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7 Technologies of The Automotive Industry That Are Taking The World By Storm

Do you know the latest technologies of the automotive industry that are taking the motoring world by storm?

The recent technological advancements have taken every industry in its fold. From healthcare and finance to automotive and computing, it has impacted every industry in its wake.

New technologies have slowly made inroads into the automotive industry resulting in smarter and safer cars. Consequently, our rides have become more efficient, secure and enjoyable. In this article, we present seven latest technologies that have been revolutionizing the automotive industry. Each of these automotive industry technologies has transformed the auto industry in its own way and can no longer be ignored.

7 Recent Automotive Industry Technologies Clearing The Way for The Future

Automotive Industry Technologies to look out for in the next coming years.
Automotive Industry Technologies to look out for in the next coming years.

1. Electric cars

Much has been said and written about electric cars which are no more a vision but a reality. Auto manufacturers are increasingly focusing on this technology as more and more people have started showing interest in electric cars. The sales of electric vehicles rose by 54 percent in 2017 which suggests brighter economic prospects for the sale of electric cars in the future. Major companies like Tesla, Hyundai, Toyota, Nissan, and Kia have already launched their hybrid and electric cars and are constantly working at improving this automotive industry technology. Most of these brands have introduced EVs within affordable ranges which is why more and more people have started taking an interest in them.

The latest improvements in the Lithium-ion batteries now enable these cars to travel for hundreds of miles per single battery charge. The advancements in the tech features have also attracted a significant number of people to own these eco-friendly vehicles.

On today’s road, Tesla electric cars are everywhere displaying the aura of creativity of the automotive industry, but only few people could have expected it; that tells a lot about the future of automotive industry come 2020 and moving forward.

Automotive Industry Technologies brings about TESLA Electric cars
Automotive industry technologies makes Tesla electric cars possible and there are many other innovative solutions that would be made possible in the nearer future. This is just the beginning!

2. Self-driving cars

This has been the hottest trend in the industry for a while now, and almost all major brands have entered this race. Several companies have been testing their self-driving technology with Google’s autonomous car technology, Waymo, leading the race. Waymo has put their technology to severe tests across multiple locations in real-world conditions and has successfully driven more than 10 million miles so far. They have started accepting applications for the early rider program – a public trial of Waymon’s self-driving vehicles which will soon hit off. Most of the companies have already launched the semi-autonomous vehicles and the evolution towards the fully autonomous car is not far from becoming a reality. This technology will help reduce all the accidents caused by human negligence and will allow humans to be more productive on their commute.

Google Self Driving car - Driver-less car
Google is at it again by testing its self-driving car! The self driving car is such an innovation.

3. Active Window displays

Many brands are working on this technology which will enable the drivers and passengers see information about objects outside their cars on their window screens. The head-up display technology is incorporated in some BMW cars which display basic information. Toyota is also working on its Human-Machine Interface (HMI) in partnership with Intel and Microsoft which will make this technology a reality sooner than expected. Imagine a windscreen which provides you information about the speed of the car, the navigation details or even displays incoming calls without you looking down at your smartphone. This technology will add many functionalities to the cars and is worth the investment it is getting.

Active Window Displays Technology
Active window displays technology lets you view important information right from your windscreen without having to lose track of the road.

4. V-to-V and V-to-X communication

Vehicle to Vehicle (V-to-V) communication and Vehicle to everything (V-to-X) communication will enable our cars to talk to each other and the surroundings. Cars will be able to share vital information like location, speed, and direction of the vehicle by interacting with other and the outside objects like posts and street signs using wireless signals. Many automotive companies are working on this technology in an attempt to reduce accidents. Ford is already testing its V-to-V communication technology, and we might be able to see it on the roads soon.

5. Enhanced Gesture Control

This technology is not entirely new as we already have cars with Multi Media Interface (MMI) installed in them. This feature allows the driver to enter characters using a touchpad and dictate to the car and the associated apps to do a particular task. It can be used to dial a number, enter an address for navigation purposes or play a song by simply moving your finger over the touchpad. The technology makes driving easier and more enjoyable.

Enhanced Gesture Control Technology
Enhanced Gesture Control Technology

6. Intuitive safety features

So far, we have witnessed features that keep those inside the car safe in case of an accident. But how about a technology that prevents your car accident from happening in the first place. To achieve this, automakers came up with a “pre-safe” system which is an improvement on the active safety measures of a vehicle.

Scenario: “A car in front of you suddenly stops, and a potential impact is inevitable. We want your car to sense the danger and automatically apply the brake pedal. The system overrides your decision and brings the car to a halt without you applying the brakes.”

Auto companies like Mercedes even went one step further and are working on airbags that will increase the stopping power by twice. This technology will help prevent an accident or at least mitigate the effects of a collision.

Intuitive safety features to prevent accidents
Intuitive safety features to prevent accidents by default. It will override human control and instructions in order to avert accidents. It is another great innovation that is already introduced to the automotive industry technologies that will shake the world in coming months.

7. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Cars are no more used solely as a means of transportation from one point to another. The automobile manufacturers are shifting their focus towards artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) and rightly understand the important role of these breakthrough technologies in the future of the automotive industry. The auto manufacturers have joined hands with some of the best minds in the tech industry to devise powerful algorithms that will create highly autonomous systems and ease the entire driving experience. Automakers are investing in technology to make vehicles smart and intelligent devices that will understand driver’s preferences, connect to smartphones and take voice commands, set up the infotainment system and even take decisions without human interaction. Artificial Intelligence will also lead to predictive vehicle technology which will inform the owner whether or not the vehicle needs service from a mechanic. The technology will be able to estimate car’s performance, set up appointments in real time and inform users of any measures based on car’s mileage, condition and other relevant factors which are also used in the valuation of cars.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
Artificial intelligence alone has disrupted the automotive industry for months. And the addition of machine learning abilities further spices the features car owners could make use of in coming months. It feels great to be alive in this age! 🙂


The afore-mentioned automotive industry technologies may not be implemented in today’s cars in their entirety, but the pace at which the automotive industry is making strides in these technologies suggests that these features will soon become commonplace in cars of everyday use.

Do you know any other automotive industry technologies that are taking, or could take, the world by storm come 2020 that we might have failed to mention? Let’s discuss them, kindly share them with us in the comment section.

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