6 Presentation Tools to Win Over Your Audience

The creative industry is booming massively, thanks to creative online presentation tools that make it easy for business owners to create marketing and presentation materials on the go. Currently, PowerPoint is the most widely used presentation tool. However, a common problem with this tool is a conspicuous lack of interactive features that can win your audience over. If you wish to overcome the shortcomings of PowerPoint and create a presentation that commands the attention of your audience with its brilliance in interactive design, read further for our picks of the top six most effective presentation maker tools. 

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  1. Prezi
  2. Visme
  3. Emaze
  4. Canva
  5. Piktochart  
  6. Genial.ly

6 Best Online Presentation Tools for Cutting Edge Creative Professionals

As online presentation tools are concerned, Microsoft PowerPoint lags behind in the pecking order for digital presentation tools to turn to. In this article, we are going to be itemizing the best interactive and cool presentation tools that can get the job done.

As online presentation tools are concerned, PowerPoint lags behind in the pecking order for visual presentation tools. Here are the ones we recommend.

1. Prezi

The distinctive feature of Prezi lies in its strong analytics. Not only does it offer templates that appeal most to viewers, but it also lets you track your performance by showing the analytics of the viewers. You can find out what impressed them the most about your presentation helping you improve your presentation execution. The tool also allows you remote controlled access to your presentation from your mobile. 

Add-on features like video insertion, adding presenter notes, unlimited presentation creation, sharing presentations both online and offline, and virtual training needed to make better presentations make Prezi a powerful presentation tool.

Prezi offers a basic free plan as well as paid plans. The expected difference between the two is that paid plans come with access to Prezi’s most sought-after features, while the basic plan limits you to online access and a selected few features. 

Pricing – Basic Plan at no cost; $5 to $59 for paid monthly plans.

Presentation Tools - Prezi let's you make an instant impact with designer templates
Prezi lets you create an instant impact with designer templates, unlimited number of reusable presentations. With its own PowerPoint-to-Prezi converter, you can easily convert your powerpoint files to Prezi format with ease.

2. Visme  

Visme is not too different from Prezi and is an excellent alternative online presentation maker tool. If you desire to create presentations that flow like a story well told, Visme has everything you need to meet this goal. Like Prezi, you can add audio-visual features to your presentation with Visme, and the tool allows you to share your presentation on social media or embed it into any other website. 

Sharing your presentation created on Visme comes with both online and offline accessibility. Download as a PDF and share with as many people as you want, or share online offering access via password protection

Like Prezi, Visme has both paid and free user access plans. However, premium users have access to even more features of Visme; as compared to free access use, which is, in fact, a time-bound trial version of this popular presentation tool.  

Pricing – Free Trial Version, $10 to $60 for Monthly Plans.

With VISME, you can create engaging presentations, documents, top-notch infographics, and visually attractive contents online
With VISME online presentation tool, you can create engaging presentations, beautiful documents, attractive social graphics, infographics, and other visually attractive contents online.

3. Emaze 

Among the most sought-after presentation maker tools, Emaze is a 100% cloud-based platform that allows you access from anywhere, and from any digital device. Emaze comes with the option to embed live social media feeds, GIFs, and audio-visual content. 

There is no shortage of video backgrounds and templates on this platform, and it’s most advantageous and highly interactive features include pan, zoom, and smooth transitions application to your content. You can surely benefit from the use of 3D and 4D slides to edit and review your presentation on any digital device and share online in any country by taking advantage of the automated language translation feature. When needed, your presentations are also accessible offline in downloadable PDF format

The Emaze free plan allows you to import one PowerPoint document, create and share with up to five projects, and only offers audience analytics insights for one month. The paid plans come with many more unlimited access features. 

Pricing – Free Basic Plan, $12.5 to $39 Monthly Plans.

EMAZE let's you create all types of presentation contents with ease
EMAZE let’s you create all types of presentation contents with ease. It is one of the best presentation tools that stands as Powerpoint alternatives.

4. Canva

Compared to the other presentation creation tools on this list, Canva comes with limited features and is best described as a drag and drop tool. Canva is the tool for you if you are on a quest for hundreds of presentation layouts to choose from, various fonts, colors, and over a million stock photos. Drag and drop and add any of the above to your presentation to give it that extra edge over the regular PowerPoint project. 

Furthermore, Canva allows easy edits to your presentation at any time, using a variety of filters and texts. You can choose to share your presentation on social media or do the same on your Canva account

The free Canva plan comes with limited storage, access to stock photos, templates, and design types. On the other hand, a paid monthly plan has so more to offer including unlimited storage, and Canva’s inexhaustible library of stock photos, fonts, filters, and more. Paid Canva access also allows you the use of brand controls to supervise and control what your presentation team members can access and work on using your Canva account. 

Of all the Powerpoint alternative online presentation tools in this article, Canva is my favorite. I use it every blessed day to create, edit, and retouch multimedia content. In fact, it is the official design tool that the entire TechAtLast team relies on for minimalistic designs.

Pricing – Free Basic Plan, $12.95 Monthly Plan.

Design and publish creatives with Canva online presentation and design studio
Design and publish creatives with Canva presentation studio. It is the leading free presentation tool available on the internet as at today.

5. Piktochart

Piktochart is a winner for more reasons than one. This presentation execution tool is ideal for creating infographics, which can then be presented as slides. Import data from SurveyMonkey or Google Docs to add to your presentation, and use Piktochart’s library of 600+ templates, industry-specific icons, and stock photos.  

Like most of our picks, Piktochart allows for easy sharing of presentations, online or offline. Download your project in several formats, including PDF, JPG, and PNG.  

Piktochart allows free and paid access. This tool’s free access is limited in terms of access to stock photos, storage, image uploads, and color schemes. At the same time, paid plans give you greater access and password-protection for published visuals, among other benefits.  

Pricing – Free Basic Plan, $15 to $29 Monthly Plan.

Piktochart is your best presentation tool
If you trying to create an easy-to-use and interactive presentation files, Piktochart is your best online presentation tool you can lean on.

6. Genial.ly

Import content from YouTube, Spotify, Google Maps, or Amazon to make your presentation an audio-visual treat, with the help of Genial.ly. Moreover, Genial.ly allows you the creative liberty to add animation and interactive graphics to your presentation. 

Like the other presentation maker tools on this list, Genial.ly has an amazing library of stock photos and premium templates and allows you to share content via email, on social media, or even on WhatsApp. Genial.ly comes with presentation Analytics and allows for embedding content into your website. 

Free Genial.ly access is pretty basic, but you have access to all of Genial.ly’s features and benefits with paid access. 

Pricing – Free Basic Plan, $11.52 to $115.82 Monthly Plan.

Presentation Tools - Genially
If you want to create something that matters, Genially is what you should turn to. You can create stunning presentations, videos, infographics, and many others within seconds.


With knowledge of the online presentation tools available, the choice is yours to pick the best tool and ace that presentation! Have you used any of these online presentation maker tools? Have they been able to meet your objectives and created the desired impact on your audience? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. I use canva for my online presentation, both video and other visuals. But the features of Prezi and Visme that I have seen above, I am thinking of giving these two new presentation tools a trial.

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  3. Canva is my favourite tool website its help me to create projects thanks to you shearing this post

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