have for Your Pets

When it comes to pet gadgets or toys, there are limitations to what you could have around, especially if you are a nursing mother, for safety purpose. Kids won’t let you put up just anything in the home to avoid chocking and other domestic accident. But these three hot pet gadgets will certainly revolutionize the overall experience of your home, and that of your pets.

1. Motorola Scout Connect – 85 Wi-Fi Monitor – £109.99

Pet Gadget - Motorola Scout Connect – 85 Wi-Fi Monitor 3 - Motorola Scout 85 Connect HD Black Indoor WiFi Remote Access Pet Monitoring Camera
Pet Gadgets: Motorola scout 85 connect HD is a black indoor Wi-Fi remote access pet monitoring camera that can be stationed anywhere in your home very close to your dog. It captures every moment of your dog and thereby keeping you in the loop of the events going on in your home. | Image Credit: Petwell

Communicating with and keeping an eye on your pet has never been easier now that the Motorola Scout Connect 85 has been introduced to the market. Supported by the RSPCA, the Motorola is designed to let you record and watch videos, as well as allowing you to talk to your pets when you’re not at home. This is ideal for pets that get a little bored or anxious, as having your voice can be a comfort to them. You’ll also find that being able to watch what your mischievous puppy is getting up to when alone is extremely useful, as you can either interrupt them and stop them, or keep an eye on their behavior and train them to behave differently going forward. 

2. iFetch Ball Launcher – £230

Pet Gadgets: iFetch Ball Launcher - Small Interactive Ball Thrower for Dogs - Launches Mini Tennis Balls
Pet Gadgets: iFetch ball launcher is a small ball-throwing toy for your dog. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age. It offers your pet a fun-experience that is left to none with its mini tennis balls.

Making the ultimate gift for your pet, the iFetch is every dog’s dream. After a long period of throwing the tennis ball for your dog to fetch, you’re guaranteed to get a sore arm and need a rest, but your dog probably isn’t ready to stop playing just yet. This is where the iFetch Ball Launcher comes in extremely handy. This automatic ball launcher provides your dog with hours of fetching fun, helping to tire them out and give them the exercise they need to keep fit too. With a distance of up to 40 feet, the iFetch is ideal for larger dogs too, as it can throw the balls far enough away for your dog to still have to run and fetch it back. 

3. PetSafe Frolicat Bolt Laser Toy – £19.99

PetSafe Frolicat Bolt Laser Toy
PetSafe frolicat bolt is an interactive laser toy designed to entertain even the laziest cat. It is a proper definition of keeping your cats busy.

It’s no secret that cats love to chase things, especially lasers. There are some great laser toys available within the pet industry, but nothing quite compares to the PetSafe Frolicat Bolt Laser Toy. With its lightweight, upright design this laser toy is ideal for projecting a bright laser onto the floor, providing your cat with endless fun and hours of entertainment. Being lightweight and portable, this particular laser toy is ideal for moving from room to room, so if you have a house full of people round for dinner, you can keep your cat safe in another room with their laser toy to keep them entertained and happy

4. Litter-Robot 3 – £483

Litter-Robot 3 Open Air Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box
If caring for your pet tops your list of ambition, Litter-Robot 3 is an open-air automatic self-cleaning litter box that you need. It makes caring for your pets a lot easier and faster.

For those who are tired of scooping up cat litter and creating a freshly cleaned litter tray for your feline friend every day, your prayers have been answered. The Litter-Robot 3 is just as cool as it sounds, both looks-wise and performance-wise. This litter tray is the highest rated automatic, self-cleaning litter tray available for cats today and it’s not surprising why. Once you add the Litter-Robot 3 to your home you will instantly be able to change your daily routine, with a trendy litter box that cleans itself, reduces the odor of litter and provides your cat with a cozy pod for privacy

What else could you have wished for in a pet gadget? These four are the best pet gadgets you could ever have wished to have in your home. If there are others you are enjoying, please drop them for us in the comment section and let’s discuss them.


Migrating to Office 365 from Google Apps – G Suite to O 365 Migration

Nowadays, many people are using a cloud-based service that provides various functionalities. With the help of these services, users can easily manage and store data over the cloud. G Suite and Office 365 both are the widely used cloud service by an organization. Though sometimes users want to switch from one cloud platform to another, there might be several reasons behind this migrating to Office 365 from Google Apps and all of these reasons may vary from user to user.

Now, a question will arise how to switch from G Suite to Office 365 account? Users can easily move emails from Google Apps to Office 365 with the help of a trustworthy and reliable solution that is G Suite to Office 365 Migration.

G Suite to Office 365 Migration Tool – Easy Migrating to Office 365 from Google AppsGoogle Apps to Office 365 Migration Tool - G Suite to O365


G Suite to Office 365 Migrator is one of the best solutions that meets your requirements and business objectives. It allows migrating mailbox from G Suite to Office 365 account with simple steps. This software has the potential to transfer emails, contacts, and calendars of Google Apps to Office 365 account. Moreover, this software offers a date filter while exporting the data of a certain date range.

Versions of Google Apps to Office 365 Migration Tool

This application is categorized into two different editions such as Demo and Licensed version. As per users demand, they can select any one out of these two versions.

  • Free Version: G suite to O 365 Migrator is available only on the company’s official site. One can simply install and run the program to understand the complete working steps of it. Still, there is a limitation of this software is that it will export only 100 emails and 25 items of another category.
  • Licensed Version: The licensed version of this tool lets you transfer bulk data from Google Apps into Office 365 account. There is no such restriction of this tool, so one can easily buy this product from the company’s website and use it to migrate mailbox data.

Outstanding Features of G Suite to Office 365 Migration Tool

Convert Google Apps to Office 365

G suite to O 365 Migrator is available only on the company’s official site. One can simply install and run the program to understand the complete working steps of it. Still, there is a limitation of this software is that it will export only 100 emails and 25 items of another category.

Retain On-disk Folder Hierarchy

This application is capable enough to save single or multiple files from Gmail account. It will help to preserve the folder structure of G Suite account. With this utility, users can also save email messages, contacts, and calendars in a user-defined folder.

Move G Suite Account in Batch

The tool equips an option to migrate data of several users of G Suite domains. If someone wants to transfer the mailbox items, then the software has an option to transfer the specific data. This feature helps a user to apply filters to emails, contacts, and calendars during data conversion and can export data of a specific date range.

Add Data to an Existing Profile

This software allows moving data to all existing folders of MS Office 365 if needed. It helps to migrate to Office 365 from Google Apps with all emails including calendars and contacts of G Suite to the existing O365 profile. One can also switch data to a new folder by unchecking this option, thus the data of both accounts in different folders are maintained.

No Limitation Imposed by Tool

Google Suite to Office 365 Migration tool allows the user to move any size and any number of items/ emails to Office 365 account. This feature will helpful for users if they want to transfer large size files to Exchange Online (Office 365 account).

Offer Pause & Resume Option

This application will provide a Pause and Resume option during the migration process. With this feature, users can pause the process in between if required and resumed at any time as needed. This feature will allow the user to hold ongoing data migration from G Suite to Office 365.


  • Facility to migrate multiple Google Apps domain at once
  • Migrate mailbox from Google Apps / G Suite to Office 365


  • Does not support Mac operating system.

Observation Verdict

Google Apps to Office 365 Migration tool is a powerful tool, which allows migrating G Suite mailboxes to Office 365 without any hassle. Further, there is no risk of data loss associated with this software. Both technical and non-technical person can easily avail this tool due to its graphical user interface. After considering all features of G Suite to Office 365 Migration, it can be rated as 9.7 out of 10. It is a trustworthy solution that allows performing a bulk conversion from G Suite to O365 in a seamless manner.


We’ve been able to provide you Google Apps to Office 365 Migration tool for Migrating G Suite to Office 365 without hassle, but if you encounter challenges while doing this, please drop your comment below for help.


The Intelligent Shopping Manual to Purchasing a New Sleeping Mattress

Purchasing a new mattress is perhaps one of the most important investments you can make for your bedroom décor, adding to your overall home ensemble. The biggest reason why you should be more ardent regarding the purchase of a sleeping mattress is that it is the product that you will be using not only for sleeping, but to relax as well. Choosing the ideal sleeping mattress for your bedroom demands a comprehensive thought process that often leads to anxiety. After all, buying a brand new sleeping mattress can be a great investment, one that will determine the comfort and support to your body for a prolonged period of time.

In order to keep the shopping process of your sleeping mattress stress-free, here are some tips that will help you in making a smart pick while considering new sleeping mattress:

3 Tips/Guide to Purchasing a New Sleeping Mattress on Budget

User Manual Guide to Purchasing a New Sleeping Mattress
It is of the high necessity to make sure that the new sleeping mattresses you invest in will be right for the long term benefit – both on the financially and health-wise category.

Browse Different Mattress Websites

In order to get a view and understanding of the different modern-day mattresses, it is recommended to first research by browsing a couple of mattress websites such as counting sheep. This will help you in retrieving an ample amount of information that will come in handy later while purchasing the new sleeping mattress. While browsing the websites that showcase sleeping mattresses, make sure you keep an eye on some of the essentials such as check the pricing in order to work on a reasonable budget along with the special features offered by mattresses of different brands. Apart from that, consider the upcoming new style of sleeping mattresses that might suit your individualistic needs revolving around the customizable firmness levels and cooling temperatures.

Determine the Level of Firmness

Deciding on this particular attribute might seem difficult; however, getting the right impression of the firmness levels can get a bit easier if you are able to consider some of the physical factors. In case you are struggling with back problems, it will be ideal to invest in a medium-firm to firm mattress in order to get the best back support and relief from the lower back pain. Similarly, pillow-top mattresses are perfect for people who are looking for extra padding with additional comfort. Also, check the padding material of the mattress whether it is foam, latex, polyurethane or memory foam for enhanced convenience.

Mattress Firmness
Purchasing a new sleeping mattress requires an intelligent shopping manual to guide you through the nook and cranny of the process to get your money’s worth in terms of value, longevity, and most importantly, COMFORT.

Learn About the Comfort Guarantee

A comfort guarantee is something that offers you the flexibility and opportunity to return or exchange the mattress once you have purchased it. Although the comfort guarantee varies from brand to brand, it is crucial to have prior knowledge of this certain period of time for further reliability and making the final decision on buying the mattress. Even though you have gathered all the required information, make sure of asking about the comfort guarantee time period once you are purchasing the new sleeping mattress in order to get the correct data.

Invest the required Add-ons

Although the general notion is to simply buy the mattress and ensuring a good night’s sleep, you should also consider equipping your mattress with the necessary add-ons. Make sure that you are buying a water-resistant mattress cover in order to prevent the damages that might appear due to accidental spillage.

Mattress Pillows and addons
Mattress pillows are a great example of mattress add-ons. They add extra later of pleasure and comfort to your new sleeping mattress. Try to buy one when next you are purchasing a new sleeping mattress, you’d be glad you did.


Whether you are looking for a super plush or extra firm mattress, stick to the aforementioned points for making a smart investment. After all, buying the right mattress will offer you much more than a night of restful sleep.


Digital Voice Recorder vs Smartphone Recording: Pros and Cons

The smartphone is perhaps one of the most heavily used devices in recent years, probably for the fact that you can practically accomplish anything using the phone. You can listen to your favorite songs using music apps, set appointments using calendars, and even record audio. For the latter, we will look into how smartphone recording stacks up with a digital voice recorder.

If you’re into sound recording, you probably know that both smartphones and digital voice recorders can do the job of capturing sounds and storing them in specific file formats for easier storage and distribution. In the case of voice recorders, you need to check which device or model will suit your needs.

A Brief Background on Smartphones for Voice Recording

Did you know that the number of mobile phone users in the world is expected to surpass the five billion mark by 2019? This only shows just how much mobile phones have become extremely significant to a lot of people. The convenience that it brings has transcended to several types of media, and has made its way to audio and voice recording.

Smartphone Voice Recording

For someone who doesn’t use voice recording as part of their jobs, the built-in sound recorder in most smartphones may already be enough. But what about situations that require high-quality recordings? Can smartphones deliver, or should we opt for digital voice recorders?

What does a digital voice recorder do?

A voice recorder captures sound and converts it into an audio file that can be easily transferred (preferably through a USB cable or any similar accessory) to another device like a laptop or computer.

People who have voice recorders may use them for various reasons:

  • To record lectures or seminars. Not everyone has such a photographic memory. Therefore, some students bring a voice recorder to take note of the professor’s lecture or talk.
  • To record interviews. Journalists may find this device extremely helpful, particularly to ensure that they are able to note the exact words that their interviewees have said.
  • To record the last words of a dying relative. It may be unusual to do this, but some people find it comforting to keep an audio memento of relatives who have gone ahead of them.
  • For transcription purposes. Doctors dictate the condition of patients to nurses, who in turn are supposed to write the details on the patient’s records.
  • As legal evidence. In any kind of court proceedings, it is important to present any kind of evidence that both parties can provide. A recorded audio clip can be a determining factor for the jury. The same can be said about preparing a last will and testament.
  • For capturing thoughts and ideas. For writers and bloggers, the voice recorder can help capture ideas as they go on their everyday lives. Instead of writing whatever comes to their minds, clicking on the video recorder makes it easier for them to express their thoughts and record a random idea.
  • For fun. Some people may use the voice recorder for fun like scaring others or setting up a prank.
  • For making personal audio files. If you are an aspiring singer and you want to hear how you sing, having a voice recorder can help you determine which part of the song you need to improve the way you sing. The same goes for budding public speakers who want to evaluate their verbal nuances, mannerisms, and grammar issues.

Comparison on Smartphone Recording VS. Dedicated Digital Voice Recorder

Most smartphones have a built-in voice recorder app that you can use anytime. However, if you are a heavy user of voice recording for your tasks, would you opt to just use your smartphone or would you rather buy a digital voice recorder?

Here are some points that will help you decide on whether to stick to your smartphone or to use a dedicated digital voice recorder.

Recording capability

Although a smartphone enables you to perform several tasks in just a few clicks – including a built-in voice recorder – it has limited recording capabilities compared to a dedicated digital voice recorder.

For starters, a digital voice recorder has the ability to capture superior quality audio files. Although it may affect the recording time or space needed to store the file, it ensures that you have a better audio file compared to just recording using a smartphone. In other words, a digital voice recorder has significantly better sound quality than a smartphone recording.

Internal memory

Some smartphones will only allow you to record short audio files due to a limited internal memory. As for digital voice recorders, depending on the brand, they usually have more storage for audio files.

Sure, some of the latest smartphone models already come with higher storage capacity (reaching even up to 256 GB). However, storing a huge library of sound files may cause the phone to lag and even freeze in some instances. That’s because the smartphone still has to perform other tasks alongside file storage and playback.

Audio quality improvement

A digital voice recorder has the functionality to edit audio files. Some digital voice recorders have the ability to mute ambient sound, therefore producing better a quality audio file. This feature isn’t present in smartphones recording.


Smartphones vary in prices the same way as voice recorders do. It’s difficult to compare smartphones and digital voice recorders in terms of price. Bottom line, more features in a device usually translates to a higher price tag.

Battery life

Your smartphone may have a battery life of up to 48 hours, the same as some digital voice recorders. However, your phone’s battery power is dependent on how often you use it. On any given day, your smartphone will probably be running a few apps, all of which can drain the battery gradually – and that doesn’t include the actual voice recording yet!

With the digital voice recorder, the battery gets used up only when it is used for recording or playback.

The choice between using a smartphone or a dedicated digital voice recorder ultimately depends on the user. If a voice recorder is frequently needed to comply with a requirement for a job or any task, then purchasing a digital voice recorder should be the best option. However, if sound quality doesn’t matter as much as convenience (of bringing only one device to perform several functions that include sound recording), then having a smartphone will be enough.



Mattress Thickness – All That Is There to Know before Buying

Among the many things that need to be considered while buying a new mattress is the thickness. While very thin mattresses can be unsuitable for heavy persons due to lack of inadequate support, very thick mattresses made from multiple layers of materials of different densities can be somewhat of an overkill for many sleepers. The height of the mattress also affects the way you can get into and off the bed as well as the aesthetics of the bedroom.

Low Profile

These mattresses are usually 2-5 inches thick and are available in quite a few types, including ones meant for use on air beds and folding mattresses for use on the floor. These mattresses are usually favored by people who don’t want the mattresses to be elevated too much from the floor to create a modern spacious look in the bedroom. Low profile mattresses while being suitable for light people will typically not be able to provide the support required by heavy people.


These mattresses are usually between 5-8 inches thick and constructed out of heavy density foam. These too can be used by persons who don’t weigh too much but you may have to sacrifice comfort as the plush layer on top is minimal. Thin mattresses are ideal for use by children as they don’t require the extra support of a thick mattress. Thin mattresses are also preferred by those who desire to adopt a typically Scandinavian contemporary style in the bedroom where thick mattresses will look out of place.


These have heights ranging from 8 to 12 inches and are the most popular type. You will be able to choose from the conventional innerspring, memory foam and latex constructions depending on your need and preference. Comprising multiple layers, these offer better support and comfort but are more expensive than their thinner versions, though you can usually find one to suit your budget due to the intense competition between manufacturers. Read up on a nectar sleep mattress review to know more about how premium mattresses are constructed.


These mattresses fall into the category of 12 inches and above, right up to 20 inches. Available in innerspring, memory foam, latex, as well as hybrid versions, the construction involves multiple layers of materials of different densities to cater to the support and comfort aspects. Typically, mattresses of these thicknesses are the most expensive though you should not equate quality with price.


The combination of the height of the bed and the thickness of the mattress dictates how easy or difficult it is for you to get in or out of bed. Despite the obvious attraction of a bed that is really low or high, most people, especially those suffering from mobility issues or back pain will find it wiser to choose a height that is 24 inches to 30 inches. The mattress thickness should be selected accordingly; medium thicknesses are optimal as they can provide the desired comfort and support yet are not too heavy for transporting or flipping over.


14 Quick Tips for Freelance Writers of this age

Writing is a creative outlet. More than words, it is a performance.

Pleasing an editor is an important task for any writer. Ever wondered, what is going to take you to the next level as a freelance writer? What tricks are going to hook your readers?

Below are a few tips to steal from freelancing practitioners, to get started as a new freelance writer.Freelance writers

1. Start Pitching Interesting Topics

As you are a fresher to this field, you must start pitching as often as you can. This brings you a recognition among the clients. The best way is to plan a goal and stick to it. Get the reader interested.

Along with pitching to job boards, also make sure to send some cold pitches as well.

2. Make the content worthy for Readers

Not all the successful writers possess degrees, nor they maintain a good writing style grade. Just make sure the content you are writing is enable to grab the reader’s attention. Readers must find the story interesting and avail the message reaching them.

3. Have a Blog

Having your own blog creates an identity among the clients. It acts as your personal portfolio and helps you get more enquiries from the clients. As you don’t have any samples to showcase, your blog posts act as samples. These samples come in handy whenever you send a pitch.

It is a sure quote thatWriting every day improves your writing”.

4. Plan Your Writing

Invest time in planning the idea of the article for a better output. Plan an outline of the writing and then dig into the actual story. Organizing the thoughts from the beginning itself creates a flow in the article that eventually leads to a good end product.

5. Focus on Goals

When your writing gets rejected by a client, don’t take it personally. Hope that your writing style might fit for some other website. So, don’t let the fear of rejection stop you from executing actions. Have faith in yourself and stick to your goals.

6. Please the Editor

There is sometimes your article might get rejected over and over again. This doesn’t mean your writing is bad, but, it can also mean that you haven’t properly followed the guidelines of the editor.

There are definitely few favorites that an editor possesses, and incorporating them into your writing will increase the chances of acceptance.

7. Edit, Re-Edit Your Work

Check if there are any grammatical errors or spelling issues in the content. Certain spell checker tools will make your job easier. Make sure to frame articles in the complete sentences and that variation is present in the sentence structure. This constant check also makes the job easy for editors, in later stages.

8. Intelligent Approach

Don’t send your work to an editor, until and unless you feel confident about it yourself. Wait until you feel you have done your best job, then send it for publishing. If you still feel low, initially send your query to the editor once, whether the content is appropriate to them or not. Go through the guidelines and make an appropriate approach.

9. Have Other People Read Your Work

Share your work with the people around you to gather their opinion. Accept their legitimate advice regarding technicalities. Choose your readers carefully and get people who will give you constructive criticism.

10. Clear vision about Writer’s Guidelines

Highlight important information in your writing. Different editors accept different norms of formatting. There are also other key pieces of information that guidelines request. Some request pieces by specific dates.

11. Submit Professionally

Address the editor professionally by his/her last name. This is a good business practice and helps you create a lasting impression.

12. Maintain the schedule times

If there is a time limit for any submission, make sure to schedule your work way before the date. Meet the deadlines adequately. If in any case, you are unable to meet a schedule, ensure to inform the editor about the changes in timings, beforehand.

13. Maintain network with other freelance writers

Be on the lookout for more work by reaching out to other freelance writers. It is one of the wisest things you can do. As other freelancers are also travelling in the same boat as yours, they are aware of the specific information regarding the clients and their rates.

It is nice when you have someone to share thoughts and talk about all the things regarding ‘blogging and freelance writing’.

14. Develop a Marketing Plan

A solid, consistent marketing plan will help you achieve a sustainable business. Marketing yourself is an excellent means to it. Few tips include:

  • Start Guest Posting. This gives you an author bio that helps you get noticed.
  • Maintain a writer website.
  • Hold Twitter and LinkedIn URLs.
  • Connect with businesses on social media.
  • Comment on blogs.

Final Thoughts…

If you market yourself right by applying these principles to your writing, your chances of acceptance can be enhanced. Moreover, clients will start approaching you.

Wish you all the luck!!!


The Allure of High Rise Homes: Why Condo Sales in Downtown Dallas is on the rise.

In 2016, the rate of Condo sales by May of that year had climbed up to 3.2%. This wasn’t just some fluke result as the growth of this particular branch of real estate had been hinted at in many cities. Dallas and it’s neighborhoods particularly the Downtown Dallas area seems to have gotten the best end of all deals. With stunning scenery, beautiful people and a lovely skyline, the sales of high rise homes in Downtown Dallas have skyrocketed. Many people are still unsure, but understanding why, is a good way to make sure you don’t miss out on the deal of a life time. Below are some reasons why high rise home ownership is on the rise and why you should consider it:

How High Rise Homes is Bringing Sexy Back to Ownership of Condos in Downtown Dallas

Condo Ownership and emergent of high rise homes in downtown dallas and why you should consider owning your own.
In this article we cover more about condo ownership and emergent of high rise homes in downtown Dallas and why you should consider owning your own.

Here are what experts are saying about the insurgent of high rise homes or in downtown dallas. If you’ve read one article about high rise homes or condo before, read this one because it contain great insight.


Although condos in general are touted as overly expensive, with hidden costs and high tax burdens, condos in Downtown Dallas are particularly cost friendly and are most times easier to streamline to your pocket and needs. Most expenses are also stipulated in the contracts by sellers to make sure you are fully aware of your sign on costs. You could get a condo in a good environment from any price above $200,000. This in my opinion seems like a bargain especially when you consider the fact that condominiums are a lot less expensive than single unit town homes.
What Experts Are Saying About High Rise Homes
Investing in high rise homes comes at a great price. It is not really cheap and the high cost of maintenance is another factor that could discourage an intending investor. But, aside all that, it is a profitable investment.

Investment Opportunity

In the traditional sense, condos are not the best of investments, with hidden costs as to maintenance, bills and services that might sometimes make the cost of buying and owning one particularly over the top. But like any investment, your ability to use it to create value is the main factor and people ignore that. With proper management, modesty and a keen eye for quality, condos in Downtown Dallas can be highly valuable investments with pretty lucrative ROIs. Hence the continued sustained growth in its sales and rentals.


High rise buildings in the earth of Dallas
High rise buildings in the earth of Dallas raising eye brows about great opportunities lying untapped in the locality.
James Gaines, an important functionary with Texas A&M Real Estate centre has been quoted as saying that the increase in sales of condos over the past few years is essentially a function of price and location. In Downtown Dallas business has been thriving because of the conducive atmosphere and people around involved in a wide range range of projects, creating a growing hub for condo owners, buyers as well as sellers. With a competitive edge in price over traditional homes, coupled with a very well thought out planning and location, the growth of the high rise luxury condos in Downtown Dallas is just a sign of things to come.


If You Read One Article About High Rise Homes Read this One
If you read one article about high rise homes appreciation, try read this one because it contains great idea about having your own condo.

Luxury condos in downtown Dallas have additional inherent value not just for their architecture, comfort and vision but also for the quality of amenities available. This has created a recent influx of patronage and therefore as a ripple effect an increased value of the condominiums.


With all these business on security and national crises, corporations and developers roll out millions of dollars into developing secure systems. These condos now equipped with capable wireless systems protect our lives and property from the dangers that go bump not just in the night but in the day.

Vote NerveFlo at the global GIST Tech-I competition

This year, a promising Nigerian Tech Startup, NerveFlo, has scaled into the semifinals of the global GIST Tech-I competition (organized by the U.S. Department of State) with others from 135 countries. GIST stands for Global Innovation through Science and Technology and they are working towards empowering young and intelligent ideators, innovators, creators and inventors in creating solutions that would be well-received in the marketplace.

NerveFlo Samsung promo

NerveFlo provides African music, video and ebook creators with a platform to sell their work locally & internationally.

“We want to transform Africa’s creative industry with your help.” – NerveFlo Team

VOTING is currently ongoing everyday from April 1 until May 1 to help determine the 30 finalist that will showcase and pitch at the June 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES 2016) in Silicon Valley, California U.S.A.

By voting for Nerve Flo, you stand a chance to win a brand new Samsung phone by voting this tech startup from Nigeria at the global GIST Tech-I competition.

Kindly Vote for us and stand a chance to WIN a BRAND NEW Samsung smartphone as well as other cool prizes.

NerveFlo voting on GIST
To vote, take the following steps;  

  1. Log in/register at the GIST website here:
  2. Go to NerveFlo’s startup entry:
  3. Click the VOTE Button under the startups entry.
  4. Send a screenshot of this voting success page to

GIST TECH-I voting confirmation for Nerveflo

You can vote again once every 24 hours, for as many days as you can, to improve your chances in our weekly draw.
Prizes include a brand new NEW Samsung Ace device and original autographed Adidas/Puma soccer balls.

Thanks for your support. 🙂

– Team NerveFlo

PS: See example screenshots attached above for guidelines.

Editor’s Updates

It is part of our mission to showcase African startup businesses and Nerveflo happens to fall into this category. So, support them by voting!