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Quantum cryptography; an untangled guide to the future of cybersecurity

As our lives become increasingly more digital, new opportunities for hacking, impersonating, and thefts arise. Current encryption techniques are far from perfect and might soon prove obsolete at the hands of phenomena we do not fully understand.

Step into the unknown

From wristwatches to the supercomputers that run the Large Hadron Collider, all modern electronic devices use binary code, a two-symbol system consisting of 0s and 1s. The vision for new technology, however, is founded on quantum bits, widely known as qubits. Typically taking the form of photons and electrons, qubits are units of encoded quantum information. When harnessed, these subatomic particles will offer the raw processing power and security, the likes of which we’ve never experienced. But how? In order to dive deeper into the abstract, we must first take a look at the history of quantum physics.

A short history lesson on Quantum cryptography

Quantum cryptography; an untangled guide to the future of cybersecurity
Today’s available encryption techniques are still in working mode but might soon prove to be obsolete. Quantum cryptography offers an untangled guide to the future of cybersecurity and we might be living in heaven already with it!

The year was 1900, and physicist Max Planck had just presented his quantum theory to the German Physical Society. Planck proposed that energy, just like matter, was made up of individual units. 5 years later, Albert Einstein theorized that radiation could also be observed in a similar manner. This eventually led to the proposition in 1924 that particles can behave like waves and vice versa – known as Louis de Broglie’s principle of wave-particle duality.

No more than 3 years later, Werner Heisenberg came up with what became known as the uncertainty principle, where he proposed that a precise measurement of two complementary values was impossible, e.g. the position and momentum of a subatomic particle. Its notion defied the mathematical laws of nature, prompting one of Einstein’s most famous quotes,

God does not play dice with the universe”.

What do a cat and a physicist have in common?

Over the years, the most powerful theoretical minds have contributed to our understanding of quantum theory – a process that is still ongoing. To this day, however, one of the most commonly taught interpretations of quantum mechanics is that of Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg, devised from 1925 to 1927. Known as the Copenhagen interpretation, their work claimed that no object in the universe can be assumed to have specific properties until it is measured. This concept became known as superposition.

Superposition is best explained through the paradox of Schrodinger’s Cat, named after physicist Erwin Schrodinger. To visualize the concept, imagine a cat in a sealed box with a vial of poison inside. We cannot know whether the animal is dead or alive until we open the box, so during this period of uncertainty, it is both dead and alive. By the same token, a qubit can exist in all possible states until it is measured.

Brothers in arms

Described by Einstein as “spooky action at a distance’, entanglement is a key phenomenon in quantum physics that signifies a shared, quantum state between a pair or group of qubits that makes each member of the pair or group inherently dependent on the others. In entanglement, a change in the state of one qubit immediately affects the others in a predictable way, for instance, in a pair of qubits with a measured total spin of zero, when one is known to have a clockwise spin, the other qubit must then have a relative counter-clockwise spin. What is interesting about entanglement is that so far no one has been able to explain exactly how or why it occurs. Spooky.

Absolute power

The practical application of quantum theory is a tantalizing prospect for technological breakthroughs, particularly in computing. Thanks to superposition, quantum computers can perform calculations for multiple possibilities simultaneously, as opposed to the one-at-a-time nature of digital machines. Furthermore, while conventional computers require additional bits to increase their processing capabilities, quantum computers use entangled qubits to provide unparalleled efficiency and raw power. The implications are colossal, spanning across fields and industries. From molecular modeling to forecasting in weather and finance, from machine learning in the automotive and medicine to particle physics, the future does look bright.

What’s the catch?

China is one of the main players in quantum research, having recently used its Micius satellite to successfully beam entangled pairs of photons to three optical telescopes over a record 1,203 kilometers, besting the previous record by almost 1,100 kilometers. Unfortunately, only one pair of photons out of the 6 million beamed each second survived the journey through our atmosphere. This is because even the smallest change in the environment, like a loud noise, can destroy quantum properties and result in computational errors – an occurrence known as decoherence.

To maintain their unique properties, qubits should be kept inside vacuum chambers at all times, having limited to no interaction with outside stimuli, which isn’t always possible. Decoherence is one of the biggest challenges to unlocking the full potential of quantum mechanics, but the prize for overcoming it is everything. The global leader in quantum computing is going to have an unthinkable advantage over the rest of the world. It’s a sprint, not a marathon.

What if I told you…

The world’s most popular encryption technique has many flaws that make it prone to interception and decryption. The effectiveness of RSA encryption relies on the difficulty of solving multi-factor problems involving large prime numbers. RSA keys, needed to access the encrypted message, are constantly at risk of factoring attacks, making them an easy target for quantum computers thanks to their multi-problem solving properties. The solution? Quantum networks. When operational, these will most likely be a specialized branch of the world wide web, offering secure data transfer, and more, to future you.

The knight in shining armour

But we do not have to wait 10 years for our data to be secure. Quantum cryptography is already here in the form of Quantum Key Distribution or QKD for short. QKD uses the principles of superposition to create an encryption system based on physics rather than, traditionally, mathematics. In order to relay information securely, the sender creates an encryption key using qubits, which are sent to the recipient. The sender and recipient then use key sifting to determine whether the operation was successful. Had the encoded qubit been measured by a third-party, the sender and recipient of the data would both be alerted by the collapse of the entire operation due to decoherence. The security of this encryption technology combined with the ability to sound an alarm when jeopardized is revolutionary for cybersecurity.


In a perfect world, the new ceiling in cybersecurity would make our planet an objectively better place. Quantum communication would provide freedom and security for those under suppressive governments. The safety of financial transactions would be at an all-time high thanks to quantum cryptography. We would be able to get in touch with our friends and family in total privacy via quantum networks. The subsequent developments in artificial intelligence would bring us closer to technological singularity, where miraculous advances would happen on an almost daily basis. Our grandchildren might even call it the “quantum age”. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

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How to Delete Duplicate Contacts in Lotus Notes?

Today, we are going to run another How to guide as we normally do on TechAtLast. The focus is on how to remove or delete duplicate contacts in Lotus Notes.

IBM Lotus Notes is an email client that uses the NSF file format as its storage pool where all the information associated with a Notes account gets stored. NSF is an acronym for Notes Storage Facility and it stores its data in a unit refers to as notes. The file names.nsf consists of personal address book information of each account like phone contacts, locations, email addresses, connections, etc.

Many times, duplicate contacts are generated in NSF files of multiple Notes accounts of the employees working in the same organization consuming the unnecessary space of Lotus notes Storage. It is a daunting task to remove duplicate contacts in lotus notes, especially when you are dealing with bulk contacts.

In this tutorial, we are going to discuss different methods and techniques on how to remove duplicate contacts in Lotus Notes. But before moving towards that, let’s understand how duplicate contacts are generated.

How to Delete Duplicate Contacts in Lotus Notes (How to remove duplicate contacts in Lotus notes)
Lotus Notes is an email client designed by IBM for organizations that helps facilitates communication and storage of important data. If you want to remove duplicate contacts in Lotus notes, worry not. In in this guide, you are going to learn how to delete duplicate contacts in Lotus Notes for free and with ease.

How duplicate contacts are generated?

Most of the Lotus Notes user faces problems when their duplicate contacts are generated in the address book. Some causes that lead to the generation of duplicate contacts are listed below:

  • When two or more (names.nsf) files of a single account of Lotus Notes are merged to create a single file, then it may generate duplicate contacts.
  • When the address book of ex-employee is imported to another employee’s address book working in the same organization, duplicate contacts may be created.
  • When the names.nsf file, which is downloaded as an attachment in the Lotus Notes account is synchronized with the contacts already present in the address book, duplicity is likely to occur.

Why Remove Duplicate Contacts in Lotus Notes?

There are many reasons to delete duplicate and identicall contacts that are auto-generated inside IBM Lotus Notes. Some of them are:

  • When the contact file size is larger what could be managed. For example, a 20,000 contact list is a headache for the owner.
  • Reduction in the speed of the system due to overused storage space.
  • Just like the PST file, or Microsoft Outlook data file, the NSF database has a storage limit of 64GB and once this allocation gets filled up, the system begins to malfunction. You can experience data loss as a result of too many files struggling for a limited space.

How to Delete Duplicate Contacts in Lotus Notes

Managing the address book of a Lotus Notes account is a tedious task if the contacts file is large. In addition, duplicate contacts that are generated unintentionally use lots of space that may cause the performance rate of Lotus Notes to slow. Some of the workarounds to remove duplicate contacts in Lotus Notes account are:

Workaround to Remove Duplicate Contacts in Lotus Notes

Step 1. One of the workarounds is to select the duplicate contact individually and delete them to save space. This option is not feasible when there is a large number of contacts present in a single account as it may consume a lot of time.

Step 2. Another method to find the duplicate contacts and delete them is by running Lotus scripts in the Domino agent written by Purna. However, these manual methods do not give satisfactory results and it is very difficult for non-technical people to use the scripts.

Professional Tool for Removing Duplicate Contacts From Lotus Notes

The most effective way to remove the redundant contacts easily from the NSF files is by using a third-party software tool like NSF duplicate remover. The software combine duplicate names.NSF files and generates a single NSF file after comparing the duplicate contact within the files and removing the same contacts. In case of emails also, the tool removes the duplicate emails from Lotus Notes NSF Files.

The software can merge several NSF files of many Lotus Notes accounts at a time, search for duplicate contacts among them, and generate a new NSF file removing the duplicate contacts. The software will first give priority to add the NSF file either by file or folder. The user needs to check the box for Remove duplicate if he/she wants the duplicate contacts to be removed among the multiple NSF files. The saving location where the result will be stored is specified by the user. The tool will provide the new Lotus Notes file where all the contacts from different names.nsf files will be stored without any duplicate contacts. And an additional benefit is you can remove duplicate email in Lotus Notes.

Final Verdict!!

This technical guide focused on How to Delete Duplicate Contacts in Lotus Notes. Both manual methods and professional tools are prescribed. Now it up to to you to choose any of them. Thanks for Reading.

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Printer Offline Error: How To Get Printer Online In Windows 10

“Printer Offline error” is considered a serious issue because you’ll not be able to print anything till the time your printer changes itself back to the online state. Mainly, it is assumed that the printer appears offline only when there’s some communication problem between the printer and your PC.  However, not only this, there are many other reasons as well. Therefore, getting your printer back to an online state is not that simple, as you don’t know the particular reason behind the printer offline error.

The possible reasons behind the Printer offline windows 10 error are:

  • Paper Jammed Error
  • Network Connection Issues
  • Or Out-dated or Corrupted Printer Driver is, etc

How To Get Printer Online?

In order to get your printer online in Windows 10, you need to look for a proper guide to solve this error. So, we’ve mentioned the below-given steps to help you fix printer offline error:

First of all, you may need to confirm whether your printer is in ‘Offline mode’ or not. If yes, then select ‘Start’ go to ‘Settings’ then ‘Devices’ and then to ‘Printers and Scanners’. There, open ‘Queue’ to choose your printer and under your printer ensure that ‘Use Printer Offline’ mode is not selected. If it is selected then remove it to get back your printer in ‘Online’ state.

But doing so will help you temporarily, and so required some permanent solution to this problem. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Open Windows 10, go to the ‘Start’ button, click ‘Settings’ and there on the setting screen click the ‘Devices’ option.
  • Then on the next window, you need to hit the ‘Troubleshoot’ option from the side menu.
  • In that option, click on ‘Printer’.
  • Doing so will get you the expanded menu and there you have to click ‘Run the Troubleshooter Printer’ option.
  • This option will then show you two suggestions i.e.,
    • Update Printer’s Driver or
    • Make your Printer ‘the default printer’
  • Lastly, sticking to the ensuing instruction, click on ‘Apply This Fix’ in order to apply the suggested fixes and get the printer back to the ‘Online’ state.

Additionally, if you want to know, how to manually update Printer’s Driver, here how you can update and re-install it:

  • In ‘Settings’ options choose ‘Printers’ in order to select the printer.
  • After selecting the printer, click right on it to choose ‘Properties’.
  • Then, search for the driver button under the ‘General’ or ‘Details’ to choose the driver again (if needed download the updated driver from the official website).
  • Now, by going back to the “Select the printer under ‘Printers’ option in the settings menu” you’re required to re-install the printer
  • Delete the previous printer and reinstall it again through the ‘Add printer wizard’.

That’s it; by following these steps you can definitely troubleshoot your printer offline error. Still, if the problem persists; it is suggested to contact your printer’s company. With the aforementioned guide, you will be able to fix printer offline error without external support.

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Recycle VHS Tapes: How to Recycle Old VHS Tapes [3 Practical Steps To Follow]

In their heyday, VHS tapes were the most popular way to record videos and watch movies, but in just a couple of decades, the technology that once seemed so advanced has become obsolete and unpopular.

However, even though VHS cassettes can’t compete with the digital video technology available today, the fact remains that there are still millions upon millions of tapes in people’s closets, attics, or storage units, never to be used again.

And that raises the question – is there any way to recycle these tapes and ensure that they don’t end up polluting the earth for hundreds or even thousands of years?

Well, to answer that question, let’s look at some of the possible ways how you could recycle your old VHS tapes, as well as how to save their contents.

Here are the steps on how to recycle old VHS tapes;

OLD VHS TAPES RECYCLING - This Is How to Recycle VHS Tapes
In their heyday, VHS tapes were the most popular way to keep memories, here are possible ways to recycle VHS tapes, and save their contents. To do that, we have outlined below step by step guidelines for recycling old VHS tapes.

1. Put Them Up for Sale

When you find an old box of VHS tapes in your garage or storage unit, they may not look like much.

Covered in dust and worn down, these tapes may not seem valuable, so most people just assume that no one would be interested in buying them and end up keeping them where they are or throwing them away.

However, in some instances, you may be surprised to find that some items in your collection have aged quite well and may actually be worth a significant amount of money.

Some collectible and rare old VHS tapes can be worth thousands of dollars – for instance, if you have an original tape of the 1978 movie Halloween, you could sell it for as much as around $13,000!

Obviously, these types of situations aren’t common, but you may find that you accidentally held on to an item that now has immense collectible value, so it’s always a good idea to check before throwing them out or giving them away.

Even if you only get a few bucks for the tapes it’s still better than nothing and that way you’d at least be ensuring that the tapes remain used and valued.

While tapes haven’t yet become widely accepted as a vintage format, there are collectors all over the world who value old VHS tapes and are willing to pay a premium for the right ones, so you should make sure to take advantage of this opportunity if your collection has valuable and rare items.

2. Send the Old VHS Tapes to a Specialized Recycling Company

Now, if you go through your VHS tape collection and don’t find anything of value, or if your collection mainly consists of home videos that are only valuable to you and your family, you will need to find other ways of recycling your collection besides selling it off.

Luckily, today there are plenty of recycling companies that accept old VHS tapes and know how to recycle them effectively so that they don’t end up in a landfill.

To get started, simply get on Google and type in “VHS tape recycling near me” and go through some of the main options, looking at the conditions that the company has, its policy, as well as the location so that you know that the option convenient for you.

Some companies will accept a certain amount of tapes for free, while others may charge a few for taking and processing them, but when you’re using a certified recycling company, you at least know that the tapes won’t become a burden for the environment.

What’s more, when using these types of services, you can sometimes even arrange for them to pick up the tapes from your home, saving you time and effort of having to drive the tapes to the recycling location yourself.

3. Repurpose Them

Sometimes, you may find that your collection of old tapes doesn’t have to go in the trash at all and that you may be able to repurpose your collection to serve you for many years to come.

Even if you don’t need the tapes for their contents, they are interesting and versatile objects that can be used in a variety of ways, depending on how much effort you are willing to put in and how creative you can be.

Today, many interior designers end up using vintage items to create exciting furniture or decorations, so you could use your tapes as a basis or a detail for anything from tables, shelves, clocks, or even wall decorations.

You can also repurpose the cassette tape into a storage box for smaller items such as jewelry or small accessories.

And if you’re feeling particularly creative, you can even use VHS tapes to create art, repurposing and remaking the tapes into something completely new and unique.

Point to Consider: Digitize Your Memories

When you’re trying to decide how to get rid of the old VHS tapes that are taking up space in your closet, you may be overlooking one of the most important considerations – how valuable is the content contained on the tapes, and can you allow yourself to get rid of them?

If the tapes contain old movies, they may not have too much sentimental value, as you can get the same movies in digital formats that provide much better quality.

However, if your tapes contain personal moments and home videos, they are irreplaceable, so while the format in which they are stored may be inconvenient and outdated.  This is why you must make an effort to preserve the captured memories residing in your old VHS tapes.

Luckily, that process doesn’t have to be complicated – there are many tape conversion service providers that have the experience and the equipment necessary to convert your tapes into a digital format.

What’s more, when you use a convert VHS to digital service, the quality of the tapes can be restored and sometimes even improved, which will allow you to enjoy seeing your memories in better quality that will not decay over time.

Instead of having to deal with VHS tapes that take up space and continually decay year after year, you can have all of your videos stored in a digital format and ensure that the memories will be preserved for future generations to enjoy.

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How To Integrate Docker API For Enterprise-Level Development

Enterprises all over the world use Docker to build and manage quality development environments. The platform constantly improves with new technologies and integrations with various platforms. One of the most useful advancements is Docker API. Developers use Docker API to access the Docker engine and connect with their own programs or custom software. You can access your Docker features through your scripts easily with this solution. Give your development environment the upgrade it needs by investing in this technology. Read this post to learn how to use Docker API for enterprise-level development.

If you want to integrate docker API for enterprise-level development, here’s how to do it:

How to Integrate Docker API for Enterprise Level Developments

How to Integrate Docker API For Enterprise Level Development
If you have been having difficulties in your enterprise developments, worry less because this article will guide you through. Here’s how to integrate docker API.

Install docker

In order to use Docker API for development, you need to install Docker first. Begin by visiting the Docker website. There, you will find the newest Docker Community Edition. Review the details regarding the platforms and what it can offer your team. After determining that the tool will benefit your business, check that you have a minimum of 4 GB of RAM available. Once you acquire enough space, begin the installation process. Run a command in your terminal to discover whether Docker is running or not. Keep your eye out for errors during this test. Developers who discover errors need to troubleshoot the Docker daemon. Monitor the entire installation process to prevent issues and start using Docker API for development quickly.

Install API Connect

After you install Docker, install the API Connect available by the same company. Docker API offers enterprises numerous benefits that regular API management solutions do not. This system enables teams to streamline the entire development process. It combines management with run time and security. You can even automate API creation with API connect. Furthermore, you can deploy your APIs effortlessly using the tools that API connect comes with. These features accelerate the development process and enable teams to start using modern applications faster. Reap these benefits by completing the installation process via the Docker Hub. Then, continue on to the next step in using Docker API for development.

Create Your Own User Interface

Once you install API connect, learn how to create your own user interface. Review the numerous libraries for development languages. The list of available languages includes Java, HTML, and PHP. Understand that the Docker daemon responds to API requests. You can communicate API requests using a variety of sockets. These options include unix, tcp and fd. Review the benefits of using each type of Socket. For instance, unix socket is ideal for developers who want to transfer information on a single host operating system. Developers who are experienced with these technical elements can begin creating their own user interfaces with Docker API.

Enable Docker Remote API

Next, enable the Docker Remote API connection. While you do not need this type of Docker API to complete projects, it is ideal for modern enterprises. Remote API allows you to change the remote command-line interface. You can manage URL manipulations more easily with this type of API. Moreover, you can receive and send data more efficiently during projects as well. To enable this beneficial development tool, find the service file within your terminal. Then, save the modified file and load your Docker daemon. The final step entails restarting your container. Complete the enabling process by testing your Docker remote API. Take this step to improve your enterprise development through the Docker API technology.

Implement Authentication

In addition to the above steps, enable authentication to use Docker API. This step is crucial for enterprises to secure their data when using the development environment. Many enterprises use certificate authority (CA) to enable authentication. Begin by installing the openssl library. Use the library to create a server key and create a certificate signing request (CSR). Then, you can edit the configuration file. By editing the file, you double-check where the CSR is located in your system. Follow this advice to implement authentication within your Docker API. Then, you can use it for enterprise development projects safely.

To upgrade your enterprise development processes, use Docker API. Begin by downloading Docker if you do not yet have it installed. Then, check that you have 4 GB of RAM available on your system to install API Connect. Once you complete both installation processes, proceed to create your own user interface in your new development environment. Enable Docker remote API to gain more advantages and streamline the process. Finally, implement authentication to ensure that you complete development projects safely with this new technology. Take these steps to use Docker API for enterprise-level development.

If you are you stuck with your development, this article will guide you through on how to integrate docker API for enterprise developments without having to go through ridiculous pressure.

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How to Protect Your Privacy in Windows 10 – Follow These 5 Steps

If you are familiar with search engine service providers such as Google, DuckDuckGo, or Bing, you’ll agree with me that “how to protect your privacy“, or “how do I protect my privacy“, or “how to stay secured online” are top search phrases that comes higher amongst the list of things people search for on a daily basis.

Privacy is one of the most debatable topics nowadays. Everyone wish to have their privacy intact and for this, they are ready to spend any amount of money. However, spending the money on unnecessary instruments is not a full proof solution to keep your privacy protected. But if we remain a bit alert and follow some common tweaks then we can ourselves protect our privacy. Now when it comes to the Windows 10, Microsoft is criticized for some of its features that don’t seem to be in accordance with the privacy rules and policies that one needs to follow. But guys do believe that it’s not that much difficult to protect your privacy in Windows 10. In this article, we will discuss how following some simple tips will protect your privacy in Windows 10.

Expert’s Guide on How to Protect Your Privacy in Windows 10

How to Protect Your Privacy in Windows 10 PC
If protecting your privacy is all that matters to you right now, using Windows 10 won’t directly help except you follow these tips for staying safe.

Turn Off Location Access

This is one of the most basic features that we never turn off, and in turn, we let our current location known to others. This means if you have turned on your location service then Windows, services and other apps can use your location by sending location-specific offers or ads to you. If you are ordering some food from the nearby restaurant then turning on the location access is ok but turning on your location access all the time doesn’t make any sense. Therefore, we advise you to disable your location access by following the steps below:

      •    Click on Windows Start button and select Settings (gear icon) > Privacy > Location.Turn Off Location Access to protect your privacy
      •    Now click on Change button to toggle off location service for the device.
      •    That’s it now your location service is disabled

Moreover, you can also give your location access to some of the apps, instead of allowing it for every app.

Stop Notification to Show on Lock Screen:

It is a common practice followed by every user to lock his screen while moving away from it. But if you have let the notifications to pop up even on the lock screen then it’s a serious concern to your privacy. Therefore, it is highly recommended to turn off your notification while your computer is locked. To turn off notifications appearing on lock screen follow the below steps:

      •    Click on Windows Start button and select Settings (gear icon) > System > Notifications & actions.Stop Notification to Show on Lock Screen
      •    Now toggle off the option, Show notifications on the lock screen.
      •    This will stop all the notifications from appearing on the lock screen.

If you are more concerned about your privacy, then you can also disable other types of notifications as well.

Never Make your Account Information Public:

Keeping your account info private is another method to not only protect your id but also privacy in Windows 10. This is because if you allow apps to access your account information then they can view your name, picture, and other account details. But once denied none of the apps can view your account information keeping your privacy intact. To do so all you need is to follow the steps below:

      •    Click on Windows Start button and select Settings (gear icon) > Privacy > Account Info.Never Make your Account Information Public
      •    Now click on Change to turn off the account info access.
      •    Also, toggle off the option that allows an app to access your account info.

Manage your Privacy using Privacy Dashboard of Microsoft:

Microsoft Privacy Dashboard is a less known tool that helps you to manage your privacy. By logging into this dashboard, you can not only view but also delete the data at once, that is gathered by Microsoft. To get started all you need to do is to visit the following link and sign in with your Microsoft account. Once signed in you can view and delete all your browsing history collected while using Microsoft Edge and Cortana, clear your search history, clear all your location information, manage apps and services that access your data and much more. And still, if you have some other privacy questions and concerns then you can also contact Microsoft privacy team.

Turn Off Timeline to Protect Your Privacy:

While for many users Windows Timeline feature is one of the most loved features, on the other side it is a matter of concern for others. This smart feature helps you to resume your activities from where you have left not only on the current PC but also from all the PC where you have signed in. Now, in order to make that possible Windows do gather information about your activities from all the PC, you are signed in. So, if you too feel this as a privacy threat then you can easily turn this off. To do so, please follow the below steps:

      •    Click on Windows Start button and select Settings (gear icon) > Privacy > Activity history.Turn off timeline on Windows 10 if you want to be secured.
      •    Now uncheck the option, Store my activity history on this device.
      •    Also, uncheck the option, Send my activity history to Microsoft.

Now Windows 10 will not gather information about your activities.

So, readers, now you can yourself realize that protecting your privacy in Windows 10 is not an uphill task. You have to follow just the above-discussed tweaks and keep your privacy intact.

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6 Benefits of Buying Cheap Printer Ink Cartridges Online

Today, the purchase of various goods via the Internet is becoming more common. In the past few years, people consider online shopping as the most distrust and scepticism buying, but now the situation has dramatically changed. People start relying on online shopping due to their numerous benefits.

These days, you can buy anything on the web, including printer ink cartridges without any risk. There are many online stores that do everything to attract customers. Online stores only offer high-quality goods but also favourable terms of service like prompt delivery, free consultation, prompt customer service support etc.

Let’s discuss some other benefits of buying a cheap ink cartridge from the internet:

Benefits of Buying Printer Ink Cartridges Online

6 Benefits of Buying Cheap Printer Ink Cartridges Online

High Level of Service

Online stores work around the clock and they are ready to provide customer query solution any time in order to make a better choice. Therefore, whenever you are under any confusion, you can conveniently communicate with the online store assistant via chat or by telephone. Moreover, the sites always provide feedback and special offer, for this, you need to leave a contact number or an email address. So that specialist can contact you.

2. Lower Prices

The administration of the online store does not need to pay for the rental of premises or for the work of a large number of employees, which directly affects the cost of printers. With the saving of big amount, they can easily offer customers various offers, discounts, promotional codes and bonuses etc., and attract a large audience.

3. Convenience of Purchase

You can buy cartridge at any convenient time without leaving your home. You do not need to spend time and money on travelling and standing idle in lines. Moreover, you don’t require to get leave from your office. All this is possible with web site software tools and easy navigation. Any user, even if he has no experience can easily figure out the interface and choose its best-suited cartridge. Moreover, you will be quickly able to determine the advantages and disadvantages of certain models in order to choose exactly what you need based on reviews and feedback from other customers.

4. Latitude Range

In the online stores, you will find a much larger choice of printers cartridges rather than in a traditional retail outlet. Their catalogues include almost all the models that are available on the market. At the same time, the range is constantly updated with new models and all the information presented is always relevant.

5. Easy Payment and Shipping

Normally, all online stores offer a large choice of payment options like cash on delivery, credit cards, debit card, mobile banking etc. The customer can choose either of the modes as per their convenience. In addition to payment, online store delivered products to your specified address via postal and courier services.

6. Ability to Exchange/Return

Even the best online stores are not insured by mistakes and annoying misunderstandings. So, if you get a defective device or you want something else, you can always return the faulty equipment or exchange it for another product. As the good store always sells goods with warranty cards and all related certificates.

Bottom Line

As you can see, buying a cartridge via the Internet is convenient and safe. The main thing is to choose a trustworthy website that values their reputation and work for the benefit of customers.

Lance Clemons is the industry marketing manager at Printzone, which is a warehouse of Ink Cartridges Online in Australia. He implements all marketing strategies and manages all communication plans for brand management. He loves to write and share his experiences in the latest technologies.

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How To Choose Good Quality Printer Cartridges?

Choosing a good quality printer cartridge is one of the crucial decision for any buyer. As everyone wants to get high-quality documents printout. But how to choose a good quality printer cartridge is one of the biggest concern. Because many buyers, in order to get good quality of cartridge, make a blunder for paying the high cost without viewing about the quality. Therefore, if you are also in a queue to replace the cartridge then let’s know some basic tips to choose the best printer cartridge.

Expert’s Guide to Buying High Quality Printer Cartridges

How to Choose High Quality Printer Cartridge
How do you spot a high quality printer cartridge from the myriads of cartridges that are available in the market. This article proffer you definitive guide to identifying quality brands of printer cartridges from others with advice on saving money.

1. Go With Big Brands Only

There is a flood of cartridges in the market under various brands for the original, compatible and fake category. But, the experts always prefer to go with original brands only. The reason behind, their cartridge are not studded with diamonds. But, they have good quality cartridge and ink which assure us about the print out quality. Moreover, we feel safe that for the printer prolong life. On the other side, non-branded cartridges can cost you less in the initial stage but may end-up by printer replacement in a short time.

2. Check Company Accreditation

Accreditation helps the customers to know whether the company is serious about its product or not. So, if you choose a certified manufacturer means that your printer is under safe hand, as the manufacturer has the right to produce certified products. To check the product authenticity, you should check whether the product comes under the ISO 9000 family or not. Another accreditation you can check is UKAS. You can easily choose their product without worrying about quality.

3. Search For Company Age

This is another factor that needs to be known before choosing your printer cartridge. The longer the company life, it will be better for the customers. Basically, 10 years age is considered as one of the positive aspects of buying a cartridge. The reason behind is very simple that long term enterprise really worries about reputation, brands and product quality. Whereas short term manufacturer only focus on making profits. Moreover, the aged companies also have their own service stations or the local technicians are also familiar with their product repairs tactics.

4. Look For The Guarantee

The manufacturer that only focus on profit, never put their name or logo on their product. This proves that they are also not confident of their product in terms of guarantee and warranty. So, buying a product from such customers could be more harmful for your printer. But remember, all businessmen are not of the same time, some provide guarantee and warranty for their cartridge, you can give chance to them. Because they can refund your money in case of any malfunction arise.

How to Buy Good Quality Printer Cartridges
How to buy high quality printer cartridge for your office printing works.

5. Check Cartridge’s Online And Offline Reviews

To check the company’s online reviews becomes the most trending way to acquire anything. Then, why not to choose this option for buying a good quality cartridge. As you will get the product feedback before its buying. On the other side, you can also take help from your near and dear ones in the form of offline reviews. This will help you to buy more reliable ink or toner cartridge.

6. Know About Page Yield Capacity

Finally, the page yield capacity also helps you choose the best printer cartridge for your printing needs. The page yield capacity describes the number of pages users can print from a cartridge. Almost all manufacturers mention this information on the face of their cartridge to guide users. Remember, the page yield capacity varies from company to company and from printer models, so you must check it thoroughly before making any blunder.

Bottom Line on Acquiring Printer Cartridge

Hope, the above-mentioned points help you to find out good quality cartridge for your printer. So, before buying a printer you must check company authenticity on these parameters. In addition, you can make a list of your requirements and match with the branded cartridge to make your choice wiser.

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How to Create a Superb Video in Just a Few Minutes with FlexClip Online Video Editing Tool

Have you forgotten to make a presentation video before in your business meeting? Or do you want to quickly create a video of the exciting holiday photos and share it with your friends quickly?

Whatever the reason, when you want to create a video in a hurry that does not need advanced editing skills, then you should try this online video editing tool I’m going to be talking about in a bit. It is called FLEXCLIP online video editing tool.

How Does FlexClip Online Video Editor Works?

FLEXCLIP online video editor
FLEXCLIP online video editor tops the list of online free video editing tools. You can’t get anything better for nothing out there.

In this post, we are going to discuss how to create a superb video in just a few minutes with FlexClip online video editing tool.

FlexClip is a very easy free video maker for beginners, in which you can create professional-looking videos in just a few seconds, whether it’s a promo video for your business advertorial, a tutorial video for your product, or a lifestyle video – FlexClip online video editor get you covered.

In FlexClip’s video editor, you can cut or split your videos into the desirable clips. To take your video to the next level, you can add background music, edit text, record voiceover, and upload your logo and watermark to your video.

FlexClip video editor in use for Olawale Daniel video.
FlexClip video editor is free tool for creating professional videos online and Olawale Daniel just used it to create a documentary.

With only a few steps, you can create a far more dynamic video.

  1. Visit and sign up with your email or connect with Facebook. The registration is free and quick.
  2. After signed up and logged into your account, you can start to create a project. Click on Create New button on this page, and you will enter the editing page.
Click on Create new button to start making free online video using FlexClip
To create a new project, click on “Create New” button as outlined in the picture to start making a free online video using FlexClip.
  1. Upload your own videos or photos to the video editor. FlexClip features an intuitive and simple storyboard where you can easily manage the elements.
  2. Customize your video to meet your purposes. Add text, record voiceover, or upload background music to touch up the video.
  3. Preview and download your final video in high-definition quality for free. To preview the video, click the Preview button at the top. If you like the video, you can download it on your PC. You have options to download the video in MP4 format and choose the quality from 480p, 720p, and 1080p.
FlexClip allow you to export videos without watermark
FlexClip online video editor allows you to export videos without adding any form of watermark on it except your own watermark. It is totally free. I don’t know if they are going to add a paid version in the future, but I still think this whole features might still be available for free in the future.

Highlighted Features of FlexClip Online Video Editor:

  • A straightforward and clean storyboard to easily control your video clips and photos.
  • It is completely free.
  • Choose from a wide range of high-resolution photos, video footages, and music.
  • A clean storyboard allows everyone to trim video, insert text, add music, record voiceover with a few clicks.
  • Export videos in different aspect ratios and resolutions including 1080p, 720p, and 480p.
  • You can upload various videos and images from the local computer. The videos formats include MP4, MOV, WEBM, and M4V, etc. and the image formats include JPG, PNG, SVG, BMP, and GIF, etc.
  • One-click to trim or split your video to get the desirable parts you want.
  • Combine or merge multiple videos and photos in one single professional video.
  • Built with many text animations. You can add text or upload logo and then quickly edit text colors, fonts, sizes, etc.
  • Powerful voice recording tool allows you to record your own voice over the video.
  • Upload favorite background music or audio to match your video.

It would be much appreciated if you could try out the software and also share it with your friend to them create marketing videos and family stories effortlessly.

FlexClip is a new powerful video maker to develop quality videos for any purpose. Try it out here:


FlexClip online video editing tool is a very easy free video maker for beginners, as you and I, for creating professional-looking and high definition videos in just a few seconds. No need to download and install any additional software, you can use FlexClip online video editor directly in your browser online. If you want to make a good-quality video in a very short time, the tool is of great interest to you. Even if you don’t have previous video editing knowledge or experience, you can handle it quickly.

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How to Migrate or Import PST File to Office 365 Mailbox – 5 Workarounds

Microsoft Office 365 is the prominent email application that can be selected by many personal and professional users simultaneously all over the world. MS Outlook stores and saves its all data into PST file format. All the Outlook mailbox data items are such as calendar, email, notes and so on saves in PST data file. But, sometimes users of Outlook wants to import PST file to Office 365 mailbox.

Office 365 is an appropriate email platform, many companies have started moving over to it. It becomes one of the best services facilitated by Microsoft. One can access their data any time from anywhere if they have available an internet service. Due to its advance practicality, users need to import their PST files to MS Office 365 account.

So, we come up with the reliable solution to perform the conversion task to import PST to Office 365 effectively. Before moving forward the first user need to go through the below-listed query that will help to make, a user understand the PST to Office 365 migration procedure properly. The following query is taken from a forum site, have a look:

“A long time ago I was working on MS Outlook on my local machine. But, now I have thought to migrate my PST file into Office 365 mailboxes. I have searched a number of methods, but I was not able to identify an appropriate solution for the same. Moreover, I need to know that is there any way to import PST file to Office 365 mailbox effectively? Any help will truly be appreciated. Thanks in advance.”

Import PST file to Office 365 by Network Upload
Learn 5 workarounds to import PST file to Office 365 mailbox easily. This guide will help you to import PST file to office 365 online account using the network upload solution. You can easily migrate Outlook data into Office 365 at a click on a mouse with another tool included at the end of the post;.

Import PST File to Office 365 Mailbox via Network Upload Manually

Using this method such as network upload user can be executed PST to Office 365 migration procedure easily and simply. Afterward, this permits a user or an admin to upload the Outlook PST files above the network. Then, all the PST files are been stored into O365 utilizing MS Office 365 Import service. Therefore, a user must also necessary to download the Azure AzCopy software free utility that will permit to copy PST file to Office 365 account. There are some workarounds that will help a user to perform the conversion task, simply follow all the workarounds in sequence:

Workaround 1: Copy SAS URL & Download Azure Azcopy

  • First, you have to sign-in Office 365 utilizing admin username and password to
  • Now, go to an option to Security then Compliance Centre after that Data Governance and just hit on “Import”.
  • Here, on the “Import” page, select + fresh import job option.
  • Provide a name to the PST import job and opt “Next” to move forward.
  • In this step, on the Do you want to upload or ship data? display, choose to Upload your data and after that click on the “Next” button.
  • Afterwards, from the “Import Data” screen, you have to copy the SAS URL and then hit on “Copy” to the clipboard, then paste and store the data.
  • Finally download and install the “Azure Azcopy” utility.

Workaround 2: Import PST File to Office 365 Account

  • Primarily, open the command that appears on the local machine.
  • After that, go to the directory where the AzCopy.exe utility is downloaded.
  • Now, you have to run the listed following command as shown below:
“AzCopy.exe /Source: /Dest: /V: /Y”

Workaround 3: Preview the Report of Uploaded PST Files

  • Start with, download the application named as Microsoft Azure Storage Explorer.
  • Open the utility and go to “Storage Accounts” and then Connect to Azure storage.
  • Now, hit on Use a shared access signature (SAS) URI and connection string option then select the “Next” button to move forward.
  • Here, from the “Connection Summary” page, opt “Connect” and then “Storage Accounts” after that (SAS-Attached Services) then Blob Containers and last ingestion data.
  • Finally, this step permits to connect all the PST data files.

Workaround 4: Generate PST Import Mapping File

  • Initially load a copy of PST Import mapping file i.e.,CSV file
  • Afterwards, populate the CSV data file with the needed information

Workaround 5: Form Import Job in MS Office 365

  • Firstly, go to the “Import Data” page and provide the settings as shown in the below-listed picture.

Import PST file to Office 365

  • Here, you have to select “Next” and then, upload the CSV file which was generated previously using an option to Select the mapping file.
  • Afterwards, hit on “Finish”, now the job is recorded in the page named as Import data to Exchange Online.
  • Lastly, select “Refresh” and then update the status, if in case the analysis is already completed, the status is automatically changed to “Analysis completed”.

Effortless Approach to Import PST File to Office 365 Online Mailbox

The above-mentioned method have some constraints that affect the procedure in an effective manner. Furthermore, the discussed workarounds are very lengthy and time-consuming. So, we come up with an effortless and reliable solution such as Office 365 migration tool to import PST to Office 365 user account with Outlook whole data items. Thus, it has a user-friendly and understandable interface even, a novice user can use it without having any external help. Afterward, this utility is capable enough to import Outlook PST to Office 365 mailbox without losing a bit of data of a user. Here, are more advanced features that are equipped by this third-party application. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Import several PST files to Office 365 user or admin account
  2. Migrates PST data like: emails, contacts to Office 365 Online
  3. Allow moving only specify folder using the option to Include folder
  4. Tool permits transfer selective data using Date Filter option
  5. Execute Incremental Import from exact PST after first attempt
  6. Supports all version of Outlook & Windows Operating System

Bottom Line

Import PST file to Office 365 mailbox is not that much tough procedure but, the manual approach has some constraints such as it is the time-consuming and hectic procedure for a novice user. Afterward, we discussed an alternate solution i.e; the Office365Import tool to migrate PST file into Office 365 account. With the help of this application, a user can easily and simply import PST to Office 365 user account with all data items of Outlook effectively. Moreover, it totally depends on the user they can opt any one way as per their desire and comfort.

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