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It’s Time to Prepare for 2017: Party Hats, Kazoos and Brand New SEO Strategies

Come 2017 and we will see quite a few new trends in SEO that will dominate the web. SEO may not be a gamble, but it definitely is a game. You need to play by the rules to score against your competitor websites. Now, only if the rules were written on stone! The algorithms for Google search engine are changing during every waking moment, and so are their preferences. SEO is alive and breathing, and so should be your SEO strategies.

2017 is going to be epic as far as SEO is concerned. We can predict a number of changes and trends that will dominate the web. Here are what what experts are saying about Seo Strategies but instead, utilize the card you’ve been dealt and take actionable steps immediately. There are lots of search engine optimization strategies flying all over the web. Many of them aren’t as effective as they were few months back. Staying afloat of newer trends in SEO is what is expected of you to maximally dominate the search phrases.

Applying the New SEO Strategies for 2017 the Right Way That’d Give You Grand Results.

New SEO Strategies for 2017

New SEO Strategies: Looking to make a huge difference with your online business website, here we cover the best SEO strategies from experts in the industry that guarantees huge ROI.

#1 The dawn of the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMPs is an open source project that envisions a future where publishers are able to create mobile friendly content and upload it to all platforms at one go. AMP HTML aims at creating mobile optimized data beyond basic HTML. Inclusion of a few lines of codes to your basic HTML core code can help your website load up to four times faster. Google has been recently showing marked preference for websites using AMP. Using AMP HTML will boost your sites to a higher rank in the SERPs. Do not forget the special carousel Google has created for the AMP sites only. This will give your site a chance to be displayed on top of the SERPs every time.

#2 Say goodbye to “fluff”

There was a time when netigens ate up bite sized content, divided in a million little pieces and scattered all over the page. No one called out repetition as long as the page or blog looked pretty. As a matter of fact, dense content without a lot of fragmentation and fluff was considered boring. But the tables are turning and it looks like 2017 will be a welcome change for quality content. Get ready to welcome “epic” content once again that does not give two hoots about the length as long as the quality is consistent. And at the same time, the market will be flooded with bold small pieces of writing that will cover as much information as possible without stuffing in keywords. This new trend of “dense content” will save us a lot of time indeed.

#3 Welcome the era of new-age machine learning

We think a massive update from Google is coming in 2017, and all SEO experts should brace themselves for the impact. You could say Google Hummingbird is trying to become more “human” with the phasing and rephrasing of conventional queries. In reality, Hummingbird is emphasizing on algorithmic machine learning that can update the algorithm automatically. Take for example, Google RankBrain, which was released a few months ago, emphasized greatly on algorithmic machine learning.

#4 The line between UEO and SEO will not be as defined anymore

A very important purpose of SEO was to uplift the entire user experience. Even Google has shown biasness towards sites that are optimized for mobile devices. If your site is quick to load, easy to navigate, and has a lot of good quality backlinks, you will be Hummingbird’s favorite. But as 2017 is approaching, we are not so sure that UEO (user experience optimization) and SEO will be seen as separate entities. AMPs are the first signs of a revolution that can blur the line within a next few months.

#5 A time for more sophisticated personal digital assistants

Siri and Cortana have become household names in 2016. With their own quirks, funny answers and nifty searches, they have secured a place in our digital spheres. 2017 will bring about a milieu of new and more sophisticated personal assistants (like Amazon’s Alexa) that will increase the horizon of verbal and conversational queries. This will greatly affect SEO with a humongous change in the basic principles of ranking and SERPs. Rumors are, Siri and Cortana will become more invasive and will have a good idea of your digital preferences. This will help you get more objective search results in a much shorter time.

#6 It’s going to be a good time for the apps

Over the years, apps have been served with a mélange of SEO options that have helped them in indexing and deep linking of content within. Now we are thinking 2017 will be a golden year for mobile applications. We may see a year of overt app favoritism without any alienation of core functions. This could get alarm bells ringing for website owners, although we do not think it is possible to replace websites with apps entirely just yet. This is just the rise of another trend and all website owners still have plenty of time to catch the drift.

#7 Will SEO have a secret weapon

According to many experts, personal branding may become the secret weapon of SEO. Personal brands in combination with SEO will ensure that you have an easier time securing posts, user trust and get more traffic directed towards your website within a short period of time. A very recent trend on Facebook has shown that social media platforms are favoring individual posts over brand promotions. 2017 may just become the golden era for personal branding and this will definitely open more doors for healthy competition. So we say, saddle up and sharpen your weapons for the coming year.


We cannot call Google and its updates whimsical, but at the same time, we cannot call them predictable! So we took our time in understanding the trends of Google over the last few years and chalked up a prediction in SEO strategies and preferences for the coming year. We will suggest you not to don your overalls just yet, wait till the end of the year to see how the new AMP sites and apps perform. Make the change gradual, take more time in observing the new changes and definitely research on how the sites who have adapted the new trends are doing before making any changes to your website.

James Swift is an SEO-guru who has a knack for predicting online marketing trends. Having over 10 years of experience in digital marketing and SEO options makes him an oracle of online consulting.

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