5 Mobile Apps to Keep You Entertained During Your Downtime

If you’ve ever found yourself with an ample amount of downtime and no way to fight off the boredom, it might be time to update the apps on your phone. With so many amazing apps just waiting to be downloaded and your phone likely glued to your side at all times, you owe it to yourself to stay entertained with these apps. 


Audible App keeps you entertained

Book lovers will rejoice knowing that there’s a way for them to listen to all their favorite books without needing to pack around the actual book. Audible gives listeners access to thousands of book options for low prices, allowing for hours and hours of storytelling.


Amazon digital stores

Sometimes it’s fun to just browse through your wishlist and pick out things you definitely don’t need but would love to fill your house with. Look through clothes, books, games, decor, utensils, or just about anything else you could possibly think of. Buy something for yourself, get a present for another, or just add things to your list that you know you’ll never actually buy. It’s all fun!

Mobile Games

Got any games on your phone? Well, you should. There are tons of different mobile games, many of which are free to download, which provide hours of entertainment. Typically these kinds of games are easy to jump in and out of, and for some games, you can even join other friends online. 

Social Media Apps

What’s the rest of the world up to while you’re sitting on the couch with lots of downtime? Check your social media apps and find out! Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and Youtube; each of these apps are great ways to connect with the rest of humanity to see what’s going on. There’s also plenty of humor and intriguing topics floating around as well, not to mention all those cat videos. 


Netflix online streaming

Having Netflix on your phone is the perfect way to pass the time and catch up on your current show. With this app, you’ll have thousands of hours of entertainment just inside your pocket. But you don’t have to stop with Netflix. You can download the mobile app versions of Hulu, HBO Max, Disney+, Amazon Prime, or just about any other streaming service.

Are You Not Entertained?

These are some of the most popular mobile apps that people continue to download each and every day. You can use them to stay entertained on your lunch break, in the waiting room of a health facility like Northwest Surgery Center, or even just going to the bathroom. Just download and enjoy!


3 Pieces of Tech Designed to Keep You Entertained at Home

Staying entertained can be difficult when you’re stuck at home, regardless of why. Maybe you’ve got a medical condition that requires you to stay off your feet, like bunion or gout. Maybe it’s a dark, cold, winter day and you need something to keep you busy inside. Or maybe you just got back from work and are too tired to do anything resembling effort. Whatever the reason might be, these innovative pieces of technology are great for keeping you entertained while you’re home.

Smart TV

Smart TV

If you don’t have a smart TV yet, you’re doing yourself a disservice, especially if you’re a television enthusiast. Instead of messing with several gadgets just to watch your favorite streaming service, all you need is your remote. This makes it easy to boot up and dive into Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Paramount+, YoutubeTV, or any other streaming service you might possibly use. You’ll have access to thousands upon thousands of different shows and movies, all at the touch of a button. As long as you don’t mind sitting for long periods of time, you’ve got a limitless source of entertainment.

Gaming console

Gaming Console

Do you need to do more than simply sit and watch a screen? Want to get a bit more involved, hands-on? Why not try playing some video games? It can be hard to get into gaming if you’ve never really tried it before, but if you can find a game you’re interested in and become familiar with a controller, you might just open a door of endless possibilities. There are a ton of genres, like survival horror, adventure, building, shooters, RPGs, platformers, and many more. Play to enjoy an engaging story and world, hang out with your friends, or let off some steam. If you give it a try, you’ll find a game that’s perfect for you.



Reading is a great way to take a break from flashy events on the TV and move through a story at your own pace. However, if you’re a frequent reader, you’ve likely gone through your entire bookshelf—maybe even more than once. With a Kindle or other E-Reader, you’ll be able to download virtually any book you want without the hassle of ordering it through an online store or visiting the bookshop in person. It’s quick, it’s easy, and it’s affordable. Plus, you’ll save room on your shelf if you just want to test a new series out without buying a copy.

Are You Not Entertained?

If you need a way to stay busy and entertained within your home, you’ve got three solid options at your disposal. Even if you don’t think you would be enticed with one or another, give them a shot and see what happens. You never know, you might just find a new hobby in doing so. As long as you’ve got these handy pieces of technology within your home, there’s no way you could be bored.

Games P.C.

Is a 1440p 144Hz Gaming Monitor Worth the Purchase?

Gaming monitors come in all shapes, sizes, and resolutions and different gamers lean towards distinct types of screens. What it boils down to is personal preference and the type of gaming that you like to do. This guide takes a look at whether or not a 1440p 144Hz gaming monitor is really worth the money, or whether you should go an alternate route.

1440p 144Hz Gaming Monitor: Main Benefits

Gaming monitors come in all different shapes, sizes, resolutions, and distinct types of screens. Let’s take a look at 1440p 144Hz gaming monitor.

The main benefits of this type of monitor are as follows.

  • The breath-taking visuals. If you are making the switch from a 1080p to a 1440p, you will notice the difference instantaneously. The graphics are clearer, sharper, and just fine-tuned to near perfection. It will be like looking at a classic art masterpiece. If you were to revert back to a lesser screen once you have trialed the 1440p, your eyes would just not be as satisfied.
  • Faster response rate. A faster response rate means that you won’t miss a thing while you’re gaming. On screens with a lower refresh rate, there is too much opportunity for you to miss things while you’re looking elsewhere or while the frame is refreshing. This causes lost images and a microscopic delay that you wouldn’t notice until you’ve made the switch to a 1440p monitor. It can affect your game, so in that sense, a 1440p is definitely worth the money.
  • Less lag all around. Don’t forget, these are a real step up from the more common 60 and 120 versions. Faster response and frame rates eliminate the chance that you will ever miss anything in the game because everything is updating in real-time with clearer rendering. This all but does away with lag potential and glitching too.

Hz & P: Overview

Hz is the refresh rate and P is the pixel resolution. So, why are they important in gaming?

Well, as we saw above, refresh rate is a responsive aspect of gaming that you need your monitor to keep up with. If you don’t have very good refresh rates (aka Hz) then your game just won’t be up to speed, you will miss key details, and you won’t be able to keep up to the best of your ability. A faster response rate eliminates all of these problems. P refers to the pixels and resolution and technically stands for progressive scanning. This is a reference to how many times the image refreshes per second which adds to the overall clarity of the display. With that in mind, you can see why 1440p would be a desirable feature for gamers, especially the more serious ones.

Finding a GPU to Match

Another consideration you have to factor in when getting this type of monitor is that your GPU has to be up to the challenge. These screens are crisp, they are precise, they are fast, and they need a graphics card system that can keep up with all these criteria. If it can’t, your game will always be in deficit as your monitor will just overpower and overshadow the GPU, and therefore you won’t get what you want in terms of refresh rate, visuals, and response time. So, this might be an additional cost aside from the monitor. A 1440p 144hz Gaming Monitor will need at least a GTX 1070 capable GPU with at least 16GB RAM, preferably more.

An Elite Gaming Setup

This type of monitor can really take your gaming arena to new heights. You will get such a good vibe from your setup that it will be hard to take yourself away from it. If your gaming goal is to immerse yourself in the experience and really give your all to a game, then this is probably the right step for you to take. If you are less of a serious gamer and are just doing it for the fun of it, then you probably don’t need this kind of serious and substantial screen in your kit repertoire.

These kinds of monitors are really elite. They have exceptional quality and can really bring a game to life in a way that other types of monitors, with lower specs, just fall short on. That being said, they are only worth the money if you have all of the other hardware that can match the energy.

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4 Home Tech Innovations You Should Consider Getting Now

Your home is your castle, and naturally, you want your castle to be as convenient as possible. There are plenty of modern home tech innovations for your home that can turn your castle into an advanced fortress of security and convenience. Here are a few modern tech innovations you should consider for your own home.

Top 4 Home Tech Innovations For Your Home

4 Home Tech Innovations You Should Consider Getting Now

Heated Floors

Nobody likes getting up in the morning and walking onto the cold bathroom floor with bare feet—especially in the winter. With radiant heating installed on your floor, you’ll be able to step into the bathroom and be greeted with warm floors whenever you wake up or step out of the shower. Sure, they cost a bit more than standard flooring, but the benefits are extremely convenient, plus they will raise your home’s property value in the process.

Also, similar technology can also be used on your driveway to quickly and effortlessly melt any snow or ice away during the winter. This can come in handy if you don’t want to be burdened with the task of clearing the driveway or can’t due to age, a disability, or have recently been out of commission because of an injury or surgery, like the kind offered at Northwest Surgery Center.

Smart Doorbell Camera

Smart doorbell technology is definitely worth the cost. With the ability to know exactly who is at your door or who has been at your door, you’ll be able to stay safe and ensure that any packages you order are secure and accounted for. They’ve become much easier to install over the years, and if you live in the city or a spot where package theft is a problem, you definitely need to install a doorbell camera.

Smart Thermostat

If you’re tired of needing to adjust the thermostat during those in-between months where you’re not quite sure if you’re hot or cold or are just tired of wasting AC and heat, getting a smart thermostat might be a good option for you. These thermostats adjust to your specific needs depending on the time of day based on when parts of the house are actually occupied. This reduces the cost of using heating and cooling throughout the year and cuts your bill tremendously.

Home Security System

Want your home to be as safe as possible? Installing a home security system is the best defense against home invasions, robberies, and other unwanted intrusions. These systems can be controlled and monitored via your smartphone, and once they’ve been triggered you will get notified. If it triggers when you’re home, an alarm will immediately go off and hopefully scare away the intruder. This also sends out an automatic signal to the authorities if not deactivated within approximately thirty seconds to a minute. It’s the quickest way to ensure that you, your family, and your home are protected from break-ins.

The Best of Modern Homes

These innovative home technologies are each convenient in their own ways, whether it’s something as trivial as having warm floors for your bathroom or as vital as protecting your home from intruders. Interested? Consider getting these handy features for your home!

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Application Security Testing Methods and How They Differ: SAST, DAST, and IAST

Application security testing (AST) can be of different kinds, and knowing which one to use may be difficult. In this blog post, we will discuss the three most common types of application security testing: static application security testing (SAST), dynamic application security testing (DAST), and interactive application security testing (IAST). We will explain the differences between these three types of testing, their pros, and cons, and help you decide which type is best for your needs.

Types of Application Security Testing Methods

Application Security Testing Methods and How They Differ SAST, DAST, and IAST
Application security testing (AST) can be of different kinds, and knowing which one to use may be difficult between SAST, DAST, and IAST.


This is a type of application security testing that analyzes source code for potential vulnerabilities. SAST tools examine the code itself, rather than how the code is executed. This makes SAST an ideal choice for applications that are in development or have not yet been released to the public. Static analysis can identify issues such as coding errors and insecure configurations, but it cannot detect issues that occur during runtime.

SAST Pros:

  • SAST tools can help you find flaws in your code as and when you’re working on it
  • Many SAST tools allow integrations with most coding platforms such as GitHub, Eclipse, etc.
  • It is more accurate and reports fewer false positives

SAST Cons:

  • Since it does not test applications during runtime, it can miss critical vulnerabilities
  • Doesn’t look for flaws after deployment


This is a type of application security testing that tests an application while it is running. DAST tools use automated scanners or manual testers to simulate attacks on the live application. This allows DAST to find vulnerabilities that may only be exploitable when the application is running. However, since dynamic application security testing (DAST) does not have access to the source code, it cannot identify issues that occur during compile time.

DAST Pros:

  • DAST can find vulnerabilities that only occur during runtime
  • It can test applications that are already deployed
  • It’s effective in finding high-level vulnerabilities

DAST Cons:

  • Can take up more time
  • May cause the application to crash during testing
  • Not as accurate as SAST as it may report quite a few false positives.
  • Since DAST tools do not have access to the source code, they cannot identify issues that occur during compile time.
  • It’s more challenging to employ on apps that need a lot of user input as it can be difficult to automate


This type of application security testing is much like DAST as it is performed on applications that are running. However, it goes a step further and “interacts” with the application while testing. This can include fuzzing, injecting code into the application, testing with different inputs, etc. IAST tends to be more accurate than DAST, as it detects flaws based on the application’s response to the inputs given. It’s also just as good as DAST in detecting issues that occur during runtime.

IAST Pros:

  • IAST is more accurate than DAST, as it detects flaws based on the application’s response to the inputs given.
  • It can detect issues that occur during runtime
  • IAST is just as good as DAST in detecting issues that occur during runtime

IAST Cons:

  • Can be more difficult to set up
  • Takes more time than SAST or DAST
  • May require more technical expertise than SAST or DAST


In short, SAST tests an application’s source code while DAST tests an application while it is running/in its live environment. IAST tests applications by interacting with them with various inputs and analyzing the application’s response to them.

So, what’s the best type of Application Security Testing (AST) for your needs?

The answer to that depends on what type of application you’re testing, how much of it has been developed, and the goal of the test.

  • If you’re looking for a way to find coding errors and insecure configurations in your code, SAST is the best option for you.
  • If you’re looking for a way to find vulnerabilities that occur during runtime, DAST is the best option.
  • And if you’re looking for a more accurate and in-depth assessment of your application’s security, IAST is the best option.

However, keep in mind that no single type of application security testing can provide a complete view of an application’s security posture.


Application security testing is vital and crucial for ensuring safe and secure applications are put out in the world.

As a matter of fact, there are other two application testing methods that we omitted but are open to discussing in the future; Software Composition Analysis (SCA) which acts differently from the others, it monitors open-source, third-party libraries, for vulnerabilities in all types of mobile or web applications, and Penetration Testing (pen test) is the reliant on human agent to assess the application’s architecture, components, and code libraries by simulating an attack.

SAST, DAST, and IAST are three different types of application security testing methods with their own strengths and weaknesses. Choose the right type of AST for your needs or use all three in conjunction to get the most comprehensive view of your application’s security posture.

Author Bio-

Ankit Pahuja is the Marketing Lead and Evangelist at Astra Security. Ever since his adulthood (literally, he was 20 years old), he began finding vulnerabilities in websites & network infrastructures. Starting his professional career as a software engineer at one of the unicorns enables him in bringing “engineering in marketing” to reality. Working actively in the cybersecurity space for more than two years makes him the perfect T-shaped marketing professional. Ankit is an avid speaker in the security space and has delivered various talks on top companies, early-age start-ups, and online events.


3 Ways to Make Remote Learning Easier for Your Child

As COVID-19 restrictions are lifted across the nation, many students find themselves back in their regular classrooms, attending school in person as they did every day prior to March 2020. Some schools, however, remain online or give students the option to attend class remotely, as the pandemic allowed us to stretch our limits of what we could imagine being possible and many have found remote working and learning to have many benefits. While remote learning might be the right option for your child, there is no denying that attending school virtually has its downsides. Now that we are no longer in the throws of harsh COVID-19 restrictions, some students might feel isolated from their friends who have returned to in-person schooling. 

Here are some ways you can help support your child during remote schooling. 

Have a Special Space Dedicated to Learning

Permanently designate a specific room or area of your home for schooling. Just like you might have your own home office to help you keep a strong work-life balance, your child needs the same. Whether you’re working from home as a physician for ThriveMD or a student learning remotely, having your own space to work that is separate from the rest of the house is important. Putting together a special space for time spent in the classroom and discouraging your child from using the space for other purposes is the key to keeping them focused during virtual schooling while keeping the stress of the classroom outside of their other responsibilities at home.

Designate Special Activities for Breaks

Studies show that students who are learning remotely perform best when work is done in 30-minute increments, encouraging frequent short breaks between lessons or assignments. When students take a break, they often turn to the TV or a computer for entertainment, which can draw them in and make it difficult for them to return to the classroom and stay focused when their beak is over. If this describes your child, try to think of a few special activities that they can do on breaks. This can include an art project like coloring or sculpting with play, outside time for them to play with toys or take a walk, or independent reading time with a book of their choice. 

Schedule Play Dates and Outings

Remote learning can be isolating, especially for younger children who might not understand why they are not able to see their friends every day as they used to a school. Try to schedule a safe play date or activity for your child and a few of their friends after school at least once a week, to give them a much-needed break and to nurture their social and emotional needs which might be lacking as a result of remote learning. 

The addition of working remotely to our lives might be one of the only positive effects of the last 2 years. Remote learning can be a great option for students who have challenges in traditional classroom settings but can come with its own setbacks. Use these simple tips to support your child both in and out of the virtual classroom. 

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6 things to know before you start an influencer marketing campaign

Are you actually prepared to launch an influencer marketing campaign?

Seen by many in the past as the new kid on the block, over recent years influencer marketing has established itself as a high-value marketing tactic that shouldn’t be ignored. While it’s no longer an afterthought, some marketing teams are not aware of all the information they need to know before going live. This article will run you through 6 of the most important considerations you need to have planned for a successful campaign. Read on below to see if there’s any you have missed.

It’s not difficult to understand why influencer marketing has taken off so dramatically recently. At times when the economy appears less secure, brands keep an even more careful watch over their spend and the return on their activities. With influencer marketing, running and execution costs are low, with the potential for impressive returns.

How To Map-out a Successful Influencer Marketing Campaign

Are you actually prepared to launch an influencer marketing campaign? So to make sure you have the important angles covered, these 6 tips will get you started immediately.

So to make sure you have the important angles covered, read our 6 tips on starting an influencer marketing campaign below.

Set The Right Influencer Marketing Campaign Goals

This advice is universal across not just marketing but all business projects. In the context of influencer marketing, setting the right goals is vital to have all the team working towards the same targets and aligned with strategy. 

What metrics will define success?

Are you analysing results based on conversions? How about increasing traffic? Or revenue generated? Defining the metrics you’re working towards will be vital to understanding if your work has been a success or not. Brief the influencer you are working with to let them know exactly what you need from this campaign, this will avoid confusion further down the line.  

Not All Influencers Are Influential

Will the audience an influencer has actually engage with the marketing posts? Will this engagement drive results for your campaign?

One of the most difficult aspects of an influencer marketing campaign is finding the right people to work with. If your campaign is going to be a success, you have to choose the influencer you are working with carefully.

Again, you need to choose your influencer based on the goals you have set for the campaign. If you’re looking to increase brand exposure to as wide an audience as possible, then targeting influencers with a large following would be a good idea. If however, you want to increase conversions or another goal, working with a more specialist influencer would be a better strategy.

Would it be better to target a small niche of people who are highly invested in the industry you are promoting and more likely to convert? Or is it better to get your brand name out there to as many people as possible? Evaluating these against your marketing goals will help define the influencers you should be working with.

Don’t forget engagement rates

When analysing the best influencer to work with, remember that the number of followers is not always the most important stat to be looking at. Instead, focus on the engagement rates and the type of engagement posts get. As an example, does the audience of a particular person actually engage with the services and products they promote or are they more interested in the celebrity?

Consider an influencer’s industry recognition

Influencers keep a close eye on what their peers are up to. By carefully utilising one influencer, your reach could be expounded by further people within that field taking up your product or service. This is an ideal situation if it takes off, maximum exposure for minimum output. In terms of future campaigns, influencers are more likely to work with you if a respected peer has as well.

Know the Influencer Marketing Campaign Regulations

As influencer marketing has gotten more and more popular, increased regulations have become necessary. These regulations expect influencers to clearly define what content has been sponsored, as well as other factors.

For example, if a brand provides an influencer with a payment, a gift or any other perk, any posts resulting from that are then subject to consumer protection law in the UK. If a brand also controls the content the influencer puts out, they are also subject to the UK Advertising Code as well.

The rules around this area are regularly and frequently updated so it is critically important to check the latest legislation and make sure your campaign complies.

Employ a Multi-channel Strategy

A key aspect to influencer marketing is creating multiple touchpoints with potential customers. This requires a flexible and diverse approach across multiple channels. Most influencers are on more than one channel and their audience is too. You have to focus your campaign on more than one social media platform, or else potential growth is hindered.

Each platform requires slightly different styles of content, which is important to bear in mind. You have to craft the posts you are putting out specifically for each medium to maximise their impact.

What’s the cost?

The price of an influencer can vary dramatically. Keep in mind that it’s not all about the single figure of how much a campaign with an influencer costs. It’s about ROI – what is the amount of return your company will get on the money they have spent? There is sometimes room for negotiation on price, but successful influencers will be less accommodating on dropping their fee.

In summary

Influencer marketing can be an extremely effective strategy to drive brand awareness and product sales. If done well, with both a creative and analytical approach, brands are able to engage with their customers in ways that were not previously possible. But before you jump into a campaign, it’s important to pay attention to the 6 points we outlined above to make sure you are not wasting your budget on ineffective strategies. 

While influencer marketing is a relatively new addition to the marketing industry, it looks to only gain in size and popularity. Offering unprecedented access to younger audiences and their favourite ways of consuming media, it’s a strategy your marketing team shouldn’t neglect.

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Free Television Still Dominant Force Across Africa

Broadcasters to Take Centre Stage at DISCOP JOBURG.

Over 120 free-to-air television stations, including public broadcasters from 15 African countries, are expected to take part in the next Johannesburg edition of the DISCOP film, television, and digital content market and co-production forum that kicks off from 20th November for three days of intense networking and deal building.

These public broadcasters will be acknowledged and celebrated for their role as the dominant force in the African market where 85% of audiences still actively watch free television. While the launch of a range of new SVOD services across the continent may dominate discussions, behind streaming’s tech dazzle, the more mundane business of selling content to Africa’s ordinary linear networks is high on DISCOP Johannesburg 2019’s agenda.

New discovery shows that free television is still the dominant force all over the continent of Africa.
New discovery shows that free television is still the dominant force all over the continent of Africa.

Contrary to a certain belief, advertising-driven TV remains strong. According to recent reports, the market share of linear ad-supported television, currently 36.7 percent of the overall global market, would actually rise to 40.1 percent by 2025 and more than half of the industry’s global revenues will still be in free-TV six years from now.  

“All the major streaming and pay-tv services will be attending,” noted Patrick Zuchowicki, General Manager and Founder of DISCOP, who adds, “But pre-market reports point to strong demand for programming from commercial and public broadcasters. The bulk of the business for the vast majority of content suppliers is still in traditional television.”

135+ global and regional content sellers and 150+ African independent content producers will take part in a reconfigured market that will go beyond content selling and buying and also cover the co-production of original content. A total of 250+ programmers, acquisition, commissioning, production and marketing executives from 35+ African countries are also expected to attend seeking both finished content, adaptation rights and projects in development.

DISCOP JOHANNESBURG 2019’s sidebar conference program will feature focused thematic sessions that will provide an opportunity for a more dynamic, hands-on learning experience. Topics to be covered will include content monetization strategies, the booming animation industry, bringing eSports to television screens, the importance of dubbing, the export of original African content, branded content, and how to tackle disinformation.

Free to air televisions

“There is no question that Pay-TV penetration, access to mobile television and VOD adoption is on the rise.” says Andrew Boozer, DISCOP’s Conference Director, who adds, “This is why we have designed a conference program that will help ad-supported TV channels stay at the top of their game and build stronger ties with local talent, up-and-coming producers and advertisers who still  think that linear television is the most powerful ad-medium on the continent.”

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The Importance of Facilities Management in National Public Buildings

What are the roles of facilities management in the construction and realization of national public buildings?

A building, whether a private or public building or a national or state-building, is not restricted to only mortar and bricks. There are more to it, such as the infrastructure for the provision of human comfort, the productivity contributed, the environment which is intended to enhance people’s health, and the sustainability of psycho-pathological or psycho-social balance.

Facilities management is of tremendous importance as it has helped with the protection and maintenance of the owner’s interest and objectives in terms of the building and its construction.

The goal of facilities management is generating a good yield or return on investment while ensuring minimal implementation and integration of the design team for major alterations and repairs.

The aim of every facility manager is to significantly reduce the cost associated with major repairs and alterations while increasing the lifespan of the building through a responsive maintenance approach.

Understanding the concept of Facilities Management

The Importance of Facilities Management in National Public Buildings
Let’s discuss the importance of facility management in the actualization of national public buildings.

Facilities management is a concept that ensures that buildings, technical systems, and equipment offer support in the operations of a building.

Hence, facilities management is the coordination of the physical work (that is, the physical workplace) of an organization. The emphasis of the Facilities Management is on National Public Buildings which ought to be coordinated through the Facilities Manager to ensure optimal delivery, maintaining efficient and prompt maintenance to avoid economic loss.

Maintenance, on the one hand, is a crucial aspect of facilities management as it involves the planning and implementation of repairs in buildings.

National public buildings are buildings constructed, provided, promoted, and owned by the Government, especially the Federal Government.

The maintenance of Public buildings depends largely on its facilities managers. Facilities managers are the ones that can affect the maintenance of the buildings. There are two (2) notable types of maintenance: Preventive Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance.

Preventive maintenance involves the usual interpretation to prevent the breakdown of buildings. The common costs associated with this are equipment downtime, labor downtime, replacement parts, and supplies.

Corrective maintenance is the utilization of better development workforce throughout the construction and maintenance of the buildings.

Facilities management on National Public Buildings involves applying scientific and quantifiable methods such as planning, coordinating, decision-making, organizing, and controlling of the physical environment for the purpose of promoting and actualizing the goals and objectives of the Nation’s economy through the establishment of these buildings.

In order to do so, there ought to be a collective decision making on the site selection and soil testing, design and construction of the buildings, renovation, and modernization of old and deliberated structures and equipment, and review of the best practices and standard processes.

Therefore, on the National level, facilities management is a collective and shared responsibility.

The role of facilities management in national public buildings are:

  1. To improve the appearance of the buildings.
  2. To reduce the life cycle cost and the operational cost of the buildings.
  3. To improve the safety of the buildings and the facilities used.
  4. To collect and analyze data pertaining to building structures and equipment used for decision-making on its effectiveness and efficiency on the staff, government workers, and employees.
  5. To extend the life span and usefulness of a building through instructional effectiveness.

The roles of facilities management include but not limited to the illustration of concepts by providing an opportunity for firsthand experience; the provision of thought diversity through inquiry and observation; the protection of people and the provision of comfort through scientific observations and evaluation.

The importance of facilities management on national public buildings cannot be overemphasized. Its importance helps the builders to decipher the best step to take in order to ensure that there is a minimal cost associated with repairs, major alterations, and refurbishing of equipment.

The problem associated with facilities management in national public buildings is the lack of policy guidelines. There are limited to practically no policies guiding the government on how to maintain and manage its infrastructure. Such policies are crucial for the development and sustenance of these buildings.

Facility management is ideal and practicable if there are measures and policies put in place to ensure that. If not, it is another term created and used to define failed projects in the country. Therefore, facility management is an integral part of the establishment and management of government buildings and infrastructures.

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How Vaping Technology Has Evolved to Meet Growing Demand

Over the years, vaping has become a fast-growing industry that is believed to reach a total value of $50 billion before the end of 2025. With the demand for electronic cigarettes growing, vaping technology companies have had to tweak their technology and evolve in order to meet the needs and desires of it’s rapidly growing market. From larger tanks to clearomizers, here’s how vaping technology is evolving to stay up to date and on-trend.

A Brief History 

Vaping Industry - When Trends and Technology Collides

Back in 1927, Joseph Robinson visualized the concept of an electronic cigarette, however, Herbert Gilbert was actually the one who patented the invention in 1965. With light work being carried out to produce the idea of e-cigarettes in the ’80s, it wasn’t until 2003 when electronic cigarettes were publicly sold and readily available. Initially, the vamping industry took China by storm, with the rest of the world following closely behind. Today, the electronic cigarette has helped to decrease the estimated number of smokers worldwide from 1.14 billion to around 1.1 billion.

Different Generations

Just like the iPhone, electronic cigarettes were released at different stages over the years, slowly adapting to new technologies and offering more and more to consumers. Starting out with the first-generation e-cig, you simply received your battery and cartomizer, with no additional features or added touches. Moving on to the second-generation, vape pens, you notice quite a large change in the overall design of the e-cig. These vape pens were the starting point for the major growth within the vaping industry, with them still being extremely popular to this day. Vape pens are both easy to maintain and lightweight, making them easy to use and even easier to fit into your pocket or bag.

The third generation of vaping technology saw the introduction of MOD’s, which caused a stir within the marketplace. MOD’s (modifications) enabled existing vaping technology to better itself, providing longer battery life, temperature controls and regulated charging which gave consumers the additional features they were craving.

How Vaping Technology Has Evolved to Meet Demand
Image Source: Vampire Vape

Practical and Easy

For many vapers, e-cigs are extremely easy to use and maintain. Once you’ve got the hang of how your device works, you’ll find yourself reaching for your electronic cigarette much more than that of a tobacco cigarette. Having helped to squash traditional smoking and force the cigarette industry to have a major rethink, e-cigs and vaping have quickly become an essential part of any ex-smokers’ life. You also find that vapes are easy to get hold of too, with those designed with coils and tanks now showing up all over.

What do you think about the future of vaping technology and acceptance in other parts of the world?