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Wondering How To Make Your Website Flipping Rock? Read This!

Is Website Flipping Still Worth Getting Into?

The state of website flipping is far from what it was fifteen years ago, but you can still make a lot of money in the business if you have the skills and drive to see it through.

Is website flipping still profitable in the modern age? In 2020? Well, it’s a tricky question. Yes, and no. Yes, it is… but only if you have the grit and tenacity to do the job right. The days of fast and easy money from flipping are over. Long over.

Website flipping is similar to flipping houses in real estate: you buy a website, improve its design and copy, and then sell it for profit. Online entrepreneurs used to be obsessed with website flipping because there were so many poorly run sites on the net and so many unfilled niches. That has all changed. The internet is saturated… but it’s still growing, and growing fast. Over 50% of the world hasn’t even come online yet. Internet readers and consumers are growing each year! So there is room for a profit… if you’re careful and smart.

Eric Porat, an online entrepreneur said: “Website flipping seems lucrative, but there’s a lot of competition. The world is running out of good websites. Google algorithm changes are making it harder and harder for sites to rank fast and easy. Also, the secret formula is out, anyone can flip a website with a bit of capital, a decent writer, and a set of SEO tools that can help generate traffic.”

So, is it even worth trying to flip a website?

Find A Site: Wondering How To Make Your Website Flipping Rock, Find A Site With Potential And You Are Good To Go
Domain flipping business has been for a while with a history of early investors cashing out massively from it. With the chances of new entrant into the industry doesn’t look too smooth at the moment because of very tough competition. But with the right strategy in place, the sky is the starting point. This article aims to help you find a site with potential that’s worth investing in that will help you achieve that.

Well, that depends on your goals. If you just want to flip sites to make some fast money, forget about it. That said, if you’re willing to take the time to understand the business market, come up with a reliable strategy, and approach website flipping in an all-around strategic way, you just might succeed. Of course, you’ll be making plenty of mistakes starting out, but eventually, you’ll beat the learning curve and realize the income potential in this market.

So… Come Out With Strategy!

You aren’t going to make a fortune quickly. You’re going to need to analyze the market, find an under-optimized site, and take time to build it slowly, painstakingly, into something worth selling. It takes a long time to understand how the market works, understand what is trending, know how to attract buyers, and figure out what can earn you a decent sum in the end.

If you’re willing to put in the work, however, then website flipping is worth it. For sure. So get started!

Find a Site With Potential

If you want to make a profit from flipping, you first need to find a site with potential. More than that, you need to find a site that already has a bit of income and a bit of traffic. It’s a heck of a lot easier to grow a site that already has a foothold than to grow one that is basically starting from scratch. Don’t just look for sites with a nice niche, look for ones that already have a foot in the door to their consumer base. 

Do a Good Vetting Procedure

Investigate your potential purchase thoroughly. Make sure it’s worth something. Check the history for Black Hat SEO techniques. Make sure everything is as it seems. Sometimes people will try to sell you sites that are basically a scam. Don’t fall for it.

Increase the Appeal

There isn’t a special trick or tactic that grows sites. It’s just hard work. Plain and simple. There’s no way around it. You need solid bases, like a good theme, top-notch content, solid backlinks, a decent revenue stream, and more. Build all of these pillars up over time and before you know it you’ll be looking at a powerhouse of a website. Furthermore, you’ll be looking at a site that’s worth a lot of money, hopefully, a lot more than you paid for it.

Calculate Your Website’s Worth

This is probably the most important factor for website flipping. Make sure you’re selling for a viable price, and one that’s fair, otherwise you aren’t likely to find a decent buyer unless they’re a sucker. 

When you sell a website, you’re also selling the domain, the content, the source of income, and the whole idea behind it. Usually, a site will sell for around 2x or 3x the annual income. You can also multiply monthly profit by 20. The variables vary, but this is a solid starting point. Just make sure you’re also calculating the site’s value based on the traffic diversity and consistency, the auxiliary arms (social media, partner blogs, etc), and everything that comes into play. If you advertise the full package you’ll be able to convince a buyer to pay WAYYY more than you will if you’re just acting like you’re selling the domain.

List Your Site For Sale

You might get a direct offer, but 99% of the time you’re going to have to list your site. You can auction it, or post a fixed rate. Both ways work, but a decent way to go about things is simply setting the price and leaving it to the marketplace. 

That said, if you know the potential of a website and are confident that other buyers will be willing to pay a hefty price for it, perhaps an auction is the way to go. You could get lucky and get an astronomical sum racked up as buyers compete for the keys to your digital kingdom. Of course, this comes with the risk of you getting far less than what you invested in it, so be prepared and set a viable starting price before you let the auction loose.

Hopefully, you now have a decent idea of the ins and outs of website flipping. At its core, the idea revolves around the viability of your initial investment. Don’t pull the trigger without being certain you can follow through. If you’re careful and strategic, however, website flipping is DEFINITELY still worth getting into.

Now go make some money!

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A Winning Game Plan for a New Real Estate Agent

As a newly licensed real estate agent, you need to make a game plan for success. The rental market is highly a competitive playing field, and you need to make your services stand up against agents who have been in the game for a long time. Getting established takes a lot of planning, marketing and outreach, and ongoing organizational habits that will equip you to handle a large volume of business. Here are some of the most important things you do to start on a successful path as a new agent.

6 Winning Strategies for New Real Estate Agents

1. Be Accessible

As someone who will constantly be on-the-go meeting with clients and going all over town for showings, you need to always be accessible when people are trying to reach you. You may understandably not want to give out your cell phone number or put it on all of your listings. Instead, get a business phone number that you can use on an app on your regular phone.

2. Create Great Listing Descriptions

When you write descriptions for your listings, you need to underscore a property’s best attributes in a way that’s going to be compelling to anyone who’s reading it. Avoid throwing in cliché phrases, especially when they’re not really true. For example, don’t call a unit “sunny” simply because it has windows, and don’t call a unit “spacious” simply because it isn’t a shoebox. Instead, focus on substantive qualities that will be sure to get attention. Highlight features such as large closets or an updated kitchen. Include information about proximity to desirable locations such as markets or public transportation.

3. Make Your Photos Stand Out

Photos will be a decisive factor for a lot of prospective renters who are deciding whether they’re interested in viewing a unit. Your unit photos need to be well-framed, showcase the best features, and downplay the less appealing qualities. You should use angles that amplify a unit’s physical space and try to create the best lighting possible. If a unit has a lot of natural lighting, finding a way to capture it in your photos; the time of day that you go may affect the quality of the lighting in your shots. If you want to show off a building’s exterior or the surrounding area, consider getting professional help with drone photography. You’ll be able to get one-of-a-kind shots that are especially eye-catching and make your listing stand out.

4. Connect With Prospective Clients on Social Media

An increasing number of people are searching for rental units on social media platforms. You can create an account dedicated exclusively to your listings and use attention-grabbing headings and hashtags to draw in interest. When you see that someone has liked or followed your material, try to engage the person in conversation to keep his or her interest piqued.

5. Outsource Your Posting Efforts

When you list a property or post about it on social media, you have to put it on more than one or two platforms. Moreover, you may have to post it more than just once on some sites so it will stay towards the top of a huge line of listings. Overall, it can be kind of time-consuming and your time may be better spent on other tasks. You might benefit from outsourcing your marketing to someone who can help you keep your posts current remotely. People who you can outsource this work to typically charge by the hour, and it’s relatively inexpensive when you consider what your time as an agent is worth.

6. Qualify Your Clients

You want to be doing showings with people who are ready and able to rent that same day. You don’t want to be taking people sightseeing when they’re on the fence about whether or not they’re ready to rent or what area they want to live in. Qualify your clients with some targeted questions so you don’t end up wasting time with folks who aren’t really interested and may just want to get a sense of the market.

Managing your time well and presenting your listings strategically can help you generate a fantastic volume of business. Success won’t come overnight, but a good game plan and a strong work ethic will help you find your footing as a new agent.

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The Role of Real Estate Valuation in the Economic Development of Nigeria

Today, Real Estate is a cliché in every country. Real Estate property is attributed as a sure-bank investment for persons who can afford this intangible form of assets, and unlike money, it is ranked higher than financial instruments.

This article is not to argue about its societal placement as a form of an asset over other forms of assets but its role through valuation in the economic growth and development especially Nigeria.

There are several determinants of economic development in the world. They include inflation, real estate development, money flow, and interest rates, to mention but just a few. The main focus is on real estate as other determinants evolve around the statistical calculations of demand and supply.

Demand and supply are not really a major factor in valuing real estate, as there are other significant factors such as the people’s purchasing power, the category of the real estate, the soil composition and geographical location of the Land which would also factor in natural and man-made disasters, etc.

Real Estate

Real Estate is synonymous to Land and everything that is permanently affixed to it. This includes buildings, structures, etc.

Real Estate has various categories such as Residential, Industrial, Commercial and Development, and Agriculture. These categories are usually depicted in the Certificate of Occupancy granted to either Statutory or Customary holder of the land for a term of years.

The Land Use Act of 1978 is the primary law governing Land in Nigeria. The Act vests all land in the state, that is, land in its entirety within each 36 states territory and boundary in the Governor of each state.

Just like every profession has its representatives, Real Estate has its representatives and they are called Estate Surveyors and Valuers (ESV).

These set of people provide information, contribute and advise persons (individuals, corporate entities, and governments) on the knowledge and strategies to build infrastructures, maintain infrastructures, and on national development.

Some roles of Real Estate Valuation includes:

  1. Auctioneering: arriving at the initial value which the property will be auctioned i.e. guide price
  2. Evaluating and valuing monetary value for property either for loan purpose, mortgage purpose, Construction purpose, assignment or transfer purpose, business startup, etc.
  3. Consulting on statistical compensation required for the revocation of property for public interest
  4. Splitting businesses based on its assets

Economic Development and Growth of NigeriaThe Roles of Real Estate Valuation in the Economic Development of Nigeria - TechAtLast

Economic growth is defined as the process of growing or expanding a country’s economy geometrically through macro-economic indicators especially gross domestic product (GDP) per capita.

It is also defined as the expansion of an economy’s total output which is measured with GDP to determine the improved standard of living and quality of life among the population. Therefore, when the output per capita is greater than or outgrows the population, there is economic growth.

Economic growth remains sustainable through economic development. Economic development is synonymous to an environment which is synonymous to real estate or land.

As reiterated earlier, there are determinants of economic growth such as Real Estate development, interest rate, money supply, and inflation but the focus is on Real estate development.

The Role of Real Estate Valuation in the Economic Development of Nigeria

The role of real estate valuation cannot be overemphasized. Valuing a property goes to the root of establishing the propensity of appreciations or stagnation over a certain period of time. Property valuation determines the exact value or worth of a property.

This determination gives the owner an insight into the possible returns on his investment or informs a seller on the value of his or her property before sale; likewise buyer.

When valuing a property, an Estate Surveyor and Valuer consider three (3) key approaches: a cost approach, comparable sales approach, and the income approach. These three approaches determine the return on investment on a property in any geographical location.

In Nigeria, Real Estate valuation plays a role in economic development as real estate is one of the contributory factors of the economic GDP. A property rightly valued, can either be developed, maintained or sold.

When public infrastructures or assets are developed or built and maintained to serve the growing populations; especially in urban and semi-urban areas targeting low and middle-income earners.

The outputs generated from these infrastructures will be one of the contributory factors of economic development and growth in Nigeria.


Valuing real estate is crucial for economic development. Several countries in the world turn to experts in the field to consult on the worth of a property and its projected value in future before committing to it.

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The Importance of Facilities Management in National Public Buildings

What are the roles of facilities management in the construction and realization of national public buildings?

A building, whether a private or public building or a national or state-building, is not restricted to only mortar and bricks. There are more to it, such as the infrastructure for the provision of human comfort, the productivity contributed, the environment which is intended to enhance people’s health, and the sustainability of psycho-pathological or psycho-social balance.

Facilities management is of tremendous importance as it has helped with the protection and maintenance of the owner’s interest and objectives in terms of the building and its construction.

The goal of facilities management is generating a good yield or return on investment while ensuring minimal implementation and integration of the design team for major alterations and repairs.

The aim of every facility manager is to significantly reduce the cost associated with major repairs and alterations while increasing the lifespan of the building through a responsive maintenance approach.

Understanding the concept of Facilities Management

The Importance of Facilities Management in National Public Buildings
Let’s discuss the importance of facility management in the actualization of national public buildings.

Facilities management is a concept that ensures that buildings, technical systems, and equipment offer support in the operations of a building.

Hence, facilities management is the coordination of the physical work (that is, the physical workplace) of an organization. The emphasis of the Facilities Management is on National Public Buildings which ought to be coordinated through the Facilities Manager to ensure optimal delivery, maintaining efficient and prompt maintenance to avoid economic loss.

Maintenance, on the one hand, is a crucial aspect of facilities management as it involves the planning and implementation of repairs in buildings.

National public buildings are buildings constructed, provided, promoted, and owned by the Government, especially the Federal Government.

The maintenance of Public buildings depends largely on its facilities managers. Facilities managers are the ones that can affect the maintenance of the buildings. There are two (2) notable types of maintenance: Preventive Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance.

Preventive maintenance involves the usual interpretation to prevent the breakdown of buildings. The common costs associated with this are equipment downtime, labor downtime, replacement parts, and supplies.

Corrective maintenance is the utilization of better development workforce throughout the construction and maintenance of the buildings.

Facilities management on National Public Buildings involves applying scientific and quantifiable methods such as planning, coordinating, decision-making, organizing, and controlling of the physical environment for the purpose of promoting and actualizing the goals and objectives of the Nation’s economy through the establishment of these buildings.

In order to do so, there ought to be a collective decision making on the site selection and soil testing, design and construction of the buildings, renovation, and modernization of old and deliberated structures and equipment, and review of the best practices and standard processes.

Therefore, on the National level, facilities management is a collective and shared responsibility.

The role of facilities management in national public buildings are:

  1. To improve the appearance of the buildings.
  2. To reduce the life cycle cost and the operational cost of the buildings.
  3. To improve the safety of the buildings and the facilities used.
  4. To collect and analyze data pertaining to building structures and equipment used for decision-making on its effectiveness and efficiency on the staff, government workers, and employees.
  5. To extend the life span and usefulness of a building through instructional effectiveness.

The roles of facilities management include but not limited to the illustration of concepts by providing an opportunity for firsthand experience; the provision of thought diversity through inquiry and observation; the protection of people and the provision of comfort through scientific observations and evaluation.

The importance of facilities management on national public buildings cannot be overemphasized. Its importance helps the builders to decipher the best step to take in order to ensure that there is a minimal cost associated with repairs, major alterations, and refurbishing of equipment.

The problem associated with facilities management in national public buildings is the lack of policy guidelines. There are limited to practically no policies guiding the government on how to maintain and manage its infrastructure. Such policies are crucial for the development and sustenance of these buildings.

Facility management is ideal and practicable if there are measures and policies put in place to ensure that. If not, it is another term created and used to define failed projects in the country. Therefore, facility management is an integral part of the establishment and management of government buildings and infrastructures.

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7 Ways Technology is Revolutionizing Civil Engineering as We Know it

There are few fields that are as dynamic as civil engineering. Not only that, but the changes that affect the industry are affecting the way we live our everyday lives directly. New materials, techniques, and approaches are being introduced, and the job of civil engineers is constantly evolving as well. Here are some of the ways new technologies are completely transforming civil engineering as we know it.

Table of Contents

  1. Automation
  2. Augmented and Virtual Reality
  3. Online Learning
  4. Sustainable Building
  5. Drone Technology
  6. 3D Printing
  7. Advanced Building Materials

7 Innovative Ways Technology Is Revolutionizing Civil Engineering

Civil Engineers of today now depend solely on technological innovations to deliver cutting edge solution for our world. Here are seven ways we think tech is disrupting the civil engineering industry greatly.
Civil engineers of today now depend solely on technological innovations to deliver cutting edge solution for our world. Here are seven ways we think tech is disrupting the civil engineering industry greatly.

Automation and 3D Imaging

One of the technologies that are set to profoundly transform civil engineering and the work of engineers is the arrival of robotics. We could see a world where major civil contracts will be done almost automatically using nothing but robotics.

Robots have already revolutionized the world of construction, and are used to perform demolition in tight spaces and in conditions that could be very dangerous for humans. Curb and gutter machines can also perform automated tasks at a speed and regularity that surpasses any human worker, which makes them both safer and more efficient.

Civil engineering truck loading sand from the construction site. 7 Innovative Ways Technology Is Revolutionizing Civil Engineering
A manned civil engineering truck loading sand from the construction site. This same task could be executed by robotics without the need for human input – thanks to robotic technology.

Online Learning

Another thing that is set to transform the field of civil engineering is the advent of online civil engineering degree programs and continuing education. Students can now get their Master of Science in Civil Engineering degree completely online in as little as five semesters. Also, they can continue their education easily through MOOCs and other resources, which might be used for recertification in the future. Online learning allows civil engineering to integrate new concepts and methods fast, and will become more encouraged by employers in the years to come.

eLearning is just getting started
eLearning (or simply put, online education or online learning) is the form of education that takes place over the Internet. It could be likened to a distance learning where the learner is at liberty to learn comfortably. It is just getting started.

Augmented and Virtual Reality

One of the most exciting innovations in the world of civil engineering and construction is the use of augmented and virtual reality. While Google may have struck out with its Google glass, Microsoft already announced their plans to release their own HoloLens project which was aimed specifically at businesses. And while Google has always been questionable about their hardware, we can’t expect the same from a seasoned veteran like Microsoft, and their HoloLens could succeed in every area Google lens couldn’t. Augmented reality could be used to identify safety warnings on the spot, give out productivity and efficiency statistics, and design specifications.

Virtual reality is also getting into the mainstream, and the applications in civil engineering are endless. Not only will engineers be able to see the real-life applications of their designs, but stakeholders will also be able to be guided through projects in their finished form.

Virtual Reality and AR (Augmented Reality)
With the current pace at which augmented, reality and virtual reality is massively improving, a glimpse of the future could be seen from today’s glance. Civil engineers of the future could leverage this technology to some length.

Sustainable Building

Sustainable building technology will continue to dictate building decisions for years to come. The public is growing increasingly wary about climate and environmental issues, and the civil engineers will have to find a way to build more sustainable structures and use more sustainable sources for energy and material. Not only that, but energy efficiency is also a pressing issue right now and will have to be embedded in every major project from now on.

It will become so easy to construct sustainable buildings with the advancement in technologies powering civil engineering industry. There are state of art tools that helps in building a very solid foundation for buildings which further helps in the establishment of structures on it.
It will become so easy to construct sustainable buildings with the advancement in technologies powering the civil engineering industry. In today’s construction landscape, there are state of the art technologies that will in many ways helps in building a very solid foundation for buildings which would further help in the establishment of structures on it.

Drone Technology

The power and effect of drones on civil engineering and construction cannot be denied either. Drones, in general, are a hot commodity and are estimated to reach over $12B in sales by the year 2021. Drones are more powerful and reliable than ever, which has made them more popular for commercial use. They are now used for surveying, design, and developing projects.

Drones are also being used to carry out safety inspections and things like process reporting as well. They make the job of project managers easier and allow them to pay attention to more pressing issues instead of micromanaging every action. Drones have the capacity to report on massively large areas with much less effort. Not only that, but it also makes the job easier on surveyors who no longer need to risk their lives on dangerous jobs.

Drones Technology: Here are top 2014 Drone stories to watch out for.
Drones technology is one of the most disruptive of all available technologies for civil engineers. This powerful device breaks down the workload; you can use it to track or monitor site operators and at the same time keep the environment secured. It could as well be used as a mini-transport system from one point to the other.

Advanced Building Materials

The evolution of building materials over the last few years has been nothing short of amazing as well. We’re now seeing materials that can actually adapt to atmospheric conditions. These 4D materials can actually change their structure depending on the temperature and various other factors to improve their solidity and longevity.

Carbon nanotubes are also very promising and could also be a plausible solution to carbon emissions. Technology has already been introduced that would allow us to collect excess carbon dioxide from the air and turn it into nanotubes, which can be used in everything from boosting the efficiency of solar panels to filtrating water.

A lot of the innovation in building materials aims at mitigating the effects of climate change and pollution. For instance, buildings right now around the world are being coated with materials that can absorb an excessive amount of carbon monoxide being released by vehicles.

We’re also seeing all sorts of cement composites and even self-healing concrete hitting the market. Innovation is also pushing for new smart materials to be developed. For instance, one British company found a way to transform the movement of passersby on a major artery into kinetic energy that could be stored and used. New materials are needed to help trap and convert that energy.

Advanced Building Materials
Advancement in technology has had a great impact on building material manufacturing. In this time of different climate challenges, constructing structures with nature in view could be seen as a wise decision. Civil engineers are not relenting on this, so they are learning new ways to build to last irrespective of climate change.

3D Printing

3D printing is another technology hitting the mainstream and one that could completely change the way we do civil engineering. 3D engineering can now be used to produce models on the spot, or even usable parts. And it’s already being used on large scale projects like bridges and full-sized homes. 3D printing is being used in practically every field right now, from the automotive industry, all the way down to aeronautics and healthcare. Scientists are even talking about using 3D printing machines for the colonization of Mars. While this is still far from a reality, we can already get an idea of how powerful 3D printing could be for the world of engineering as a whole.

3D printing innovation
According to experts, 3D printing is like a bomb waiting to explode, but still has a long way to go to become mainstream print media solution!

Conclusion on how technology is disrupting civil engineering industry

Technology is the most powerful driving force pushing civil engineering forward. New students will have an edge by getting a formation that prepares them to use these new tools, as older ones will need to stay updated in order to not be left behind.

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Here’s How To Choose The Perfect Site For Your Modular Home

Prefabricated or modular houses have been on a considerable rise over recent years. Going for a modular home becomes handy for a number of reasons and there are numerous budget ranges too.

However, your experience depends on the choice of installation site as much as it does on the home itself. These ready built home have specific construction guidelines along with rules for their building site. This article chalks down pivotal points to consider while krundi ostmine (in English buying the plots) for your new modular home.

Four Steps to Choose a Perfect Site for Your Modular Home

Four Steps to Choose a Perfect Site for Your Modular Home
Settling for a modular home becomes handy for a number of reasons, not limited to budget. Here’s how to choose the perfect site for your construction.

Choice of topography

The physical parameters of your construction site determine its topography which is crucial to be assessed. The type of surface you have decides how easily the home components can be assembled at the site. Choosing a flat surface turns out to be a fitting decision as it prevents you from any money spent on leveling the surface.

You might require various heavy machinery if the topography is not ideal for the construction. However, modular homes can be readily set up on most of the surfaces as engineers have viable solutions for any construction hassles.

Accessibility of the modular home site

Depending on the size of your modular unit, transportation charges can hike quickly if your construction site resides considerably far. You need to include these costs while considering the overall cost based on your budget.

Moreover, be mindful of any midway hurdles if you’re going to install a huge modular compartment. Several midway obstacles like overhead lines, quality of the road, any overhanging tree, etc. become vital when it comes to deciding the ease as well as the time for the maneuver.

Planning permits

Before you get your prefabricated house installed on the desired site, it’s essential to have an in-depth idea of several permit requirements. You need to assess any restrictions that might cause hassle during the construction. Any modular home can only be set up once all the planning permits are set cleared by the authorities.

Issues like overlays, land zoning, and covenants often make it arduous to carry out a speedy installation as you need to sort these individually. Don’t refrain from taking suitable legal help in order to keep yourself updated with the laws governing this operation.Here's How To Choose The Perfect Site For Your Modular Home


Choosing the right direction sense for various aspects of your home is not only crucial from the design perspective but also accounts for energy savings. Sunlight can only be entirely utilized if you have come up with a strategic direction choice for your modular home.

Thus, selecting a site must include the orientation of your house as a deciding factor so that you can figure out any obstruction beforehand. For instance, you can carry out any changes in the direction of windows by clearly understanding the surroundings. Thus, visiting the site becomes pivotal so that you can know where any changes might be needed. You might also need to bring a designer alongside so that no discussion remains left out for later.

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7 Best Ways To Build a Commercial Real Estate Marketing Strategy

Having a well-developed commercial real estate marketing strategy can bring many benefits to your business. However, it can be quite overwhelming to do so, be it with a team or with limited resources, on your own.

An effective and good real estate marketing strategy can help you move further in your business and not fall behind the competition.

Here is our list of steps that you can take in order to have a successful real estate marketing strategy.

How to Create A Commercial Real Estate Marketing Strategy That Works

Building a commercial real estate marketing strategy has more to offer your property business than you stand to lose. It is not so easy, though, but it is worth doing. This article guides on how to go about that.
Building a commercial real estate marketing strategy has more to offer your property business than you stand to lose. It is not so easy, though, but it is worth doing. This article guides on how to go about that.

1. Launch a website

Having a good website matters more than you may think. It should create a good first impression and allow your clients to get to know you better. It can also be an amazing outlet for all of your news and promotions. This gives people a clear image of who you are and that you are legit.

Not having a website is a huge loss for every type of business in our modern world. According to statistics, 46% of businesses don’t have a website and the other 54% have already received all the benefits from it.

As statistic shows that there are more than 3.5 billions of searches occurring in Google each day, so having a business website is surely an advantage. A proper real estate marketing strategy with investment in website development and management surely going to yield massive returns on investment.

2. Target your email campaigns

A targeted email campaign is one of the best ways to gather and nurture a substantial following. It is still one of the untapped real estate marketing strategies out there. You can use these emails to inform your clients, send them updates, share interesting posts, and essentially, increase both awareness of your company and your sales.

3. Create useful content

As an expert in your niche, you have plenty of useful things to say. Use that to spread awareness of your business. The content you create can also be entertaining or piggybacking on a recent trend – use it. But don’t just be a part of the crowd, find a way to stand out and find your place in the online world. Quality of content will often do, but don’t forget to share it. To ensure originality, use plagiarism checkers like Copyscape.

Keep in mind that there are many mistakes that you can make in your content marketing strategy, one of them being having too many grammar and spelling mistakes. You can use tools like 1 Day 2 Write or Write My X to fix your piece and improve your results.

4. Be present on social media

Social media could be a great tool for your business promotion. According to research conducted by We Are Social, there are more than 3 billion social media users in 2018 and it is 42% of all global citizens. You could share your content, updates, information, etc. Use it to engage with your audience as well and provide quick customer support if they have any questions.

Infographics, for instance, work wonderfully on social media and around the Internet. Try to generate viral content specific for your real estate business niche and you’ll receive a huge spread of word.

How to Setup a Commercial Real Estate Marketing Strategy For Your Real Estate Business
Setting up a winning commercial real estate marketing strategy that will guarantee massive result in your real estate business requires proper SEO strategy while not forgetting local search engine optimization.

5. SEO Optimize

As you know, SEO optimization is extremely important for your website’s ranking. Make sure that everything is in accordance with SEO – use relevant keywords, format properly, make sure your site is fast and that people find your website useful for their needs. Try to get backlinks and shares – work with influencers if you’d like. If you reach a high ranking on Google, you’ll have much better chances of being noticed in your niche.

6. Organize your time and set goals

You can’t start doing anything else before you develop a satisfying plan and to be determined with your goals. Without goals and organization, you won’t know where you are going and that’s not good for your final results. Make sure that you plan and strategize everything as regards setting up a commercial real estate marketing strategy that will work.

7. Measure your success

You can’t really know just how successful your real estate marketing strategy has been if you don’t set measuring tools. For instance, you could set monthly goals or use Google Analytics to see just how useful your plan has been.

Wrapping Up

Crafting a good strategy takes time, effort, and resources in some cases. Mostly, it can be overwhelming for a single person to achieve. But by following these steps and tips, you won’t miss a single chance to raise your business awareness and increase conversions.

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6 Important Things You Should Know About Real Estate Valuation in Nigeria

Real estate valuation is the process of making a report which contains information about the present monetary value of a landed-property, the size of the building and the structure on it, the general and technical details, the physical status (especially if there are structural flaws) and the cost of properties with similar attributes in the same area.

The position of a real estate property remains the same in every part of the world – An Asset with fluctuating value. Since assets rarely have a fixed value, the burden lies on the holder of the asset to constantly be abreast with its current value.

Considering the number of variables involved, you can only know the true worth of your property when you engage the service of a property valuation firm.

Regardless of the method used in achieving this valuation, you should take note of the following variables as they almost always hold the bigger influence whenever a real estate property is being valued in Nigeria.

6 Important Factors About Real Estate Valuation in Nigeria

6 Important things you should know about Real Estate Valuation in Nigeria
As you cannot certainly know the true value of your asset until you evaluate it, so we present you a real estate valuation guidelines to follow. Here are the six important things you should know before you embark on a real estate evaluation in Nigeria.

1. The present state of the economy

Setting aside the construction and maintenance cost of a property, the present state of the economy is a major determiner of a property’s monetary value. In other words, more money in circulation means that properties will command a higher amount and better purchasing power.

2. Political activities

Politics plays a big role in virtually every stratum of the Nigerian society. A political decision/activity can swing the price of properties in any direction. A case in point is the steep drop in the values of properties in Abuja after the 2015 election.

3. Architectural Design

Properties are created with different architectural aesthetics. While some styles stay longer, others quickly go out of fashion. If your property happens to be one with evergreen or the in-demand style, it will most likely command a higher value.

4. Location

This variable plays a very significant role in determining the value of your property. You can be assured of a steady increase in the value of your property by its mere presence on a particular location. In the same vein, the government or a corporate body’s decision to sight a particular facility (airport, train station, bus parks or industrial site) in your location can also significantly increase the value of properties. A case in point is how the establishment of a train station in Idu terminal significantly increased the value of all landed properties in Idu and its environs.

5. Date

This is one of the factors the owner or the valuer has zero control over. Properties demand varying values at different times of the year. The same property that is valued at a particular figure in January might have significantly increased or decreased before the end of the next month due to a recently perceived flaw or any other subjective or objective reason.

6. The valuing firm

Though the value of most properties are objectively derived by weighing the influence of the above variables and many others, having an experienced real estate valuer can go a long way in wrapping the needed sentiments required to give you a more accurate value of a property.

Conclusion on real estate valuation in Nigeria

The factors that affect the value of a property in Nigeria are obviously more than what is listed above. Also, the influence of any or all of the variables involved can change in a blink. It takes an experienced real estate valuer to quickly recognize these changes and take the corresponding action.

More importantly, property disposal and acquisition are not the only actions that call for property valuation. Taxes, insurance, mortgage application and the need to properly set an appropriate rate for a property are just a few of the reasons why we need the services of a property valuation firm.

Do you have any inquiry about property valuation and why you need it? Contact a reliable real estate valuation expert for an exclusive breakdown of the benefits of property valuation and the important things to note when your property is being valued.

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Property Industry Growth: How Is Tech Changing Property Industry?

Technology is an evolving market that has drastically reshaped the world around us. There have been many key industries, like property industry, that have adopted this new trend as there has been potential for further development and progression in the sector. Using innovative new tech in everyday life allows for advancements, predominantly within a business, with the property industry welcoming new technology more so now than ever before.

So, how is tech changing the property industry?

How to invest in real estate by leveraging latest technological advancements in property industry
The goal of every billionaires is to find more investment opportunities to diversify into. And good example of that is real estate. Here’s how to invest in real estate by leveraging latest technological advancements in the property industry.

Long gone are the days when the only way to find a property for rent was to flick through the newspaper, contact an estate agent, use word of mouth or see an advertisement in your local shop window. More recently, every property company of today uses technology successfully to attract new buyers and tenants. Whether this is through social media channels, their own website or sponsored marketing on the internet, technology gives property businesses the opportunity to raise their public profile and ultimately improve their sales. For some companies, the possibilities through technology run a lot deeper than this.

RW Invest property investment consultants are a prime example of how a UK based property company is utilising the rising tech trend. Virtual reality has been a huge progression in the industry as a means of showcasing the latest properties and their surroundings to those interested in purchasing. This has enticed investors from all around the globe due to creating the ability to view an off-plan property before the construction phase has begun.

Real estate business - how technology is affecting property industry
Real estate business:- This is how technology is disrupting property industry and we think you might want to take a closer look.

When it comes to off-plan property, virtual reality isn’t only the tech trend that is a catalyst for its success. It is important for investors to view a property, or to at least have a vague idea of what the property plans to look like upon completion. As a result, the rise of computer-generated imagery is prevalent amongst the marketing of new build properties. As a vital element for so many property companies, the use of CGIs allows investors to preview how the build is set to look while simply scrolling online. However, it is not just the build that leaves investors questioning the potential of their investment. The surrounding areas are often as important as the property itself.

For investors that don’t have the money or time to travel to the site of their impending development of interest, the use of drones can be an incredibly beneficial form of technology. There has been a huge uptake in the number of property investment companies using drone footage to display the location of their existing and forthcoming properties, alongside the opportunity to highlight the progress during the construction phase.

How is tech and property industry mixing lately?
How is tech and property industry mixing lately?

Investors want to be certain that the location has everything they desire, not only for themselves but also for their target tenant. It would not be beneficial, nor attractive to a potential student if you invest in an off-plan student accommodation located a 10-minute train journey from campus. Opting to record drone footage regularly is a good strategy to stand out against competitors, as well as to provide peace of mind for overseas investors who have already purchased a property.

Advancements in technology have aided the industry to run more effectively and appeal to a wider range of investors and tenants. With momentous changes so far in the industry, it is exciting to think about what the future could look like. Over the forthcoming years, the rise of cryptocurrency is predicted to take effect and have a positive impact on a host of forward-thinking companies across the world.


Technology is gradually reshaping the world around us like it has done in property industry, but this is not where it will end, it has tendency to further development and progression in each sectors of our economy – in fact, it is a disruptive factor that would channel us into the next phase of economic development.

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Reasons Why Real Estate Agents Need a Mobile Website

Since 2008 we have seen the real estate market considerably softened. One major place realtors today are using to cut cost and reach a wider audience is having a website, which is really a cost-effective way to advertise properties and do mobile marketing.

Less technologically savvy realtors will pay dearly to those realtors who are taking advantage of what the modern-day technology has provided for us to leverage upon, as we do business. With this modern-day technology, real estate agents are able to retain and recruit more leads easily and with ease because they can reach a lot more customers around the globe.Real Estate Agents Need Money Website

With a website, a real estate agent can reach prospective buyers twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Even when your office (offline) is closed your online office (website) is there and open for buyers to come and do business with you. This will, of course, give you an edge and enhance the productivity of your business. There are good service providers in the market who can provide you with the mobile web design of your business.

If you are in business as a real estate agent to make a profit and your profit comes from people, why not go to where the people are. Out of the worlds 44 billion phones, 1 billion are now smartphones. 60% of the remaining are internet enabled. The mobile web is a good place to do effective marketing for any kind or size of business. With these huge numbers, it is clear that the customers a real estate agent is looking for are on the mobile web. So why not take your business there and properly position it for a good profit.

Real estate agents need every advantage that is available for them. Having a website and doing mobile marketing will help bring real estate agents into the twenty-first-century world of technology. It appeals to today’s customers, saving them time and money. A mobile web presence is simply one of the best things that have happened to the real estate market.

A web presence will save the realtor a good amount of money. Print ads are costly and place the real estate agent in a reactive position. You do not have to always create print ads to update your prospective buyers, with a website you just log in and update and it is done. You now have the current information about listings and other information is flying before millions of prospective buyers globally.Real Estate Agents - Real Estate Mobile Website

Some benefits your buyers will enjoy if you have a mobile website include

1. Easy access: They can easily get to you without any need to leave their home in case they do not have an internet-ready PC.

2. Convenience: The statistics of mobile users today shows it is more convenient browsing with a mobile phone than a PC. You would have made your prospective customers happy to quickly get to you for any information or business deal by having a mobile website.

A mobile website is considerably affordable and we have good companies who are ready to design a great mobile website for your real estate so why won’t you want to leverage on the vast number of mobile users and make a success out of your business. A mobile website is a mile advantage over your competitors.