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5 Useful Software Development Tools To Improve Your Productivity

There are plenty of useful, robust software development tools to improve your productivity, performance, motivation, and overall workflow in 2021. The best software programming tools serve as a reliable resource for creating, maintaining, and debugging your applications. As an experienced developer, the top solutions streamline communication, standardize processes, and help you reduce programming risks. Naturally, this helps you improve team morale for a better project ROI. With so many advanced tools available, selecting the best could be a challenge. To help you get started, read on to learn about the best useful software development tools to improve your productivity.

5 Useful Software Development Tools To Improve Your Productivity
With so many advanced tools available, selecting the best software development could be a challenge. To help you get started with your development career, read on to learn about the best useful software development tools to improve your productivity.

1. Source Control Tools

Firstly, source control tools help you keep track of your project source code with a complete history of all your changes. Often referred to as version control tools, the best options allow you to track changes, manage any revisions, and identify conflicts early on. At the same time, many advanced systems support branching and merging, which can help you get comfortable with experimental code. Leveraging these systems, you can easily compare multiple versions, identify any major differences, and merge any changes before committing your code. Of course, this is commonly used to enhance development, software quality assurance (QA), deployment, and many other stages of your SDLC. Certainly, source code control tools are key to improve your software development productivity.

2. DevOps Tools

Next, DevOps tools help you greatly improve your software development agility, quality, and security. These cross-departmental tools help you automate and accelerate key programming processes. Often, these tools emphasize collaboration between developers, operations executives, and product managers. At the same time, there are plenty of modern DevOps tools that accelerate binary delivery and promote quality gates. This way, you can achieve faster issue resolution and better resource utilization, which often leads to faster product delivery. Of course, this often leads to greater scalability, innovation, as well as visibility into system outcomes. Indubitably, there are plenty of advanced DevOps online courses to help you improve your software development performance, productivity, and overall workflow.

3. Code Editing Tools

Of course, code editing tools are a reliable system to help you work faster with fewer mistakes. These advanced tools often support syntax highlighting, autocompletion, and indentation while you are writing your source code. At the same time, many editing tools offer specialized features for code review, which will ensure your minor mistakes do not become fatal errors. This way, you can reduce distractions, improve efficiency, and optimize your execution flow. Moreover, you may want to find a text editor with code documentation capabilities. Naturally, this helps other developers easily understand the code you have written. Of course, this is a promising approach to boost your work performance this year. Absolutely, code editing tools are an incredibly popular resource to improve your software development productivity.

4. Open Source Automation Servers

Moreover, open-source automation servers are a powerful development tool that support high-quality builds at any scale. The best automation servers provide an abundance of features to build, deploy, or automate any project. Using these resources, you can achieve a secure, clean, and reliable software architecture. This way, you can create a more reliable and stable environment setup. Of course, this often leads to better program quality, minimized human errors, and higher production rates. Moreover, adopting these tools helps you streamlining your business practices in the digital age. Indeed, open-source automation services are a key programming resource to enhance your SDLC productivity.

5. Cloud Development Environment

Furthermore, you can use a dependable cloud development environment for debugging, coding, and testing your software applications. These tools support real-time project sharing, collaboration, and deployment in nearly any environment. This way, you can manage your workplace at scale with a customizable and programmable network infrastructure. Leveraging cloud technology, you can promote security, flexibility, and mobility across your software development team. Moreover, these resources foster higher standards for disaster recovery and loss prevention. Of course, there are plenty of additional clever uses for the cloud that can greatly improve your productivity. Surely, cloud development environments are a great productivity tool to improve your SDLC workflow.

There are plenty of effective custom software programming tools to improve your daily productivity. Firstly, source code control tools help you effectively manage various changes to your software assets. Next, code editing tools help you build more reliable software programs faster, with fewer errors. Of course, the best modern DevOps tools are perfect to optimize your custom software workflow. Using these tools, you can improve communication and collaboration across your team. Moreover, use an open-source automation server to build great products at any scale. Furthermore, you can always use a cloud programming environment to debug and code your applications more effectively. Follow the points highlighted above to learn about the best useful software development tools to improve your productivity.

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How to Make AVI Files Compatible with Samsung Devices?

AVI is a popular multimedia format used to store videos and audios with different encoders. It is used by many users the same as MP4, MOV, and other formats. If you have Samsung electronic devices at home, you may want to play AVI files on these devices, but I recently received some complaints from Samsung users claiming that there will be an error message indicating that AVI files cannot be played on Samsung devices, which is caused by the incompatibility of AVI files on Samsung devices, it is really bad! So in this article, we will show you an effective and practical method to play AVI files on Samsung devices. Keep reading!

AVI videos incompatibility – What format does the Samsung device support?

For Android users, Samsung devices are a popular choice due to their excellent performance, high-definition screen, and long battery life. However, if you often play videos from the Internet on Samsung devices, you will find that there are some formats that cannot work with Samsung devices. So we need to convert the unsupported video to a format compatible with Samsung devices. Before that, it is necessary to understand which formats are supported by Samsung devices. As for the video, AVI, MKV, MP4, FLV, 3GP, and WMV are accepted by Samsung devices. Therefore, in order to smoothly play our AVI files on Samsung devices, the above video formats are all you can choose to convert AVI videos. Among them, MP4 is the most recommended one because it has the strongest compatibility and is generally accepted by players and devices.

Use WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro

How to Make AVI Files Compatible with Samsung Devices
Playing AVI files on Samsung devices is seemingly becoming a daunting task for the smartphone users and this article aim to put to a stop to that with HD Video Converter Factory Pro by WonderFox. Read on to learn how to make AVI files compatible with Samsung devices.

There are two tools that provide conversion services, one is an online converter, and the other is a desktop conversion program like WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro, which allows you to convert between 500+ video and audio formats. In addition, it also supports you to convert audio and video files to digital devices such as Apple, Sony, Samsung, Huawei, Lenovo, etc.
More importantly, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro is also a built-in video editor, video downloader, GIF creator to provide you with a one-stop solution.

Step 1: Import AVI video into the converter.

After entering the program interface, click “Converter” and “Add Files” to import the AVI file into the program.

Step 2: Choose a suitable output format for Samsung devices.

After loading the AVI video, open the format list to set MP4 as the output format to convert the AVI file, or you can also select the corresponding model in the “Select Device” column according to your device.

Step 3: Click “Run” button to convert AVI video to the format supported by Samsung devices.

Use WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro to convert AVI files to a format supported by Samsung devices
To solve AVI playing error on your Samsung smartphone, you can use WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro to convert AVI files to all formats supported by Samsung devices.

More features you need to know about HD Video Converter Factory Pro

  • Download online videos from more than 300 video sites, YouTube, Vimeo, Liveleak, Hulu, Dailymotion, Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Convert video to MPG, MKV, VOB, MOV, AVI, M4V, MOV, MTS, phone, TV, desktop, laptop, tablet and much more.
  • An internal video editor enables you to cut, clip, crop, add effects, merge, watermark, trim, rotate, etc.
  • Add subtitles to the video.
  • Convert and download video files in batch mode, 10 can be added at a time.
  • Record the screen with sound.
  • Convert video to audio formats, MP3, AC3, DTS, AAC, OGG, M4A, etc.
  • Convert SD video to HD video.
  • Convert video and picture into GIF.

Final words

As Samsung devices become more and more popular in the market, its user group is also growing. It is common to watch hot videos on Samsung mobile phones or tablets, but it will be a disappointment if you find a video that is not perfectly compatible with Samsung devices, fortunately, WonderFox HD Video Converter Factory Pro will provide all-round and easy AVI files conversion services to help you convert the video format. Don’t worry that you are so inexperienced that you won’t use the software, it’s a clear and concise interface that is user-friendly for you. Try it!

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Is No-Code the Future of Enterprise Mobile App Development?

In an effort to respond more quickly to changing customer demands, companies are moving further away from durable development cycles. In light of this trend, the popularity of no-code services began.

What is Codeless Development?

What if we tell you that you can simply drag and drop digital objects, with almost no coding knowledge, and build a comprehensive working product, like a site or a mobile app. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

The no-code trend appeared around seven years ago, triggering the emergence of services and platforms that allow enterprise app development without development teams. Using only a simple interface, often without even the keyboard, entrepreneurs can quickly build their projects and then check whether they become popular with users. We are now at the height of this movement: startups from the low-code market are expected to reach $46.4 billion in 2026.

Various no-coding services provide you with a chance to build:

  1. Websites of almost any complexity (landing pages, online stores, portals, company websites)
  2. Service integration
  3. Email newsletters
  4. Acceptance of payments
  5. Analytics, dashboards, reports
  6. Database
  7. Full-fledged applications
Visual Programming - Is No-Code (Low Code) the Future of Enterprise Mobile App Development?
Visual programming (refers to as No-code or low-code) is most often used by newbie entrepreneurs with ideas that is worth sharing but with limited budget to execute them.

Advantages of No-Code Platforms

Visual programming is primarily of interest to novice Internet entrepreneurs and startups who want to test the hypothesis about the relevance of their idea, but do not have a five or six-figure sum to pay. With a no-code platform, you can get fully-fledged web-products created with a minimum budget several times faster than using code.

Everything you create via no-code will be hosted on the platform’s shared server, and power and storage depend on the plan you choose. The main advantages of no-code are described below.

The quick start

The minimum viable product is often obtained in just a few days; if the project is simple – in a couple of hours. For example, in Boston, the service for renting housing (the whole cycle, from design creation to implementation and roll-out of a project) was raised in three weeks and an application was submitted to venture investors.


No-code is a good analytical tool for fast testing of a new product or concept, especially when you are developing mobile apps with novel technologies. You can build a project, and it will further automatically adapt to all platforms (web, mobile, different browsers).

A small team required

No-code requires almost no communication. Developing MVPs usually requires an entire team: PM, customer, designer, developers. But with no-code, one or two people are enough: the first one gives the technical assignment, the second one does everything independently, and also periodically makes edits according to the requirements. Thus, time is not wasted on communication between the team.

Product idea testing

No-code allows you to find the idea that users are willing to pay for now. Create an MVP that will solve their problem in its simplest implementation. No-code allows you to make good decisions at the initial stage of product development. At first, you create a solution that is not based on the most advanced technologies and then gradually improve it. If the idea demonstrates its success, you can later switch it to its own platform.

Who Needs No-Code Platforms and Why?

Visual programming is most often used by novice Internet entrepreneurs and startups who want to test the hypothesis about the relevance of their idea, but do not want to spend a fortune on the creation of an intelligent app.

Each category of users is looking for something different in no-code tools:

  • Startups – want to quickly test new product ideas.
  • Entrepreneurs – need to check the effectiveness of the transfer of an existing business online, receive an MVP that can be shown to the customer base to check their reaction.
  • Large companies – build simple internal utilities for each category of their employees. This requires minimum costs but significantly increases labor efficiency. Even big market players are now investing in this niche.
  • Designers – instantly turn into full-stack developers; focusing entirely on the needs of the user when creating mobile app design;
  • Product marketers – get the opportunity to realize their ideas, small projects that would usually not have enough time or money, and also get a deeper understanding of the technical component necessary to create such sites/applications, which helps them in their main work.
  • Developers – speed up the process of implementing an idea, stop manually writing interfaces, styles, etc. Low-code solutions allow combining visual and traditional programming.

Final Word

What might have taken experienced developers months of hard coding a few years ago would be a matter of a few clicks by advanced users who don’t know programming languages. In an era of pervasive digitization, when developers have become one of the key resources of many companies and the tech industry. The rise of no-code tools redefines the role of developers in mobile application development leaving them to deliver complex solutions that build upon successfully tested MVPs. This is probably the future all market players should get ready to. Visual programming (no-code) is most often used by newbie entrepreneurs with a little or limited budget to execute their groundbreaking business ideas.

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How to Increase the Efficiency of Your Clinic with a Medical Scheduling Software!

In the medical industry, speed and efficiency are essential goals that must be pursued by every clinic. Ensure that your patients don’t forget their appointments and arrive at the clinic on time by doing everything you can to reduce their waiting time. Therefore, you should invest in a CRM that has medical scheduling software that includes appointment reminders. However, implementing such strategies can be expensive, therefore a healthcare loan from Kapitus is a great option for you to finance your investment.

How to Increase the Efficiency of Your Clinic with a Medical Scheduling Software!
When it comes to keeping tabs of upcoming appointments in your clinic, the role of appointment reminder or medical scheduling software cannot be overemphasized. It is sine qua non of any functional medical setup.

Does Your CRM Include an Appointment Reminder Software?

There are 3 features that this type of software needs to have.

  • Advanced calling.
  • A reliable CRM will offer you the possibility to increase the productivity of your staff by reducing the time needed for calls. If you want to have this result, then you need to use and advanced calling system that will allow your staff to call the patients through a single click. Some software also has automated calls, recording options as well as dispersing inbound calls. These functions will increase the efficiency of the process.
  • E-mail integration.
  • E-mails can be used for multiple purposes. Not only can they be used for reminders or appointment making, but your clinic can also use them for marketing. Your patients can make an appointment by sending an e-mail, and they will also be reminded through the same method. Moreover, you can send offers or suggest a regular consultation. The help provided by software that makes use of this method is enormous.
  • SMS notifications.
  • The internet it’s still not the principal method of communication used by the majority of the population. Most people still use SMS communication more than e-mails. So, you should search for a medical CRM that provides tools that facilitate appointments through this method. Your patients can make, confirm, and reschedule their appointments through a simple SMS.

Benefits That You Can Get from an Appointment Reminder Software!

The difference between a clinic that uses the three methods mentioned above and one that does not use them is massive. Your clinic can benefit from an appointment reminder software in many ways. But there are three essential benefits that your clinic will want for sure.


It does not matter the industry. Every business needs to strive to brand themselves. A reminder software can help you do exactly that. How so? Well, your patients will consider your clinic more trustworthy because you always remind them about their appointments. Moreover, you can even send them e-mails with reminders about regular checks that they should do. This will showcase to your patients the care that you have for them. So, you can increase your branding through these methods.


The software will automate most of the appointment process. It will be easier for your staff to process the appointments digitally. Also, if your patients use the SMS method to confirm or reschedule their appointments, then the software can automate these steps. As a result, the efficiency of your clinic will rise. The software can also be used to convey delays to your patients. So, they will not need to come for a scheduled appointment and wait for one more hour due to the delays in the schedule.


We live in a busy world. For this reason, many people forget about their appointments because of different urgencies. Without a reminder software, your clinic will lose a lot of revenue because the patients that forget about their appointments. On the other hand, if your clinic uses this type of software, then more patients will come on time for their appointments, and your clinic will make more money. So, this type of software can be considered an investment that will give you high returns in the future.

What Other Features Does a Top Medical Scheduling Software Needs?

Top medical scheduling software will not have only the features mentioned above. It must also have at least two more essential features that will ensure that the efficiency and productivity of your clinic increases. While searching for the perfect medical CRM for your clinic, you need to check if it includes all the features mentioned. If it does not, then you should look for another software that will give you more benefits.

  • Calendar integrations.
  • A reliable CRM will offer full solutions that will take care of all your problems at the same time. So, besides the features mentioned above, scheduling software must also have calendar integrations. Every appointment and change must be placed in the calendar of the right medic. It must also allow your staff to include relevant information in every appointment entry, that will help the doctor understand the situation of the patient. Not only will the efficiency increase even more through this feature. But the medics will also be able to perform their duties much better, resulting in services of a higher quality.
  • Internal Communication software.
  • To ensure that everyone understands everything about an appointment, you need a CRM that includes internal communication software. This will allow your staff to communicate much faster, allowing any misunderstanding to be cleared on the spot. Moreover, this software can also be used to transfer information. Different documents or images can be sent where they are needed. Through this software, the productivity of your staff will rise, and a lot of errors will be avoided.

There are many medical CRMs on the internet, and it can be hard to choose the best one for your clinic. Every clinic has its particularities. So, you need to search for the one that provides all the features that your clinic needs. To ensure that you made the best choice, you need to research the websites of every option that you find. You can also spend some time and test all the alternatives one by one. Most of the time, you will be able to test them for free because they provide a free trial or a demo. So, all you have to do is to search on the internet and start your research.

To maintain excellence, your clinic needs a CRM that has a medical scheduling software with an appointment reminder handling functionality in order to reduce overall customer’s experience in working with your clinic.

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5 Apps To Maximize Your Smartphone’s Performance

Brian and his squad made a sudden plan to go camping the next day. All his friends rushed to the mall to buy some clothes and other essentials. But Brian plopped on the couch with his laptop and smartphone. His phone was acting weird lately, and he wanted to fix all issues before they leave. After all, you can manage with old tees, but a poor performing phone is simply not an option. Brian is smart. Be like Brian.

It is inevitable that, over time, the performance of your smartphone will diminish. As you gather more files and the number of installed apps on your phone increases, the OS gets burdened and slows down.

According to mobile phone usage statistics, the average smartphone owner uses their phone for more than 3 hours a day. With such broad usage length, you cannot expect a device to maintain a similar performance level for its entire life.

There will be a point when it gives up. And when it does, consider using either (or combination) of the following apps for performance maximization:

How To Maximize Your Smartphone Performance With Performance Test Apps
To keep your smartphone performance under check, there are smartphone performance test apps that you can use to improve its health.

1. Antutu Benchmark

A meticulous inspection helps you make better decisions.

Antutu Benchmark is one of the leading benchmarking applications with more than 100 million users. It helps the user to check the performance of their device. It gives your device an overall numerical score and assigns a rating for every test it performs.

It comes in pretty handy when you plan on installing a new game or app with high-resolution graphics. There are three phases of Antutu Benchmark:

First – It checks the performance of RAM on your device using continuous data streams for testing device endurance

Second It simplifies how your phone terminal handles 2D graphics

Third It analyzes the endurance using 3D graphics, using a 3D sequence

Antutu recently claimed that their latest tests “better reflect real-world use cases.” With its precise scrutiny structure, the app focuses on providing detailed info about battery level and its internal temperature.

Antutu Benchmark is more or less similar to the Droid Optimizer, as it follows the same pattern of ranking system.

2. Battery Doctor

Get your phone a diagnostic run with this doc!

Battery Doctor is a comprehensive battery health app that will give you an idea of how you are using your phone and ways to extend its life. There are options to optimize performance where you can automatically adjust the settings to limit connectivity and data usage.

Over 100 million Android users are using it for its intelligent power prediction and professional charging capabilities. It shuts down the background apps, unused functions, and dims the screen. Plus, it keeps the phone battery healthy by notifying when to start and stop charging.

It shows a small battery percentage indicator on the taskbar, having a green ring when the charge is good enough. But when it reaches the mid-range, the ring goes yellow. These colors give you a quick assessment of the battery situation.

The combination of these features makes it a highly relevant app for those looking to prolong their battery life and boost their phone performance.

3. Clean Master

A complete package to beat the internal/external threats.

CleanMaster is one of the most popular junk cleaning apps in the virtual marketplace. Recent stats show that the app has 43 million reviews on the Google Play Store.

The app offers a bunch of tools like memory booster, app manager, junk cleaner, and file shredder. You can use it to check if your system contains malicious files that eat up resources or crash the device. Unlike an antivirus program, this app provides a detailed review of the data flagged for deletion.

Clean Master (Phone Master) Cleans junks, saves battery and extend data life
Clean Master, now known as Phone Master, is all-round smartphone performance enhancement suite that cleans junks, saves battery and extend data life, etc. It does more than we can detail here.

In addition to removing unwanted files, CleanMaster provides you an option of boosting the current operating state of the phone by terminating unnecessary procedures in the background.

As for the malware and bugs that creep into the system, CleanMaster deploys an algorithm similar to AirG spam-free apps that rids your phone off all harmful spam and bugs. Hence, not only internal, but it also minimizes external threats.

When you use this app, you will notice a clear difference in the phone’s performance and optimization.

4. DU Speed Booster

Striking out the straining elements is just one tap!

DU Speed Booster falls into the list of super cool optimizing apps. Currently, it is running on more than one million devices across the globe. With a single-tap optimizing feature, you can enhance the speed of your phone by 60%. It has a user-friendly interface, with clear calls-to-action (CTA).

DU Speed Booster serves multiple purpose of cleaning trash, saving battery, protecting your phone and enhancing your smartphone performance, all in one place. With its update layout and improved security features. Updated Device layout, you can speed up your phone performance with ease.

It has the following features for boosting the speed of your smartphone:

  • Clears up RAM space
  • Cleans out system trash, cache, and assorted downloaded files
  • Shuts down background apps
  • Checks for viruses and harmful files
  • Evaluates charging level and speed
  • Turns your phone silent as per your instructions

This app has an integrated active engine to monitor and release the resources when required. It seems to be the perfect choice when you have overloaded the device and need guidance on how to refresh it.

5. Advanced Mobile Care Security (AMC)

Perk up your phone with exceptional optimization!

Advanced Mobile Care Security by IObit has more than 20 million users worldwide. It is an all-in-one security and performance app that performs real-time virus scans and comes with multiple other optimization features.

Advanced Mobile Care Security (AMC Security) - Cleaner, Booster, Antivirus
To maximize your smartphone performance, Advanced Mobile Care Security (AMC Security) could be an ideal app to install. It works as a cleaner, booster, and at the same time, as an antivirus.

It helps to clean all kinds of junk files (residual files, privacy records, cache junks, etc.) to clean phone memory. Like other apps, this one also contains regular features of RAM boost, averting useless notifications, and deletion of unwanted files. Also, it has a Privacy Locker to protect your photos, videos, and all other private data from prying eyes.

AMC has three battery saving modes to extend battery life and inform users about apps consuming the most power. When you kill unnecessary tasks and make regular backups with this app, the performance of your phone will eventually improve.

Final Thoughts

A poorly performing smartphone is irritating and highly inconvenient. However, it’s a given that your phone will gradually slow after a few years. The best remedial action is to give it periodic fixes through optimization apps.

We hope you will get your phone running back at full speed through the apps listed above. If you think there is more to add, feel free to tell us in the comments.

When speed matters a lot, having some of these smartphone performance apps to improve the device health would be an ideal way to

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Virtual Meeting Apps – A Reality for the future in the Event Industry

Virtual meeting apps seemingly looking like the future recipe for event organizers around the world as Covid-19 offers new reality for the event management industry.

One of the primary objectives for the guests to attend any physical event is to meet new people in their industry and network. But with the emergence of COVID-19 pandemic, hosting physical events seems to be a wish far removed from reality. Since face to face meeting is almost impossible nowadays, so we have to host events virtually. That seems to be the future of keeping the event industry smooth and running.

In our daily routine, we do a lot of stuff virtually. For example, you might start your day by answering to different emails and checking out the Google doc shared by your colleague. Inform your colleague that the sheet that he/she shared is ready. Later in the evening, you might be reporting your daily tasks and achievements to your reporting officer through a virtual meeting app. There are different other tools that you are using in your daily life. But there is only one aspect of business that is untouched and yet to use any virtual platforms, that is the event industry.

Virtual Meetings Apps - A Reality for the future in the Event Industry and Organizers
With the look of things, virtual meeting apps are becoming more popularly and highly in-demand on daily basis for event organizers in the wake of novel Covid-19 pandemic around the world, let’s explore what the future looks like for the event managers in the industry.

The event organizers and attendees are not used to attending a total virtual event. We all are accustomed to the only face to face meeting and the schedule includes boarding a plane for the conference, carry business cards, have a detailed study on the keynote speakers, sessions breakouts, and presenting our products and features in front of probable customers. 

Virtual events seem to the only way to sail through the event industry during this COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has taken the world by storm, it had a very serious effect on the event industry, with most of the events either getting canceled or postponed for an indefinite period. So the event industry needs extraordinary measures for both event organizers and software providers.

The good news during this turmoil is that most of the event organizers have started using virtual meeting apps to host virtual events. The most important change is that virtual events are gaining popularity and some of the organizers have already started to believe that it is going to totally replace the in-person events. The main advantage of the process is that any attendee can join from anywhere using any device. So it increases the rate of attendance with the comfort of everyone.

Now, the question is which part of an event to be hosted virtually. A simple one to one discussion session can be managed through a simple virtual streaming platform. But a complex matchmaking event needs an event management software. For instance, a Q&A session can be managed through a robust streaming platform, which allows a specific number of attendees to join at the same time. For more complex meetings or conferences like business matchmaking events, different types of virtual meeting platforms can be used. These applications normally have the same type of features as a complex business matchmaking app and is a great way to foster remote networking.

The virtual meeting app is based on a new concept of networking from home. A virtual event app acts the same as a business matchmaking app giving a chance to communicate between buyers and sellers, start-ups and investors, corporates and MBEs, exhibitors, and attendees. It creates an environment for the guests in creating a group matching by sitting in the comfort of their homes.

There are many advantages to virtual events. For starters, it helps in increasing participation by reducing cost as the event organizer doesn’t need to book any venue. Everything in a virtual meeting is recorded and that can be shared with the attendees at any time. Users also know whom they met, what has been the conversation which can later help them in generating leads. It reduces the cost by cutting down the accommodation cost. Not only that, but it also helps the attendees to interact with each other without spending a single penny on flight fare and hotel charges.

It also helps the speakers, they don’t have a move or bear any extra cost from moving one place to another. They have to be just present in front of the computer/laptop/mobile/tablet on a specified time to interact with the other attendees. It saves time and costs too.

The long list of advantages doesn’t stop here. The most important advantages include broad reach and free recordings. Virtual events don’t have any boundaries. Anybody from any location can join from the comfort of their home through just one click.

Finally, there are some places were hosting an event or even coming from that place to attend any physical event is almost next to impossible. But virtual event solves this problem. You just have to be present in front of any device to attend the event from any place around the globe and under any circumstances.

There are some other reasons which prove that virtual events will rule the event industry in the coming years. First, live streaming is one the rise nowadays as most of us are having smartphones with proper internet connections, and videos are an integral part of our daily life. Communication has become a lot easier nowadays. It is available within a single touch on your mobile phone. Video calls, Facebook live streaming have become an integral part of our daily life. So the event industry won’t stay behind also. The event organizers will realize the benefits and most of the events will be shifting to virtual. Secondly, the benefit of tracking attendee feedback digitally helps in creating personalized follow-up content for the attendees. The organizers will be able to track session wise engagements and it can help in creating materials that can be shared among the attendees. Apart from that, the event organizers will be able to conduct polls, surveys which will help them to measure session wise engagements, which will help them to create related materials later on.  

In conclusion, COVID–19 has changed the way of planning and hosting an event. Today, event planners are considering virtual meeting apps to host complex matchmaking events. It is not only helping the organizers to host an event, but also creating an environment which is more interactive and mirror-in person events. That is why most of the event organizers are turning towards virtual meeting software to create networking opportunities for attendees and create a personalized experience for everyone involved.  

The Event Industry is going through a revolution with the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. The event organizers are moving towards virtual events nowadays. It seems that this is the added feature that is going to rule the future of the event industry. And with this, the event tech companies have also started to develop software to help the industry sail through this situation.

Coronavirus outbreak unleashed the new normal on us and virtual meeting apps could end up being one of the tools that event management business owners could be relying on to meet up with the new event industry standards.

Are you into event management? What are the ways Covid-19 had, either positively or negatively, impacted your business? Do you care to share?

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How Software Developers Are Redesigning Application Programming?

Modern software development teams are completely redesigning the application programming process. Application development is constantly changing, updating, and improving across the web or mobile-based interfaces. For most people, long gone are the days we have to deal with hardware, though hardware remains closely linked to software—for every system with an application, hardware sourced from manufacturing companies and sites like powers it.

With the dynamic changes in programming features, comes the need for enhanced development strategies. Luckily, there are a number of support systems and proven methods to help modern teams optimize application design. There are numerous strategies, techniques, and systems available to improve your software programming with major functional programming advances redefining app development. To stay ahead of the change, read on to learn about how software developers are redesigning application programming.

5 Ways Modern Software Developers Are Redefining Application Programming

How Software Developers Are Redesigning Application Programming

Here are ways software developers and modern software development teams are redesigning application programming:

1. Utilizing Container Technology

Software developers are utilizing containerized technology in order to improve the application design process. Container technology is a popular technique to improve the results of software planning, development, and deployment. Software developers can design, test, and deploy individual programs within virtualized container environments. Using containers greatly improves the portability, efficiency, and development of applications. At the same time, containerized technology ensures consistent operations while simultaneously reducing your overhead. Once placed in a virtualized container environment, programs stored inside are immutable to updates, viruses, or external threats. Software developers worldwide are using container technology in order to improve their application design results.

2. Developing Projects With Go Modules

Go Modules help application developers improve program efficiency and streamline deployment processes using Golang, goproxy, and repositories. Developers can convert their traditional programs into Go Modules in order to ensure faster builds with a robust and reliable Go pipeline. All of your modules are organized within your Go Center once properly converted. There is a simple process in order to transition your applications to Go files. First, you need to prepare the go.mod file. Follow any updates or versioning changes your system requires. Then, with your modules enables, you can utilize these files to update imports in tests. Application developers are utilizing Go Module systems in order to guarantee more efficient program results.

3. Encourage Team Collaboration

Encourage Team Collaboration by using working by modern development teams around the world
You can encourage team collaboration through the use of tools modern development teams and software developers are using to redefine the application development process.

Software developers are implementing practices that encourage team collaboration. Proper collaboration can have a significant impact on the results of your application. Most development teams are achieving sufficient collaboration through the integration of a DevOps strategy. A DevOps strategy combines the efforts of your development and operations team in order to guarantee more effective program results. Operations teams manage tasks like application release, deployment, operations, and monitoring. On the other hand, your mobile app development team is responsible to plan, code, build, and test various software programs. By combining their efforts, the integration of these two departments can greatly improve project results. Modern software development teams are improving application programming by implementing collaborative strategies.

4. Enhanced Application Testing

 Modern development teams have focused on enhanced application testing to improve the results of their programs. Frequent application testing is integral to guarantee effective program response. Applications need to be able to run in multiple operating interfaces, responsive settings, and format displays. On top of that, you need to be certain that your program is immutable to viruses, updates, and external threats. Frequent program testing guarantees that every stage of your application is properly operating. Three of the most important application testing types include analyzing programs on desktop, web, and mobile environments. Modern developers have begun instituting reliable testing using a five-step plan. The plan configured requires programmers to analyze application scope, objectives, focus, approach, and schedule. The best modern development teams enhance mobile app testing to improve program results.

5. Improved Data Documentation

Proper documentation is essential to improved application development. Physical documentation is often overlooked due to automated tools offered by development platforms. While these digital documentation tools are extremely useful, they are not always one-hundred-percent reliable. Without sufficient documentation, it is difficult to enhance, update, or adjust your program features at later dates. Each system layer has numerous configuration settings, making each area in need of sufficient documentation. After applications are released, a significant portion of your time will be dedicated to program maintenance. If you have practiced sufficient documentation from the beginning, proper maintenance will be much simpler. The best application development teams are using improved data documentation techniques to improve project results.

Modern software developers are deploying a number of modern techniques in order to boost the quality of their application programs. The top application developments are redefining the program and deployment process for modern teams. First, these teams are beginning to utilize container technology. Practicing containerized strategies allows you to take advantage of several program features, such as creating Go Center modules. These teams are additionally encouraging collaboration, often through the pursuance of a DevOps strategy. At the same time, modern development teams are emphasizing the need for enhanced application testing. Furthermore, these teams are encouraging improved data documentation processes for future system adjustments. Consider the points mentioned above to learn about how software developers are redesigning application programming.

Modern software development teams and software developers around the world have completely redesigned the application programming process and we are just getting started.

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Machine Learning & AI: Bringing New Dimensions to Software Testing

With the advancement in the technological front, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning are undoubtedly acting as a game-changer in the software testing domain. Developers and testers, working diligently to deliver Quality Assurance for their products, are overwhelmed to see the progress and are have complete faith in the advancements turning up due to AI and Machine Learning. The latest software testing trends do not bring along the difficulties as faced with the traditional approach, like breaking, rebuilding, and regressing. Earlier, the QA engineers witnessed numerous challenges while adding new changes to the existing code, which had been tested already. So, the development team had to carry out further tests every time the code was changed. This resulted in wastage of time and resources. The testing methods used in the past were tedious and time-consuming due to repetitive processes. As the clients need quick outputs, along with the best quality, it is difficult for developers to use the same approach to meet the rising customer expectations. It is intimidating for developers to test complex applications, especially when new functions are added. AI and ML in software testing are a boon in the coming years, to offer significant opportunities in the QA processes, across various industry domains. AI & ML training from a reliable provider helps you to bring new dimensions.

How AI and ML leverages Software Testing

HOW Machine learning & Artificial intelligence Brings New Dimensions to Software Testing

The latest software testing trends using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning attribute to achieve rapid and accurate outputs for the end-user. Let us have a look at various benefits of AI and ML in the software testing domain.

1. Accelerating Processes

Manual testing takes a lot of time and is a tedious process, as it requires to go through numerous test lines. The entire process requires several days or weeks to complete the testing. AI helps in solving such issues by providing a quick and affordable solution, as writing all the scripts, and their analysis becomes faster. Sorting of log files through AI helps in saving a lot of time, and also enhance the accuracy of the program. This allows the QA engineers to consider all the alterations they should carry out. 

2. Automated Testing

Testing is essential for the success of any product, and it requires dedicated and experienced professionals to perform Quality Assurance testing. The testing requirements increase with the growing business and become labor-intensive and expensive. The QA engineers need regular updating of their test code as the application changes. Automated testing using AI helps in reducing the manual efforts    

And provide better maintenance, with minor modifications in extra coverage. AI-powered bots automatically estimate the defects in the new functionality and develop themselves accordingly, throughout the complete process. This helps in saving the workforce and financial investment towards a project.

3. Better Error Analysis

How Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Is Bringing New Dimensions to Software Testing
With the recent developments in the field of machine learning and artificial intelligence, software testing industry has gotten a face-lift.

It is disappointing for any QA engineer to find out a bug, especially when they have fixed them all from their end. At times, a virus remains unnoticed and comes into realization at a later stage, and the tester has to analyze the causal relationships. Artificial intelligence is a great tool to handle such situations as it can quickly identify the source and cause of the bug, in seconds. By using AI, testers can have a better analysis of errors, leading to improved performance of the application. 

4. Identifying ignored bugs

Identifying and fixing bugs needs a lot of attention and can lead to adverse consequences if they are not fixed on time. Ignored flaws can be disastrous, and the traditional testing system may ignore them. Due to improper data management and lack of attention, ignored bugs can emerge and lead to customer dissatisfaction. The machine learning approach helps in providing more reliable outcomes, as compared to the traditional testing methods. Eventually, the time required to perform software testing is reduced, and the product is delivered faster.  

5. Meeting Client Expectations

The main focus of any business is to have 100% customer satisfaction, which is achieved through the right approach and using the latest software testing trends in any domain. To gain an edge over your business competitor, it is essential to serve your target clients, best-in-class services. Forecasting end-user expectations are the key to design a successful application and empower enterprises to deliver according to customer data. Machine learning is a great tool to provide a better understanding of the behavior of the end-user. 

Considering all the aspects, shared above, AI and ML in Software testing have a promising future in the new era of technological advancements. It brings a new period of automated testing, along with significant elements of QA. Using Artificial Intelligence attributes to better accuracy, with enhanced revenue and reduced costs, to provide better customer experience and gain a competitive edge. By incorporating AI and Ml, QA engineers can expedite testing; the QA engineers can focus on other valuable aspects.  

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20 Free Shopify Apps That Help Extend and Enhance Your Store

How Big Is Shopify?

Shopify is the third top eCommerce platform today. It builds the future of eCommerce. It’s the leading multi-channel, cloud-based platform whose goal is to enable and boost eCommerce for merchants all over the world. At its core, the platform enables users to divert operational, technical, and financial constraints via providing merchants, customers, SMEs, as well and big organizations an intuitive and easy way of establishing online brands.

Shopify developers are among the talented and skilled workforce whose services are highly in demand. Being at the forefront of eCommerce, Shopify could revolutionize the retail space.

Shopping Experience Digitization

The current business model of the platform is supported by a couple of main revenue streams, namely, the subscription and merchant solutions. Subscription solution revenues mainly are comprise of monthly fees for the core offering of the platform, such as an easy-to-use digital store management platform and online storefront. Features sales, including apps, themes and registrations of domain names contribute to the revenues as well. It has historically enabled Shopify to enjoy high margin gross of around 80 percent. 

The merchant solutions are supplementary solutions that provide more value to the core experience of merchants. Possible add-ons are shipping and financing services, transaction fees, as well as point-of-sale hardware. Shopify Payments, the payment gateway of the platform is responsible for a considerable portion of the costs and revenues.

Businesses opt for the simplicity of the platform’s setting, and also for its wide array of capabilities and lesser cost. With a range of content and marketing tools, support, and payment gateways among others, it’s no wonder why a Shopify development company is in demand. The huge Shopify developers community is there, ready to help issues and concerns come up.

20 Free Shopify Apps to Extend and Boost your Store

20 Free Shopify Apps to Extend and Boost your Store
Shopify is a popular eCommerce portal that is leading a multi-channel, cloud-based online shopping platform. There are loads of addons that makes Shopify shops functions properly, and here are the free Shopify apps for an improved experience.

With hundreds of thousands of applications in the Shopify App Store, there are so many options in terms of extending and boosting the functionality of an online shop. Whether you want to boost email marketing, add customer reviews, publish products on Facebook or get in-depth analytics, there is an app for all of that, and more.

However, with so much options to choose from, let’s highlight twenty of the best free apps to add to your eCommerce store. For startups, or even those who have been around for some time but looking to boost their current site, this list is definitely for you.

1. Kit

After launching a Shopify store, the next step to driving traffic is via digital marketing. Kit is a great tool since it could be a virtual employee to help you in running your FB ads, get updates on performance, and email marketing campaigns. AI-powered, it helps find prospective customers on both Instagram and Facebook, sending them targeted offers and messaging at the right time.

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2. Oberlo

Looking for a small business idea or want your product to sell? Then Oberlo could help source a supplier. The app could help look for a marketplace of products to directly import on your store. When you get an order, you could fulfill it via the dropshipping supplier through the app. They then would ship the product to customers for you.

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3. Product Reviews

The app lets you add customer reviews to products. This is a way for customers to give you feedback, encourage others to purchase from you. Reviews are very important when it comes to eCommerce, most of all when you take into account that only a small 2 percent of consumers do not look at them at all during buying. Moreover, the content published in reviews is a great help when it comes to SEO.

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4. Free Shipping Bar

Most consumers make online purchases only if there is free shipping. The Free Shipping Bar application lets you display free shipping offers in a slide-out bar, revealing progressive messages to entice shoppers to reach the free shipping doorstep.

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5. Order Printer

The apps lets you easily and quickly print labels, receipts, invoices and packing slips. Hasten the shipping process via building templates that suit your need or pint in bulk. Moreover, you could also customize branding on printed materials, creating a consistent and a coherent customer experience.

[Image Source]

6. Printful

The app syncs with the Shopify store, letting you sell print-on-demand products, including mugs, shirts, and posters among others. When an order is made, it is sent automatically to Printful, which prints and ships to the customer for you. No minimum orders are required or even upfront costs, thus services are great to get started fast.

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7. PushOwl

If you are having a problem with little sales and plenty of traffic because of cart abandonment, PushOwl could be the answer. Automated push notifications of abandoned carts could help boost sales as well as re-engage your visitors who have left your site.

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8. Klaviyo

Automation software that connects to your site. The app helps you create automated email sequences, acquire and reach customer and target campaigns based on the behavior of the buyer to feed the overall strategy. The best thing is that it is built with eCommerce in mind and free to up to 200 subscribers and 500 email sends. For startups, it’s a great app to build email lists.

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9. SEO Site Audit, Benchmark Hero

The app provides a detailed website analysis to inform you of what works and what doesn’t since it relates to the search and performance of the store. Also, it helps you find out why some pages are not converting as much as you would like them to.

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10. Digital Downloads

One of the best free apps around. It’s easy-to-use, letting you sell digital products on your store. Customers could instantly get access to content. Updates on products are forwarded to customers automatically. You also could mix and match to include tangible and digital products in one order.

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11. Shopcodes

QR codes are making a comeback and you could generate your own within seconds with the application. It’s easier for customers to scan code using their mobile devices and buy. The QR codes could be featured in pop-up shops, packaging inserts, in the brick-and-mortar displays and marketing materials.

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12. Improved Contact Form

A wonderful way to make your brand accessible to customers is the Contact Us page. Also, it provides a channel that invites them to make inquiries. The app builds a pop-up contract form for the store so that users could contact you, no matter what page you are on. Furthermore, it tells you the location of a user and the pages they looked at before contacting you.

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13. Form Builder

The app to choose if you need a form to gather leads, let customers submit orders or other stuff. Form Builder also helps you create and customize, contact, order and inquiry among others in your site. Also, you can set up an automated thank-you or message confirmation replies.

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14. Rewards and Referrals app

The app is great if you’re considering your own loyalty-based or referral customer rewards program. It accommodates customer referrals and loyalty in one place and has a free plan for stores lesser than 100 orders a month.

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15. Bulk Image Edit – Image SEO app

Big-sized images that are not user-friendly and not tagged with the right keywords could create havoc on SEO. This is where the app comes in. It helps make images across the store smaller to minimize load time and adjust file names and alt tags for better search optimization. It also resizes images for social media.

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16. Infinite Options

Customers get a chance to be part of the product design process through product personalization. They could customize the next purchase by adding text, numbers, and many more. Provide buyers a more hands-on and creative experience by selling monogrammed, custom printed, and engraved items.

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17. Compass app

The app helps analyze over 30 eCommerce metrics to judge the site’s performance. Then it will benchmark the analytics versus the competition, so you see how to stack up. The app also provides personalized recommendations on how to improve your shop further.

[Image Source]

18. UserGems

A great way to create social proof and brand awareness is through influencer marketing. The app makes it easy to look for influencers among your clientele. The app notifies you about influential customers sharing your brand.

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19. Sales Notification app by MPS

Showcases to users the products that others have purchased through social proof. This is a great way of building trust with the brand to inspire sales by showing your prospective customers what customers in the past have bought.

[Image Source]

20. Upsell and Cross-sell products application

Cross-selling and upselling to customers is great to boost the size of the cart and average order value. Setting up automated product recommendations based on relationships between various SKUs is possible with the app.

[Image Source]

The different Shopify applications could unlock new functionalities that will optimize your website for a better experience to customers and drive more sales. Along with the free apps above, there are also product upsell, email marketing and time management applications to leverage your unique business. The key is to find the right app for your needs.

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How to Split Files Manually – Top 3 Approaches To Split PST Files

Microsoft Outlook stores every item such as emails, calendars, contacts, etc. in PST file format. We all know that it gets tedious to manage these PST files. An Oversized PST file reduces performance & efficiency while working with MS Outlook.  In such conditions, it becomes difficult to stay productive and to increase productivity users want to split PST files.

Therefore, we come with this article, in which you find the top 3 ways to Split PST files. But before moving towards the solution let’s discuss why there is a need to split Outlook’s PST files.

Why Need to Split Outlook’s PST files?

  • ANSI: Microsoft Outlook 2002 & the earlier versions used ANSI encoding for the PST files. In ANSI format the file size is only limited up to 2 GB. It means that if your file exceeds the limit you may fail to open or work on it. In the worst-case scenario, you may also get up your file corrupted.
  • UNICODE: The ANSI format was changed to UNICODE from Microsoft Outlook 2003 version onwards. UNICODE format facilitates the standard size of the PST files to be up to 20 GB. In the higher version of Outlook that is Outlook 2013, the size limit has increased up to 50 GB. Although there are fewer chances of corruption in UNICODE PST files, you can still face problems when you exceed this size limit. In this scenario, we can easily open and work on the files, but the efficiency of application decreases up to some extent when the file size increases.

In both, the case’s problem will exist till the time you delete some of your data. But deleting your data is not the ultimate solution to this problem. Another approach you can adopt is to compress the size of the PST file to make it small.

How to split PST Files?

How to Split Files Manually: Here are the top 3 Approaches to Split PST files without having to go through rigorous online research.

Some of the approaches that are commonly used to split PST files are enlisted below:

1) By using the AutoArchive feature:

You can split your PST File by using the “AutoArchive” feature of MS Outlook. As the name suggests, this feature creates archives of your mails and saves them in different PST files in your machine. It creates archives of the mails between a user-specified period of time. But an important thing that needs to be kept in mind is that this feature will only create a backup of your PST file and technically will not split it.

Disadvantages of splitting PST files with AutoArchiving feature

  • It does not have a feature of archiving the mails according to date, size and year.

2) Import and Export feature:

PST file size can be decreased by using Import and Export wizard in MS Outlook. You can export the selected folders in your file and save them in a different PST file. The user needs to export each folder individually in order to move them into the newly created PST file. You can make a new PST file for every folder that you export. Hence, dividing your PST file into different files containing individual folders.

  Disadvantages of splitting PST files with Import and Export feature

  • The Import and Export option does not technically split your PST files but just creates a new PST file for each folder.
  • Risk of data loss in case any error occurs during exporting
  • It’s a time taking procedure as all the steps are performed manually.

3) Third-Party Assistance

All the above-mentioned methods require a lot of tedious work and are time-consuming. If you want to avoid such unnecessary efforts and are looking for a more reliable and advanced method to split your data you can always take the help of third-party tools. One of such tool is Outlook PST Splitter. This solution is easy to use and is very reliable.

Benefits of Using the Tool:

  • It will protect your data from getting lost while splitting.
  • Splitting can be done according to date, size, year and folder.


Till now, we have discussed the free manual and professional solutions to split PST files by email. Both the tricks are explained efficiently. You can follow any one of them. But, keep one thing in mind, i.e., freeway having some limitations so, it is good to go with third party application.