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Spring Reloaded: The Three Major Announcements at Apple’s Spring Event

Apple unveiled its hotly anticipated AirTags, iMacs and iPad pros featuring the ARM-based M1 chip on Tuesday. 

It’s Springtime in Cupertino, California and almost time for commerce to blossom. 

Apple’s April 20 ‘Spring Loaded’ event stayed true to its moniker and turned out to be loaded with product announcements. Here are the three major arrivals at the Apple Store. 

The New ARM iMac

The New ARM iMac
The newly released Apple ARM iMac at the Apple Spring Event.

Flaunting a squared-off design, millimetre-thin side profile and an array of colours—the new iMac is sporty, sleek, and imbuing all hues. Enabled by an octa-core M1 processor featuring four performance cores, the new iMac can crunch through any tasks thrown at it—and then perhaps a few more.  

The new, redesigned Apple desktops will come with a stunning 4.5K Retina display, an in-built 1080p camera for FaceTiming in full HD, and a revamped wireless keyboard with Touch ID support. 

The new iMac will start at $1,299 and will be available for preorder on April 30. 


Apple AirTags Lets You Track Your Valuables With Ease
Apple AirTags lets you track your valuables with ease. It doesn’t matter where you kept them, just have the Apple Airtags on, you are good to go!

The AirTag is perhaps Apple’s worst kept secret in its history—as a matter of fact, American YouTuber Filip Koroy in a September 2020 video described the tech giant’s coin-sized tracking device in depth. 

Nevertheless, the AirTag is out, and it’s immensely utilitarian if you keep losing track of your valuables. 

The $29 accessory can tap into Apple’s proprietary ‘Find My’ network (seamlessly integrable across the Apple ecosystem) and help you locate your valuables, including keys, handbags, luggage—anything that you can pin the coin to. 

The AirTags care about your privacy too, according to Apple. The location data is kept anonymous and private with end-to-end encryption—implying only the user can access and locate the AirTag linked to the iDevice. 

Apple will ship AirTags for $29 each and offer free personalized engravings at the price. The AirTags can also be purchased in packs of four, amounting to $99. 

The New iPad Pro

What is there not to love in the New iPad Pro from Apple?
What is there not to love in the New iPad Pro from Apple? It is sleeky, attractive and sexy!

The suave, slender aluminum body of the iPad Pro meets the lightning-fast M1 chip—now with 5G support. What’s there to not love? 

The 12.9-inch 2021 iPad Pro will feature a Liquid Retina XDR display (like the new iPhone 12 line-up) and light up your workflow in High Dynamic Range colours. With 1600 nits of peak brightness and a million to one contrast ratio, textures, movies and graphics come to life on the display of the new iPad Pro. Like its predecessor, the 2021 iPad will feature a ProMotion display allowing refresh rates up to 120Hz for a fluidic experience. 

The iPad Pro starts from $799 for the Wi-Fi and $999 for the 5G-enabled model. 

Is the iPad Pro an easy, no-brainer purchase for anyone looking for a tablet PC, or does the $549 Samsung Galaxy S7 have it beat? 

Or would you rather not compare Apples and oranges?   

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Apple’s new iPhone 12 is the Smartest Smartphone Worldwide

Apple’s new iPhone 12 is the first-ever headset to be powered by an advanced 5nm chip making it the smartest smartphone in the world. Nothing compares to it at the moment.

Apple recently unveiled their new iPhone 12 range of models, and if you haven’t heard already, they are quite a big deal as they are the only handsets in the world to be powered by a new type of chip (5nm chips) which is thought to make smartphones even smarter.  

The chip is thought to allow users to do things such as edit 4K videos, play graphically-intensive video games on the devices, and enhance high-resolution images. All the above will be possible by using less battery power and will be a smooth user experience.

iPHONE 12 - the Apple's new iPhone is the Smartest Smartphone in the world
The new Apple iPhone 12 is the smartest smartphone in the world at the moment with the integration of 5nm chips which aids its speed and acceleration, nothing could compare to this new beast in the market. With this alone, Apple is currently leading!

The chip is known as the five-nanometer process, which means the chip’s transitions have been sunken down, allowing billions more on-off switches to be added. According to Smartphone Checker, iPhone 12 holds an A14 Bionic (5 nm) chip, which helps increase the amount of brainpower the 5nm chip offers the handset.

The advantages of 5nm chips on the new iPhone 12

Moving to 5nm chips will effectively make the headsets smarter. Chip developments revolutionize how we interact with our smart devices; their advances mean an increased amount of remote computer tasks can now be done locally with a few taps and swipes on our smartphones. 

We have already witnessed how smartphones are now fully capable of transcribing voice notes and recognizing faces thanks to facial recognition, even in images without the need for an internet connection. 

Chips such as the 5nm will enable even more complex artificial intelligence tasks to become possible. In doing so, the advancement in technology may even help smartphones make better sense of the world we live in, increasing its use rather than it being an accessory to our computers and gaming consoles.

Making a move to smaller transistors can help in the long run as they simply use less power compared to larger ones and can run more quickly. It is thought that the new 5nm chips can deliver a 15% speed boost compared to the last 7nm whilst using the same amount of power. 

A larger amount of gains can also be delivered from this as it creates the opportunity for chip designers to create more accelerators, which opens up the potential for smart devices even wider. 

Apples other products to looks out for 

HomePod Mini

A fresh new surprise from Apple is their HomePod mini. The original HomePod has been swapped for a ball that is just 8.5cm tall and has a flattened top and bottom. The HomePod can play music and allows users to talk to Siri through three microphones. The mini also has a display screen on the top, making it user-friendly. 

Beats Flex

Beats Flex is a new neckband earphone that has 12-hour battery life. They have magnetized earpieces that can pause playback when lined together around the user’s neck. They are available to buy today and are great for fitness enthusiasts who are looking for good quality headphones on a budget that seamlessly works with the smartest smartphone in the world. 


The MagSafe is a magnet that sits in the back of the iPhone 12. The device can wirelessly charge when directly on the back of the phone compared to the previous model and can also attract accessories such as magnetic wallet cases. Through MagSafe, users can charge both their iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously. 

The announcements in technology have helped to pave the way for a better tomorrow. Not only do we know we have devices that work beyond our imaginations, as consumers, but we also are savvy users of it and can adapt to it as it evolves. 

Although it may not be so obvious how much of an impact advances in chips can do in our world immediately, as the technology becomes more available, there will most definitely be room for it to be applied in working and educational backgrounds.

One of the best parts of having an array of tech organizations to choose from means the competition between them to see who can get to the finish line first is fierce. For consumers, this is great as it presents users with a wide choice of smart devices to choose from.

The new Apple iPhone 12 is the smartest smartphone in the world because of the integration of 5nm chips that aids its speed and acceleration.

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Mac Task Manager: Why is Task Manager for Mac Important?

All Apple computers come with the Mac task manager utility (Activity Monitor). Task manager is provided to help you track the performance of your computer programs.

On the PC, there’s the Windows default task manager, which allows you to get behind the scenes on your computer. If you’ve grown up using a PC, then you’re probably used to hitting ctrl + alt + delete to bring this feature up.

But now that you’re older, perhaps you’ve swapped out your PC for a Macbook. Now, you basically have to relearn how to use a computer, seeing as they have completely different operating systems.

In this article, we’ll discuss what the Mac task manager is, why it’s so important, and how to use it.

Activity Monitor (Mac Task Manager) - Why is Task Manager for Mac Important
Apple computers come with the Mac task manager utility (activity monitor) provided to help you track the performance of computer programs.

What Is the Mac Task Manager?

First things first: there is no such thing as the Mac Task Manager. If you go searching around on your Macbook for it, you won’t find it.

Instead, it’s called the Activity Monitor. So the next time you panic because you can’t find the Mac Task Manager, just remember it has a different name.

Why Is the Activity Monitor Important?

If you’re familiar with the PC’s task manager, then you’ll know that it displays a few important things on your device. If you’re not, we’ll explain here.

On the Activity Monitor, it’ll show several important categories. Read on to find out more about each.


On the task manager for Mac, the first tab you’ll see is “CPU.” This stands for “central processing unit.” For each task, you’ll see a percentage by it. This is how much of the CPU it’s using.

Typically, if your Macbook is running slower than usual, it’s because an application is using too much CPU. So if you’re having issues, check this category first and closeout anything that may be using an excessive amount of the CPU.


The next tab is “Memory.” This indicates how much of your Mac’s memory each application is using; this is percentage-wise as well.

An app that’s using too much memory can also cause a slowdown on your computer. So if your device is being slow, check the memory usage as well as CPU usage for your apps.

You’ll want the memory to display as green. This means enough resources are available. If it’s yellow, it means there’s a limited amount of memory, and if it’s red, it means you’re completely out.


The “Energy” tab indicates how much power each application is draining from your device. If you’re using a Macbook while unplugged, then you’ll want to keep an eye on this tab. Otherwise, you might end up draining the battery much quicker than expected.

If you want to conserve the amount of battery life you have left, you can try closing out the power-hungry apps.

To confirm your Macbook is charging when you’ve plugged it in, check the bottom of the Activity Monitor window. If it’s blue, that means it’s not charging. If it’s green, then it is.


Next up is the “Disk” tab. This category will show you how much data each application is reading from your disk.

To get a more detailed look, you can click on the “Disk” button. Here, you’ll see a graph with a blue and red line. The blue line shows the number of reads per second and the red line shows the number of writes out per second.


The “Network” tab works similarly to how the “Disk” tab works. But instead of showing how much data is being read, it shows how much data is being sent or received over your network.

Like with the previous tab, if you click on “Network,” you’ll see a graph with two lines. One will show you how many packets you’re receiving per second, and the other will show you the number of packets sent per second.


You may or may not have this tab, depending on your device. The “Cache” tab is available in macOS High Sierra 10.13.4 and later versions.

In this category, it’ll show you the total amount of cached content regarding your local networked devices. This means it’ll display how much content was uploaded, downloaded, or dropped.

If you click on “Cache,” you’ll see a graph. This shows you your caching patterns over a certain amount of time.

How to Use the Activity Monitor (Mac Task Manager)

We’ve told you the different functions of the Activity Monitor. But how exactly do you access it?

There are three ways you can open up the Activity Monitor.

  • Step 1: First, you can use “Finder.” Click on “Applications,” “Utilities,” and then “Activity Monitor.”
  • Step 2: The next way is to use Spotlight. Once you have it open, type in “Activity Monitor.” It should pop up, so press enter once it does.
  • Step 3: The last way you can open up is by pinning it on your dock. Open “Finder,” click on “Applications,” and then “Utilities.” Find “Activity Monitor” and drag it to the dock.

In the future, you can just find Activity Monitor on the dock and click on it directly to open it up without any extra steps.

Use the Activity Monitor to Manage Your Macbook’s Tasks

Now that you know how to use the Mac task manager, you can find any apps that might be using up lots of resources and end them to help your Macbook run better.

With access to this helpful tool, you’ll be better able to run your device in the future. So the next time something seems off, just bring up Activity Monitor and see which tasks are eating up all the resources. Then simply close them!

For more tech information, please take a look at our other blog articles.

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The 10 Best Trading Computers and Laptops for 2020

Gone are the days when companies used to have to install computers that took up an entire wall, or multiple walls depending on the business. For currency traders, this could mean rooms upon rooms of giant computing machines. Well, not much has changed. Although the size of computers has gotten incredibly smaller, if you’re trading with more than one monitor you may still be taking up some (or a lot) of wall space. In this age, a sophisticated trading computer is all that you need to get things done. Unlike yesteryear and with the onslaught of technological advancements, we expect way more out of our trading computers. Our internet needs to be fast and our RAM reliable. When seeking a trading computer we should also consider:

  • Multi-Monitor Display
  • Sharp Hi-Resolution Graphics
  • Optimized Configuration
  • Generous Internal & External Storage

A quick web search will give you plenty of options for the best trading computers, and even more that aren’t. Choosing a computer that’s right for you can be a personal preference. However, if you’re completely in the dark keep scrolling through to find out our picks for the best trading computers and laptops of 2020.

Best Trading Computers/Laptops: 10 Best Picks

In order to win in trades, here are the best online trading computers for 2020:

  1. F-30 Extreme.
  2. Razer Blade Stealth.
  3. Dell XPS Tower Special Edition (8930).


1. F-30 Extreme

You’ve probably heard the old adage “if it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck…”, well the F-30 Falcon laptop finitely looks like a laptop – but it has the behaviors and holds all the power of a desktop. It might be its 9th gen Intel desktop processor, or it might be it’s 2 PCIe M.2 SSDs, plus 2 SATA3 drives storage capacity. We think it’s probably both and it’s built-in cooling system plus 6-additional monitor output. Either way, this compact trader is faster and more efficient than its predecessors and will have you trading faster than ever. Is it any wonder why the F-30 Extreme has extremely topped our best trading computers list?

Best Trading Computers in 2020: F-30 Trading Laptop Computer offers you power of a desktop, and mobility to trade anywhere you are
The F-30 is one of the best trading laptop computers out there that offers you the power of a desktop computer, and mobility to trade anywhere you are.

2. F-15 Pro

For an inexpensive but extremely popular mobile trader look no further than the F-15. This laptop can handle any trading, recording, and streaming like a pro – and all at the same time! This is one of the best trading computers because it uses the latest 9th gen Intel mobile processor. You can also hook up multiple monitors with Mobile USB 3.0 powered monitors. Better yet the F-15’s screen is the same resolution as your mobile monitors – making for consistently sharp and clear trading across all screens.

F-15 Pro offers you day- trading laptop bundle
F-15 Pro offers you a cheaper option of experiencing a proper trading computer without adverse effects on your pocket.

3. Acer Aspire E 15 Laptop – 8th Generation

If you want the best bang for your portable buck then the Acer Aspire E 15 Laptop is for you. This 8th Gen Acer runs on a 5th generation i5 core processor and a 1TB hard drive. With an additional 8GB of RAM, this laptop is spacious enough for beginner traders and vets alike (not to mention the expandable RAM and 256SSD as well). Although it can’t handle multiple monitors or display fusion, it does come with a more than large enough 15.6” screen to spread out trading information to the full extent.

Top Trading Computers - Acer Aspire E 15 Laptop – 8th Generation
With 15.6′ inch widescreen, 1TB hard drive, and an enhanced 8GB RAM, Acer Aspire E 15 laptop has a lot in the offing for a beginner trader. It is still one of the best trading computers out there.

4. Razer Blade Stealth

The Razer Blade Stealth is optimized to be used anywhere. Even for outdoor usage when you need to get a breath of fresh air but also need to pay attention to trades. Because it’s meant to be used on-the-go they have upped the ante and installed one of the longest-lasting batteries on the market. If you’re carrying your laptop with you you don’t want to lug around some big annoying clunky machine, so they made the Razer Blade Stealth out of lightweight aircraft-grade aluminum. It’s also equipped with all-new 10th gen Intel® Core™ i7 processor, 16GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD! With a 13.3″ top quality display coupled with a 4K HD resolution and a nicely-designed and optimized Razer Chroma™ keyboard installed, the Razer Blade Stealth combines portability and style which is all you need from an effective trading computer. It is also ideal for creative content creators like graphic designers and web developers.

The Razer Blade Stealth Is Good Trading Computer
Razer Blade Stealth boasts itself as the World’s First Gaming Ultrabook™ with a full gaming laptop power enhanced with NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1650 graphics, which lets you play all your favorite graphically intensive games anywhere you go.

5. Dell XPS Tower Special Edition (8930)

The Dell XPS 8930 VR Ready Desktop Special Edition also makes our best trading computers list because it is fully customizable with varying premium monitors. This tower desktop has multi-monitor functionality and is display fusion optimized. You can easily add an additional 3 monitors as the Dell XPS runs on the 8th generation Intel Core i7-8700. It also boasts a Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 Video Card, 16 GB RAM, and 3.8-4Ghz processors.

Dell XPS 8930 VR Ready Desktop Special Edition
If you want to experience an ultimate theater experience, the Dell XPS 8930 is your best choice for a sleek trading computer. The same goes for forex or crypto traders who want to trade with speed and comfort.

6. Dell Inspiron 5680

The Dell Inspirion 5680 may be built for hardcore gaming, but for traders on a budget, this is the model to beat. It matches the specifications of the XPS Tower 8930 but with added thermal design and smart components. It’s also the absolute quietest while being incredibly efficient.

Dell Inspiron 5680
The Dell Inspiron 5680 lets you escape your reality and get lost in its world of future-ready technology-enhanced graphic display. It is one of the best trading computers that you cannot fault its performance.

7. Apple iMac 21.5″ i7

For Apple fanatics, it doesn’t get much better than the iMac 21.5? i7 – it has a premium display and a whopping 27” monitor. This also makes it a great machine for trading fans as well. It also allows for a multi-monitor display and premium trading features.

Apple iMac 21.5 i7
The joy of Apple users is the sleek and colorful graphic rendering capabilities of their device. This make of iMac is the dream of many traders out there.

8. Apple iMac 27″ i7

For frequent traders or newbies alike the iMac 27″ i7 offers a sleek design and quad-core processor. It also has an incredible 27” monitor and with trade-in offers from major trading computer providers, it will be a sleek addition to your office space.

Apple iMac 27 i7 Trading computer
If you have some extra quids, you can opt for Apple iMac 27 i7 because of its additional features. It ranks high on the list of best trading computers for 2020.

9. Asus ZenBook 13 UX331UN

This stunning Acer laptop has an incredible 256GB SSD and 8GB RAM. Portably designed with a slim-bezel NanoEdge display that makes it compact even more than a typical 13″ laptop, the Asus ZenBook 13 UX331UN is just 13.9mm thin. Beyond that, it only weighs 2.47lbs (1.12kg) – making it a fan favorite for traders on the go!

These amazing features make it easy to carry anywhere you want. It is currently the thinnest laptop around the world so far. Zenbook 13 is blessed with a sophisticated modern-day design with a discrete graphics chip that gives room for creativity and entertainment, manipulating images, video editing, online streaming, gaming, and online trading.

ASUS ZenBook 13 UX331UN
Looking for a sleek and compact workstation for your online trading, the Asus ZenBook 13 fits the description of a proper trading computer to go for. With its lightweight, you can bet that trading is possible everywhere you go with this new-age device ranked amongst the best trading laptops for 2020.

10. Apple MacBook Pro (Quad-Core)

The MacBook Pro (Quad-Core) is a favorite among Mac enthusiasts and day traders alike. This MacBook offers an 8th gen Intel Core processor and can handle even faster trading alongside other core functionalities.

MacBook Pro (Quad-Core)
Spotting a 1.4GHz quad-core (8th-generation) Intel Core i5 processor, MacBook Pro, comes handy with a turbo boost up to 3.9GHz for high performing graphic processing. With true tone retina display coupled with Intel Iris Plus Graphics and US-standard backlit keyboard, trading around the clock becomes easier.

Wrapping Up

Although your computer may be top of the line remember a great machine does make a great trader – however, it’s a great jumping-off point. You may be overwhelmed by choice at first remember that the latest gadgets on the market aren’t always the best – quick Google search will give you plenty of options for the best trading computers to choose from, but listed above the best trading laptops we recommend. Going with a base knowledge of what you want is fine and upgrades are more than doable in the long run.

While searching online for the best trading laptops/computers, you are going to be given plenty of options to pick, but our in-house experts have recommended these best trading laptops and desktop computers for a swift online trading experience.

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How to Take Better iPhone Food Photography – 10 Professional steps to follow

iPhone food photography lets you snap and share high-quality photos to your online community. You want to share how satisfied your tummy got whether you’re at your favorite restaurant or you just had the courage to finally try and cook that dish you’ve been dying to copy. Besides, you do not need to bring that chunky camera anymore.

Vice President for iPhone Product Design Greg Mansfield explained that it was found in their study that people use their iPhones mostly to take photos. They patterned the iPhone to a DSLR camera in terms of screen resolution, the inclusion of a 15 mm macro lens and a maximum ISO of 6400 guaranteeing that even you are in a dimly lit place, the device can work like magic.

For a foodie or a food blogger, photos garnering as many likes, hearts, pins, and retweets, make their postponing-my-first-bite act all worth it. You may want to better your skill at iPhone food photography, make your food as appetizing as possible or you just want to fill your iPhone gallery with the meals you’ve already tasted in the most tantalizing angle, these tips on how to better take scrumptious and crave-inducing iPhone food photography is for you.

10 Tips for Crave-inducing iPhone Food Photography

10 Tips for Crave-inducing iPhone Food Photography
iPhone food photography is a process of taking crave-inducing photos of food and fruits with an Apple iPhone. In this article, we will go deep into the “hows’ of iPhone photography and documentation.

Use a macro/telephoto lens 

The macro/telephoto lens is known for its superb optical system that can focus on full life-size images with 1:1 magnification. With its feature to focus on details in its image sensor, it only requires a minimum of 20 cm distance from the subject you are shooting allowing you to frame the subject in such a way that details are finely highlighted.

Grilled cheese and fries with sauce overhead shot while doing iPhone Food Photography
“Grilled cheese and fries with sauce overhead shot”

Natural light never fails 

Before you snap, make sure that your subject is at the nearest natural light source possible, say a window or a door. Make people hungry by utilizing the best light – natural light. However, be cautious when you are using direct light. It may appear too harsh on the photo and may produce unwanted highlights and shadows. Your lighting can make your salad look fresh or stale. Always go for a warm, soft and naturally diffused light If natural light is not accessible try to use the light panel as an alternative.

iPhone Food Photography - Natural light never fails as shown in this picture; Fries and Burgers in natural light.
Natural light never fails as shown in this picture; Fries and Burgers in natural light. That tells a lot of what you can do with your iPhone food photography.

Use the auto-exposure lock 

Your iPhone will initially provide you with a default exposure. With iPhone food photography, you will surely have multiple shots to obtain that perfect photo you will post.

To achieve this, you have to utilize your phone’s feature, auto-exposure lock, to ensure that your lighting will not change from dark to light. Lock it at a certain point so that it will not cause inconvenience.

Shoot up close to make your followers crave 

Shooting your food up close features how drool-worthy it is and how its palatability can be transported virtually to your online community. The most popular shot for an iPhone food photography is the front ¾ view. It is a kind of shot wherein the subject is only 4 to 5 inches away. Whenever you use this type of shot, you engage people more to take time and appreciate your photo. In this way, people can see a perspective on how the food is actually eaten, close and with enough details.

Shoot up close to make your followers crave
“Up close shot of a roasted chicken”

Do. Not. Zoom.

Relax, your subject isn’t a moving one and it is more than safe to shoot close. As you set up the food, it is at your expense whether you will shoot from the side, from the front or from above. Zooming is never an option in food photography or it does not make any sense, at all. One of the many disadvantages is that it results in a poor quality image and it produces a grainy photo.

Overhead shots can save the day 

Sometimes foodies and bloggers seem to get bored with the good ole ¾ shots. Instances such as aesthetics are key, either asparagus are crisscrossed, or a salad is drizzled with Mediterranean dressing. Obviously, taking a ¾ shot will eliminate the possibility of featuring the meal’s aesthetique. A flat lay showcases everything there is. Foodies and bloggers commonly use the overhead shot or “flatlay” to create a more graphic image.

Four-course food spread
A four-course food spread taken with an overhead shot can save the day. Another dimension to focus on in your iPhone food photography.

Simple, neutral background works best 

Simple and neutral backgrounds are advised for effective iPhone food photography shooting. You would aim for the photo to be all about the food. Thus, you should avoid backdrops heavy on the print that overpowers the food. The goal is always to emphasize how scrumptious the food is and not on how you can spot the funkiest background. Less is always more.

Simple, neutral background works best 
“Four donuts well placed against a simple and neutral background” is a perfect example of iPhone food photographs with a keen focus on the detail.

Style and garnish your subject 

Styling and garnishing an iPhone food photography is 20% of the photo. As the food is enticing on its own, adding some complementing silverwares, organic herbs, and spices, ingredients of the dish on the side, table napkins for texture, etc. can add more feel to it. Garnishing and styling your shot can add more color and life to the food.

Styled and garnished sweet crepe with berries
“Styled and garnished sweet crepe with berries.”

Include a hangry hand in the frame 

A hand going for that first bite of a sandwich clubhouse in an iPhone food photography is another way to make your online community hungry and want to try the same thing you’re eating. The hangry hand is a teaser of not only how drool-worthy the food is but how bad you want to try it. You can’t even wait but go dive into that clubhouse before snapping the photo!

iPhone food photography - A hangry hand going for the clubhouse
A hangry hand going for the clubhouse: To get the best of the moment, you can include a hangry hand in the frame in your next iPhone food photography.

Edit to enhance not to exaggerate

There are a lot of user-friendly iPhone photo editing apps to edit your freshly snapped photo out there. Snapseed and VSCO are just two of the many. These apps can help you enhance the saturation, tone, exposure, brightness, contrast, highlights, shadows, etc. of your photo.

A photo is appreciated for what it is. Post-processing a photo doesn’t need to be complicated nor a handful. A thing to keep in mind as you edit is that you should maintain the “natural look” of the subject. You wouldn’t want a person to perceive your food photography as raw or burnt, right? 

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iCloud Account Is Hacked: I Am Not A Celebrity, Should I Worry?

With celebrity iCloud accounts being hacked, are you also feeling insecure and afraid that private data might leak out into the world?

Trust and security are a common concern in today’s world. Even as technology continues to improve and bring us greater conveniences than ever before, we see reports of hacking and data leakage on a daily basis.

While developers and security specialists are consistently striving to make the internet safer, we have even seen trust issues with blockchain systems – which is often said to be safer than a traditional database platform.

With systems being hacked frequently, the average consumer needs to take measures to make their technology more secure. Looking at security tips for Alexa and other AI systems is a good start. iCloud, the cloud storage solution by Apple, seems to be one particular platform being targeted by hackers.

The Use Of iCloud On The RiseSign in to iCloud under magnifying glass

Apple has grown into one of the world’s biggest telecommunication companies. The company not only serves as a solution for delivering high-performance mobile devices to the world, but also feature laptops, tablets, and even a new gaming system.

Taking things online, the launch of the iCloud service from Apple gave people an opportunity to store photos, videos, and even important documents on the internet. This way, they could easily access these files on any device that is connected to that iCloud account.

In just the last few years, we have seen a significant rise in the use of iCloud. In the US alone, iCloud now holds the biggest market share for cloud services among citizens, at 27%. The service has even exceeded Dropbox and Amazon’s Cloud Drive now.

 iCloud Account Hacks Among Celebrities

People are concerned about storing their photos and other important information on cloud services. We often see reports about celebrity iCloud accounts being hacked. In 2014, there was a massive outbreak in hacked iCloud accounts, with Kirsten Dunst being just one of the many figures affected during the time.

The majority of celebrity hacks tend to reveal nude photos or other sensitive data that are stolen from the cloud accounts owned by these people. Unfortunately, this can quickly ruin the reputation of that person.

Photos are not the only concern, as there are other data that are also confidential, which hackers may decide to use to their advantage.

Should The Average Joe Be Concerned If Their iCloud Account Is Hacked?

The idea of being hacked is concerning. While the reputation of a celebrity can certainly be damaged when a few nude photos are leaked onto the internet, the average person can also greatly suffer from the same type of event.

In the case of the average person, hackers are usually not after a few photographs, however. The biggest concern that comes to mind in case of the average person’s iCloud account being hacked is confidential information. This may include passwords that are used on online banking and shopping websites. Additionally, the person may also have their banking information and credit card details stored on their iCloud drive.

When this sensitive data is leaked to a hacker, they are able to take advantage of the opportunity. In turn, it could lead to significant losses on the hacked person’s side – when their credit card information is leaked, they may find unauthorized expenses on their next bill. The same goes for passwords – they may soon find their Facebook account and other profiles being infiltrated by the hacker.

The best way to make an iCloud account more secure is to choose a super-strong password that includes a larger number of characters. The combination of characters used should also be diverse. The use of two-factor authentication is also a definite advantage.

iCloud Account Hacking Can Affect Anyone

Whether a celebrity or just an average person, when an iCloud account is hacked, concern needs to be raised. We often rely on cloud storage services to keep sensitive and private data readily accessible on all our devices. When leaked to hackers, a nude photograph is not the only concern – as this could cause your passwords and even credit card information to land in the hands of thieves.

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Phone Repair Uncovered: 10 Things Only Experts Know About Phone Repair

Mobile phones are one of the most purchased and used devices all over the world. In today’s era, mobile phones have the capability of doing various things that one could imagine. At some point, our mobile phone fails to work in one aspect or the other. We either have the choice to purchase new ones or have a repair done. Majority of people tend to choose to repair since buying a new device is costly. However, when we take our phones to the technicians for repair, there are several things that only they know.

Phone Repair Uncovered: 10 Facts About Smartphone Repair Everyone Should Know

Phone Repair Secrets - 10 Things Only Experts Know About Phone Repair
Carrying a faulty phone will deprive you off most of the benefits attached to buying it in the first place. Here are 10 truths about phone repair everybody should know including steps to spot the right engineer to fix your faulty smartphone.

1. Knowledge of using all types of phones

For a technician to be able to repair any phone that is brought to him/her, they should know how different phones operate. They should know how different operating systems work.

2. Practice

What we don’t know is that, before a technician accepts to repair our phone, he/she might have training in repairing a phone with the same problem. Some spend their time repairing some dead phones just for practice. For instance, the technicians at the popular MacBook repair center based in Singapore have had enough practice in phone repair. With a team of experts smartphone technicians, you can be sure of getting your device properly fixed.

3. Internet assistance

Mobile phone repair technicians also seek help from the internet to complete their repairs. No one is perfect, and therefore, when they experience some difficulty when repairing a particular phone, they will have to seek help from the internet. Customers will not know about this because it is part of the trade secret.

4. Some problems can be fixed by ourselves

There are some mobile phone issues that when we take it to a technician, they handle them with ease since the issues are pretty simple that could have been solved all by ourselves. A technician will spend very little time on this kind of repairs.

Had it been we could do some research, we probably could have got them resolved by ourselves. But unfortunately for us, and fortunately for the technician, they’ve got to make money for helping us out!

5. Some problems are not as severe as they say

Some technicians will explain a phone problem and make you think that the problem is too harsh. They might even make you feel that the mobile phone is not going to work again. This is just a way to make you pay for the amount they need. It sometimes has nothing to do with serious repair problems.

Faulty iPhone - some problems are not as severe as they say
In most cases, not everything the technicians say concerning your device is mostly true. Sometimes, you need some level of trust for you to believe what they said.

6. They won’t do more harm than good

Taking your phone for repair to technicians like those at MacBook repair Singapore assure you that your phone will be handled with care. Most technicians value their customers, and they will do their best to repair the phones rather than returning them while in lousy shape than they came.

7. Knowledge of software and brand

Technicians who repair our phones have the skills in repairing phones with different software. Whether it is android or apple, the technician who is an expert knows how to go about the problem.

8. Detecting the exact issue

When taking a phone for repair, a technician will never proceed without knowing the exact problem. This is the reason why it is essential that we explain the issues in details.

Detecting the exact issue with the smartphone requires professional touch and your input
Detecting the exact issue with the smartphone requires a professional touch and your personal input. The details you provided will also help the technician in his final conclusion.

9. Preference of replacing to fixing

Most of the technicians will prefer replacing accessories like batteries, buttons, and screens rather than repairing them. This is to avoid further damages and blames. Fixing some problems will not solve them entirely; hence, the customer will keep coming back. This is what they try to avoid.

10. Openness to customers

Experts in phone repair will always let their customer know everything. This enables them to earn their customer’s trust. An expert can also delegate when he/she feels the problem is beyond their knowledge. Delegating shows the right profession.


When we have a problem with our phone and needs repair, we should not just take our phones to any technicians. We should take them to the ones we trust and are good at their job. Some of the technicians might have never dealt with a problem like the one your phone has, and they might not let you know that. Some of them will take the opportunity to practice on it. Choosing the best technicians ensures that our phone comes back in better condition. This, therefore, saves us the cost of buying new mobile phones.

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Understanding Why iPhone Xs Needs A Magnetic Case

Rapid acceleration to enhance consumer adoption with a consequent increase in category innovation is the driving for smartphones supporting Qi wireless charging. With a range of exceptional features such as facial recognition, OLED display, and increased performance, the iPhone Xs is a smartphone of the future. Apart from being a phone, Apple’s flagship smartphone is a style statement and an investment. Just like other prized possessions, this phone requires protection in the best way possible. This will maintain the phone’s functionality and design features.

Understanding Why iPhone Xs Needs A Magnetic Case
Spending on a features phone like iPhone X isn’t in any way a child’s play. It requires a considerable amount of money, and for this reason, there’s a need to protect the device with magnetic cases.

Protecting iPhone Xs with Magnetic Case

The best way to protect the phone is by investing in an appropriate case. With a wide range of options, making the right choice might become confusing. Some of the options include bumper cases, wallet cases, and magnetic cases. The rule of thumb is selecting one that matches the user’s personality to get a superior experience. A good idea is to opt for a case that supports wireless charging while offering ample protection to this precious possession. The case should speak volumes about one’s lifestyle without looking like a brick.

Using a Magnetic Case

The iPhone is part of the new era smartphones that support Qi wireless charging. This is technology allowing charging a smartphone over a very short distance without a cable. It is a very easy way to charge a phone and faster than regular charging using a cable. Wireless charging eliminates the need to always plug in your phone to charge and plug it out when full. Charging a phone wirelessly requires placing it on top of the wireless charging pad and wait for a little while.

The iPhone Xs is a beautiful bezel-less smartphone with an all-around glass chassis. Regardless of the need to show off this beauty, it is important to choose the best iPhones Xs magnetic case to cover it. For its premium price tag, this phone seamlessly handles a variety of applications including for adventures that require taking artistic shots of landscapes. Using this phone in all those situations is very risky not to use this phone without a cover.

Here is a catch

Apple claims to have used the durable glass to make this smartphone but you would not let it drop anyway. There is a big chance of the screen cracking and it is obvious that no one would wish to move around with a cracked phone in the back and front. Repairing an iPhone Xs after cracking comes at a cost bigger than the cost of previous models since this phone comes with multiple technologically advanced features. This emphasizes the importance of getting an appropriate case to cover this phone with a glass-covered chassis with an OLED display.

Other benefits of the magnetic case

Since wireless charging eliminates various issues associated with wired charging, investing in a magnetic case is very helpful. The magnetic case comes built to make use of wireless charging capabilities. This involves utilizing magnets for incorporating electromagnetic fields from a device. It allows making an electric current into the metal coil inside the other device. Since the iPhone Xs supports Qi wireless charging, covering it with a magnetic case allows charging this phone at home, in the car, or at work. This eliminates worry about low charge.

The key benefit of wireless charging is the capacity to support multiple devices including smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches using a similar setting. Charging your devices doesn’t require moving around with appropriate cable chargers all the time. Investing in a quality magnetic case will make charging the iPhone Xs a seamless process. With standard universal wireless charging, there’s no use to worry about moving to a new location without appropriate voltage adapters. The magnetic case will allow charging the iPhone Xs securely without exposing it to harmful elements with potential harm.

Final thoughts

It is true that the iPhone Xs has a durable design making it hardly breakable since it comes with a strengthened layer. The layer is 50 percent deeper backed by laser welded steel and copper bumper to make it the go-to smartphone today. This strengthens should be reinforced by covering the phone with an iPhone Xs case. Fortunately, the case supports the phone’s Qi wireless charging capacity making it possible to avoid low charge anytime anywhere.

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Dumb Little Creatures, an indie puzzle that revives a great 90s Classic coming next week

A fresh indie game that revives a great 90s Classic

Dumb little creatures is a fresh indie culture inspired puzzle game that revives a great 90s classic experience for the gamer, and the good news is; it’s coming to your mobile phones next week.

Providing hours of strategizing and fun, Dumb Little Creatures engages gamers with vibrant worlds by solving addicting 3D puzzles that keep the innocent creatures on the right path. By instructing the creatures to build, dig and construct objects, the player can surpass an array of sadistic moving obstacles and mayhem during the gameplay.

Dumb little creatures game will be released next week to the Android and ios market.
Dumb little creatures game will be released next week to the Android and iOS market.

The dumb little creatures game story

“We love Lemmings, which is a great game that happened many years ago, and since there, there hasn’t been other like that. We want to bring younger generations of gamers the fun of a game like that, but with a modern and fresh look, and also we want to relive the same challenging mechanics it had for people that liked that game at that time, but with our own story, version of it and vision. We hope it will be great! We want to create a really fun experience. So we wanted the visuals to look really innocent, like watching a kids cartoon, just like Peppa Pig or something like that. So we went for Low Poly and bright colors. We created unique worlds with different environments. The idea is to help this group of creatures get to the exit. So we based the idea on a classic game called Lemmings. But we gave it a fresh look and started playing with the visual style (low poly), colors (bright), views (isometric & 3d), changing the tone of the game (introducing fatalities, etc). Adding additional elements to make it even more challenging, by having blind spots and having to think in 3D. We really hope it will be fun to play!”

– Pablo González
Mismatch Studio founder

Fun filled experience

The production of the game took over a year and promises to be an incredibly fun puzzle and has set May 22 as its official release date.

Challenging Puzzles

With over 21 challenging levels and an additional 8 bonus levels, this game is designed to keep the gamer entertained for hours.

The game just will also launch for PC and Mac users and it will be available in different stores, including, of course, Steam on the same date.

If you want to download Dumb Little Creatures, visit your mobile app store to get the app or visit the official website. It is already listed by Mismatch Studio, just waiting to be downloaded by you.

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9 of the World’s Best Smartphones – Make a Bold Statement with Them

9 of the World’s Best Smartphones – Make a Bold Statement with Them

It is getting more and more difficult to come to a decision about which is the best smartphone to buy. Because of the number of new variants that are constantly flooding the market, making the right decision has become more of a daunting task. So how do you make up your mind in choosing the best smartphone?

In this article, we will look at 9 world’s best smartphones in the world right now that you can consider if you intend to make bold statement.

9 World’s Best Smartphones You Can Get This Year

Latest World's Best Smartphones You Can Get This Year
If you are going to make a bold statement in the midst of your pal this year, getting any of these world’s best smartphones will be your best decision ever.

1. iPhone XS Max/XS

iPhone XS is the most expensive phone in the history of iPhones but its features make it worth the price. The phone has high speed, clean software, long battery life and a promise of great iOS upgrades. In fact, the phone’s OLED displays are scientifically healthier for your eyes. It gives 40% faster performance than the previous models.

2. Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Note 9 can be said to be the best performing Android device in the market which is capable of maintaining the maximum performance for a longer duration without overheating. Its best features include a massive screen, excellent performance and new Bluetooth stylus.

3. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

The ‘Plus’ in Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus refers to a larger screen, bigger battery, more RAM and a second camera lens. It offers immense power and an exciting camera that is backed with a great battery life.

4. OnePlus 6

OnePlus 6 is a superb device whose price makes it one of the best value-for-money phones in the market. It compares well with iPhones and Galaxy phones. It offers top-notch performance, features  and design besides a highly competitive price.

5. Sony Xperia XZ3

This is Sony’s first OLED smartphone, representing a new era of the Sony flagship smartphones. It has some amazing features like the new design that is available in a range of new colors and improved camera capabilities. The screen display features Sony’s Bravia TV tech that beats all its competitors in the area of screen display.

6. Google Pixel 3XL

This 6.3-inch phone boasts of excellent camera quality, smooth performance and AI leveraged in a way that other phones haven’t done till now. This phone is the best fit for all those who love taking pictures due to its dual front camera with a wide-angle lens and modes like Top Shot, Super Res Zoom and Night Sight.

7. Huawei P20 Pro

A big player in the smartphone market, Huawei P20 Pro has the bragging rights for Kirin 970, a powerful 6GB RAM, 128GB of storage and a huge 4000mAh battery. Its best addition is the three-camera system which includes a 40-megapixel sensor which takes  incredible pictures.

8. Huawei Mate 20 Pro

An upgrade to other Huawei phones, Huawei Mate 20 Pro has a curved OLED display, notch with 3D face scanning sensors, a triple lens camera system with three focal lengths and an in-display fingerprint sensor.

While a few smartphones may share some features, they also have some great differentiating factors. Make a decision based on your requirements and budget. Whichever phone you choose, you can be assured of some amazing features. And the best part of it is that, there is something for everyone!