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How Artificial Intelligence Is Taking Over the Fitness Industry

You may not observe it, but artificial intelligence is digging deep into daily life. It is evident from the fact that healthcare to business, everything is changing to respond to ever-increasing automation. Besides this, the role of AI in the fitness industry is increasing swiftly without any prior notice or realization by the consumers. It has increased the influence of technology in routine life to help individuals get maximum benefits.

In response to the growth of AI, the states and industry experts are readjusting their focus towards innovation. It is evident from the fact that the United Arab Emirates is pursuing an AI strategy on the national level. Similarly, various supporting events and activities are happening to support the active deployment of innovative technology. You may also be part of AI in UAE based events to know how artificial intelligence is shaping the world. For now! Let’s get some details about the impact of AI in the fitness industry!

The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on the fitness Industry

Health is wealth, and it is the primary reason that people spend more on getting high-quality fitness products and services to stay healthy. No matter if you are an enthusiastic fitness seeker or casually visit the gym once a week, you should know how robotics is an emerging part of the fitness places, including gyms, gaming zones, and many other such areas.

Let’s consider how things are changing in the fitness and wellness industry while giving rise to higher sophistication:

AI in the Fitness Industry: How Artificial Intelligence Takes Over the Fitness Industry


AI-based Wristbands

Initially, smart applications are the sole focus on fitness experts and the individuals interested in a regular workout. Over time smart applications have been integrated into smart gadgets. Presently, artificially intelligent wristbands and watches are higher in demand owing to various healthcare indicators and fitness facilities. For example, Apple Watch comprised various fitness features that help the people to track their fitness routine with ease and effectiveness.

AI-based Wristbands is one example of AI in fitness industry
AI-based Wristbands is one example of AI in the fitness industry.

Fitness Apps with AI integration

The progress and evolution of smart devices have considerably helped the people to live a life with comprehensive fitness goals. The most interesting benefit of keeping health-related applications is that individuals can personalize their workout experience. In this regard, Googlefit, Fitbit, and many other apps are getting higher popularity among the people. In this way, AI is transforming the user experience of individuals with progressive fitness plans.Fitness Apps with AI integration

Smart Planners for Diet Conscious

There is no denying the fact that the diet plan is the first and foremost important thing when it comes to staying fit. However, many people want to comply with diet plans, but they are unable to do that owing to laziness or any other reason. Interestingly, smart apps for diet planning help such individuals to eat healthy for staying fit. The AI-driven diet planning applications are smart enough to sense your moods for making suggestions about today’s meal. So, you can adopt a proper routine of eating without feeling bound for anything.Smart Planners for Diet Conscious

Intelligent Shoes for Smart People

Do you want to run away? Take some smart shoes with you – they will support you through the thin and the dark. Surprised? It is true that you can find intelligent footwear that knows how well to keep your feet running, tracking, and hiking. The element of AI in the shoes help you estimate your running speed, the alignment of feet with the surface, and stride. So, you can pursue your fitness goals with strong companions for your feet today!Intelligent Shoes for Smart People

Smart Assistants for Gym

Have you seen robotics? Surely you have not imagined that one-day robots will chase you even in the gym. Yes! It’s the reality as modern-day gyms are hiring robots to help their fitness goals achievers. So, if you find a robot coming to you a say, “keep it up,” say cheers to go the fear! Additionally, robots as intelligent nutritionists are making their way towards slimming clinics. You can also get help from Chatbots and AI-powered Virtual Assistants to get advice for fitness problems.Smart Assistants for Gym

Smart Yoga Suits for Accuracy

Yoga is significantly helpful in getting a relaxed and healthy lifestyle. The benefits of yoga are enormous, and so people prefer adopting a routine for performing it. However, fulfilling all requirements of Yoga poses may be a hard nut to crack for many people. The integration of artificial intelligence in this field has changed almost everything. Now, you can buy AI-based yoga costumes that can help you get accurate yoga moves with better insights. The smart sensors attached to yoga clothes and other equipment help people get better in yoga practices every day.

Smart Yoga Suits for Accuracy
The introduction of smart yoga suits aids the accuracy of exercise reading.

Higher Personalization with VR Workout

Virtual reality is transforming the world for experiencing more reality than ever – the integration of the VR environment in the gyms has considerably increased the level of personalization for the individuals. You can also become the part of modern-day gyms by getting the advanced tools to follow your coach through VR-driven gyms and fitness platforms.

Higher Personalization with VR Workout
Gyms and other fitness tools and programs can now be personalized for individuals with the integration of artificial intelligence.

Final thought – AI is the Future of Fitness!

Hopefully, the above-mentioned insights have helped you understand the importance of artificial intelligence in the fitness industry. It is imperative to note that AI in the fitness industry is not only helping the fitness goal seekers but also contributing to fitness business stability. So, the role of AI in the fitness industry is critical in sales, customers’ services, marketing strategies, training, and other stuff related to the business point of view.

The professionals from various industries are joining hands to foster AI awareness to the present and upcoming generations. Want to know more about the perks of artificial intelligence? You can be the part of exhibitions of AI in UAE to get first-hand information along with practical experience with robotics. Don’t forget to experience innovation with an AI-driven future based on a healthy lifestyle!

Infographic Sports

MonEy – The Business of eSports (Electronic Sports) & its Growth – Infographic

eSports means Electronic Sports – a form of organised, competitive gaming between professional gamers. Competitions are organised by several local and international organisations around the world, and the sport is rapidly growing in popularity. In 2017, revenue from esports grew to over $650m and has grown year on year. This is set to continue into 2020 and revenue from electronic sports will soon surpasses that of mainstream sports if the current trajectory is maintained.

Overall, China and North America contributed $362m to global esports revenues in 2017, that’s 52% of total revenue. These two continents have been key in the growth of esports, with consistently high viewing figures, attendances and prize pools. Sponsorship is currently the main source of income when it comes to revenue for electronic sports. However, media rights are the fastest growing segment, increasing by 81.5% in 2017. The highest earning countries by esports competitors are spread across the world with China, United States and South Korea being the highest. In 2017, electronic sports players from China won over $68m.

Electronic sports is becoming such a phenomenon that traditional sports teams are starting to take notice. Football teams such as VfB Stuttgart, FC Basel, Ajax and Empoli all have over three professional esports players each to participate worldwide FIFA tournaments, and it doesn’t stop there. In 2016, The Philadelphia 76’ers became the first North American professional sports team to purchase two esports teams, Dignitas and Apex. The rumoured price was between $5m and $15m.

One of the biggest signs of how big esports is getting is the largest prize pool ever offered at a professional event. The recent The International 2017, in which pro Dota 2 players fight it out to see who has what it takes to become the Champion, offered $24.7m as a combined prize pool for competitors. 2018 is set to be an even bigger year for esports!

Let’s Tak About eSports Business MonEy Infographic

Today on TechAtLast, we are publishing an infograph on electronic sport titled; MonEY – The Business of Electronic Sports. eSports’ MonEy infographic tells about the beautiful business of electronic sports and the growth ratio and the profitability of the venture.

MonEy - The Business of eSports (Electronic Sports)
MonEy Infographic Tells About The Business of Electronic Sports, popularly known as eSports across the world.

MonEy infographic focuses on the business of electronic sports and the monetary aspect of the game.

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Horse Racing – How The Sporting Event Has Become a Boon for Tour Operators

Horse racing is so popular that the sporting event has encouraged tour operators to explore the opportunities of monetizing the world famous the sport. The Breeders Cup program, the grand annual championship of horse racing, is one of the most prestigious events of the competition that has no parallel. Every racing enthusiast who has the slightest knowledge of the sport is aware of the importance of the event that takes place in the month of November in the US every year. Since there is nothing comparable to the excitement and thrills of being on the stands on the day of the race, huge crowds gather at the venue. Unlike many other horseracing events that are specific to some racing tracks thereby making it site-specific, the Breeders Cup is a horseracing event with a difference.

Horse Racing Sporting Events
Horse racing has become an essential agenda for most tour operators because it has helped raised awareness for the grand events, hence the popularity of the game.

Horserace tour

Different championship competitions mark various stages of the racing season, and each of them set the stage for identifying a new champion. The event held over two days during the first week of November draws massive crowds from not only America, but also other countries of Europe, and it provides significant opportunities for business for tour operators. The event is unique as it does not have any fixed venue or racetrack but keeps moving from one racing track to another across North America. In 2017, it was the turn of the famous Del Mar Thoroughbred Club in San Diego to host the event. Naturally, enthusiasts from faraway places had to depend on tour operators to make all arrangements for them to be there at the venue and enjoy the thrills of the exciting atmosphere.

A splendid touring experience

Come November and some of the best European trainers and jockeys get ready to take on the American counterparts to establish their supremacy in producing the champion of the year. Being there at the championship venue is the dream of any horseracing enthusiast, and the tour operators are equally keen to provide the best experience to their clients. The tour operators are committed to providing the best horseracing experience to the clients as they embark on the journey to the prestigious racing event like the Breeders Cup. Horseracing travel has its own nuances and the tour operators leave nothing to chance to take the fans to international destinations for the experience that they would treasure for many days.Horse Racing Tracks

Added attraction

The races are not the only attraction. To give more value to clients, the tour operators provide more exposure to clients by arranging visits to the sidelines of the event. The racing fans get opportunities of visiting training yards and Thoroughbred breeding farms, which offers them a glimpse of the behind the scenes action that contributes to the success of the races. Different tour operators choose different venues of racing to create attractive tour packages. Some emphasize on European horse racing while many others prefer the American events to boost their business.

Horse racing travel has become an essential agenda for any tour operator, and it has helped to spread the popularity of the grand events.


The amazing depth of the technology in your toys on the road

When capital is not an issue, and you can afford to spend, you can easily customize your “toys” and have them run on the road with the speed of light. To cater to the need of people who want to drive spaceships instead of car, luxury car manufacturers are taking customization to a whole new level. The incredible features of today’s high-end vehicles go beyond voice activation and lane-changing safety.

The amazing depth of the technology in your toys on the road
Ever imagine the amazing depth of the technology in your toys on the road? Today, cars no longer serves solely as means of transportation alone, but instead, it serves a much-bigger purpose – entertainment, education, relaxation and even, at times, could be homely! Anyway, this is where the future where going into where connected cars communicate in real-time.

Tech toys on wheels

Some of the most recent demands in car tech centers on luxury design that increases comfort level, enhanced connectivity, and memorable driving experiences. The newest auto luxuries include advanced technologies that blend wireless, the IoT and data science to craft genuine masterpieces.

Savvy buyers want sublime comfort when getting behind the wheel of their digital toys on wheels. But at the same time, they want high-end materials and extraordinary performance. Porsche recently made a seat that can be adjusted in 18 different ways, to make sure it molds perfectly after the posture of the driver. In terms of safety, manufacturers are aiming to keep the driver focused on the road by eliminating distractions.

In-depth advances for your digital toy on wheels

If you’re car enthusiast, in-depth tech advances embedded into your favorite model are a must-have. Those that can afford to spend want their vehicles to be both a moving and a living medium. They want to be connected not just to the internet when they’re behind the wheel, but also to data sensors that support cloud-based applications.

The mere act of starting the engine no longer resumes to the act of driving, but also to the act of “communicating”. When data is streamed we want our seat to mold after the shape of our body, and we want our climate control features to be GPS-connected and function intuitively. It’s ok to assume that car fanatics want their custom toys to “sense”, literally. They also want them to learn and respond to commands are fast as possible. When you’re behind the wheel, you’re basically interacting with your car.

In-depth advances for your digital toy on wheels
Increasingly more manufacturers are acknowledging the need for connected cars. Things are just beginning to get more interesting. You can get in-depth advances for your digital toys on wheels on the go! What else do you want?

Porsche’s latest smart features, Porsche Connect Plus and Porsche Innodrive, rely greatly on complex sensor technology that act like a concierge and protector for the driver. Mercedes’s newest Maybach model can “learn” the driver’s habits, as well as recognize when he’s feeling stressed. In essence, it is able to design a custom health system and even provide advice and encourage the driver to take a break and breathe.

Going all-in on connectivity 

Increasingly more manufacturers are acknowledging the need for connected cars. At this point, most luxury design feature upgraded packages, so that you can take your “toy” to get a makeover. Some of the best and most thrived for offerings are the Google Street View and Apply CarPlay features.

Feel free to make your pick and decide on the extra you want to implement into your luxury vehicle. For some extra peace of mind, you can easily add more security, safety and remote access features. Or, go for emergency assistance like silent alarm and airbag deploys. The choices are endless.

The Attention Assist feature compatible with Maybach models is excellent because it helps drivers track eye line, making sure the driver doesn’t fall asleep while on the road. Put your car to good use – your Maybach can monitor your pulse and even release fragrances and play adjustable sounds to keep you feeling good and energized when driving.

Digital toys are now going all-in on connectivity
Digital toys are now going all-in on connectivity and you need to get all-in on these amazing features.

Smart safety features 

The BMW 7 Series is constantly targeting the needs of the driver. The embedded features are all about improving night vision. BMW has targeted the tech to busy business people working on smart devices and computers all day; by upgrading its safety features, the cars warns you that you lack focus, and that you should take a break because you’re too tired to drive.

Today’s high-tech vehicles are slowly becoming our new personal assistants. The added technology is not just smart, but intelligent. The AI integrated in the available upgrades is transforming the mere habit of driving a car, into a habit of interacting with the car. Porsche with its Porsche parts shop, BMW with its night vision upgrades are living proof that our cars are amazing at making trips from A to B seamless.

Football Infographic Sports

Goal-Line Technology And The Future Of Football [INFOGRAPHIC]

Agree with it or not the reality is that technology is beginning to find its way into football. Trials of video replays have already taken place during a friendly between France and Italy in September this year and it has been confirmed that video replays will be part of the referees arsenal during the 2018 World Cup in Japan.

Goal-Line Technology And The Future Of Football Explained

Goal-line technology is already part and parcel of top flight matches and yet there is the distinct possibility that the game will include more and more technological advances in the foreseeable future. To buttress that point, the goal-line technology is in its full scale in the English premier league  as a Goal decision system. It won’t be too long that other professional leagues around the world will follow suit and implement goal-line technology system.

Take a look at the infographic below to find out what technology is already in existence and what may possibly be used within the next few decades. Some of these technological advances may become an integral part of the game, while others may never get off the ground so to speak. Either way there is no getting away from the fact that the use of video replays and strategically placed cameras will aid referees decisions and do-away with inaccuracies that impede the progression of clubs during qualifiers and hinder their endeavours to climb the league tables.

Some people think that technology is being too heavily relied upon, and yet with the intensities and potential loss of huge amounts of income many football clubs and players are saying that the introduction, and continuation, of technological advances is the only way forward in the beautiful game.

Read the information below and take a look at how technology and the future of football may be a real game changer over the forthcoming decades.

The Future Of Football and Its Technologies; Goal-Line Technology, Replays and the rest…

How will the football pitch of the future look like? Will decision making still rely solely on referring or automation system? Will the game still look much natural and real with the influx of technologies into its functionalities? Study the infograph before to know what the future of football looks like and what sort of technologies could be developed to power the foreseeable future of football.

Technology And The Future Of Football
Goal-line Technology and The Future Of Football: How will the football pitch of the future look like? Will decision making still rely solely on referring or automation system?
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15 of the Coolest Cyclist Gadgets for the Avid Cyclist [MUST HAVES]

Cycling has become a favorite activity, especially among the youth. This uptake has been attributed to the adoption of healthier lifestyles by most people. There are certain cyclist gadgets that can be added to the bike to make cycling a more fulfilling experience. Bicycle manufacturers have noted that bikers are always looking out for new gadgets to spruce up their bikes. These are some of the most exciting devices that are currently in the market.

Coolest Cyclist Gadgets for the avid cyclists out there…

Coolest Cyclist Gadgets for Avid Cyclist
Looking out for new cyclist gadgets to spruce up your bike? These are the coolest cyclist gadgets for your choosing. | CC:- Techndustries LLC

1. SmrtGRiPS Bike Grips

These grips enhance the cycling experience by keeping bikers’ hands slip-free. The grips have GPS capability and thus provide those using them accurate info about where they are. This information can be garnered without requiring a cyclist to alter the position of his or her hands. With this one, you’ll agree with me that this is one of the craziest features that one could find in collection of cyclist gadgets.

2. The Cycle Sign Projector

Still in its conceptual stages, the device promises to revolutionize the way people perceive cycling. Its workings are similar to those of a motor vehicle indicator. The brains behind the project envision that the gadget will allow cyclists to alter their planned signage using an application connected to the device. It will offer information concerning the direction that they are headed to.

3. Backtracker Bike Radar

This device has won accolades for giving cyclists prompt info about the distance between them and approaching vehicles. It provides information concerning speeds at which the cars are approaching. The devices come with a radar module, which is installed on the bikes. The module flashes on and off, thus enhancing the perceptibility of riders.

4. Linked Cycle Bike Tracking Apparatus

This is for those who are conscious about their bicycles. It only entails the installation of special pedals, which have tracking devices. One among the pedals is equipped with a cellular chip in which an unrestricted SIM card is installed. The gadget is linked with an app, which means that bike owners receive data about their bicycles from whichever place they are.

5. USB Light by Bookman

This is a safety gadget acclaimed for improving cyclists’ safety, particularly at night. It is often attached to the back of a bicycle. It has gained popularity because it can fit any bike model and is also cheap.

6. Bicycle Can Cage

This gadget is meant for cyclists who like quenching their thirsts as they ride. It holds beverage cans safely, making it possible for riders to take sips along the way.

7. Num Lock

This is a unique security apparatus, which turns the entire bike into a lock. Once it has been attached to the bicycle, it can be left on parking yards without fear of theft or vandalism.

8. Bicycle Mounted Bottle Opener

This is a must-have for cyclists who love sipping on their favorite beverages as they ride. It is uniquely designed and attached directly to a bicycle’s rails. This gives cyclists an opportunity to cap off drinks while cruising. It also enhances the aesthetics of a bike.

9. Bike Planters

This gadget is designed to benefit riders who are environmentally conscious. These basically plant holders that are attached to a bike’s frame. Flowers and plants can be ingrained in the holders. They are quite affordable, making them a necessity for bikers.

10. Helmet Hero Wide Camera

This is a high-tech gadget, e.g., Camera mounted on the biker’s helmet. It makes riding safely by recording real-time info about other road users and any other relevant information. It also checks on the speed that a bike is cruising at.

11. Grip Rings

These apparatus give bikers the easiest opportunity of personalizing their bicycles. The grips come in a variety of colors, which can also be mixed and harmonized to create a unique color combination. Also, every set of grips comes with seven rings, which are fastened using a locking plug.

12. LA FLECHE Handlebar

This device is for bikers who want their bikes to have a vintage look. Normally, it is made using aluminum, wood or brass. This gives the handlebar and the entire bike a classic appearance. The designers guarantee the durability of the handle bars by using toughened material in their manufacture.

13. Bike Frame Storage

This attachment comes in handy for riders who like carrying along some of their belongings. It is normally fixed on a bicycle’s main frame. The material itself is pliant and waterproof, which lets it accommodate goods of any shape.

14. Bluetooth Bike Speakers

These are a must-have for music-loving cyclists. The speakers are often strapped on any part of the bike and synched with the rider’s phone playlist. Once they are turned on, riders can enjoy their favorite music while cruising. It is also safer compared to the use of headphones. They are usually connected to the rider’s phone via Bluetooth.

15. Bike Umbrellas

These go a long way in keeping riders insulated from harsh weather elements such as drizzles and excessive sunlight. They are mostly mounted on the handlebars and do not affect the cyclist’s safety.

These coolest cyclist gadgets will ensure your safety as you enjoy cycling. They are affordable and readily available in most online stores that deals on cyclist gadgets and other sport related gadgets.

Good, I have been able to share some of the best, or  call them coolest cyclist gadgets you could ever found out there, but I haven’t allowed you to have a say. So, here’s your chance to contribute to the discussion.

Which of these cyclist gadgets have you used, and can you discuss your experience with us?

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7 Apps that Will Make You the Smartest Person in the Room

Having the Internet on your mobile device is wonderful because you can look up information about anything while you’re on the go. However, that doesn’t guarantee you’ll look smart to your friends. However, there are apps that can handle that task by giving you insider information about any topic. Take a look at these seven smartest apps that will make you the smartest person among your peers.

Top smartest apps that will revolutionize your life this year


Shazam app makes you smart

This app lets you quickly and accurately identify songs as they play on the radio. So, you can impress your friends, and look like the smartest person in the room, by telling them the name of a new song and the artist before the radio announcer has a chance. Shazam is a fun app that is fully integrated with Pandora, Spotify, Facebook, and Twitter. Plus, new songs are added all the time.

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FEMA makes you smarter

This app is a useful because it tells you what to do during a natural disaster. You’ll look like the smartest person in the room if you use this app to tell people directions to safe shelters and meeting places. The FEMA app also has emergency preparedness lists for all sorts of disasters, including earthquakes, tornadoes, fires, floods, hurricanes, blizzards, and more. It’s a must-have app for emergencies.

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The Night Sky

The Night Sky

This app tells you about constellations, satellites, and anything else in the sky. All you have to do is hold it up to the night sky and your phone’s GPS and compass will create a detailed star chart. It uses a “red screen” mode so you don’t have to wait for your eyes to adjust to the screen, too. The Night Sky is a fun app that makes you look smart because you’ll be able to point out constellations to your friends, besides the Big Dipper.

Art Authority

Art Authority showcases your smartness among peers

This app lets you browse through famous art collections from around the world (its primary focus is on Western fine art). There are over 60,000 artworks featured within the app. Each piece of artwork includes detailed information about the artist and any pertinent information about the piece. If you’re talking about artwork, you can use the Art Authority app to show your friends similar pieces of artwork and look like the smartest person in the room. Additionally, you can use this app to purchase reproductions.

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Thesaurus Rex

Thesaurus Rex

This app lets you look through more than 500,000 synonyms to find the perfect word, no matter which situation you’re in. It makes you look like the smartest person in the room because you’re able to help someone find the word they are trying to think of. Plus, there are all sorts of other uses for Thesaurus Rex, such as when you’re writing papers or just want to sound smarter.

Google Translate

Google Translate

This app lets you speak in English and then have your words translated to almost any language. Then, you can say the translation back to someone in the same room. You’ll look super smart if you’re able to communicate with someone from a different country just with the use of your Google Translate app. It’s a great tool for when you’re travelling abroad and you have excellent international coverage.



This app lets you find the current score of almost any professional or semi-professional game in real-time. That way you can alert your friends when a game is close. Plus, you’ll look like the smartest person in the room if you can rattle off sports stats on almost any player. theScore app makes it easy to switch between any game and it loads quickly. There is also a built-in fantasy league for extra fun.

These are just a few helpful apps to help you look like the smartest person in the room. Thousands of new apps are added to the marketplace each day. You can find an app for almost anything, but these smartest apps promises to bring out that awesomeness in you!

Are there other smartest apps out there that you’d like to be mentioned? Please share.