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Top 5 Most Memorable Tech Moments Of 2020 So Far

2020 has been one hell of a year, literally! Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a year which began with so much hope and expectations got quickly replaced with mope and desperation. COVID-19 affected many facets of life with a lot of plans being altered, set back, or permanently impaired. The Nigerian tech industry also has not been spared, with the year, in general, experiencing far less newsworthy headlines than previous years.

However, in the midst of all the chaos, there have been some laudable milestones, achievements, and news stories which 2020 will forever be remembered for as far as tech is concerned. Albeit them being few and far between, let’s take a deep dive into the top 5 most memorable tech moments of 2020.

Top 5 Most Memorable Tech Moments Of 2020 So Far
In the history of existence, there hasn’t been any other year as unpredictable as 2020 – it was a year that is filled with loads of surprises; WOW moments, not so cool moments and to top it all, the worldwide Coronavirus pandemic. However, in the midst of it all, there are moments that are worth noting in the Nigerian technosphere.

1. Facebook Opens Its Second African Office In Lagos, Nigeria (September)

Global tech giant, Facebook announced plans to establish a Nigerian office which is to be located in the country’s commercial and tech hub, Lagos. This is coming after the first African office was open in South Africa about 5 years ago. Facebook setting up shop in Nigeria is expected to ignite a host of opportunities for skilled labor and the tech community as a whole. Professionals such as engineers, sales executives, business development execs, communication experts, and more can begin to brush up their CVs for what might be the biggest opportunities for their careers. The office location is expected to be secured and be fully operational any moment from now and the second half of 2021.

2. Netflix Launches Netflix Naija And Announces First Nigerian Original Series (February)

Who remembers this;

“N is for Naija. N is for Nollywood. N is the 14th alphabet. 14 is also how many great talents you’re looking at. N is for Netflix. But most importantly…hello, Nigeria!”

This was how Netflix officially announced its presence and focus in the Nigerian market. From a content consumer point of view, this development promises more local content for Nigerian subscribers while content creators can look forward to a bigger market and revenue streams to tap into.

3. The Nigerian Digital Revolution Officially Kickstarts, According To (July)

When compared with foreign counterparts, Nigeria has arguably been lagging behind in the use of technology and the internet but if the stats released by are anything to go by, it appears the pandemic and the corresponding lockdown is what helped usher Nigeria fully into the internet revolution.

During the lockdown months between March and May, Nigerian online marketplace recorded over 200,000 new sellers and a total of 550,000+ new published ads. To put it in perspective, just last year, celebrated having over 1,000,000 ads listed on the platform has been in business for four years prior.

4. Nigeria Sets The Trend With #DontLeaveMeChallenge (June)

In less than one week, the hashtag #DontLeaveMeChallenge which originated in Nigeria by comedian Chibuike Josh Alfred, popularly known as Josh2funny, garnered over a billion views on TikTok and more than 400k posts on Instagram. This has since grown to over two billion views and almost 1 million posts altogether on Instagram.

It became a  global trend that got replicated in different local and foreign languages such as Hindu, Chinese, Arabic, German, French, and more.

5. 3 Nigerian Tech CEOs Feature On 2020’s Fortune 40 under 40 List (August)

This year, Fortune magazine releases its popular yearly 40 Under 40 influencer list, which is a global list that recognizes 40 individuals who are below the age of 40 and are considered to be influential leaders with track records in their respective fields.

Three Nigerian tech entrepreneurs and CEOs: Olugbenga Agboola of Flutterwave, a leading payment service provider serving the pan-African region and the rest of the world, Obi Ozor of Kobo360, a disruptive logistic firm from Lagos, and Abasi Ene-Obong of 54gene, African data research, services, and development company focusing on studies of African genetics in order to create solutions for underlying diseases affective everyone around the world, featured on the list having taken their respective companies to new heights amidst the coronavirus pandemic crisis.

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Top 10 Ways to Attract Millennials As Your Social Media Audience

Whether it’s a client requirement or your preferred demographic, connecting with a millennial-dominated audience on various social media platforms can be a tough challenge. Good thing, you can create a solid social media strategy that can make it easier for you to attract the millennial audience. Take a look at these slick tips that will help your social media engagement with millennials.

Table of Contents

Why choose millennials as your target audience?

Don’t know how to find your target audience? Here’s a quick breakdown of demographics that you need to know. There are four different generations of people currently using social media: Generation Z (ages 13 to 17), Millennials (ages 18 to 34), Generation X (ages 35 to 54), and Baby Boomers (ages 55 and up).

So why pay attention to millennials?

According to the New York Times, there are around 80 million millennials in the U.S., alone. That’s more than the combined total of Generation X’ers and Baby Boomers. These millennials have an expected disposable income of USD1.4-trillion by 2020. In addition, they tend to spend 5.4 hours a day on various social media platforms, making them a lucrative target for social media marketing strategies of businesses.

With huge profit and the following potential, it would be a shame if you can’t cash in from this generation. These tips and tricks will help you easily connect with millennials.

10. Avoid being annoying

There are plenty of ways to get the attention of a millennial. But brands need to be careful not to annoy them because they could unfollow you. According to a study by Sprout Social, millennials will most likely unfollow you after a bad experience or for being annoying.

So how can you avoid being annoying on social media? Adobe’s study found that 39 percent of U.S. consumers would be annoyed with your content if it was poorly written or too wordy. Keep your captions concise and direct to the point as much as possible without sacrificing creativity.

Millenials don't like to be annoyed for no reason
Avoid being annoying to millennials if your objectives are to capture their attention for the long term purpose.

9. Support a cause

Millennials have a soft spot for charitable or environmental causes, so much so that almost 50 percent of the U.S. millennial population will pay for a product or buy from a company that supports a cause. Meanwhile, 37 percent say that they will purchase a service or product, even if it costs more, just to support a cause they believe in.

With this, it could be a good time for your business to check out charitable institutions that you believe in. Have a chat with them and come up with a strategy that will not only benefit your own agenda but also support the needs and increase the awareness of the institution you’ve chosen.

Millennials have a soft spot for charitable or environmental causes
Millennials have soft-spot for humanitarian causes; charity, health and wellness services, and environmental volunteering. Your brand must not ignore this trendy opportunity to create an innovative corporate and community social responsibility campaigns targeted towards reaching out.

8. Give them a voice

One way to increase media engagement from millennials is to give them a voice. Post polls, surveys, or feedback forms. This will give them an avenue to air out things that they don’t like or want from your business or service. Entice them to participate by giving freebies or discounts for your products.

Millennials wants their voices to be heard clearly and loudly
Millennials want their voices to be heard clearly and loudly; give them a voice by running campaigns to get them involved in the decision and opinion gathering process.

7. Engage with them

Millennials don’t like to be ignored nor do they want to interact with a bot. This generation wants to talk to a real person or a brand with a great media presence. Make sure that their comments, messages, shares get some sort of engagement from your social media page.

Engaging them through comments (or by commenting on their shares) or replying to their messages will give your brand a genuine human touch. It will let your audience/customers know that someone is listening to them. Just make sure that you reply in a casual conversational tone and avoid shoving your product up their noses.

Engage with them
What could be more pleasing to a millennial than getting a blue-ticked response from the brand he/she is engaging with? Try as much as possible never to leave the conversation dull at any moment in time. Millennial needs proper engagement! In fact, consistent engagement leads to sales and brand loyalty.

6. Create easy-to-digest content

Millennials tend to spend their time on multiple social media platforms using multiple devices per day. Sadly, this gives them less time to read everything you give them. That’s why your content should be shorter, concise, and entertaining.

You can appeal to this social media target audience by using shorter sentences and paragraphs, bullet points, and header tags. You can also use more images to make it easier for millennials to get the gist of your content.

Create easy-to-digest content
Content is king! Yes, experts have said this time without number, but I want to reiterate that well-formatted and easy to digest content is the true king. To make Millenial very pleased with your brand, give them good user-experience!

5. Get creative with your images

Speaking of images, it remains the most popular type of content. In fact, 77 percent of millennials prefer to post photos over other forms of posts such as videos, quotes, opinions, and updates on social media. Among the social media demographics, millennials are tied with Gen Z’s when it comes to this preference; Gen X’ers come in at 72 percent, while Baby Boomers come in last at 52 percent.

Social media managers must team up with graphic designers and photographers to produce authentic images as effective content. You can also check out which dimensions you need to use and how much text you can put on your images on Facebook’s Ad Images; so it gets the maximum traction possible.

DSLR camera - Get creative with your images
Create visually appealing imagery that gets talked about again and again. Your social media audience is mostly the age group who are mostly moved by what they see. Don’t squander the chance before you; make it count with quality images.

4. Maximize user-generated content

Want millennials to trust your brand? User-generated content is one trick you can use to do just that. Enable reviews and ratings for your products and services on your social media pages. If you receive customer testimonials, post it on your social media accounts for all to see. This will help millennials develop brand loyalty and trust in your business.

Maximize user-generated content such as feedback and complaints
Create a feedback loop for gathering customer feedback, comments and testimonials about your services and don’t take them for granted. They love it!

3. Use high-quality videos

Did you know that 53 percent of customers engage with a brand’s social media after watching a video? The percentage of this social media audience analysis increases when it comes to millennials at 66 percent. If the numbers are to be believed, then it is imperative for digital marketers to include videos in their marketing strategy.

Sadly, hiring professional video teams can be costly. Good thing, mobile phones– especially the high-end models–can produce high-quality video. All you need is a good editing app such as Kinemaster or FilmoraGo, to get your creative juices to flow.

Use high-quality videos recorder via a good broadcasting camcorder
Use high-quality videos recorder with a good broadcasting facility for your coverage. The quality of your video content goes a long way in creating a long-time effect on your brand identity.

2. Offer them a deal they can’t refuse

As mentioned, millennials have the biggest buying power at around USD1-trillion worldwide, across the different types of generations. They also take up 50 percent of the world’s workforce. One way for businesses to get millennials to notice their brand is to hand out promos, discounts, and/or freebies, especially for first-time customers.

Discounts don’t need to be massive. They can be worth a few dollars.  Or, you can give away an e-book. This is a great way to build customer loyalty.

Offer them a deal they can’t refuse
Go out of your way to do the unthinkable! Offer your followers what they can’t afford to miss. Give them an irresistible offer that will create a lasting effect on their emotions.

1. Optimize your content for mobile platform

According to the Pew Research Center, 92 percent of millennials have a smartphone. Moreover, they spend at least 5.7 hours per day on their gadgets on social media, making up the bulk of their screen time. While social media platforms, per se, are optimized for mobile platforms, you could be missing out because of your content.

Optimize your content for mobile platforms. Look at the major social media platforms. They have guidelines for marketers and other creatives to follow; so that whatever content they produce will fit any mobile platform well.

Optimize your content for mobile platform
Design your content marketing strategy with mobile responsiveness in mind. You are doing yourself a disservice if a mobile-first strategy isn’t part of your strategies for attracting the millennials.

It shouldn’t be hard to attract millennials as your social media audience. In case you’re struggling to get it right, may these tips help you create a solid social media strategy for them.

There are many more interesting ways to keep millennials glued to your content, but these are the top attraction marketing strategies for young generations.

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Latest Garage Trends – 8 Interesting Garage Trends to Watch Out In 2019

Every day comes with something new. And innovations do not seem to stop. We get new ideas in every industry that can help to boost performance, efficiency, and adaptability. And homeowners want the innovations that can help them get the best out of their newly-acquired premises.

And, in this article, you will learn about the garage trends that you may want to discover and use for your home. Apart from improving how your garage functions, these garage trends will also enhance your home. Read on to understand what is trending now on garages. Pick what suits you to improve your home garage.

Here are the eighth garage trends you need to know before 2019 comes to an end.

  1. Home Charging Stations
  2. Garage Drainage Systems
  3. Energy-Efficiency in Your Garage
  4. Smart Technology for Your Garage
  5. Garage Storage Systems
  6. Car Lifts to Accommodate More Vehicles
  7. Converting Your Garage
  8. General Esthetics

8 Interesting Garage Trends to Watch Out For In 2019

8 Interesting Garage Trends to Watch Out For In 2019
How to incorporate latest garage trends into your home without breaking the bank. From home charging stations to garage drainage systems, energy-efficiency in your garage to smart technology controlling the whole garage, garage storage systems to converting unused spaces to a productivity hub, and the general esthetics, what is much trendier than these?

Now, let’s get to learn more.

1. Home Charging Stations

More electric vehicles are emerging into the market, and they are getting more affordable than they were in their first appearance. You can tell that more people are moving from hybrid vehicles to use electric cars since they can now cover longer distances with a single recharge.

As a homeowner looking forward to upgrading your car, you may want to install a charging station in your garage for your electric car. You can always recharge when you get home in the evening and reduce the journey to recharge centers.

Garage Trends To Watch - Electric Car Home Charging Stations
Garage trends to watch – An electric car home charging stations is one of the top garage trends to watch out for this year.

2. Garage Drainage Systems

For a long time, we have known the garage to be the place where the family car stays when not in use. People also keep some garden equipment in the garage. You can find the space stuffed up that sometimes it is hard to clean.

For modern garages, you need to think about how to minimize work, maximize the efficiency of the garage, and maintain it clean. Apart from rearranging and creating space for other tools, you need to work on the drainage system on the garage floor.

You will not need to take your car to the auto wash. Clean it right in the garage and the drainage will take care of the runoff water.

3. Energy-Efficiency in Your Garage

With the rise in the price of power across the globe, everyone wants to ensure that their home uses the least amount of energy. Modern garage designs should help you to meet your needs and lower energy loss.

The best way to make your garage energy-conservative is by installing insulators in the walls, ceiling, floor, and ceiling. Carry out garage door repair adequately to avoid losing energy from your home heating system.

4. Smart Technology for Your Garage

Keeping your home secure is not only about locking your house and the gate. Your garage requires working doors to protect the items you keep in it. Apart from the doors, installing a home security system with technology is a necessity in modern homes.

Technology-driven garage systems will alert you in case you forget to lock the garage doors. You can tap on your smartphone app to lock it. Advanced features also alert you in case of an emergency – for example, the presence of smoke in the house.

Smart Technology for Your Garage

5. Garage Storage Systems

Previously, I mentioned how people stuff items in the garage to keep their not-so-needed-for-now accessories out of the way. But it reduces the efficiency of your home. You need to create more space and keep your items safely and make it easier to access them whenever you want them. You also need more space to carry out routine cleaning.

Garage storage systems for 2019 will help you to ensure everything is safe and you have adequate space in your home. Building storage systems will help you organize your garage and create sufficient space while improving its look.

Garage Trends - Garage Storage Systems
Having storage systems in place is one of the best ways of keeping your garage in vogue.

6. Car Lifts to Accommodate More Vehicles

Many homeowners lament over making the wrong choices while buying their homes. Without room for expansion, it is hard for you to keep your old car in the same garage if you want to buy a new one. But this is 2019, and there is already a solution to that.

A car lift is a hydraulic system that lifts your car from the ground and keeps it on the space overhead. You will then have space to keep the other car. The system can convert your home to accommodate more cars instead of paying parking fees at gas stations or leaving your car outside.

Car Lifts to Accommodate More Vehicles
To create more space for parking cars in your garage, you can use a car lift. It is one of the latest garage trends in town.

7. Converting Your Garage

Depending on your home setup, you may have a wide garage that has more space than you need for your family car. Instead of leaving the space unused, you can convert your garage to serve other purposes. You can keep your car in one corner of the room and utilize the rest of the room as a playing field for your children or as a home gym.

In case you sold your car, you can convert your garage to a guest room or a personal home office. As a secluded place, a converted garage will help you keep off the noises from the living room while doing your stuff. The silence and seclusion also make the unused garage preferable for a dinner date with your soulmate.

Garage Trends - Converting Your Garage Empty Space into Great Use
How about converting that empty space in your garage into a greater use? You could convert it to a mini office or study or library. It doesn’t matter, what does is maximizing the output. It is trendy!

8. General Esthetics

The appearance of your garage is now beyond what visitors see from the outside. The interior of your garage also needs a professional and modern touch to ensure that you have the best investment for your home. And this goes beyond paintings and decor.

The use of modern flooring systems will help in maintaining the appearance of your garage for a long time. But what is the secret behind a modern floor? It is not about the colors and texture. Quality flooring should be durable and resistant to corrosion and rust agents.

When applied professionally, flooring materials should give protection against vehicle fluids and salts. The result is a clean and classy garage that is easy to clean and maintain.

General Esthetics of Your Garage Speaks a Lot About You
How your garage looks tells a lot about your personality. Adding attractive colour to the looks of your garage; it is all about staying abreast
of the latest garage trends.

To Sum Up

Indeed, 2019 is soon coming to an end. But as a home investor, you will discover that the 2019 garage trends can suffice your home needs for a few more years. They will not die by the end of the year. You can go ahead and start implementing the one that is necessary for the moment to improve your garage.

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7 Best Mind Games That Should Be On A Mobile Phone

Mobile games are a great way to pass the time, improve self-confidence, and attain a sense of satisfaction after conquering each level. Various gaming apps stimulate different feelings and reactions in the body. But, mind games are mainly designed with the sole purpose of putting your mind to work to improve concentration and other mental functions.

As expected, there are numerous mobile gaming apps that promise to give your brain a proper workout and impressive results. If you don’t want to be shooting arrows in the dark by downloading one game then deleting it and downloading another, here are some of the best mind games you should consider trying out.

7 Best Mind Games You Must Have Installed On Your Smartphone

Best Mind Games That Should Be On A Mobile Phone
Talking about mind games, they are developed with the sole purpose of engaging your innermost engine in improving its problem-solving abilities. These are the best mind games application you can get out there.

1. Lumosity

Lumosity is the leader in the brain training market. The app has been online for over a decade and has a community of over 70 million users. The app makes use of numerous cognitive science that promotes brain health by performing brain exercises.

This mind game evaluates you in a variety of different ways and various areas. Splitting the game into 15-minute workout sessions makes it easier to play and you don’t spend too much time on the phone. The base plan is free, but if you want to scale up, you need to purchase a subscription.Lumosity app - Lumosity is the leader in the brain training market.

2. Math Workout

Most people hate math. But, if you have a few minutes to spare and want to test your number skills, Math workout is an excellent app for you.

The app offers daily sessions that let you practice different skill levels, and it monitors your progress. Even if you don’t use math in your everyday life, the numbers game can help keep your brain sharp. Math Workout Brain Training Game

3. Eidetic

Memory is usually overlooked function in the brain. Most people want to crunch numbers fast or crack puzzles quickly but not as many people focus on building memory. Unfortunately, as we grow older, the ability to remember reduces.

Eidetic attempts to improve this function by using some compelling mental principles like spaced repetition to help you build your memory.

The game is simple. All you need to do is pick something you want to remember. The app then does a decent job of interrupting you to quiz you on it. The data is kept in cloud storage so you can always train on different devices.

Eidetic brain training app is one of the best mind games training mobile application you can find out there. It help stretches your mind and make what seems impossible possible.
Eidetic brain training app is one of the best mind games training mobile application you can find out there. It help stretches your mind and make what seems impossible possible.

4. Cognifit Brain Fitness

Cognifit is a Crossfit version of your brain. It aims to help you build a sound and strong mind through a series of 10 challenges that exercise a variety of mental functions like cognitive ability, memory, and spatial perception.

Cognifit has a history spanning back to 1999. It first investigated the ability of software to improve the mind. Other than the notable research and the mind game, the app also has additional features like an emotional awareness function and a customized program for patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

What about having a strong and sound mind through a gaming session? That is what CogniFit Brain Fitness aims to help you achieve in building a sound and strong mind through a series of 10 challenges stages that exercise a variety of mental functions.
What about having a strong and sound mind just by playing an interactive game? That is what CogniFit Brain Fitness aims to help you achieve in building a sound and strong mind through a series of 10 challenges stages that exercise a variety of mental functions.

5. Circles

Just because you’re working a complex organ doesn’t mean that brain games have to be complex to get you to result; Circles is living proof of this statement. The minimalist app designed by Snowman only carries a single activity in an uncluttered presentation. However, the effects it offers are powerful and aimed at your short and long-term memory.

The game owes its origin to the classic ‘Simon’ game. It challenges you to watch a series of colored lights and sounds and then repeat the same sequence.

You can play the game with a few friends which makes it a great pass time and if you’re a philanthropist, you’ll be glad to know that a fraction of the proceeds from each download goes to Alzheimer’s research.

Circles – A wonderful memory game designed by Snowman
Wanna develop your retention ability while at the same time being able to process information faster? Then download this wonderful Circles memory game from Snowman. It helps you keep to the task ahead in an uncluttered manner.

6. World’s Biggest Crossword by AppyNation

When thinking of crossword games like Crossword 911, an improved word game is what comes to mind. But, crossword puzzles also go a long way to improve your ability to solve problems and to some extent also work on your memory.

Crossword by Appynation is one of the biggest crossword apps in the market with 100s of puzzles you can play on your Android or iOS device. The game combines different award programs that allow you to win trophies once you complete quests to give you that sense of satisfaction and a zeal to win. World's Biggest Crossword by AppyNation

7. Little Crossword Puzzles

If you don’t want to spend all your time facing down on a screen but still like the thought of giving your brain a much-needed workout for a couple of minutes a day, Little Crossword Puzzles is the game for you.

Also known as the 5-minute crossword puzzle, this one of a kind app offers a broad set of bite-sized puzzles that you can solve in 5-minutes. There are different difficulty levels for you can try out, and it comes in three different languages.

If you can’t solve the crossword, the app allows you to skip it and move on to the next one. It’s a neat trick that helps you save time and not stay fixated on puzzles you can’t complete.

Little Crossword Puzzles - Top Mind Games for Android
Maybe you don’t want to get caught up guessing for a prolonged period of time. You just want to exercise your brain in less than five minutes, then Little Crossword Puzzles is your best mind game to achieve such feat.

Extras:- Best Mind Games 

Awhile ago, one of TechAtLast readers suggested Brain Out to be added to the best mind games for 2019 list. I did some testing on the suggested app and my results were amazing. So, for this reason, I will be sharing a bit about it here and some other additional brain training apps as I get to know them.

8. Brain Out 

If you’ve always been looking for an avenue to show how genius you are, Brain Out is your choice mind game app to blow out your friend’s imagination. It is one of the few apps that let’s you show your IQ level in a different way.

Brain Out Mind Game App
Brain Out is one of the top most downloaded mind games app on Android play store. The game boast of a friendly user interface and a suspenseful gaming experience. You can unlike it?

Brain Out is a tricky puzzle game which comes with different instances of tricky brain teasers and advanced riddles testing challenge to measure up your mind. The mind game app evaluates your logical thinking ability, accuracy, reflexes, memory and level of creativity in solving difficult puzzles.

If you are not prepared for what’s ahead, it is highly advisable you stay off Brain Out mind game app because it was designed to trick your brain and keep you occupied. It is a different ball game with a creative thinking and absurd problem solving methodology.

Unexpected Gameplay in Brain Out Mind Game App
If you are not prepared for what’s coming for you during the gaming session, it is highly advisable you stay off Brain Out mind game app because it is strictly designed to trick your brain and steal your attention for a very long period of time.

Brain Out has an absolutely unimaginable game-play coupled with an easy and simple but humorous game process and an unexpected results. It also comes with an interesting user interface and in-game special effects and funny sound to get you sold fully into the moment.


There are numerous benefits associated with mind games, and each of these top mind games apps helps you realize them. Because each of them works on a different part and function of the brain, it’s imperative to choose carefully depending on your needs and goals. Some like Lumosity have a more comprehensive approach with different features and games built-in to work on various functions, so they’re perfect for users that want to do a little bit of everything.

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7 Critical Skills needed To Run an E-commerce Business Successfully

The term “e-commerce” is used to describe transactions conducted over the internet. Many interact with e-commerce businesses on a daily basis either by purchasing physical goods, digital goods, or subscribing to online services.

Some example of e-commerce businesses include:

  • Shutterstock – A website that allows businesses and individuals to buy high stock quality images for personal or commercial use.
  • 99 Designs – a website that allows you to purchase design services over the internet. Logo and web designs are examples of these design services.
  • Jumia – A pan-African e-commerce platform/website, that allows you to purchase goods and services.
  • Amazon – World’s largest ecommerce portal for everything you could ever think of in your home and offices.

E-commerce businesses can either operate purely online such as that of Jumia, which do not have physical stores, allow shoppers to buy their goods online, and have them delivered. There are numerous benefits of running an e-commerce business. With so many areas of operation to manage at once while running an e-commerce platform, There are some specific critical skills that e-commerce business owners need to develop in order to be successful. They include;

Critical Skills For Running a Successful E-Commerce Business7 Critical Skills For Running a Successful E-Commerce Business

1. Critical Thinking

Being able to think critically is essential for running an e-commerce operation. Successful e-commerce business owners can look at all of the different elements and decide how to act in order to meet business and customer needs.

2. Problem-Solving skills

As an e-commerce business owner, you need to have the ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently, with an impact on everyday operations. You’ll need to do this using creativity to find innovative new ways to do things. You will also need to be resourceful. If you can look beyond your own available skills and materials then you’ll be able to find new ways to approach challenges and meet your business goals.

3. Leadership

There is a need for strong leadership skills to drive the success of your business. This involves being able to effectively motivate your team and to improve their productivity, communicate clearly with your suppliers and customers, and make important leadership decisions.

4. Emotional Intelligence

This deals with the ability to understand that the people you interact with, both in person and in the online world, are humans with feelings. Emotional intelligence allows you to apply empathy, listen to others, and think about your response before you speak or act. This critical skill helps you to boost your employee retention, improve productivity and also increase profitability.

5. Communication

An e-commerce business owner is likely to always interact with customers via e-mail or social media. Having a strong written communication skill is necessary in order for you to excel in the online space. Occasionally, you could write a personalized email to specially greet and appreciate your customers. You could as well offer them a special discount code for their next purchase – this helps build trust and confidence in your customers.

6. Perseverance

This can be defined as an act of self-control, and having the attributes needed to stick, despite failures and set back, is of high importance. There are many situations in running an online shopping business that requires perseverance and grit to achieve success. They range from technology malfunctions to Google changing its search engine optimization practices and driving traffic to your site. Being able to persevere despite these setbacks will carry you through to eventual success.

7. Continuous learning

Show me a man who has achieved virtually, if not, everything in his life, and I will show you a man who had sold himself to consistent personal development. As a business owner, you must study continuously, around your schedule, with a flexible online delivery that allows you to complete a specific course via e-learning at a specific time.

I strongly believe these critical skills will set you up for success if you are operating an online commerce portal, but it doesn’t stop there. Just like I’ve said earlier on, consistent personal development will help you to grow more in strength and wisdom of improving your business on a regular basis.

If you have additional critical skills for entrepreneurs to get ahead in their chosen career, please share them below.

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Smart Home Statistics – How To Keep Your Home Safe When You Are Away

Keeping our homes safe when we’re away is one of the things that give us the worst headaches. Whether we’re at work, grabbing a cup of coffee with a friend, or on vacation somewhere far, we definitely need to be quite precautious when leaving our home empty.

There are many things that can be done in order to be safe and the first (and the most obvious) one is locking the doors and windows since we don’t want to leave an open house in which someone can easily enter and “treat” him or herself.

Key Smart Home Statistics To Remember

  • 57% of Americans say smart products save them 30min per day

  • 45% of Americans save an average of $1,179.60 per year with smart devices installation

  • 62%, or 3 out of 5 Americans claim that home security is the main benefit of smart products

  • 81% of buyers claim they would rather prefer to purchase a home with smart products already installed

  • Home security systems will account for over $100 billion in revenue by 2020 in the security market

  • 57.7% of smart tech users are male and 42.3% of them are female

In recent years a different kind of technology is being implemented for security purposes. Even though the smart home technology is mostly found in devices such as wireless speakers, smoke detectors, and lighting systems, it also found its place in security systems such as home and monitoring systems, and door locks.  

The following list contains five simple tips for creating an effective smart home security system.

  • Security cameras are the first thing we are going to mention. Today’s modern cameras have facial recognition software which can be used to open the home instead of using keys or a password and it is so sophisticated that it is almost impossible to fool the camera.

  • Installing smart alarms which not only activate when there is a break-in but also when there are emergencies such as fires. Another amazing thing about these alarms is that they even have features such as alerting you when there is bad weather outside.

  • Adding window sensors will help you find out when an unwanted activity is happening, and this activity can be directly monitored from your smartphone.

  • Using automated porch lights also helps. These lights can be programmed so that they turn on at sunset and turn off at sunrise, and can also be set to turn on when motion is detected.

  • Home security systems will account for an established $47 billion of the total security market and will surpass $100 billion by 2020.

  • 62% of Americans claim home security is the top benefit.

  • 3 out of 5 Americans buy smart home products to monitor their house via their smartphone.

43 Facts and Stats on How Smart Homes Take Over The World (Infographic)

The industry leaders have made billions of dollars in revenue. For instance, Samsung, the leader in smart home devices manufacturing, has over $213 billion in revenue. Honeywell comes in second with $85 billion, and Johnson Controls is third with more than $30 billion in global sales.

These stats help us understand how big smart home security has become, and in the years which follow it is only going to grow with billions of dollars being invested in smart home appliances.

43 Facts and Stats on How Smart Homes Take Over The World (Infographic)
43 Facts and Stats on How Smart Homes Take Over The World (Infographic)

These smart home statistics help us to understand how big smart home security has grown in the past years and how it is going to grow in the future with billions of dollars being invested and budget to the development of smart home appliances.

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4 Different Types of Financial Advisors in San Diego

When it comes to having a true professional in handling serious task for us, what are the types of financial advisors we can get in San Diego?

Financial advisors are like players of a sport, like basketball. All players have different roles. Similarly, financial advisors have different fields of expertise. If you want to hire a financial advisor in San Diego, you need to make sure the advisor is good at the specific position you’re hiring him or her for.

4 Different Types of Financial Advisors in San Diego?

If you have business doing in San Diego, you surely going to need the services of financial advisors. If not for the good part, you are going to need them for the other part of the business processes. So, what are the different types of financial advisors we can get in San Diego?

1. Accountants

The typical role of accountants is to help the firm in preparing and filing tax returns. But there’s much more to that. Accountants can help filing out tax returns correctly. They also help finding deductions that you might have missed. These deductions can be for home office or childcare. Accountants can also help filing an extension on your taxes. Lastly, they can help by donating or investing to charities to lower your taxes. If you’re starting a side business, you can use accountants to do other jobs for you. They can help you set up and even manage books and keep track of your income and expenses.

Accountants are needed in San Diego for record keeping purposes, and they are in high demand.

There are two types of accountants: regular public accountants and certified public accountants, or CPAs. In order to earn this position, accountants are required to complete a coursework of at least 150 hours. They’re also required to work under a qualified CPA, and to pass the state licensing exam. After they earn their license, they need to continue taking classes throughout their careers. Doing so can keep their skills up-to-date.

When hiring an accountant, you must check the CPA qualifications. This way, you’ll know you’re hiring someone who underwent the right training. As a company, it is important to hire someone with experience to handle your needs. You can ask for referrals from friends or from business colleagues. Take the time to meet your candidates in person to determine if their personalities are a good fit to your company.

2. Insurance Agents

There are different types of insurance. We have health insurance for medical bill and car insurance for car accidents. We also have home insurance for our properties and homes. Sometimes, it’s difficult to determine which company can offer the best deal.

Being an insurance agent is more than just selling insurance policies. Insurance agents know all the ins and outs of the business. They can educate you about the various types of insurance. They can also educate you on the type of insurance you’ll need, depending on your situation. Some agents compare policies from different companies in order to find the best deal.

Insurance Agents
Insurance agents are well demanded for in San Diego because of their expertise. You will probably need for your car insurance, or health insurance. They could also help in insuring your home and properties.

If you want to hire an insurance agent, you need a wider range of options from independent agents. Since they sell policies from different carriers, they can be a great help for you to compare the prices. From there, you can choose the policy that will be best for you.

The best way to get a good insurance agent is through referrals. You need to talk to the people you know. Then, ask them where they buy their insurance. You know it’s a good sign if they’re satisfied with the agent for years.

3. Attorneys

A lot of people don’t think that attorneys are financial advisors, too. Aside from being in the courtroom and defending suspects in court, attorneys do other things. They are very useful in:

  1. Setting up new businesses
  2. Developing estate plans
  3. Writing or updating a will
  4. Negotiating a divorce settlement
  5. Setting up a durable power of attorney
  6. Dealing with other legal situations

Attorneys in San Diego
For law and order, attorneys are highly in demand in San Diego for helping small or large scale business owners set up new businesses, develop estate plans, deal with other legal situations. They are also useful for family related cases such as divorce documentation and consultation.

When hiring a lawyer for a particular job, you’ll need to look for someone who specializes in that field of law. For instance, when you need help with estate planning, you should find an attorney who has an expertise in estate law. Hiring a divorce layer to write or update your will is like hiring an electrician to do the plumbing. The skillset is just not the same.

To make sure you find the type of attorney you need, you can start by asking for referrals. If you know someone who recently bought a property, you can ask questions where to find such real estate lawyer. As soon as you already have a list, you can start doing a background check. See to it that the attorney is licensed to practice in your area. Also, make sure you ask how much the upfront rates are. Don’t be blindsided by an invoice that you can’t afford to pay.

4. Financial Planners

Financial planners are the go-to people when it comes to your financial issues. They can help you make plans to save for college, pay off debts, or invest for retirement. If you have a specific need which calls for someone like attorney, then your financial planner can help you.

People often confuse financial planners with investment advisors. That’s because people often use the term “financial advisor” for both positions. An investment advisor has a different role. While a financial planner looks at the bigger picture, an investment advisor focuses only on helping their clients in choosing best investments. You can get a good investment advice from your financial planner. But you can’t get good tax advice from an investment advisor.

Financial Planner - Financial Advisor in San Diego
Financial planners are your best bet when it comes to planning for a new vacation, moving to a new environment or starting a new business venture. All of the stuffs that requires money coming into or out of your pocket, getting a qualified financial planner by your side is the right call to make.

Some investment advisors are fiduciaries while others aren’t. Fiduciaries are those who put their clients’ interests first. When choosing between two similar investments, a fiduciary advisor will recommend what is better for your situation. A suitability advisor, on the other hand, will recommend whatever gets him a higher commission. Because of this, it’s better to choose a financial advisor San Diego who has met the fiduciary standard.

There are other different types of financial advisors in San Diego. You wouldn’t need all these financial experts on your company, all at the same time. As a matter of fact, wealthy people would need a financial advisor San Diego that focuses on investment but not on debts. Similarly, most companies don’t want to work with a financial planner and a money coach at the same time.

There’s nothing wrong with getting help when you need it. If you like to handle most of your financial needs by yourself, it would help if you call a pro for the job. Handling your financial needs involves planning for retirement or writing a will. It will be best if you have someone to help you.

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How Global Positioning Systems (GPS) Is Changing The Way We Travel

Global positioning systems (GPS) have played a big role in the way we travel every day. Be it about finding out the routes to use to even safety of our cars and loved ones, Global Positioning Systems has proved to be a very important technology in our daily lives. In order to appreciate how it has revolutionized the way we travel, we need to first look at the way GPS works.

When your car is installed with a GPS device, it is in constant communication with satellites in space in order to identify its actual location. With the use of light and its speed, a satellite that is orbiting the earth can then determine the exact location of any car even my used Volkswagen Beetle on earth depending on where and when the signal from the car’s GPS device was sent. It requires three satellites in order to determine the location of a GPS device on the earth’s surface and an extra fourth one for altitude calculation. The history of the GPS device is tagged on the military as it began in this sector to enhance security and make the communication and interactions much easier.

How Global Positioning Systems Is Reshaping Our Way of Living

How Global Positioning Systems Is Affecting Traveling Industry Massively
Global Positioning Systems is massively, and in a positive way, affecting the travel industry. The trend is not going to stop anytime soon because it is an emerging industry.

In terms of accuracy, the global positioning systems of a vehicle is accurate to 10-15 meters. With all the above mentioned, we can appreciate the importance of GPS devices in travelling through the following ways:

Helps in identifying locations

It is usually very annoying to get lost, especially when you are traveling to a place for the first time. Thanks to GPS, we can now easily identify locations while in transit thus making it much more convenient for us traveling. With GPS, one can search for the right locations to tour in the holidays and see which one is most suitable for the family. It is useful to also know the logistics of the journey, for example how many miles the journey would go and the time it would take. Such logistics, which you can establish through the GPS systems, can be of great help even in determining your budget on fuel among other things.

GPS technology is useful for locating subject
GPS technology is useful for locating subject on the surface of the earth with ease.

Helps during an emergency

When traveling, you may never know what may take place during the journey. Sometimes we may not anticipate misfortunes such as accidents and mechanical breakdowns. This is where the GPS devices and technologies come in handy. GPS in the event of an accident has been designed through latest technologies to aid the passengers of the vehicle by automatically reporting the vehicle’s location to the relevant authorities to get help. In the event of a mechanical breakdown as well, the GPS devices can help the car passengers to get assistance from the nearest breakdown service or mechanic present.

As seen in the above examples, GPS has really changed the way we travel every day. More research and innovation is being carried out which would now facilitate a self-driving car. With the use of GPS technology, it would be much easier to come up with cars which drive themselves rather than being driven by human beings. You can read more about GPS technology on Wiki here.

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Save Our World, Save Our Future One Step at a Time

Can you save our world from global warming? 

Sure, the phrase that “not all heroes wear capes” rings true. Time and time again, we see a layman go above and beyond their means in order to help someone or something else. And while this might seem like a pretty bold and even daunting task for most of us, what you may not realize is that not all heroes need to do traditional “hero” things to become heroes.

Take for instance, individuals who are more uncomfortable and happier observing life from behind the scenes (or even screens). Introverts who cringe at the thought of “getting out there and doing something” or “being part of the change.” Even the idea of participation can be a turnoff for some.

But just because you feel this way doesn’t mean that your only other choice is to sit by idly and watch things fall apart. When it comes to contributing to the cause for helping to improve and save our world (environment), there are actually a ton of things you can easily do.

How To Save Our World & Our Future, One Action At A Time

As the infographic below by WeAreTop10 illustrates, you definitely don’t have to don a cape to help out. Or even pants for that matter (in some cases only!). You can partake in the fight wherever you are and wherever you go, from your home to your workplace. And in most cases, you don’t even have to talk to anyone else or lift a finger too high. You can save our world by planting a seed of activities with intent to save our future.

From behind your computer screen in your living room, you can save paper (and more importantly, trees) by signing up for paperless billing and statements. Or you can just turn off or down the lights, you probably don’t need that many on anyways if you are only surfing the web or binge-watching. And if you do have to have the lights on, make sure you are using the energy-efficient light bulbs to save our world. Global warming can be averted if we could all decide, and agree to obey some of the basic rules and guidelines for healthy living in 21st century.

From behind the opening to the washing machine in your laundry room, you can save energy by hanging your clothes to dry instead of using the dryer. Or try going meatless every once in a while; the process to manufacture plants uses a great deal less energy. And your tummy will like all the veggies.

From behind the steering wheel of your car, you can cut back on pollution by keeping up with its maintenance. Or get yourself a reusable coffee cup to reduce your plastic and paper cup waste. Same goes for water bottles; don’t let your car fill up with them when all you need is one reusable container.

From behind your cubicle at work, you can start a recycling program for the office. Or adjust the temperature a bit; that little adjustment to the A/C can go a very long way. And who is going to notice such a small change, anyway?

Getting out there and doing something and being part of the change doesn’t literally mean you have to go anywhere you don’t want or participate in anything that makes you uncomfortable. Saving the world can be as easy as you need it to be.

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Green Construction: 5 Powerful Technologies Used in Green Construction

Green construction is the use of resource-efficient and responsible environmental processes that are used during the building process to ensure the sustainability of buildings. Green constructors will ensure their building site causes the least amount of environmental harm and use cost-effective and durable building technologies that provide an efficient use of resources and energy, reduce waste and pollution while preserving water supplies. We have teamed up with Birmingham based builder merchants, BUILT to put together a list of sustainable technologies used in green construction.

Green Construction Technologies That Are Highly On Demand by Constructors

Technologies Used In Green Construction
What are green construction technologies? They are technological tools, appliances and techniques used while constructing a home with the environment security in view.

Cool roofs

Cool roofs aim to reflect heat and sunlight away from properties to maintain standard room temperatures by cutting thermal emittance and heat absorption. Cool roof technology uses reflective paints and specialised roof tiles to ensure less heat is absorbed and reflect away solar radiation. Cool roof technology is based on similar principles to the effect achieved when wearing light coloured clothes in summer months to stay cool. Standard roofs can reach temperatures of up to 150°F during periods of sunny weather, but cool roofing stays over 50°F cooler under the same conditions. Cool roof technology reduces any requirement for air conditioning, so cuts down on energy costs.

Green insulation

Green insulation is insulation created from recycled materials, such as newspaper and fabrics. It is a green construction technology which eliminates the requirement for expensive, high-end finishes which are fabricated from non-renewable materials and is a useful resource for lining inside walls.

Solar power

Solar power is a popular sustainable technology used in green construction and the power of the sun’s rays can be harnessed in passive format or actively. Active solar power is the use of functional solar panels in the building process to supply heating and electricity. The use of passive solar power is based on construction designs which use the sun’s rays to heat homes and buildings, via the strategic placement of windows and the use of heat-absorbing surfaces.

Solar panels are used in green construction industry
Solar panels are one of the most useful green construction components to prevent harm to the community while also saving cost.

Low energy homes and zero energy building designs

Mechanisms to reduce energy consumption are built into sustainable construction technologies. The construction of wooden buildings is a sustainable construction technology as wood has a lower embodied energy when compared to buildings of steel or concrete. Sustainable construction allows for the free flow of air while utilising high-performance windows and techniques for insulation. All these techniques reduce dependency on air conditioning and traditional heating and lighting. Renewable energy like solar power is used for heating and light and contributes to the low energy house and zero energy building designs.

Low energy building designs and plan

Smart appliances

Sustainable construction technologies embrace the installation of Smart appliances to reduce energy costs and to create zero energy homes and commercial buildings.

Biodegradable materials

The use of biodegradable materials for foundations, walls and insulation is an intrinsic element of green construction. Traditional construction techniques can lead to an accumulation of toxic chemicals and waste products which can take hundreds of years to degrade. Biodegradable materials will break down easily without any release of toxins, so are contributing to a reduction in negative environmental impacts from construction technologies.

As construction techniques evolve there will be greater emphasis on green technologies. Building and designing zero and low energy buildings may be costly but their long-term prognosis and energy saving technologies save money over the long term.