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Batch Word to JPG Converter – A New Tool to Convert Doc to JPG Format in Batches

A tool that specializes in converting documents from one format to another format, has officially been launched and it is called Batch Word to JPG Converter. The Batch Word to JPG converter is a freeware tool that simplifies the process of converting any MS Word file so that it can be read on phones, laptops, and on web pages without installing Microsoft software or app

Sharing information among users is made easy when data is available in a convenient and easy to read format. The new WORD to JPG freeware conversion utility tool is easy to use and capable of converting both Doc and DocX documents into an image (.jpg) format. 

The highlighted feature in the software is the program’s ability to allow users to conveniently convert hundreds or even thousands of documents into images, all with a single click of a mouse. It creates an intuitive experience for users at the office or at home when there is a requirement to handle conversion in bulk quantities.

The technology behind Batch Conversion

Termed as a reliable converter, the Batch Word to JPG Converter is a versatile program that works on all versions of the Windows operating system. The program is compatible with Windows 10, 8, 7, Windows Vista, and XP operating systems. Users also have the option to download this software for free and install it on Windows Server OS or choose to run a lite version on any machine by keeping the source file on a USB drive.

Software Features and Supported Formats

The freeware can seamlessly convert Microsoft Word files from all versions into JPG format. It can convert a single file as well as a bunch of files in one go. The program supports Doc, DocX, RTF, HTML, HTM, and Open Document Format (also known as ODT) into an image format. The development team behind the Word to JPG converter has incorporated multiple other formats apart from JPG including PNG, TIF, TGA, BMP, GIF, and PCX.

With the help of this newly launched free software, users can also choose to convert Doc files into PDF format. The conversion enables users to not have Microsoft Word or Microsoft Office installed on their computers. The entire process of conversion from one file format to another can be handled without the need for specific software programs licensed and installed on the host computer.

How to Use The ‘Batch Word to JPG converter Tool‘?

Batch Word to JPG Converter
Gone are those days of rigorous trial and error before you get your Microsoft Word documents into other formats. Today, we have amazing conversion tools that can do some of these tasks at the click of a mouse.

Batch Word to JPG converter is a lightweight, freeware program that weighs in at just 6MB. Users can download the program directly from this link and choose to install it on their desktop/laptop PCs.

Once installed, there is an option to add individual files or drag/ drop a batch of Doc files to be converted into JPG or the required image format. The software vendor has ensured there are no limitations on the number of files that can be converted at a time and it is one of the primary features that set this word to jpg converter unique when compared to other similar software programs.

Users have the option to choose the output image format, image size determined by 200dpi or 300dpi based on the requirement and download them for use on various platforms. 

Security and Reliability

PDFZilla is a trusted software development company that has successfully established hundreds of programs and has millions of users around the globe who use it on a regular basis. They specialize in providing the highest level of privacy and security when converting confidential documents. 

A Doc to PDF conversion can be encrypted and safeguarded with a password. The program can be secured while converting any formats. The program supports major languages including English, German, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, and Spanish among several other options. 

The software a reliable and has no hidden costs, adware or automated toolbar installation issues. This makes it highly reliable for office use when handling confidential documents. The batch conversion feature delivered by the Word to JPG converter can be used in digital marketing by social media marketers to share useful information to their target audience. This is a cost-effective solution for organizations because it removes the requirement to have a valid Microsoft Office or MS Word license for every user in order to convert available documents into an image format for sharing.


You can convert Doc to JPG format with this light conversion tool, it makes the process quick and effortless. Try Batch Word to JPG converter tool and let me know your experience in the comment below.

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How to Create a Superb Video in Just a Few Minutes with FlexClip Online Video Editing Tool

Have you forgotten to make a presentation video before in your business meeting? Or do you want to quickly create a video of the exciting holiday photos and share it with your friends quickly?

Whatever the reason, when you want to create a video in a hurry that does not need advanced editing skills, then you should try this online video editing tool I’m going to be talking about in a bit. It is called FLEXCLIP online video editing tool.

How Does FlexClip Online Video Editor Works?

FLEXCLIP online video editor
FLEXCLIP online video editor tops the list of online free video editing tools. You can’t get anything better for nothing out there.

In this post, we are going to discuss how to create a superb video in just a few minutes with FlexClip online video editing tool.

FlexClip is a very easy free video maker for beginners, in which you can create professional-looking videos in just a few seconds, whether it’s a promo video for your business advertorial, a tutorial video for your product, or a lifestyle video – FlexClip online video editor get you covered.

In FlexClip’s video editor, you can cut or split your videos into the desirable clips. To take your video to the next level, you can add background music, edit text, record voiceover, and upload your logo and watermark to your video.

FlexClip video editor in use for Olawale Daniel video.
FlexClip video editor is free tool for creating professional videos online and Olawale Daniel just used it to create a documentary.

With only a few steps, you can create a far more dynamic video.

  1. Visit and sign up with your email or connect with Facebook. The registration is free and quick.
  2. After signed up and logged into your account, you can start to create a project. Click on Create New button on this page, and you will enter the editing page.
Click on Create new button to start making free online video using FlexClip
To create a new project, click on “Create New” button as outlined in the picture to start making a free online video using FlexClip.
  1. Upload your own videos or photos to the video editor. FlexClip features an intuitive and simple storyboard where you can easily manage the elements.
  2. Customize your video to meet your purposes. Add text, record voiceover, or upload background music to touch up the video.
  3. Preview and download your final video in high-definition quality for free. To preview the video, click the Preview button at the top. If you like the video, you can download it on your PC. You have options to download the video in MP4 format and choose the quality from 480p, 720p, and 1080p.
FlexClip allow you to export videos without watermark
FlexClip online video editor allows you to export videos without adding any form of watermark on it except your own watermark. It is totally free. I don’t know if they are going to add a paid version in the future, but I still think this whole features might still be available for free in the future.

Highlighted Features of FlexClip Online Video Editor:

  • A straightforward and clean storyboard to easily control your video clips and photos.
  • It is completely free.
  • Choose from a wide range of high-resolution photos, video footages, and music.
  • A clean storyboard allows everyone to trim video, insert text, add music, record voiceover with a few clicks.
  • Export videos in different aspect ratios and resolutions including 1080p, 720p, and 480p.
  • You can upload various videos and images from the local computer. The videos formats include MP4, MOV, WEBM, and M4V, etc. and the image formats include JPG, PNG, SVG, BMP, and GIF, etc.
  • One-click to trim or split your video to get the desirable parts you want.
  • Combine or merge multiple videos and photos in one single professional video.
  • Built with many text animations. You can add text or upload logo and then quickly edit text colors, fonts, sizes, etc.
  • Powerful voice recording tool allows you to record your own voice over the video.
  • Upload favorite background music or audio to match your video.

It would be much appreciated if you could try out the software and also share it with your friend to them create marketing videos and family stories effortlessly.

FlexClip is a new powerful video maker to develop quality videos for any purpose. Try it out here:


FlexClip online video editing tool is a very easy free video maker for beginners, as you and I, for creating professional-looking and high definition videos in just a few seconds. No need to download and install any additional software, you can use FlexClip online video editor directly in your browser online. If you want to make a good-quality video in a very short time, the tool is of great interest to you. Even if you don’t have previous video editing knowledge or experience, you can handle it quickly.

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PST to PDF Migration – How to Easily Convert Outlook Emails to PDF

Nowadays, portability is one of the major features which make the files available in any of the platform. PDF is one such file format that is platform-independent and portable. However, this portability feature is not with Microsoft Outlook email files. Outlook email files are stored in PST file format i.e. Personal storage table. In order to read PST files user, Microsoft Outlook should be installed on the local machine. Therefore, to read PST emails at any platform there is a need to export PST to PDF. Therefore, in this article, we will discuss various needs and solutions for the conversion of PST files.

Need for Outlook PST to PDF Conversion

In this article, you will learn how to convert PST to PDF documents also, identify various needs for the conversion. Get a trouble-free method to perform the migration of Outlook emails to PDF. This post explains in detail how to easily convert Outlook emails to PDF files.

Outlook PST to PDF Migration – How to Easily Convert Outlook Emails to PDF
Follow the guidelines in this article to easily convert outlook emails to PDF files with the step by step PST to PDF migration process.

There are various needs for converting PST files to PDF. Let us understand it more clearly by some user queries-

“I am having numerous large amount of Outlook emails configured in my account. But, for portability and printing these emails I decided to convert them into Adobe PDF file format. According to me, this would be the best solution. But, I didn’t found the reliable method for the conversion. All suggestions are welcomed and kindly suggest me the apt solution to export Outlook emails to PDF.”

“I am working as a lawyer. I am having some confidential emails from my client. I urgently need to upload PST files to PDF so that I could take a print out of these emails. Please suggest me some trouble-free solution to convert PST folder to PDF with attachments also.”

“I am working as a Manager in one of the organizations. I am using Microsoft Outlook email client for sending and receiving emails. But, I have to send some important Outlook emails to one of my clients. But, he is not using Outlook. I find converting these emails would be the best method. But, I didn’t find the trouble-shoot method to perform the conversion of PST to PDF with attachments. Please, help me to solve this problem.”

Reliable Method to Save Outlook Email as PDF

In order to perform PST to PDF conversion, there is no such direct method available. It is recommended to opt for a third-party tool i.e. PST to PDF Exporter. This tool easily migrates personal storage tables to Adobe PDF file format. Moreover, this tool is easy to use and has a Windows Explorer-like user interface. This software is also capable of scanning an unlimited size of Outlook PST. That can be the load for preview by the user. Furthermore, there are various matchless features of the software that are discussed in the next section.

Advantageous Features of Software to Export PST to PDF

Migrate Outlook PST Emails to PDF With Attachments: This tool easily imports PST files to PDF. It effortlessly exports emails, notes, tasks, contacts, etc. Moreover, it also provides an option for selective conversion. Also, support both ANSI and UNICODE type PST files.

Provides Dual Option to Add PST File: Before initiating the procedure to convert the PST folder to PDF. This software provides two modes i.e. File Mode and Folder Mode. With file mode, the user can convert the single .pst file. While on the other hand with Folder mode users can migrate multiple PST.

Provides Date Filter Option: With this feature users can export selective items, it not mandatory to convert all emails. By, using the date range filter option the user can filter emails according to a specified date range.

Change Settings of PDF File Format: By default, there are some parameters of the output PDF document. However, if the user wants to modify those setting then they are free to do that. Moreover, users can add Bates numbers in PDF file at the specified position. And also insert Date stamping feature.

Final Words

If you’ve been following all I have been saying since, by now, you should be able to know how to convert PST to PDF document, identify various techniques and easy to follow method to perform the migration.

In this article, we have different user queries in order to convert OST emails to PDF. Apart from that, we have also discussed the reliable method for the conversion i.e. PST file to PDF Exporter. This tool is easy-to-use and quite relevant to convert PST to PDF with attachments. Moreover, this software also provides various matchless features that are described in the above section. Click here to check it out.

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OST Viewer Pro – Solution to Convert Offline Storage Table to PDF

There are various situations that demand the conversion of OST files to PDF. Now, the question arises how to perform the conversion. One effective and user-friendly tool you can make use of for this task is OST Viewer pro which enables the user to export OST to PDF. This tool also facilitates the users to open and read orphan OST files along with attachments. Moreover, there are various features of this tool that are described in the below section.

Advantageous Features of OST Viewer Pro

Some of the useful features of the software are as follows-

View OST Files in Bulk

This software enables the users to open and read multiple OST files. The tool generates the preview of email messages and attributes such as From, To, Sent Date, Received Date and Size in KiloBytes.

View Outlook Email Attachments

With this tool, users can read emails along with attachments. There are various types of emails attachments such as files, documents, images and other files.

View Emails in Different Styles

In order to read the single email, message tool offers various styling modes such as Normal View, RTF View, Hex View, Message Header View, Property View, MIME View, and attachments.

Convert PST to PDF format

One of the best features of the software is it allows users to export OST to PDF document in batch. Moreover, by using checkboxes uses can perform the selective conversion.

Provides Advance Searching Option

OST to PDF converter provides Advance search feature so that users can find specific email by providing any keyword or phrase. Moreover, users can also add various filter options to perform complete or deep searching of Outlook emails in OST.

Date Based Filter Option

The tool provides date based filter feature so that user can filter emails of the particular date range.
Emails that come under specific date are displayed by the tool.

Different File Naming conventions

The tool provides various naming options for PDF file. By default emails are saved as subject however, users can change it also. They can use combinations of date, month or year (DD-MM-YYY) as well as MD5 or auto incremental.

Export Selective Files or Folders

Users can apply filters or simply check/uncheck the checkboxes that are provided for each file or folder. Users can uncheck those emails which they don’t want to convert.


OST files are offline storage tables, offline folders make possible for the users to work offline and then synchronize changes with the Exchange Server at the next time they connect. However, at times users want to convert Outlook OST to PDF. So that emails can be secure and portable. Therefore, by OST Viewer Pro users readily convert OST files to PDF.

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OneDrive Migration Tool – Transfer OneDrive to OneDrive for Business

Nowadays, many users want to keep their crucial data safe in the cloud. As we know, Office 365 is a web-based application, which involves Exchange Online as an emailing and calendaring server. All items can be accessed in Office 365 account and saved in cloud storage environment. But, sometimes the question arises that how to transfer files from OneDrive to OneDrive for Business account? One such solution is OneDrive to OneDrive Transfer tool, which helps to move all items i.e., emails, contacts, etc between two OneDrive accounts. Moreover, it provides the robust platform and cost-effective services to perform migration process. In this review page, we are going to discuss OneDrive Migration Tool in detail along with all its useful features.

OneDrive Migration Tool

OneDrive Migration Tool – Overview

Onedrive for Business file migration tool is designed in such a way to transfer files or documents between two OneDrive accounts. It is capable enough to migrate all permissions from Source ID to Destination ID. The OneDrive Migration tool offers Date-based Filter option while moving data from OneDrive to OneDrive for Business account. Moreover, it equips an option to pause a file transfer process any time they want and resume it later on whenever needed. Also, it keeps the original folder structure intact throughout the migration process. It is compatible with all latest versions of Window machine including Win 10 and its below versions.

Versions of OneDrive Migration Tool

The Microsoft Office 365 OneDrive for Business migration tool is available in two different versions i.e., Demo and Licensed edition. Users can select any of the version as per their need. Let us have a look:

  • Demo Version: The OneDrive for Business file transfer tool is only available on company’s official site. One can easily download and install the setup of this migration tool to understand the full working of it. However, there is a constraint that it will transfer only 50 items while executing migration process.
  • Licensed Version: The licensed version of OneDrive to OneDrive migration tool, which allows a user to move all items between two OneDrive Accounts. Moreover, it can transfer all mailbox items from source to destination. There is no size limitation imposed during the conversion process. So, one can simply buy this product from an official site and use it as per their convenience.

Key Features of OneDrive to OneDrive For Business Migration

Move Data From OneDrive to Another OneDrive: With OneDrive Migration tool, the user can easily transfer files from OneDrive to another OneDrive account efficiently. This application also helps to move all items, which include photos, audio, video, doc files, PDFs, etc., from OneDrive to OneDrive for Business.

Migration for MS Office 365 OneDrive Admin: In order to migrate files from OneDrive to another OneDrive account, the tool offers with Impersonation feature for Admin who wants to perform migration from one domain to another to transfer files from OneDrive Account to another OneDrive having multiple User Ids.

Note: Keep in mind that Source & Destination OneDrive for Business should be impersonated before conversion.

Option to Add Source & Destination ID: For adding the user ID of Source and Destination OnDrive account and to perform the same. The tool provides following options while moving files from OneDrive to OneDrive for business:

  • Source & Destination User ID: To add only one user at a time, choose this option. But keep in mind that one must have at least one validated source and destination admin ID before starting a process. Next, one should enter the username and password of that account and authorize it before executing the migration from OneDrive to OneDrive for Business.
  • Import CSV File: After Validating Source and Destination User ID , one can perform O365 OneDrive to OneDrive migration in batch and users can even choose this option. For this, one just has to upload a .csv file that contains multiple user Ids.

Customize Way to Migrate OneDrive Account:If users want to migrate OneDrive to another OneDrive account from a certain date range, then they can utilize date-based filter option. Users just need to mention the date range in the to and from the given field, the OneDrive to OneDrive Migration for Business tool will transfer only data that fall under a particular date range. For this, there are two date filters i.e., Creation Date & Modification Date provided by the software.

  • Move Permissions: With this option, the user can move all permissions such as read and write from OneDrive to another OneDrive using CSV File. This feature permits a user to transfer all permissions from Source to Destination user ID
  • Advanced Settings: While switching from OneDrive account to another, the users can also transfer specific files or documents with this option. It enables the user to migrate particular files such as .pdf, .doc, .txt etc.

Renders Date-range Filter Option: If users want to migrate OneDrive to another OneDrive account from a certain date range, then they can utilize date-based filter option. Users just need to mention the date range in the to and from the given field, the OneDrive to OneDrive Migration for Business tool will transfer only data that fall under a particular date range. For this, there are two date filters i.e., Creation Date & Modification Date provided by the software.

Offers Pause, Resume & Stop Option:Once the migration process begins, the software will show the live status of an ongoing process on the current screen. Also, it permits a user to pause or resume data migration process in between without any interruption. However, if users want them, they can also stop the whole process in between. After that, data are transferred before clicking on the Stop button will move.

Working Steps of Office 365 Onedrive For Business Migration Tool

  • First of all, Launch OneDrive Migration Tool on your machine.
  • Then, you can provide OneDrive Source and Destination Admin Credentials.
  • After this, choose the various filters such as Selective Permission Migration, Date Filter & specific files.
  • Go to “Import CSV” option and then, select “Advanced Settings” and enable the “include file type” checkbox as follows.
  • Finally, click on “Export” to perform OneDrive to OneDrive Migration successfully


  • Maintains folder hierarchy throughout the conversion process
  • Option to pause transfer process at any time and resume it
  • Allows the user to add multiple source & Destination id’s in Bulk


  • Does not provide preview of data before executing migration process
  • Does not render customized file naming convention feature

Observational Verdict

Based on the user interface, performance, and technicalities of OneDrive to OneDrive Migration tool, I would like to rate this product 9.8/10. The reason for not giving the full rate is that the application does not generate a preview of data before executing the migration. Besides this, there is no other negative point of OneDrive to OneDrive transfer and I can proudly say that by far, there cannot be any other software like this.

Also, read the article to know how to backup Office 365 Mailbox, click here:

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Outlook OST Recovery- Repair Corrupt OST File Efficiently

OST files are the Offline Storage Table file in Microsoft Outlook used for the business purpose. These files has the ability to work in an offline mode. There are so many reasons due to which such offline OST files prone to get damaged or corrupted. Some of them are improper shut-down of MS Exchange Server, Software & hardware failures etc. Outlook OST Recovery tool is one of the great solution that makes the task to repair corrupted OST files more faster and easier. This tool also allows to recover the data from permanently deleted OST files and after the recovery process, it will export the data to Outlook PST, EML and MSG file format.

In this review we have described the salient features and working of Outlook OST reair tool. This will definitely help the users to get a correct information to the helpful OST repair tool.

Features at a Glance

Outlook OST Recovery

Prominent Features OF Outlook OST Recovery Tool

1. Provision to restore OST data

The Outlook OST repair tool has the ability to repair the permanently deleted informations from OST files such as contacts, tasks, emails, calendars etc. It can restore the OST file without any file size limitation.

Outlook OST Recovery


2. Scanning modes to repair OST file

The Outlook OST Recovery tool can perform the recovery of corrupt OST files, which does not consider the level f corruption. The tool provides two scanning modes:

a, Advance Scan: The advance scan option is used to repair highly damaged or corrupted Offline OST files

b, Quick Scan: The quick scan option is applicable to repair less corrupted OST file.

3. Provides Option to Extract Selected Items

The OST recovery tool provides an option to extract the selective items or folders. On saving the selective items from the recovered OST file, Users have an option to check or uncheck selected items and then click Export.

4. Option to Apply Date Filter

While performing the restoring and extracting of Outlook OST file, users can apply the data range to apply the mail filters. So, with the help of this option users can export the items within a particular range

Outlook OST Recovery

5. Split Outlook OST File by Size

After exporting the recovered OST to PST, users can apply the option split PST file by size to divide the resultant PST into smaller parts. Users can specify the file size in GB and the tool will break the PST file with same size.

Versions Of Outlook OST Recovery Tool

1) Trial/Demo Version
The trial version of Outlook OST Recovery tool allows users to get an idea about the whole working of utility. The demo edition of the software can be downloaded free of cost. However, the demo version does have any limitations as compared to the license version.
2) License Version
If the users are satisfied with the performance of the application, then the users can purchase the licence version. It can be purchased from the website at a cost of $49 only. It does not have any limitations.


  • There is no file size limitation to recover the Outlook OST file
  • Provision to apply OST mail filters
  • It is proved as efficient when tested for 20 GB, resulted in the recovery rate of 2mbps.
  • Provides multiple Export options
  • It extracts only the selected files from OST


  • The tool does not support the repairing of multiple Offline OST files simultaneously.

The Verdict

Being a technical person, we would like to rate this Outlook OST Recovery product 9.8/10 because if the utility is allows to support the repairing of multiple OST files, then it is going to ten out of ten product. According to our view, the utility takes less amount of time than other available tools. So we can say that the SysTools OST Recovery utility is one of the efficient and helpful solution to deal with the corrupt OST files.

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PST Viewer Pro – Convert Outlook PST Files to PDF Easily

PST files are personal storage table it stores emails, calendars, contacts and other items. In order to read PST file contents, there is need to install Microsoft Outlook on the local machine. But, there are some users who are not working with Outlook and wants to access PST emails. Therefore, to open and read PST files at any platform there is need to export PST file to PDF format. For the conversion, there is an efficient tool like the SysTools PST Viewer Pro. With this software, users can easily read various emails and attachments also. Moreover, it facilitates the users to convert PST items to PDF file format. This software maintains the folder structure and displays the contents.

About the Tool PST File Viewer Pro

This tool enables the uses to read PST file data easily. It can even export PST to PDF in batch. This software provides matchless features that include maintaining folder structure, sort items by various properties such as Received date, Sent date, email subject, size in KB, phone number, contact name, address, calendar subject, location, start, end, etc.

Benefits of the PST Viewer Pro

  • Auto Locate PST Files within the computer.
  • Open and Read unlimited PST Files with attachments.
  • Dual Mode of Export: Single PST to PDF conversion and multiple PST to PDF migration.
  • Outlook Installation not Required to read and migrate emails.
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows 10, 8.1, 8, XP and Vista.

Advantageous Features of PST Viewer Pro

Convert PST to PDF in batch

Outlook email messages can be easily read on various platforms such as Mac, Linux, Unix machine by converting them into PDF format. Users can also perform selective conversion of emails. By using the check or uncheck option user can export desired data.

Dual Method to Export PST to PDF

The tool offers two different ways by which users can convert PST files. One is by saving single PST to PDF. Users have to choose important email, right click and then click on the “Export” button to initiate the process of migration of PST files. The other method is to convert complete folders from Outlook PST to PDF in bulk.

Set Naming Convention

There is an option provided by the PST File Viewer Pro to set different names to the exported files. The output emails can have different names according to their subject, from+subject+date, subject+date and auto incremental, etc.

Provides Searching Option

The PST to PDF Converter software ensures that the folder structure is retained during migration of files. The tool has a remarkable search capability to search within email files. Users can easily search emails by entering particular keyword or phrase. Moreover, users can add search criteria such as search by To, From, Email Id. This tool auto locates and identifies PST files present in the machine.

Save Email in New Folder

This software enables the users to create New Folder to save PDF file directly from software panel. Moreover, users can also save the files at any desirable location by simply browsing the location. PST to PDF Converter provides the print option to get printed copy of selected emails. By using the Print option users can take the hard copy of emails by the software.

How Does the PST Viewer Pro Work?

Step 1: Download and Install the software.

Step 2: Next, click on Add File button to add PST files that you want to convert

Step 3: Now, click on Export button to export selected emails into PDF format

Step 4: As you click Export, the below screen appears with all the steps to export PST to PDF. Just follow the instructions and click on Export button and start the conversion process

Step 5: After the complete conversion of PST files, you will get alert message “Export Completed Successfully”.


The PST Viewer Pro is one of the best software that converts PST to PDF file format. This software provides various matchless features that are described in this article. The graphical user interface of this software is very easy and simple to use.

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Split PST: Apt Solution to Dissever Outlook PST Files

Large sized PST files tend to be one of the primary reason for the corruption of Outlook database. When the PST file exceeds the pre-defined size limit, the ultimate result is the inaccessibility of data residing within the file. Therefore managing the PST file size can be a great measure for safeguarding the PST file from getting corrupt.

Split PST is one such solution that makes the task to split PST file into multiple files more easier. This enables the user to save the file from being corrupted and at the same time dividing the data in a conventional form.

In this review we have summed up the features and working of Split PST tool. This will help the users in getting a better insight to the complete working of the best PST splitter tool. By the end of the review, we believe that you will be able to split large PST file using this software without any issues.

Features At A Glance

Significant Features Of Split PST Tool

Some of the most important features of the tool are:

1) Support To UNICODE & ANSI PST
The software supports both ANSI and UNICODE PST files. Being it 2GB size issue in ANSI PST files or performance issues in Outlook due to exceed in the size limit of UNICODE PST files, the software enables the user to split PST file without any issue.

2) Split PST By Size
The software offers Split By Size option that enables the user to split Outlook PST file on the basis of its size. For example, the user can select the size as 1 GB and the software will split PST file into multiple files of 1 GB each.

3) Split PST By Folder
This option enables the user to make separate PST files for each folder present in the PST file. An individual PST file for each folder is created using this option.

4) Split PST By Date
The Split By Date option when selected split pst into 2 files accordingly. Once the date is selected, the software saves the data lying before the selected date and the emails of that data into a single PST file. The other PST file stores the data lying after the mentioned date.

5) Split PST By Year
The Split By Year option is used to split Outlook PST file on the basis of year. The software will create a different PST file for each year lying in the year range the users have mentioned. For example, in case the user has chosen the year range 2013-2015, three different PST files will be created for each year.

Once the user has selected the required options, the PST file that needs to be split has to be added in the software. Also the destination folder in which the resultant PST files have to be stored needs to be mentioned as well.

Versions Of Split PST

1) Trial/Demo Version
The trial edition of Split Outlook PST allows users to get an idea about working of tool. The demo edition of the utility can be downloaded free of cost from official website of company. However, demo edition does have some limitations as compared to license version.

2) License Version
Once user gets satisfied with working of the application, users can purchase license version. The license edition of the tool can be purchased from authorized website at a cost of $49 only. The license edition does not have limitations as with demo version.


  • Different options to split PST file into multiple files.
  • Supports both ANSI and UNICODE PST files.
  • Splits all the data items residing within the file.


  • Does not support splitting of corrupt PST files.

The Verdict

Based on the overall functioning of the software i.e to split PST file into multiple files, we would like to rate Split PST software as 9.7/10. Even though the software does not support splitting of corrupt PST files, it readily split PST file which are healthy based on different criteria.

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Wiped Out Duplicate Emails From PST With Outlook Duplicates Remover

In this tutorial, we are going to focus on Outlook Duplicates Remover which allows removing of duplicate data items from multiple PST files such as emails, contacts, tasks, and notes.

MS Outlook supports multiple data items such as emails, contacts, tasks, etc. All these services facilitate the easy management of the organization. However, it is commonly observed that a number of data items like emails and contacts are duplicated within a single Outlook account. Since these duplicate items take up resourceful storage space; it is always advisable to remove such duplicated items from the Outlook data file. One of the reputed tools, Outlook Duplicate Remover, allows removing duplicate data items from multiple PST files at once. Multiple duplicate items such as emails, contacts, tasks, notes can be removed by using this tool.

The following section aims to review Outlook Duplicates Remover based on its testing.

Tested Features of Outlook Duplicates Remover

On examining the software carefully, a number of distinguished features have emerged out, which makes Outlook Duplicates Remover, an efficient tool.

Let us now have a look at the key features of Outlook Duplicates Remover:

Duplication Removal: The tool allows removing the duplicate items from multiple data items such as emails, contacts, tasks, notes. Only the duplicated items are removed, thus ensuring data integrity and no data loss.

Choose Multiple Files: Multiple PST files can be chosen to perform duplicates removal at a time. The PST can be chosen in following two ways:

  • Add Files
  • Add Folders

Duplicates Removal: Duplicates can be removed from the PST files in two distinguished ways:

  • Remove duplicates within folder
  • Remove duplicates across folder

Specify Folder Location: The generated PST can be stored at any local location according to user’s specifications. This PST will contain the result after de-duplication of the specified data items.

All File Sizes Supported: Outlook Duplicates Remover does not pose any limitations on the PST file size. Therefore, both ANSI formatted as well as Unicode type PST files are supported by the application where ANSI is limited to 2 GB size only while the Unicode type PST could be 50 GB or more.

Show Processing Status: Once the duplicates removal process has completed, a status report is displayed to the user. The status report indicates the number of files being processed by the tool.

Versions of Outlook Duplicate Email Remover Software Available

The tool is available in the following versions:

1. Demo Version: The demo version of Outlook Duplicates Remover can be readily downloaded from the company’s official website. It is aimed to provide the first look of its working.
However, the tool is restricted to export only 15 items per folder, as part of the demonstration procedure.

2. Licensed Version: The licensed version can be purchased from the company’s website after paying a reasonable amount. It allows exporting any number of Outlook PST files, thus providing an ease of use during duplicates removal.

Outlook Duplicates Remover - How Outlook Duplicate Email Remover Software Works

Other Specifications of the Product

Outlook Duplicates Remover has following specifications for its smooth working:

1. Operating System – The software is designed to support Windows 8.1 and all below versions.

2. Processor – Minimum 1GHz processor must be available. However, 2.4 GHz is recommended for swift response.

3. RAM – There should be an approximate of 512 MB RAM available. However, 1GB is recommended for faster processing.

4. Outlook Installation – MS Outlook (32 bits) must be installed and configured properly for Outlook Duplicates Remover to work.


  • No data loss during duplicates removal is encountered
  • CSV report is generated at the end, which indicates complete processing status


  • It does not indicate the status about level of duplication in PST.
  • The preview is not generated during processing of PST files.


The software has been tested under Windows 8 environment. It worked smoothly and efficiently. Not only the emails but also the duplicated contacts and tasks were removed from the PST file. No data loss or data alteration was encountered while removing duplicate data items from multiple PST files using this powerful tool. It can be said that Outlook Duplicates Remover has fulfilled the expectations to remove duplicate Outlook items, that too in bulk quantity. Outlook Duplicates Remover can be rated as 9.8/10 as it cannot generate the preview of PST files being processed.

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