Top Stremio Add-ons to Enjoy Online Content for Free

You can get a lot of add-ons for Stremio lately from various providers. There are also many repositories from where you can find functional Stremio add-ons for the Stremio app. Users can choose add-ons as they want from various categories, including music, movies, TV shows, sports, kid’s content, etc. You can also stream the torrent files, Popcorn Time, Steem blockchain,, monetize videos, etc. too using these add-ons. Let’s see how to install the Stremio add-ons.Top Stremio Add-ons for FREE Online Content

Stremio has a couple of key contrasts that set it apart from programs like Kodi. In the first place, it’s intended to be as instinctive and easy to use as could be expected under the circumstances. Kodi, then again, offers the client more prominent usefulness however can be somewhat overwhelming to new clients.

Besides, none of Stremio’s addons are introduced on the client’s PC. This implies there’s no possibility of a rebel engineer running malevolent code on your framework. It likewise implies that these Stremio add-ons are anything but difficult to make as they’re basically just arrangements of sources. Should the site facilitating these Stremio add-ons go down, the addon will quit working totally as opposed to giving incomplete usefulness. Along these lines, clients will rapidly know about any issues that happen and can counsel official channels for guidance.

Stremio clients can’t introduce modified forms or skins as with Kodi so there’s zero chance of incidentally breaking your establishment. All things considered, as basic as it appears, Stremio can be utilized for something beyond watching motion pictures. It tends to be customized to recommend content significant to your inclinations, adjust your watch history to Trakt, and even monitor when the following scene of your preferred show is discharged.

For the less actually smart client, Stremio is an incredible bit of programming since its a lot simpler to begin, discover additional items and get things introduced not at all like the more perplexing advances engaged with Kodi. Stremio is still generally youthful, discharged in 2016, the greater part of the additional items are planned by the in-house improvement group, instead of contributed by outsiders.

You can look and sort substance and additional items effectively and utilize an insightful proposal include Netflix.

In spite of the fact that Stremio doesn’t give you access to as a wide scope of additional items as Kodi, it despite everything has a decent choice including gushing straightforwardly from significant deluge locales, video on request, Live TV and openly accessible substance which is without copyright.

Stremio is a decent decision for a specialist streamer who organizes convenience over configurability and assortment you would get with Kodi.

It is very easy to install the Stremio add-ons, and no technical knowledge is required to do so. Anyone with primary knowledge of the workflow can do it easily without any complications. Let’s see the steps for add-on download for Stremio.

  • First, select the add-on icon on the home screen of Stremio.
  • Choose Community Addons or go to the Official Stremio Add-ons portion
  • Choose the Install button, green in color.
  • You will get a message for confirming the selection, click okay.
  • Next, use the install button, and you will get it installed.

For whatever length of time that your cell phone is associated with a similar system as the PC running Stremio, you can control it remotely. In the event that you click the apparatus symbol in the upper right and look down to the base of the rundown that shows up, you’ll see a QR code. Examining the code guides you to a site that gives you full control of the application without introducing anything straightforwardly onto your cell phone or tablet.

Top Stremio addons to downloadTop Stremio Addons for FREE Online Content

  1. YouTube –YouTube addon for Stremio will get you access to a variety of video content. It is so easy to customize the app and also to choose the most appropriate channels based on your taste.
  1. Zooqle – This add on will help users to get access to videos, movies, and various TV shows. You can also view sports content too on this. All the titles out there on Zooqle are sourced from torrent trackers from across the globe, i.e., RARBG, MegaTorrents, KAT, YTS, for example. 
  1. OpenSubtitles – This official stremio addon can be downloaded to view movies and TV series. There is also a huge collection of subtitles available in various languages on this app.

Top free VPN for Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is a film add-on that can be gotten to on Stremio application. It will associate you with the EZTV and YTS deluge servers. So you can remain tuned to your preferred substance. For example, you can watch films, TV appears, narratives, and so on, from the deluge sites legitimately. What’s more, you can even pick the spilling nature of the video.

Popcorn Time is now one of the top Live TV app, which enables live streaming of content from across the globe. You can now get many free VPN for popcorn time to ensure access to a wide range of content. The top options in Popcorn Time VPN are as below.

  • IPVanish is an ideal choice for the Popcorn Time users, which offers P2P file sharing. It also ensures top privacy and security features.
  • NordVPN is another budget VPN service, which doesn’t compromise on privacy and security. The company also has a no-log policy and offers the most secure and anonymous access to online content.
  • StrongVPN is also a reliable and secured option for the torrents to enjoy access to the Popcorn Time content. It is enabled with a manual configuration option too.
  • CyberGhost is also a free VPN to be clubbed with Popcorn Time. It offers wonderful capabilities and top-notch speed. 

The top Stremio add-ons like Netflix, Zooqle, OpenSubtitles, etc. can be downloaded easily and instantly used. Always make sure that you use a good VPN also, which will help you to be secured and also get anonymous access to a wide range of restricted content. The use of a good VPN will also help you to secure your private data and also enjoy the benefits of free content access to many paid and subscription-based channels.

Gizmos Music News

Immersive clarity – a look at the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

Our overactive lives now demand the least amount of restrictions from our technology, innovating it to advance at rapid speeds. This has given birth to a new crowded market. The wireless earbuds market has boomed thanks to technological advancements, providing us with the power to listen to our favorites on the go without needing wires. Since the launch of Apple’s AirPods in 2016, the sector has grown with a wide variety of earbuds available to suit all price ranges. Samsung, along with its new handsets, has also launched another earbud competitor into the market.

Priced at £159, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus is an updated version of the Korean electronics previous model. This version of the buds comes with longer battery life, improved audio and an additional microphone for clearer calls. One of its newest features also includes a shortcut that launches Spotify. These new features along with crisp and clear sounds make them a much more formidable opponent to Apple Airpods. Here’s a look at how the new Samsung Galaxy Earbuds compare.

Immersive clarity – a look at the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus

Immersive clarity - a look at the new Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus
The new Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus brings true meaning to immersive clarity.

Once the buds are set up and paired to the user’s phone, the new feature allows users to program the earbuds to launch Spotify with a simple press and hold on one of the buds once placed in the ear. This will command it to start playing music from Spotify. This feature is highly convenient and makes the overall experience of using the buds and Spotify faster and smoother, compared to launching the app manually on smartphones. 

Made by an Android giant, there’s no surprise here then that the Spotify feature does not work with Apple smartphones. When the buds are paired to an Apple iPhone, users will also not be able to receive notifications but can still pair the buds for general use. The app which accompanies the buds comes with several customizing actions when pressing and holding the buds. Users can set the commands to either launch voice commands, control the volume and switch on the buds ‘Ambient sound mode’ which allows users to hear sounds in their surrounding environment while simultaneously listening to music. 

For the price, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus provides users with clear and crisp sound which is suitable for casual listening. Its new two-way dynamic speaker which includes a woofer and tweeter boosts the earbud’s audio capacity. The app allows users to customize the sound, just like many other models on the market. Unfortunately, the buds do not offer noise cancellation, but they do seal the ear enough, adequately blocking out some noises from the user’s surroundings. 

The new Galaxy Buds effectively beats its competitors in comparison to battery life. The Galaxy Buds Plus is capable of being used for 11 hours straight from its charging case and is comfortable to wear and can remain secure even when exercising. These features and their sleek design with additional features such as paring them with a smartwatch make them an attractive choice for users. The earbuds are available in white and black and are made of lightweight materials for a 24/7 comfort fit.

One of the downfalls of the Galaxy Buds Plus in comparison to its competitors is that they are unable to pause music when only one earbud is removed. The Airpods can detect when one pod has been removed and automatically pauses the music so users can carry out tasks without audio playing such as buying a coffee or crossing the road. They also do not have a hands-free supportive feature for voice commands like other brands. Users will need to press and hold one of the buds while wearing them to trigger Samsung’s Bixby or Google Assistant

Overall the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus are great replacements and contenders in the earphones market today for anyone looking for middle-range priced earphones. They offer users decent sound and a comfortable fit. They can also block out noise and let users play Spotify at a press. However, they do fall short in some areas such as not being able to pause audio when one bud is removed. The buds do however have a portable case that has USB-C and supports wireless charging.

For a meager price of £159, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus offers users with immersive clarity and crisp sound suitable for casual listening.

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African Music Streaming Giant, Playfre launches its Music Distribution Arm SongRoute

African music streaming service giant, Playfre has announced the launch of SongRoute, its music distribution arm for African artists.


In a bid to further help African artists monetize their creative contents, African music streaming service Playfre launches its music distribution service SongRoute. This comes after the launch of myPlayfre, a platform intended to help African artists to sell their music online without the need for a music aggregator.

SongRoute is intended to help African artists from across the continent, both major and emerging to sell their music on music streaming services like Playfre, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Deezer, Amazon, et al for free!

“Playfre is growing rapidly by the day and this pleases me. I want to use this to help struggling artists out there to get their music across the continent to listeners that matter the most. With SongRoute I think this will be possible as we intend not to only to get their songs across the globe but to also promote them on our platforms to give them maximum exposure” says Chika Nwaogu, CEO Playfre Africa.

With this, African artists will quickly be able to get their songs on Playfre and over 400 plus more music stores across the globe for free” Chika Nwaogu continued.

Chicka NwaoguPlayfre is an African music streaming service that launched on May 1st to help music lovers from across the continent access over 45 million songs for free. Playfre has amassed over 150,000 streams and over 2,000 registered users.

SongRoute offers a range of promotional services to African artists that sign up to their platform which includes Global Music Distribution, Playlist Pitching, iTunes Carousel Pitching, YouTube Monetization, Piracy Protection, Marketing and many more.

Launched in both Kenya and Nigeria, SongRoute will not only help African artists get their works across the globe but will also leverage on its fast-growing music platform Playfre to push their music across the continent.

SongRoute will help African artists in so many ways to showcase their talents, and at the same time make money from their craft. If you’d recall, we covered the news when Playfre first graced the African music streaming landscape, so this news is coming as a great sign of instant acceptance for a new entrant tipped to become Spotify killer in Africa.

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Online Music Promotion – Top Tips for a Successful Online Music Promotion

Out of thousands of talented artists and musicians, only a few were able to get recognized in the music industry. Some were discovered by famous producers, others worked hard to build a solid fanbase. You may think that you have what it takes to be known as a great artist but doesn’t have an idea about how to promote yourself. With emerging technology, promoting your music online is one great key to be successful in the music industry. 

How to Succeed at Online Music Promotion With a Tight String Budget

How to Succeed at Online Music Promotion With a Tight String Budget
How to succeed at online music promotion on a tight string budget by leveraging resources around you.

To some, attaining the limelight as a musician is just a piece of cake, while some spend almost everything they had to get the words out there with no success. We want to help you get the basic of online music promotion so that you can focus on what works and leave those that haven’t been effective lately.

Here are the top tips for successful online music promotion for newbie music promoter or expert singers:

Maximize Your Social Media Platforms

According to research, there are an estimated 3.2 billion social media users around the globe, and the number of daily users is continually growing. There is a greater opportunity to promote your music through Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and other social media platforms. It is also a budget-friendly type of promotion especially for those who are just starting to create a fanbase.

To Maximize Your Social Media Platforms, You Need To Do These Things
To maximize your music promotion, you need to leverage the power of social media in its fullness. Let your presence be known on all social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other music hosting sites like Spotify, SoundCloud.

Have Fun on Facebook. Make your closest friends and relatives know your musical side through Facebook. If you are a beginner, you may share some videos to your friends and family. If you are already starting to have a solid fanbase, you may create a fan page so they can get updated on your whereabouts. You may also do Facebook live for small gigs and recording updates.

Get Insta-Fans on Instagram. IG is one of the social media platforms being used by businesses to promote their brand. Others even pay celebrities to post on their IG stories to endorse their products. You may also use this to promote your gigs online. You have to consider creating two different IG accounts though – one for personal use, and the other one for building your brand as a musician. This is recommended unless you want your fans to get updated about your personal life as well. 

Let them know YOU on Youtube. We all know that there are several celebrities who started their music career on YouTube – Justin Bieber, Tori Kelly, and Shawn Mendes to name a few. The most common thing you can do is to post cover songs on Youtube. You may also share original songs to your listeners or create music videos that people will find interesting. Lastly, if you want to give back to the community, you may also share how to’s and singing tips for other aspiring singers and musicians.

Start a Music Blog

Another way to promote your music online is by starting a music blog.

While you may think that there are no benefits in creating a music blog since you are already promoting through social media, running a music blog can be rewarding. Aside from being able to express your thoughts and share your ideas to your readers, your blog can be a means of some perks and extra income as well.

Advertisers can use your music blog to promote their products or services. You may be invited to music shows and concerts for free, and some may even pay you to listen and review new albums even before the releasing date.

Being a consistent blogger is hard work, though. You have to come up with interesting topics for you to attract more readers and rank up on Google. However, your love for music will surely keep you going.

Collaborate with other artists

Learn to form an alliance with other musicians of similar interest and fan base with you. It helps in establishing your brand.

Reach out to other music bloggers and artists – may it be through co-writing on a blog post, doing a song collaboration, or swapping gigs. Music collaboration is one great way to reach a wider audience and make new connections.

You may also collaborate in creating original songs and filming music videos. Aside from being exposed to a wider audience, a collaboration with other musicians will surely give you a new set of fans when you come up with great visuals. Also, make sure to work together with artists of the same genre as yours to bring a greater impact on the music industry.

Keep up with your fanbase through an email list

If you want to grow your fan base really quick, invest more into having an email list sequence detailing every bit of your journey to success as a musician.

Email marketing is another way to get your fans’ attention. While you have to fight for their attention against thousands of accounts on social media, growing an email list can give you a direct connection with your followers.

You can simply create an email list by setting up an account, collecting emails and importing it to your preferred email marketing platform. You may ask your social media fans to sign up on your email list or offer a weekly subscription to your blog readers.

To grow your email list, you may also offer special incentives to them or give them a sneak peek of your future gigs and events.

Building your music career doesn’t start in the shower. You have to step out of your comfort zone and intentionally make yourself known by people. Celebrate every added follower in your list and do not focus on the number of viewers you have on your recently shared song cover. Instead, express yourself through music and your passion will eventually touch the hearts of many.

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Music Streaming Service Playfre releases Android App, Appoints Purity Nganga as its Head of Operations, Kenya

Playfre android app which has been touted to be released this week by Chika Nwaogu of Playfre Music has been launched this morning. African music streaming giant which has attracted well over 800 registered users in just 8 days of its release has appoints Purity Nganga as its Head of Operations, Kenya in a move to enter the Kenya music streaming market.

Playfre will be competing with already known players in the East Africa which include Mdundo.

Playfre has an added advantage over already existing players in the music streaming industry here in East Africa as it already comes with over 45 million songs, something every other music streaming service here can’t boast of,” says Purity Nganga, the new Playfre’s Head of Operations Kenya

“It is great having Purity on board. I have always wanted to make a debut in both Nigeria and Kenya, and subsequently expand to Ghana and South Africa. This is just the first step towards that direction” says Chika Nwaogu, CEO of Playfre Music.

Playfre android app just hit the Google Play store a few days ago and is now available for free download. The app enables you to listen to any music on playfre even while you are not on the app as opposed to the web player.

“Now you can take playfre wherever you go and in all your devices and listen to music whenever, however,” says Chika Nwaogu

Purity Nganga will oversee all things Playfre in Kenya and East Africa.

With a portfolio of over 45 million songs, Playfre is Africa’s largest music streaming service. Playfre currently has over 800 registered users in 8 days from its launch.

Africa Music News

Playfre – Nigerian Chika Nwaogu Creates Spotify Rival to Deliver African Focused Contents

Playfre is a Nigerian based audio streaming platform that lets users listen to millions of music for free. With over 45 million songs in its database, Playfre is Africa’s largest music streaming platform.

Playfre is Nigerian version of Spotify, Deezer, iTunes for streaming music online.
Here comes Playfre, the first African themed version of Spotify and Deezer aimed to open up the indigenous African content landscape for content creators across the continent.

Chika Nwaogu creates Playfree with over 45 million songs to rival Spotify

Chika is a Nigerian computer programmer with years of active work in creating solutions for our world. He has successfully created the first indigenous music streaming portal enriched with over 45 million songs (already listed) that will directly compete Spotify and Deezer in the music streaming industry.playfre live showcase - iTunes lookalike

When asked about the drive towards the project, Chika lamented that:

Spotify and many other big music streaming platforms have not yet opened their doors to most African countries because of the weak intellectual property laws currently obtainable in these parts of the world, thus making these awesome apps unavailable to the African demographic. The ones who have opened their doors to us, still charge a monthly fee for unlimited music streaming”

playfre live trends

He further share some insights into what the team have been working on lately,

“We have been developing what will later on become Africa’s first true and right answer to Spotify music streaming platform. Our focus is to bring over 45 million songs that you can presently access on Spotify to you at no charger, with the same feeling you get on Spotify, and guess what? We did it!

Launched on May 1, 2019, Playfre lets you listen to over 45 million songs for free while still keeping that awesome Spotify experience everybody enjoys intact.

Playfre is the first online music streaming service created to directly rival Spotify by delivering pure African contents. Pronounced as play free, it is the first African music streaming platform that has such huge song database for free.

When asked on the plans for mobile app users, Chika confirms that Playfre will be releasing its android and iOS apps for mobile users later in the month. Below is the first-hand look of the mobile app.

playfre live mobile

For upcoming artists across Africa, now is your chance to showcase your talent to the world and get listed as Playfree for Artists has been tipped to be in the pipeline.

Chika confirmed that Playfre will also be rolling out a special feature called “Playfre for Artists”  which will let musicians get their songs listed on Playfre at no cost. Playfre for Artists showcase

Another interesting feature coming is “Fresh of Out Of Naija” playlist feature that will curates newly released contents across the platform which further brings exposure to upcoming artists in attracting larger following. This alone is a very welcoming development for most Nigerian music listeners who would want to have the TraceTv like experience of top content. This time, they wouldn’t need to renew their cable TV subscription because this platform has got that covered  – all that is required is, a data connection.

playfre live fresh out of naija list
Fresh Out Naija playlist offers you a TraceTv like experience live on your play free app.

These two services will further established the disruptor as a truly focused Africa content aggregator.

But, I am certain that, though right now as it is totally free, Playfre might still introduce a premium service at a later time for income generation, but we should enjoy the freemium while it lasts.

Other media galleries of Play free service.

Android Fans Music News

Google Play Music launches free version ahead of Apple

Google releases the free version of its Google Play music streaming service just a week to rival $9.99 per month Apple Music debut.Google Play Music free

The free version of Google Play music streaming service, launched on Tuesday, has been around for two years offering subscription at $9.99 per month. The free flagship is released on the web while the Android and iOS version is to come by weekend as indicated by Google product manager Elias Roman.

Earlier this month, Apple has said it would launch a music streaming service which will subscribe for $9.99 per month along with $14.99 per month family plan on June 30; the service will come with a free three month trial.

Google Play music with other streaming services such as Rhapsody and Spotify curates playlists, user will be able to tailor playlist based on artist, genre or even activity such as “having fun at work” or hosting a pool party.

In an interview with Roman, he said

“We believe this is a play that will expose a lot of people to the service”

The Google Play Music free service will carry ads; exclude certain songs and will be unavailable offline unlike the paid version.

According to Roman, millions of people check the Google Play music monthly but seem not to be ready to pay for a subscription, with the free version, the company hopes to get more people compelled to upgrading to the paid version.

Google’s timing was just strategic said Ted Cohen, managing partner of TAG Strategy, a digital entertainment consultancy.

“It’s a smart time to do it with all the attention around Apple,” Cohen said. “If they did it absent the Apple service, it wouldn’t be the same story.”

Google in 2014 said its music service subscribers is more than double of the previous year, but it had not revealed the actual number it has on its server. Spotify, Pandora and Beat music had far more mobile downloads than Google in 2014 according to the data from App Annie analytics firm.

With this move, Google music streaming team are strategically negotiating a long-term deal with their subscribers in order to scare away competition from Apple.

Do you think launching free version of Google music streaming is the right step for Google now or it is going to hurt them the other way round? Let’s discuss below.

Apple iOS Application Design and Development (Mobile or Desktop) Mobile App Music

Top 10 Best Music Apps for Making Music on iPhone and iPad

Music is a part of everyone’s life and makes all of us feel delight. It gives enjoyment beyond any barriers of language and is universal. That is why loads of gadgets come with options for listening to music and to make the music lover in you satiated. Here are the 10 best music apps for your Apple devices. You can create music, download ringtones and have loads of fun with these apps.

Top 10 Best Music Apps by Popular Demand

Top 10 Best Music Apps for Making Music on iPhone and iPad1. Djay2

No longer, the DJs have to carry bulky record players for the party. iPad and Algoriddm together have made the job easy for them. Also, with the iOS 7.1 upgrade, the app too has been upgraded. The DJs can now see the music running in the waveform. This is much easier for the DJs to play and mix music. Viewing in the waveform view is optional, and there are default modes too.

2. Stezza

Many countries and the States of the US have laws about calls and sending texts. In such places, it is wiser to use the apps that do not disturb the people around. When you use Stezza, you have bigger buttons to control your music apps. All the controls like skipping, pausing and playing the songs can be done with a tap and you need not concentrate completely on the device. Sideways glance will do the magic for you. The UI also lets you change colors to suit your car’s interior.

 3. Google Play Music 

With the iOS version of the music player, you can listen to any radio station, mix, and create albums and songs, and it is absolute fun. You can also listen to a playlist created by the Google music experts. More than 20 thousand songs can be added to your personal playlist.

4. Auria LE 

This is an iPad app that lets you record 48 tracks. If you don’t feel that the number is required, choose a lighter version that lets you record 24 tracks. You can view the download ringtones, play them n waveform. Waveform editor is best the option to cut copy and edit any part of the track.

5. TNR- e US 

This is an app created by a set of artists, who enjoyed mix matching music, and this had given ways to collect awards for the innovative idea. The same was launched by Yamaha for the iOS devices as TNR-I. Now, the TNR E, lets the users enjoy much more. This app is for everyone, and you can listen to house, electro and dubstep genres.

6. Music Studio 

This app is compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch. This is software that helps in complete music production. Compared with the competitors, this app offers great quality of sound. The app consists of drum pads, 85 key keyboard, 125 studio recorded instruments, of which 65 come for free, and the rest can be got from the iTunes store.

7. AmpliTube

If you hate to take your guitar with you when you are out, then this iPhone, iPod and iPod Touch compatible app is for you. The iPhone becomes a guitar effect processor. You can also modify the tempo to suit your needs.

8. Sample Tank 

This app is compatible with iPhone 3rd generation, and iPod Touch 3rd generation gadgets. This can also be used in iPad. You can find almost all the instruments in this app, and this is the perfect choice to record on the move. This app has a built in keyboard and drum pads.

9. NanoStudio 

This is one of the most popular apps to create music in iPhone. This app lets to record the songs live, and the tracks too can be mixed real time. You can find 16 instruments, and mixer that let a channel with four inserts.

10. Four Track 

This app is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch and iPod. You can make records, mix and upload audio tracks with this app.

Apple iOS Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Music News

iPad Case Specially Made for Music Lovers: Seeking Funds on KickStarter [VIDEO]

Audio iPad Case for Music Lovers

Want to hear better sound from your Apple iPad right? Many other iPad users out there desired to get the same experience but it seems uneasy for them due to one or the other. But now with this about to be iPad case will make such easier for you.

ORA is a company that focuses on manufacturing high quality media tools such as speakers and many others, and the company is currently seeking funds from respective individuals, corporate organizations via KickStarter platform in order to produce an eight high-tech quality powered speakers for the iPad. The new speakers will come in a sleek design that would help increase Apple iPad’s sound output up to five times the present output on the Apple product.ora ipad case ready for kickstarter funding

This project is powered by the San Francisco based technology company known as OBJEKT Inc. The company is seeking a $450,00 sum of money to fund their project and they have (as at the time of writing this post) received $37,280 out of the total money needed with 36 days for the crowd funding campaign to end.

With the current state of the Apple iPad’s sound, one can agree that the sound could still be improved upon, especially when your main purpose of buying the iPad is for multimedia purposes. You need a powerful sleek designed Apple iPad Case that would add more value to the device, so here’s an opportunity for you to have high power speakers attached to your iPad in form of a case/stand.

The company really need your support at this moment and when the product finally comes into reality, you would be able to say you are among – this is an opportunity for you to touch lives, business and company’s of the world to grow.

Would you back OBJEKT to achieve success with this project? Let us know your say in the comments.


Apple iOS Application Design and Development (Mobile or Desktop) Mobile App Music

Top 10 Best Music Apps for Making Music on iPhone and iPad

Times comes to feature the best music apps for 2012 and year beyonds!

Ready for the world to hear your music? Mobile technology makes it easy to compose and share your music.  While they may not replace a studio, these great apps are great for sketches and writing music anywhere. Just throw your iPad in a travel case, bring your headphones, and make music while you’re on the go with any of these iphone music apps.

In this series, we shall cover the best music apps for musicians and artists who cannot do anything than recording the best sound tracks for the masses. Having these best music apps around while traveling from one location of the world to the other will make it worthwhile because you can easily record new soundtracks immediately an ideal comes up. So, here are 10 of the best music apps for making music on the go for iPhone and iPad users.

10 Best Music Apps for iOS users

Tempo Rubato Nlog Midi Synth/NLogSynth Pro

Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, iPad running iOS 4.0 or later ($4.99) and iPad ($14.99). This portable synthesizer lets you turn your living room – or anywhere else – into your own personal mixing studio with the help of your smartphones. Play tunes from the on-screen keyboard and connect to digital audio workstations via MIDI interface. The Tempo Rubato Nlog allows you to make audio or MIDI recordings anywhere and export recordings to iTunes, SoundCloud, Email, Beatmaker and others. The app includes 160 studio quality sounds.

 Also read: 5 Free Ringtone Apps to Make Free Ringtones

Meteor Multitrack Recorder by 4Pockets

iPad ($19.99) – The Meteor Multitrack Recorder features up to 12 tracks of high quality stereo, mono and MIDI audio, a built in mixer, and multi-effects processor. The powerful editor features include time stretch, pitch shift, fade in/out and many more, letting you fully customize your sound. You can import/export files through email or DropBox. Additional effects and editing components are available as an in-app purchase for a minimal additional charge (ranging from $1.99 to $9.99). It works with any smartphones made by Apple and Android.

Music Studio

iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch (14.99) – Complete music production software featuring excellent sound quality – rivaling many desktop applications and expensive audio equipment. Music Studio has a built-in 85-key keyboard, drum pads, 125 studio-recorded instruments (65 are free and the rest available in the in-app store), 100 drum loops, and sound effects.  Allows you to choose a category: classic, band, electronic and world, and export your songs via email, SoundCloud, iTunes and Wi-Fi.


Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. (Free to $19.99) – For the musicians who won’t leave home without their guitar, AmpliTube is the app for them. This app turns an iPhone into a guitar effect processor and recording studio. The app features 11 built-in stompbox effects, five amps, five speaker cabinets and two microphones; recording features allow you to slow and speed up the tempo without affecting pitch and import songs from iTunes for backup.


Compatible with iPhone 3GS and later; iPod touch 3 generation or later; and iPad (9.99) Awarded the Music Making App of the Year in 2011 by the Music Industries association, SampleWiz uses Dirac technology to let you record your own samples of just about anything. The program lets you record up to 10 seconds per sample, and gives you three sampling modes for unique sounds. Other features include dual keyboards, looping options, morphing from one timbre to another and featured presets from the developer’s private collection.Music Apps for music making lovers

Sample Tank

Compatible with iPhone 3GS and later; iPod touch 3rd generation or later and iPad; ($19.99) – An orchestra at your fingertips! Sample Tank includes hundreds of instruments – from pianos and organs to drums to guitars – so you can make music on the go. This app that top the best music apps category features 16 instrument categories, more than 500 instruments that can be played in up to 4 simultaneous parts and more than 1000 melodic and rhythmic patterns. Sounds are played on the built-in keyboard and enhanced drum pads

BeatMaker 2

Compatible with iPhone 3S and later; iPod touch 3rd generation or later and iPad. ($19.99) BeatMaker is more than a synthesizer – it’s a mobile music workstation. This app is intuitive for a beginner and powerful for a professional musician. BeatMaker lets you build your own home-studio to compose, record, and arrange songs and share them with others. The app features more than 170 instruments and effects, time-stretching and pitch-shifting tools, looping features and 1800 quality samples.


iPhone, iPod touch and iPad ($14.99) – rated NanoStudio the number one iPhone music making app on the market, and it’s easy to see why. Users can record their songs in real-time, mix layers with pre-loaded sounds and effects, compose and arrange songs with a built-in sequencer and share your song with the world through SoundCloud. The app features up to 16 instruments, mixer with 4 inserts per channel, and MIDI input.


iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. ($4.99) FourTrack is a surprisingly powerful and very affordable music-making app. With 16 bit, 44.1 kHz recording quality, built in metronome, file import supporting .wav and .mp3, FourTrack lets you record, mix and upload your songs.

Garage Band

Compatible with iPhone 3S and later; iPod touch 3rd generation or later and iPad. ($4.99) You can’t go wrong with a classic app that’s been a favorite of Mac fans for years. GarageBand turns your iPhone or iPad into a recording studio.  GarageBand lets you play instruments and drum beats on your device, record your voice using a built-in microphone (and add some cool effects while you’re at it), start a jam session to make music with your friends and share all your tunes on iCloud, Facebook, YouTube and SoundCloud.