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Blockchain And Cryptocurrency: Here Are The Basics You Need To Know

In a world where public and private ways of living are two options, you have to choose from, blockchain technology comes in handy in balancing the equation. Blockchain technology is one of the hottest trends in the world today, especially with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) being implemented recently. 

The crypto industry is seamlessly growing in value and importance, and there are currently about 2.5 million products from reputable merchants across the globe that can be bought with the use of bitcoin today.

Blockchain technology is a form of digitalized, de-centralized public record of all cryptocurrency transactions. Blockchain was designed to record, not just financial-related transactions, but virtually everything of value.

Public and Private Keys Management: Blockchain Technology And Cryptocurrency Basics - Here Are The Basics You Need To Know
Managing your public and private keys is one of the best ways to keep your blockchain wallet secure always.

Several business sectors, companies in healthcare, financial services, agriculture, as well as other entrepreneurs and solopreneurs are rushing to adopt the blockchain technology and secure their financial transactions to provide a clear record book among individuals with the digital coin’s technology, “cryptocurrency.” Meanwhile, many of these businesses are doing so basically because of the fear of being left behind (FOMO), without having crystal understanding about the basics of blockchain technology and how it should be applied to optimize their business performances.

Bitcoin is a form of digital currency that is often compared to a combination of electronic money and gold. It only exists online and can significantly change the methods of using cash. It is a scientific alternative to money and source of value exchange and has become a popular form of batter in just a few years. You can use this string of virtual coins to sell or buy products, and even like cash. However, they are only present digitally that does not require an administration or bank to run. Well, as a form of virtual money, they are locked with codes, and highly encrypted, so people using Bitcoins for trading or buying and selling purposes are hard to get ascertained.

Now, let’s go in-depth about what this widely-used blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are and the complete breakdown of it.

What is Bitcoin?

As a form of cryptocurrency, it was first introduced in January 2009, that excludes the requirement of mediocre, like banks or administration to make transactions. It was developed by Satoshi Nakamoto, probably a pseudonym of a Japanese citizen. The case of interest is that the identity of the developer of this highly used digital money is still not revealed. Being a decentralized form, it is based on peer-to-peer technology, and only needs individuals to run. 

There is no physical evidence of this cryptocurrency. The balance is secured and verified by computing power and produced, kept, transacted by using a decentralized ledger method named blockchain.


A protected and highly encrypted scientific algorithm is used to provide the security of the extensive public and private keys that store the Bitcoin tokens.  

The public and private keys, quite similar to a bank account number, are used for the transaction of currencies. The public address is a combination of letters and numbers, and visible to others, with whom you are supposed to run trades with. Anyone who knows this address can send you money. The private address is like your ATM pin that is to be used to approve transactions.  

Also, the two-factor authentication, adds another layer of security to your account. It’s more secure because it requires two sources of verification. 

Where to Get Bitcoin?

You can buy these virtual coins by exchanging money or get them from your fellows, and online. The best thing is, you can even create them! If you run a business, you can ask for such cryptocurrency in exchange for your product. When you use your real cash to purchase them, you have to relate a bank account number under your name to a third party website. So you cannot keep your identity hidden in such a process. However, your number or money disposition can also be a way of purchasing this digital money.

Now, you may be thinking of how new coins get generated. Well, it is based on a process called mining, an automatic process run by servers. The authority that regulates the computing system and active in the generation system is called ‘miners,’ and they get paid for their work in the form of Satoshis. Besides, if you are new in crypto-trading, you can visit to get comprehensive crypto guidelines, crypto vibes, as well as review overview of immediate edge. 

Through mining, this cryptocurrency gets distributed and requires the solution of a mathematical riddle to open a new block that eventually gets added to the blockchain process.

Through mining, this cryptocurrency gets distributed and requires the solution of a mathematical riddle to open a new block that eventually gets added to the blockchain process. As a matter of fact, for a ten-minute block, approximately 25 coins get produced. However, the generation process depends on how long the network is kept running. It becomes harder for miners to generate new coins with an increasing amount of blocks and demands highly persuasive and equipped computing systems. Previously, it was possible to mine cryptocurrency with a typical computer. But with the rising level of difficulty, as a miner, you need costly and compact hardware systems and superior processing units.

Why Do People Want Bitcoins?

The best part is, this system of the transaction is not regulated by the government or central banks. It sometimes holds the focus of some people. If you want, you can keep your name secret while spending your currencies. No need to fear here as all the activities are getting registered and no one is able to know your account number unless you tell them – this settles the public and private debate I think. 

How to Use Bitcoins?

After being rewarded, you need to stock the funds. For this, you require an online wallet or a third-party site. When you have your wallet, you become a member of the Bitcoin system and can use it for various uses. If you want to send them to other users or buy something online, you need the ID of him/her to make transactions. It may be approved instantly or even take an hour as it needs to be verified by the miners around the world.

How to Protect Your Bitcoins?

You obviously do not want to lose your coins. So keep them guarded, and for general use, only keep a little sum in your PC, mobile or server.

  • Do not forget to backup the wallet public and private key, and keep the associated phone secured with a strong password. The same thing goes for your wallet.
  • You can keep your funds in an offline wallet that is not connected with your current wallet.
  • Do not forget to update the software you are using.

Is Using Bitcoin Safe?

As every action is getting recorded publicly, nobody can copy these digital coins, duplicate or use them without letting the actual owner know. However, you may sometimes misplace your online wallet, or reserves or even remove them. They can even get stolen from the sites, and so you need to ensure its security by saving your private keys.

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Nice article Daniel, thanks. It’s really interesting to see the swell in adoption of bitcoin recently.
A few months ago, I spoke with a company about how they’re trying to make bitcoin easier for people to get into and use. This might be nice ‘further reading’ for your readers.

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for Sharing Such a good article, I really like it, Would love to read more like this, this is so informative one about cryptocurrency and blockchain.

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