New Robotic fabric responds to temperature changes!

One of the biggest and most lucrative industries in the world is fashion. Fashion has grown over time and with it, so have textiles. Fashion is a universal language with no right or wrong. It allows designers and consumers to expose their personalities through their clothing and style.   

Will this be the future of fashion? New Robotic fabric responds to temperature changes
New robotic fabric design responds to temperature changes in human body. Will this be the future of fashion in response to climate changes? | Image- Yale University)

New Robotic fabric responds to temperature changes, will this be the future of fashion?

Fashion creates communities of people, and some fashion needs are much more practical than others. For example, when getting ready to go skiing, many will consider taking warm clothing and specific skiing gear which works in different ways to keep the body warm at high temperatures. Concerning working out and gyming, users need clothing made of fabrics which are breathable for the skin. 

With this in mind, researchers at Yale University have developed a robotic fabric which has the potential to lead the way for adaptive clothing as well as lightweight shape-changing machinery and self-deploying shelters, the uses for innovation such as this are endless.

The lab at Yale has created a robotic fabric that includes features such as sensing, actuation, and variable stiffness fibres which together compose of qualities that make fabrics like this useful whilst being lightweight, breathable, and flexible.

The robotic fabric can move from a piece of flat, ordinary fabric to a standing structure that has the ability to hold a load of weight. The researchers at the lab focused on processing functional materials into fibre-form. This allows them to be integrated into fabrics whilst still retaining properties that allow them to function and behave as normal materials would. 

An example of this is how they made variable stiffness fibres out of epoxy which they embedded with particles of an alloy that has the ability to liquefy at low temperatures. The metal is known as Feild’s metal. When the particles of this metal cool, they behave like solid metal and can keep their shape and stiffness, when warm, the particles behave like a liquid, making the material softer and more pliable. 

The metal has the capability of becoming as flexible as latex and as stiff as acrylic. The nature of it also makes it 1,000 times more rigid just by chain the composition of the metal through the heating and cooling process. The fabric can be used to help support clothing with a changing need. The support fibres can be used in the army, for example as the fibre can be bent or twisted and locked into shape with the ability to hold loads which traditional fabrics would be unable to hold. 

For the metal to work and respond effectively to outside temperature and change as and when needed, the research also developed ink which creates sensors for the metal to detect the temperature form. This ink can also be painted directly onto the fabric. Using the ink means there is no need to change the composition of the fabric. 

To help and make the fabric move more naturally, the researchers used shape-memory alloy (SMA). SMA is a wire which can return to a programmed shape after being deformed or moulded into other shapes. 

The coils were flattened into ribbons in the fabric, making them more suited to the bending motion it’s needed for. The project was funded by the Air Force Office of Science research and could potentially be applied to aiding AF pilots. 

New innovative innovations like this pave the way and open the doors a better tomorrow. This has not been the first time we have seen attempts at technology like this, nor will it be the last. There may even be a big potential for the material to be used via our SmartPhone Checker smart devices, such as using it for medical equipment to help back pain. Allowing users to heat and unheat the alloys quickly to be able to use it in responsive situations such as medical emergencies. 

Considering its adaptability and use in the real world means that not only is there a need and want for a product like this, moving forward, but we also have an increased amount of situations which will require this type of forward-thinking tech that can help change our futures. As climate change is real, and our earth’s atmosphere continues to rise, it will create many factors for consumers. Tech like this could help generate new ideas to tackle clothing in a climate that is changing rapidly. 

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When Trends and Technology Collide: A Guide You Should Read This Year

Trends often come and go, but when they collide with technology something different happens. Often, it causes a disruption to whatever industry they are in. Take taxis, for example. The introduction or an easy-to-use app and on-demand ride shares have caused quite the disruption in recent years. The same applies to the vaping industry and how it has made a name for itself, and so on. Some trends and tech are slower to be picked up by the general populace than others, but make no mistake in thinking they aren’t just as important.

4 Famous Trends and Technology Collision Examples

When trends and technology collide, it often causes a paradigm shift. To help you understand how this occurs, follow this guide and take these examples to heart:

Smart Watches

Smart watches offer more maneuverability without the clunk of a smartphone. They are not a replacement, however – simply a good tool to have to make full use of the smartphone without always having it in your hand. Great for business people and those on the go, it will allow you to track your movements, fitness, and even can also incorporate a music device or answer phone calls. Essentially, it gives you the ability to be hands-free, but your phone does need to be nearby for its Bluetooth capabilities to be at their best.

Smartwatches indicate a trend moving towards handless devices. This trend has also been picked up by voice-activated personal assistants, and allow for more control over your tech without directly interacting with it.

Smartwatch - When Trends and Technology Collide. What Happens?
Smartwatches are trendy in nature. Aside the luxurious aspect of wearing them, they also offers you extra features that makes your life much easier. Multitasking becomes easier with them – thanks to trends and technology collision coming into effect simultaneously.

Fitness Trackers

Fitness trackers are a specific type of smartwatch that is leading the way towards the future. Not only can they be used to help people get more active in their day-to-day life, but they have also been used to reward customers. Gyms, for example, can offer a discount to users who are regulars, thus encouraging them to be healthier every day.

Fitness Tracker Has Heart rate monitor that lets you stay in form - one of the good things of trends and technology collision
Fitness trackers lets you monitor your heart rate, and health status on the go and this is one of the best examples of what happen when trends and technology collides unexpectedly.


Vaping is a true hybrid of an enduring trend and technology. Vaping has been around for a while, but it is only recently that the industry has finally taken a leap into the future. Not only can you enjoy modern and sleek designs like those from NJOY, you can also fully customize the experience if you want to. Have a bigger vapor cloud for vape cloud competing, or a smaller cloud for a more discrete and respectful experience in public. Whatever your choice, you can personalize it, all while enjoying more variety in e-liquid than ever before.

Vaping Industry - When Trends and Technology Collides

Vaping has opened up possibilities for new dispersal methods, too; from medicine to caffeine, what’s in your e-liquid could change drastically in the future.

New Luxury Textiles

In the fashion industry, there are a few instances where trends and technology have collided. Sustainable and innovative textiles, for example, have arisen due to the trend shifting towards a more sustainable attitude. This in turn helps the planet and gives fashionistas a new class market to enjoy.

Another shift is towards less waste production. This helps companies be more sustainable, make greater use of their materials, and even brings about the future of custom-made clothing and products for users. Between machine advances and 3D printing, the world is looking to be a completely customizable one.

Luxury Textiles Industry
Luxury textile industry has in recent times attracted new sets of technological advancements – from reusable to custom made production, to reduction in wastage and lots more. The industry has improved greatly.

Technology advances can make our world so much better for everyone involved, but not all tech advances will see the light of day. By combining new tech with trends or old favorites, companies around the world can give themselves a greater edge over their competition and even forge the way into the future.

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iPhone 7 Armor Cases: How to Create Your Desired Profile With Judicious Choice Of An Armor Case

There is a wide and extensive range of armor cases that will keep your iPhone 7 well protected. Make the best choice out this huge collection to create a desired profile for your all new smartphone. The new iPhone 7 has created a massive euphoria among its fans successfully in spite of its lacking in design.

It has an excellent camera, 40x faster processor, force-touch enabled home button, and lots more. You will need to protect these from damage and accidents with a strong protective armor case.

You deserve classic lifestyle, we know that! And we would love to help you create your desired classic profile with judicious choices of electrifying iPhone 7 armor cases.

Top 6 iPhone 7 Armor Cases for Classic People

The iPhone accessory makers have come to your rescue as always with a huge collection of armor cases that comes in all possible hue and colors to grab yours as well as other’s eyeballs, sometimes popping it out. Follow this list to ensure your requirements are fulfilled ideally and keep you phone protected and carry it in style.

Luvvitt Armor Case

This is the ultra-armor iPhone 7 case that is highly protective, high on style and carved exquisitely to fit your expectation. This is a double layer armor case that has a combination of shock absorbing TPU core and a branded hard shell that will prevent any damage due to accidental fall. You will be able to access all ports and buttons easily and the lips above the screen will keep your screen protected.

Luvvitt Emoji iPhone 7 Armor Case
Luvvitt Emoji iPhone 7 Armor Case

Ionic Pro Armor Case for iPhone 7

If you want to have a good-looking wallet case at an affordable price then this is just for you. The black leather exterior along with the red soft micro fiber padding in the inside will offer the desired protection to your iPhone. You can even keep three cards in it comfortably.

Ionic Pro Armor Case for iPhone 7
Ionic Pro Armor Case for iPhone 7

Acmebox Armor Case for iPhone 7

If you want an ultra-slim case you can try this out. Made from flexible TPU material you will feel nice to touch it. It is light in weight adding minimal bulk. The case is shatterproof and scratchproof as well.

Acmebox Armor Case for iPhone 7
Acmebox Armor Case for iPhone 7

Tozo Armor Case for iPhone 7

If you are looking for a sleek and elegant profile in your iphone 7 armor case then this will dazzle you. It has features such as matte optical care stickers, anti-glare properties, and precise cut-outs for easy access to ports and buttons as well.

Tozo Armor Case for iPhone 7
Tozo Armor Case for iPhone 7

Love Ying iPhone 7 Armor Case

Another slim protective case for your iPhone that will fit into all your needs. It will protect your phone from dust, dirt, scratches and damage. Made from TPU materials, it also has shock absorbing abilities and abrasion resistivity. The wrap-around edges are raised so that it protects the screen and provide easy and comfortable access to ports and buttons.

Love Ying iPhone 7 Armor Case with Shock Absorbent, Dual Layer (Drop Protection) Hybrid Armor Defender Rugged Protective Case Cover
Love Ying iphone 7 armor case with shock absorbent, dual layer (drop protection) hybrid armor defender coupled with rugged protective case cover is just all that you need for your iPhone.

FYY Armor Case for iPhone

These are the most fashionable cases for your iPhone 7. This delightful option will catch everyone’s eyes for it beautiful design, attractive pattern, pretty looks, and flexible TPU material, lightweight, durability and slim-fit. You get a plethora of colors to match your style.

FYY Armor Case
FYY case for iphone is a tough armor case with ergonomic design hand grip stand (kickstand feature) blessed with air cushion technology and heavy duty body to shield your smartphone from all forms of dangers.

These iPhone 7 armor cases will steal your heart as that is what these are crafted for. The captivating design and the PU and TPU leather and the gold finishing metal ware will flaunt your style.

Visit a reliable site store to find some more varieties.