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9 Best “Free” SEO Tools You Must Implement This Year

Neil Patel once said: “No website can stand without a strong backbone. And that backbone is technical SEO.”

From the above, we can easily deduce that search engine optimization is the staple for any business to survive in 2019. In addition, A recent jaw-dropping stat that revealed 75% of the Internet users doesn’t go past the first page-is putting weight behind the above famous quote.

There is an array of advantages associated with SEO. These comprise driving traffic to your website, present you the insights to battle it out with your competitors for each, establish your brand’s market credibility, etc. There are numerous benefits and the good thing is, you don’t have to break the bank to attain them. Discover top free SEO tools that makes establishing your brand for local content searchers easier than projected.Empower Yourself With These Free SEO Tools

Empower Yourself With the Right SEO Tools

From analytics to reporting, there is an assortment of practical tools which SEO companies & individuals employ to strategize their SEO action plan better. They provide many features that will allow you to free up your marketing team from day-to-day repeated tasks, thus saving a significant amount of time. SEO tools present you the power to formulate new strategies and find untapped market opportunities.

SEO tools are broadly divided into two categories-free and paid SEO tools.

Here, in this post, we’ll be talking about the twelve top-rated SEO tools recommended by SEO experts globally. You must try them out the next time you are chalking out your SEO strategy.

1. Google Keyword Planner

The Google Keyword planner is the most trusted keyword research tool, and the best part it is free, no monthly/annual subscriptions.GOOGLE KEYWORD PLANNER let's you choose the Right Keywords with this free Research Tool by Google Ads

Salient Features of Google Keyword Planner:-

  • Know the Search Volume for Any Keyword or Search Query
  • Get Suggestions for New Keywords
  • Determine the Level of Competitiveness of the Term

2. Semantic Link

Semantic Link is a helpful free tool that quickly finds related keywords, allowing SEO specialists to have a wider prospect by targeting the right set of keywords. Semantic Link put forth 100 semantic words for every query.Semantic Link Automatically Find Related Words

3. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a WordPress plugin that provides a full-suite SEO analysis at the back end. This free tool is an indispensable weapon when it comes to effective on-page optimization. It covers a multitude of essential SEO elements, spanning from the Meta Tags to efficient utilization of the focus keyword in the content.Yoast SEO plugin

It comes with a wealth of features, and these are as follows:

  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • Complete Management of the Sitemap.Xml
  • It Is Fully Compatible with Woocommerce
  • It Automatically Generates Meta Tags

4. SERPRobot

You can keep track of your keyword rankings daily for a particular set of targeted keywords without the need to spend hours of checking every keyword manually with the SERPRobot tool. Furthermore, you can also determine how the rankings vary throughout the day.

Free SEO Tool - SERPRobot Is Free Google SERP Checker

Salient Key feature of this SEO Tool:-

  • Know the Best Position of The Keyword
  • The Search Volume For The Keyword
  • Know the Last Position of The Keyword

5. Robots.Txt Generator

Robots.Txt Generator is a free SEO tool that quickly generates the Robots.Txt file for any website. It is a simple tool that allows Google to know which web pages to crawl. If you point your browser to Google, you will find a handful of robots.txt generators out there to choose from.

6. Pingdom Website Test

This is an excellent SEO tool trusted by top SEO agencies to check the page loading speed without any subscription. It also comes with the feature of thoroughly analyzing the content, code response, and request breakdown. However, to make backend tweaks you require vast knowledge of web development or can seek the help of a coding professional.Free SEO Tools - Pingdom Makes Website Performance Monitoring Easy

7. Search Console

Without a second thought, the Search Console SEO tool provide insights into the Google Search Console. Using this tool, you can easily find information on how the Google search engine crawls and ranks the website. This is one place where you will get inside keyword data.Free SEO Tools - Google Search Console

8. SEOlyzer

SEOlyzer is a no-cost log analysis SEO tools recommended by top marketing wizards worldwide. This tool is an excellent tool that comes with a selection of features, such as real-time analysis and page optimization.SEOLyzer - Crawler and log analysis SEO

9. Link Explorer

Link Explorer is the most reliable tool that provides precise link index data for a website. You can sign up for a free account for Link Explorer, and you can obtain ten queries and fifty rows for each query per month.Link Explorer get complete link metrics for any website, including Page Authority and Domain Authority


Besides these free SEO tools, there are many paid ones that can make a real difference. These include the SEMRush, Ahrefs, Advanced Web Ranking, and BuzzStream.

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What Is White Label Link Building to Search Engine Optimization?

Link building has been a basic tenet of SEO (search engine optimization) since the dawn of the internet, and it remains just as important today for anyone who wishes to market their brand online.

Whether you’re trying to establish your new online business or increase the popularity of your blog, you need to know how to build up links. It’s always possible to take link building courses or pursue link building services, but it’s still important to understand the basic principles involved.

What Is White Label Link Building to Search Engine Optimization
White label link building is an act of generating links to a web page from other established entity on the internet in order to build your brand identity.

Understanding white label link building

Every online venture needs clear goals and an overall strategy. But what is a link building strategy? It may sound simple, but generally, the only strategy you need is to create link-worthy content. This is any content that will be useful to your audiences, such as information, entertainment, or educational content.

It’s unlikely that you have any plans to write content your audience can’t use, but having good content is just part of the battle. People have to be able to find it. This is where white label link building services can come in. While the title might sound complex, white label link building is simply the practice of linking to web pages that are built by another source and applied to your brand identity.

To put it another way, a white label link building deal would involve a small business purchasing links from an outside agency which then creates content relevant to the business, and the business would then use this content however it sees fit. Such services are often referred to as “link building packages” or “custom link building”.

Advantages of white label link building

For brands, the biggest appeal of white label link building is that it offers the ability to greatly expand their scope and influence without dedicating any new and costly infrastructure.

With such enterprise link building services, virtually any brand can boost their SEO efforts affordably. A major reason for small businesses to pursue white label packages is that they’ll get the service of SEO outreach experts who can build links for nearly any brand, no matter how specific.

These services generate high-quality backlinks using only white hat techniques. This basically means using only techniques approved by Google and other major search engines to improve your site’s rankings and increase your web traffic. These techniques are the only ones that will work in the long term, and they’re your best bet to improve your DA (Domain Authority).

Of course, since you’re hiring SEO specialists, you can also expect white label links in a timely manner. While it’s never a good idea to rush SEO efforts, you’ll be working with people who have likely seen the kind of content you need to produce before, and they should have no trouble creating more.

Choosing an agency

You’ll likely see anyone who offers link building services claim that they offer “high quality” links. But what does that really mean?

Fortunately, there are some ways you can discern the quality of a link building service you’re interested in. A high-quality service should be willing to study your anchor text (your text containing a link) and link spreads to ensure a distribution that search engines will read as positive.

Depending on your goals, it’s also important to look at their publication statistics. Some agencies will focus on higher DA, while others may focus on higher social engagement. Above all, you’ll need to pursue the service that best fits you and your needs.

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4 Enterprise WordPress Hosting Perks To Skyrocket Your Business Growth

It is true that WordPress (WP) helps in powering almost 30 percent of the web. Yet, people believe that it is not more than just a blogging platform. To be candid, WP is also ideal for managing big businesses to offer powerful, flexible, and safe solutions for a range of industries. Then, you can reap the benefits of the platform if you use WP with a perfect hosting plan.

Choosing a hosting service is also not as simple as it seems. You should ask what support you would get from the hosting provider. The worst scenario is your website having downtime or email issue. That is the reason why enterprises need a credible enterprise web hosting service and it is mission-critical for entrepreneurs. Again, you need to decide whether to choose a $10 a month service or a $200 a month. It calls for research. Therefore, take some time out of your busy schedule to shop around for hosting services and solutions.

There is no assurance that a provider can prevent 100 percent of the technical glitches. However, it is ideal to hire hosting services that you can call for instant resolution without any delay. Coming back to WP hosting, it offers practical solutions for your business needs. Here are some of the top benefits of enterprise wordpress hosting solutions:

Top 4 Benefits of Enterprise WordPress Hosting Solutions

4 Enterprise WordPress Hosting Perks To Skyrocket Your Business Growth
Here are the top four benefits of using enterprise wordpress hosting solution for your small or large scale business.

Topnotch security

The crucial aspect of any online business is transaction security. It is more applicable for businesses that are soft targets of internet hackers, resulting in malicious attacks and stealing confidential customer or business data. WP protects your business website from malware attacks and brute force. Then, you would also require advanced features to ensure your website’s security.

WP offers mission-critical security to business websites and enterprises. These include server hardware and WP applications together with hosting network. It secures your enterprise website from familiar threats, rate limits access attempts, and code injection attacks. It minimizes the possibilities of DDoS attacks as well as Brute Force as mentioned earlier in this article.

When it comes to security architecture, enterprise wordpress hosting protects against spyware, key loggers, malware, Trojan horses, adware, and viruses. It helps in setting up a robust web application firewall offering protection from a range of attacks. Besides securing your mission-critical business data from unscrupulous hackers, WP hosting also helps in retaining data for a long time and recovering the same in emergencies such as server downtime or system snags.

Outstanding scalability

As an enterprise, you cannot belittle the importance of scalability, particularly if you own online business. It means how your company adapts to unexpected changes like a surge in your website traffic. Most of the times, a change in one aspect of your enterprise will affect the other. Let us explain this point with the help of an example. For instance, a rise in the number of customers may require more additional employees to answer consumer queries, which affects your recruitment numbers.

When your WordPress site gains traction, it would need extra power for seamless website performance and efficiency. Besides, WordPress Hosting collates customer information effectively. A website lacking the potential to scale smoothly is susceptible to crash, thus affecting your business adversely. Opting for the right website hosting solution will help you avoid such problems.

With WP hosting, you can set up data that will sync to the Amazon data centers, thus helping your business to manage the increased strain on your server on a universal scale.

There are more benefits to a hosting plan than you can imagine. Yes, an apt plan would help you geo-replicate website information as well as avoid expensive overloads through data distribution uniformly in various locations. WP does not house geo-replication on its own and therefore, you must opt for dedicated enterprise hosting that proves beneficial for giant corporations.

Retaining data and recovery

When you own online business, it should have the potential to retain data. Make it your top priority. Now, it is relevant owing to the regulations laid down by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) implementing stringent non-compliance penalties.

When you opt for enterprise WordPress hosting, you rest assured that your business data is backed up properly. Besides, your mission-critical business information is also recoverable and recallable via advanced cloud setups. The powerful technology and the right implementation of the perfect hosting plans ensure data storage precisely.

You can benefit from regular data backups, thus keeping your business and customer information secure. You can recall the data when there is a necessity. A proper hosting plan provides clients the capability to download data files to some local PC with the help of a simple click.

Besides securing confidential client data, an enterprise-level WP hosting solution would ensure the safety of the internal system controlling all information. There is a redundancy plan to duplicate crucial system elements so that you can back up information at times of an emergency or in an event of a system failure or technical snag. These offer huge benefits to enterprises, big and small.

Unmatched customer service

No matter what hosting solution you choose, it should offer unparalleled customer service and support round-the-clock. It is more essential for enterprise hosting of online ventures. Now, that is obvious because large corporations and huge online operations mean increased and regular customer inquiries that are complex and need the perfect resolution in less time.

Your business should have the ability to respond to all queries fast and effectively. That is the reason why you need WP enterprise hosting plans to provide responses based on priority and importance, especially for users who have raised tickets based on the plan. These are typical situations in any online business because a technical snag that cannot be resolved internally would call for instant resolution by a professional to reduce the impact of the problem.

Make the most out of enterprise-level priority support through a trained and expert team that delivers ticket-oriented support throughout the day. There are options such as live chat, phone support at defined times to help troubleshoot technical problems quickly.


For successful business operation online, you need a WP hosting plan that offers exceptional benefits. It will help you take your enterprise to the next level.

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Why does the new Google update demand the proficiency of SEO?

Why does the new Google update demand the proficiency of SEO and online marketing connoisseurs?

Google’s new June 2019 update has caused an uproar that SEO and online marketing agencies have not seen for a core update this far. One of the primary reasons is Google’s pre-announcement of the core update launch. Although spokespersons state that it is the search giant’s attempt to strengthen their communication with the Google user community, website statistics from around the world show otherwise.

These core updates are certainly not new, but the June update is significantly more impactful than the March update. According to reports from Search Engine Land, RankRanger, Moz and the likes, there are some noteworthy fluctuations in website performance since the core update launch earlier this month. Most importantly, the June 2019 core update has affected a more extensive range of sites as compared to all previous updates. It has influenced the traffic and ranks of retail sites, e-commerce sites, and news websites. Interestingly, the reports show that all websites that earlier suffered the brunt of Google Medic update in August 2018 have also faced similar difficulties since the launch of the current update.

Why does the new Google update demand the proficiency of SEO?
Why does the new Google update demand the proficiency of SEOs and online marketing connoisseurs?

What’s there on unrelated by important news?

Apart from that, Google has recently announced significant changes in Google search results that will come into action quite soon. People can expect to see a broader range of search results for the same search queries. It has jittered the owners of business and e-commerce sites even further. Google clearly stated that they would show no more than two results belonging to the same domain at the top ranks of the SRL. It will not only remove multiple hits from the same website but also impair the site’s monopoly of a search query. That means saying “goodbye” to multiple listings of the same product variant on Amazon!

If your website has ranked multiple times on the same SRL for the same set of search queries, it is time to contact your online marketing agency for a change of settings. History of interactions of websites with other similar updates has shown that sites that do not comply with the new modifications often face penalties and lower ranks quite soon. Without a strong knowledge of SEO, it might become difficult for any enterprise to retain their high ranks on the Google SRL in the near future. It is time to call up your marketing team for their expert skills to “fix” your website as per Google’s recommendations.

What is the nature of broad core updates?

The earlier broad core updates mostly focused on the quality of the content of a website. For example, the Panda update targeted sites with subpar content. Most Google users are forever thankful to the Panda update for the elimination of websites that had to value-adding information but ranked well due to the gross overuse of targeted keywords. Modifications to the Panda update has finally allowed the users to enjoy intuitive and efficient search results that bear meaningful links pertaining to their area of query.

The story is similar for the Penguin update. According to experts, almost all board core updates target specific websites with particular features (that hinder user experience or UX) and penalize them. After the enforcement of Panda and Penguin updates, many websites that were not stuffing keywords or using low-quality content also faced penalties and low traffic. It caused a massive hue-and-cry among almost all significant business and e-commerce sites across the globe. Making sense of these updates took quite some time and finally when website admins were heaving a sigh of relief, Google has rolled out another similar update.

Why are businesses confused by the June 2019 core update?

The problem with the June 2019 update is that spokesperson Danny Sullivan states that the June 2019 update “is not like the Panda of the old update, nor is it like the Panda of new.” It is a somewhat confusing statement that has thrown the community members in a tizzy. While some SEO experts believe that it is a new and update version of the old Panda update, others believe that the statement from Danny means that it is not like the Panda update at all. However, it is clear that the June 2019 broad core update has affected thousands of websites in one way or another – some are reporting a gross decrease in their organic traffic, while others are reporting a sudden spike. Only a handful few brands have not noticed any changes in their traffic flow.

Apart from the newness of the June 2019 update, the lack of a fine classification of core updates as a whole makes it difficult to comment on the nature of influence the update has or may have on a website’s performance. Without the intervention of analytics, it is impossible to say whether a site is suffering or enjoying the effects of the update. If you are currently working with an online marketing cum SEO agency, you should request for your quarterly and monthly comparative reports immediately to find out.New Google updates

Why is there nothing to fix?

According to John Mueller, it is impossible to predict the result of a broad core update. It might be a relevant update targeted to enhance the overall user experience. There is no way for any website to know if they did “something wrong or something right” to attract brownie points or penalties from Google. It might be another attempt by Google to co-evolve with the websites and their users. The search engine giant always aims to enhance its users’ experience in every way possible, transcending the boundary of devices and OSx.

Therefore, if you believe that your website is losing ranking or organic traffic because it has failed to comply with the new updates, you might need to reconsider the user-friendliness of your website on every platform and OSx. In short, there is no “quick fix” for a website that is losing popularity among targeted users. The only way to understand its dwindling performance is to change perspectives. It might help you to understand the site’s usability and performance from the user’s end. For that, you might need the insight of a robust online marketing team, who has been bridging the gap between the providers and the consumers for a long time.

Looking at all the challenges around the new Google update alone is enough to give you sleepless night as a business owner, but you don’t have to do that. This could be the time to get in touch with your online marketing agency for them to recraft another strategy going forward.

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Improved ranking and higher revenues are the results of having speedier websites

How fast your website opens upon clicking the link is a matter of serious concern because your SEO performance depends on it. Website speed is a very important factor that influences user experience, and you cannot ignore it. How much people like your website depend largely on how quickly the pages open. The faster the website speed, the higher the chances of people liking it. However, website speed does not always live up to the expectations of users for various reasons, and as a website owner, you must know what ails your website. Look for the root cause of the problem, and once you know what causes the web pages to slow down, you must act fast to set things right. Monitor each aspect of the website from its design to other optimization measures taken to identify the factors that hinder website speed.

Website Speed Improves Ranking Which Results In Higher Revenues

Improved ranking and higher revenues are the results of having a speedier website. If it would cost you a fortune to get your website up to speed, it is all worth it.

Speed means money

In search engine marketing, website speed equates with revenues because having good website speed drives more traffic and leads to higher conversions. More revenue is the goal of all marketing, and the website speed contributes to it. A study about mobile website speed has revealed that there is a direct link between the earnings from websites and its speed because speedier websites earn higher ranks and attract higher traffic. The result showed that while the top-ranking website took 2.20 seconds for opening a page, the fifth-ranked site took about 2.60 seconds, and the revenues differed drastically.

Website speed is a ranking factor

It is almost a decade now that Google had declared that website speed for desktops is a ranking factor. Now, Google extends that philosophy for mobile websites too. It is ready to use the Speed Update parameter for all mobile sites no matter if it is a dedicated or responsive design. The move is surely going to hit hard the slowest pages. Therefore, you must now ensure that you only have a speedy website for all devices because Google wants it that way.

Users love speed

Your audience loves speedy websites and to keep them happy; you must ensure that your website performs at top speed on desktops as well as mobile devices that Google also wants. Buyers are restless at least when it comes to page opening speed because they want a page to open in a split second. Ideally, this translates into page opening time of 2 seconds and failing to achieve it will not only drive away users but also become very costly for your business. According to Google, for the speed difference of websites between 1 to 10 seconds, the corresponding increase in the bounce rate could be as high as 123%. US-based SEO marketers have their task cut out because to survive in the intensely competitive market they must slash down the average website speed from 9.8 seconds to anything as much close to the targeted 2 seconds.

Speed is crucial to your business growth and website user loves speed. Try as much as possible to get them what they need.
Speed is crucial to your business growth and website user loves speed. Try as much as possible to get them what they need.

What must e-commerce websites do?

The challenge is tough for e-commerce websites because unless there is a significant improvement in website speed, it could be doomsday for many of them. So, what can e-commerce websites do to meet the user expectations of website speed? They should begin by knowing the current website speed and then continuously go through optimizing and testing it by taking professional help from some companies that specialize in SEO.

Using some tools can make the task easy. Firstly, obtain a Chrome user experience report that contains user experience data related to some popular websites that capture the real-life experience of Chrome users. Secondly, to know how a page performs based on the Chrome User Experience report, you must use the tool Page Speed Insight that suggests the optimizations necessary for improving performance. And thirdly, there is the automated Chrome Developer tool Lighthouse that is useful for web page auditing to ascertain its quality in terms of performance, accessibility, and some more parameters.

Once you know the speed performance of the website, you can draw a plan for improving it further.

Optimizations needed for page speed improvement

Optimizing certain website design elements should help to improve page speed. By compressing some page elements, you can make the pages open faster. Looking beyond the website, there are some more factors that you must address because it impacts website speed.

Let us look into the various things to do that improve overall website speed and assures speedy page opening.

Compression of page elements – All the elements of design used on the web pages might not help in maintaining good page opening speed. To know which elements are hindering page speed, you must look at the report provided by Page Speed Insight that points to the problem makers, especially images which in most cases slow down website speed. After identifying the elements for compression use the feature gzip compression that reduces HTTP response time by almost 90%.

Steer clear of landing page redirects – The Page Speed Insight report might show that there are multiple redirects to the landing page from the URL in which case it is natural that the page will take a longer time to open. This happens because of multiple HTTP requests triggered by too many requests that prolong the time taken by the page to respond.

Image optimization – Images are mainly responsible for longer page opening time because poorly optimized images or images not at all optimized will take much more time to load.  Therefore, you must not only ensure the use of optimized images for the website but also optimize the existing images. The speed improvement happens almost immediately.

Server response time improvement – If your server takes longer than 200 ms to respond, it surely needs improvement. Identify what makes the server response slow and rectify the problems to ensure that the response time is under the specified limit.

Enhance browser caching – If the resource caching is set to happen in a short span or the caching headers remain excluded when the server responds, there is scope for improving browser caching to present pages faster.

How much good happens from speed improvement will reflect on the site SEO and overall revenue figures.

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6 Reasons Why You Need to Invest In Adwords for Your Growing Business

AdWords has steadily grown to be among the most lucrative ideas for most online businesses. This is however not just limited to the successful companies, even small brands and rising enterprises can also invest in the AdWords business and manage to get tangible results. Major players spend millions of dollars annually on their AdWords campaigns. This has been a great motivation for smaller businesses which are actually manageable considering little capital or budget is needed to have your AdWords campaign on. Have a reliable search engine optimization service provider explain every move you should make to prevent any mistakes but in the meantime here are some of the merits you start to enjoy after investing in the AdWords business.

6 Benefits of Setting Up an Adwords Campaign for Your BusinessInvesting in Google Adwords Campaigns for Your Business Growth

They are Measurable

Collection and evaluation of data have been improved through digital marketing, unlike traditional advertising methods. By having the search engine post your ad, you can always find out the number of people that actually viewed. This is not all the information you will get, you can, for instance, know their geographical locations, preferences, and other details that could help you convert them to your customers easily.

Scaling is Easy

Setting up an AdWords campaign may not be as easy as it may seem. The work needed is a lot and not to mention the expenses and fine-tuning that is actually needed. That is, however, the hard part, after getting your campaign ready and going, it may just be as profitable as you intended it to be. Scaling is, however, easier with digital marketing and AdWords to be precise as along the way you earn not only more leads but traffic too that you could convert to clients.

They are Instant

Not to say that organic SEO strategies are bad but in most cases, on-site optimization tends to bring results but slowly. Since most businesses may not have the actual time or patience to wait for results, they choose the other alternative. AdWords help you get up on your feet and running in no time. The sooner you set up your count and get the ads out there, the sooner the traffic starts to come and the stronger you grow with time as a business. AdWords can also play a vital role in your SEO strategies through studying statistics brought in by the pay-per-click program. Did you also know that AdWords lets you know which keywords improve conversions and which ones drive traffic to your site?

Adwords Tend to be Agile

Unlike traditional advertising, AdWords improves your campaign by allowing for testing and corrections. After setting and rolling your Ad campaign, you might start noticing your faults or shortcomings almost instantly. This gives you a good window to make rectifications and adjust your campaign to how you need it to be exactly.

Make it to Top Search Results

This is the dream of every website owner, making the top of the search results page. There are several ways to get there but using the AdWords campaign is a smart method. This not only saves you time but money in the long run. Every search engine needs to make profits and promoting the use of AdWords campaign seems to be working very well. This generally means that most people ignoring the use of AdWords as a form of digital marketing are really losing out especially to their competition.

Allows You to Use Special Keywords

Using AdWords strategy gives you the freedom to use and apply keywords that may be impossible for you to rank on. The big companies may often have certain keywords on lockdown and that limits the number of people that could actually use the keywords to advertise their websites. Using AdWords may get you to rank on search results that you had never thought before. The best part of an AdWords campaign — you get to rank organically.


Most of these digital marketing techniques may seem easy but at some point, we all need the intervention of top and professional SEO Company to help us get things right, if not, just watch out for mistakes.

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6 Tips for Becoming a Successful Freelance Designer

Becoming a freelance designer is not tough, being successful is. There are a lot of professionals who want to ditch the office and start working independently. While some have a smooth ride doing freelancing, most others have to face a hard time for lack of knowledge required to navigate the domain. If you’re ready to slog it out without feeling dispirited, take a jump into the freelancing bandwagon else find a job and ply your trade.

Before becoming a freelance designer, you need to know that the market is saturated and getting good work would be a challenge. As a freelancer, you not only have to worry about the work part but also have to get projects. The ray of hope is, a lot of brands and companies prefer to get their work done through freelancing and that’s where you will have a chance.

So, if you’re ready to work hard, then a career as a freelance designer is for you and only then should you jump into this ultra-competitive space. Once you’re committed, opportunities will happen automatically for sure.

Here are some key tips for becoming a successful freelance designer:-

How to Become a Successful Freelance Designer

How to Become a Successful Freelance Designer With Ease
Success is not a day task, you have to build on a day to day failures to arrive at it. Same applies to become a successful freelance designer, you can’t cheat your way up – you just have to know the specifics and follow them. Here you go!

1. Brand yourself

Banding is perhaps the first step in becoming a successful freelance designer. Unless you promote yourself, how can the world know you exist? You need to create a profile of yourself and post it across platforms/sites where other freelancers exist. Further, it’s important to showcase your skills, knowledge, design samples and experience so that prospective clients can get notice of you and your work. The focus should be on being everywhere clients come and look for freelancers. From social networks to job sites, your resume or CV or profile has to be there for clients to find you easily.

2. Create an impressive portfolio

It’s your work that will get you freelance assignments. Your body of work, experience with projects and knowledge of designing will bring you the notice of clients or companies looking for freelancers. That’s why you have to create an impressive portfolio and focus on having a solid online presence. The portfolio you create will basically have all your projects and designing experience outlined for the world to see. This will give a good idea about your designing competence which is the only basis of bagging freelance assignments on the web. So, create the portfolio and boost chances with freelancing.

3. Have a tangible portfolio ready for the offline world

Not all freelance opportunities would happen online. Some will come to you via offline or in the physical world as well. To grab them, you need to be ready with a tangible portfolio which may include business cards, resume, print catalogue, etc. Having such a portfolio comes very handy when you meet someone in person, and you want them to have a look at your work. This will also be quite effective in cases where you’re having a meeting with a lot of clients personally. Such a portfolio with a logo will get your branding done and help win projects easily.

4. Take the initiative and reach out to people

Being a freelance designer means you have to win projects and clients all by yourself. Nobody else is going to help you find work. That’s why being pro-active and taking initiative will help. Basically, you have to think like a professional and focus on reaching out to people to get your skills and knowledge and experience noticed. Similarly, freelancers are required to go the extra miles to woo and win customers. This is when referrals and word-of-mouth do happen which remains the best bet for getting work. So, don’t hesitate a bit in taking initiative if you want to succeed in the game of freelancing.

5. Be ready for the opportunity in any size

When you start out, the chances of getting a lucrative designing project will be low. Even if you have skills and creativity, that won’t help impress clients looking for an expert designer to do their job. This should never dishearten you and the focus should be on getting any designing work irrespective of the scale and size. You can start with small projects which will help you network with more people and that fetches good work gradually. It’s all about doing quality work and getting noticed as this is how your freelancing career can achieve a new high for sure.

6. Focus on gaining new skills all the time

Only new skills can keep you relevant in the market as a freelance designer. If you’re ready to learn new trends in design, you will keep getting projects in plenty. For that, it’s important to be receptive to new ideas, read blogs, paper over articles in the niche and see what is going on in the industry. Only that can help you be ready to deliver the best of WordPress development services to clients.

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Are Slow Websites Bad for Business? How Speed Affects Your Website

Nowadays, every business must have a website. There are simply too many benefits to gain from a website, while not having one puts you behind the competition.

Studies show that 90% of people look up information about a business before visiting it. We can think of a website as the face of a business. It attracts customers and provides all the information. So, a website should leave a good impression.

This is especially true for e-commerce websites. As online stores get 3 times the economic growth of traditional stores, many website owners choose to sell their products online. The customers can shop from home while the business can sell in a much larger area.

But what happens if this online face of your business is too slow to load? You risk looking unprofessional, for one. You will also turn away more than a few customers.

We’ve already mentioned that most people look up a business first. Well, if they end up on your website, they will want all the info quickly.

Research compiled by HostingTribunal confirms as much – 40% of people wait 4 seconds for a website to load before abandoning it. Longer load times also mean that visitors who stay open fewer total pages. So, if your website is too slow, you risk potential customers not seeing everything you offer or, even worse, not seeing anything at all.

This concerns particularly much website owners who sell their product exclusively online. Side effects of longer load times include decreased customer satisfaction and loyalty. This means 7% fewer conversions per second of additional delay. Also, 79% of dissatisfied users don’t return to an online store, and 43% goes to the competitor.

Load speed during checkout is essentially important. If checkout experience is too slow, customers worry about the safety of their transaction. While customers rarely abandon their shopping carts in traditional stores even when there is a line, a 2-second delay can cause up to 87% abandonment rates online. To put things in perspective, if you added up the value of all abandoned transactions worldwide, you would get $18 billion loss in revenue per year.

This affects local businesses as well. While local internet searches might bring in less traffic than a regular search engine queries, they have higher conversion rates. So, if you are a lawyer and someone from your town searches for legal offices nearby, Google will lead them right to you. But if your website is too slow, you might lose a certain customer. Even worse, they may just go to the competing legal office.

It is clear as day that operating a website properly can reel in and secure numerous clients. But if your website is slow, this will cast a bad reflection on your business. So it is in the best interest of business owners to improve the speed of their websites as much as they can.

If you want to learn more about website speed or see how these improvements affect businesses, check out the infographic below.

Your Site Too Slow? What Could Influence That?

Too Slow Website Speed - Are Slow Websites Bad for Business
Too Slow to Load? What happens if the online face of your business is taking too long to load? You risk looking unprofessional to potential customers, for one. You are turning away more than a few customers, for the second. And lastly, you risk not getting recommended to other people and lose sales and money.

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Digital Advertising vs SEO: Which is Best for Your Business?

In the current climate of digital marketing, businesses that desire increased exposure have to pay for it. A company can go about this in two distinct ways. Either, it can purchase ads that appear on search engines, or it can invest capital toward search-engine optimization (SEO) efforts to boost online position “organically.” Though digital advertising is a part of search engine marketing (SEM) it has no bearing on a company’s organic rankings. Today, we’ll explore the pros and cons of both digital advertising and SEO efforts, and explain which strategy is better for your business:

Digital Advertising vs SEO; Pros, and Cons – and Impact on Business Growth

Digital Advertising vs SEO - Which is Best for Your Small Business
How does digital advertisement impact small business growth as compared to search engine optimization? We get into the detail of this discussion below. Enjoy the ride.

Digital Advertising

The nice thing about digital advertising is the certainty that surrounds the process. As such, if you pay for an ad to appear on a social media website like Facebook, it will show up there. Similarly, if you outbid your competitors to appear at the top of a search engine page, your ad will claim the top spot. However, because digital adverts on major networks are so cut-and-dried, it can be very expensive to rank for advertisements that contain certain lucrative keywords. Given that fact, some businesses find that digital advertising isn’t a cost-effective method to promote their business.

What is the role of Digital Marketing in small business growth?
What is the role of digital marketing to small business growth?


SEO concepts are much more complex than the rather straightforward guidelines that govern digital advertising. Plus, new SEO trends come in and out of vogue on a regular basis. Hundreds of factors can influence a website’s ranking on a search engine like Google. Some of those factors include:

  • Website age
  • Content quality/quantity
  • Backlink profile
  • Link relevance
  • Bounce rate
  • Page speed
  • Mobile capabilities

The above list is merely the tip of the iceberg when it comes to SEO implementation. Though SEO strategies are complex, they can deliver massive benefits in the long run –– provided you have a team in place that understands the intricacies of digital marketing. SEO tactics aren’t likely to affect website performance in the space of a few weeks, but over the course of time, effective SEO will greatly enhance a company’s digital presence.SEO vs Digital Advertising

What’s the Best Play?

Unfortunately, there’s no universal answer to this question. Both digital advertising and SEO tactics can offer businesses significant advantages. The key to using either (or both) successfully is to determine the needs and goals of your business first. The modern workplace is diverse and constantly changing. What works for one company may not prove beneficial for another. In general, though, companies that are serious about upping their brand’s digital footprint will utilize some combination of paid advertising and SEO. For more information regarding SEO and digital advertising best practices, consider reaching out to a digital marketing agency.

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10 Best Responsive HTML5 Frameworks For Web Developers

Want to create responsive websites fast and effortlessly? Responsive HTML5 frameworks are an apt solution you can look up to. These frameworks are bestowed with incredible features. These are renowned for solving complex programming in less time. The best part is, they reduce the tasks of repetitive coding. One more thing, they are widely used for building front-end websites.

Simply put, with these frameworks, it’s intuitive to build websites that are responsive and customizable at the same time.

In this post, I have summed up a list of 10 responsive HTML5 frameworks based on their popularity. Let’s take a deep dive to know more about them.

10 Responsive HTML5 Frameworks You Cannot Do Without As a Web Developer10 Responsive HTML5 Framework for smart developers

#1. Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a framework, which is famous for delivering highly responsive designs. It is super-suited for making mobile-first websites. Such websites fit screen sizes of all devices.

Bootstrap is ideal for front-end/UI development. It has all features that can be pretty useful for crafting responsive apps and websites. It carries a 12-column responsive grid and 13 custom jQuery plugins. Due to this, it emerges as a perfect tool that you can use in almost every responsive HTML5 development process.

Bootstrap offers you a sleeky, yet intuitive, and powerful front-end HTML5 framework for faster and easier website project development.
Bootstrap offers you a sleeky, yet intuitive, and powerful front-end HTML5 framework for faster and easier website project development.

Download bootstrap HTM5 Framework here.

#2. Foundation

Foundation framework ranks top when it comes to the superior performance of devices and custom app requirements. It’s quite helpful for creating e-mail templates and websites. It has got an upgrade. The latest version V6 is power-packed with some amazing features.

This framework offers extended support in the creation of mobile-first websites. This, later on, can transform into effective mobile apps.

Foundation is world's most advanced responsive front-end HTML5 framework for smart web developers
Foundation is the world’s most advanced responsive front-end HTML5 framework for smart web developers.

You can download Foundation frontend framework via this link.

#3. Kendo UI

As the name suggests, this framework is in close sync with the user interface. This framework is highly recommended for the creation of mobile and desktop apps. Plus, it allows developers to access more than 70+ UI widgets.

Kendo UI is enhanced with tools for building better javaScript in a fast and lighter mode.
Kendo UI is enhanced with tools for building better javaScript in a fast and light mode. It offers you a collection of top javascript components with inbuilt libraries for Angular, jQuery, React, and Vue.

What makes it more interesting is its features. Support for Bootstrap developers, native angular integration, and mobile functionality are among them.

Kendo UI lets you quickly build attractive and responsive web applications that could work anywhere—regardless of your JavaScript framework choice.

How Kendo UI Help Developers Reduce Time
Kendo UI helps developers cut costs and here is proof of that.

If you want to download Kendo UI, go here.

#4. jQuery Mobile

jQuery Mobile is a popular JavaScript library for the web. It is used to create responsive web applications that function seamlessly on all devices.

Some of the remarkable features of jQuery include responsive design, sleek UI widgets, and in-built navigation system. Owing to these features, jQuery is the topmost choice for the creation of responsive websites and apps.

JQuery Mobile is a touch-optimized HTML5 framework for creating responsive web sites and apps that can be accessible on wide range of smartphones, tablets and desktop devices.
JQuery Mobile is a touch-optimized HTML5 framework for creating responsive web sites and apps that can be accessible on a wide range of smartphones, tablets and desktop devices.

Get it here.

#5. HTML5 Boilerplate

HTML5 Boilerplate is an open-source front-end development framework. Developers recommend this tool because it creates fast, robust, and responsive web apps. Moreover, it allows websites to support modern web browsers.

Additionally, this framework can be used to build mobile-friendly apps. It has placeholder icons, HTML template, and CSS resets for standardizing/normalizing stylesheet property values.

HTML5 Boilerplate makes it easy to build fast, robust, and adaptable web apps or sites with its interactive user interface.
HTML5 Boilerplate makes it easy to build fast, robust, and adaptable web apps or sites with its interactive user interface.

To download the latest version of HTML BoilerPlate, get it here.

#6. Sencha Touch, now part of Ext JS 

For developing stunning mobile apps, you can totally rely on Sencha Touch. Its hardware acceleration techniques offer UI components that enhance the functionality of small devices.

Whether you want to build an app for Android, iOS, Blackberry or Windows, this cross-platform framework offers all essentials that are required for creating stunning apps.

Sencha Touch HTML5 mobile framework solution lets you build stunning apps from scratch with ease.
Sencha Touch HTML5 mobile framework solution lets you build stunning apps from scratch with ease. However, Sencha Touch has now been merged with another product by the company known as Ext JS.

However, Sencha Touch has now been merged with another product by the company known as Ext JS. The previous Sencha Touch features have now been reworked into the core functionality of Sencha Ext JS for building mobile apps. With this new combination, developers will have one interface with all-inclusive tools needed to build data-intensive, cross-platform web and mobile applications. To download Sencha Touch for free, you can still do so. But it is highly recommended you get the Ext JS instead if you want advanced features in one.

Read more about the features and future releases here.

#7. Trigger

Trigger is a well-known cross-platform web development framework. It is primarily used for developing native mobile applications. This framework lessens the time to write complex codes for creating native apps.

It utilizes JavaScript functionality in order to create iOS and Android apps within a short duration. Along with this, it has in-built cloud service that facilitates building or testing mobile apps within the cloud. - smartest way to build mobile apps that does magic! lets you build an eye-catching smartphone app that renders on almost all devices. You can build native apps with javascript and have them stored on the cloud. It also enables you to asynchronously update via push option without the need to manually re-submit the app to the app store.

#8. Ionic

Ionic is one of the most popular HTML5 mobile frameworks used for building cross-platform apps and mobile websites. This framework helps to bridge the gap between Angular JS web apps and hybrid mobile apps for creation of mobile web apps and native apps.

Ionic offers a set of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript components. It is open-source, which makes it easily accessible by both beginners and experienced developers.

With Ionic framework, one codebase could work on multiple platforms without glitch. You can build nice app and ship them to the customer on different platforms.
With Ionic framework, one codebase could work on multiple platforms without a glitch. You can build a cross-platform hybrid app and ship them to the customer on different platforms with ease.

If you want to get Ionic, this link will help you.

#9. HTML Kickstart

This framework is famous amongst the HTML developers. Its diverse range of layouts, elements, and front-end files make it a wonderful framework for building mobile apps.

Grids, menus, slides, buttons, and typography are some available components within this framework. With these components, it becomes easy to create mobile apps in less time.

HTML kickstart is an ultra-clean HTML5 framework with CSS and Javascript building blocks for responsive web applications.
HTML kickstart is an ultra-clean and responsive HTML5 framework with CSS and Javascript building blocks
for responsive web applications. Occupying ninth position on our list of top responsive HTML5 frameworks.

#10. Base

This lightweight and modular HTML/CSS framework is the best for creating wonderful website applications. It functions smoothly with the old and new web browsers, and other mobile devices as well. In totality, it is a robust cross-platform and responsive front-end HTML5 framework.

Build a Responsive CSS Framework with Base
Base is a lightweight CSS framework that streamlines the process of creating website applications. It is the last on TechAtLast list of top 10 responsive HTML5 frameworks web developers can rely on.

Download Base here.

Final notes on responsive HTML5 frameworks

So, these are the list of responsive HTML5 frameworks. These are of great help while developing a modern and responsive website or app. It is imperative to choose the right web development framework as this guarantees better website performance in the future.