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Easy Steps To Improve iPhone Battery Life – Infographic

Having low battery life on your iPhone? Worry less because we’ve got your back!

Wondering how you could reduce your iphone battery lifespan? Discover how to improve your iPhone battery lifespan by 100% following the set guidelines below.

How to improve your iPhone battery lifespan with this simple hack!

One of the main reasons why your smartphone or any other electronic gadgets will perform at its apex level rest solely on how effective the power source is – the quality of your electronic gadgets depends on its battery life and power system.

If an electronic device is not working up to expectation or if it is switching on and off concurrently when you don’t expect it to be so, one of the pointer to look for is the battery system; it may be bad battery condition. Power backup system has been one of the challenges that smartphone makers and electronic companies around the world are working hard on breaking its code. There’s high need for a breakthrough technology that would increase battery lifespan in electronic devices and the research and discovery have been for a very long time. While we are still awaiting the said world class breakthrough discovery that would make devices last longer, some scientists have came up with different findings and prototypes such as the aluminum battery that charges in less than 60 seconds and a solar powered Airplane that uses less power to function at its optimal level etc, the infograph displayed below deciphers every bit of information that would help you improve your iphone battery life – this same technique can also be used for other smartphones!.

Studying this infograph will enlighten you and help you understand how your smartphone circulates power across every units and which components, features, or functionalities consume most power, and above all, how you could elongate the battery lifespan.

This infograph was provided by ReviVerSoft.How to Improve iPhone Battery Life – Infographic

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How To Win an iPad2

A human resources and online recruitment firm has offered an opportunity for all interested individuals to win an Apple iPad2 phone. The main thing you’re required to do in order to win this is to directly message @pinstripetalent on twitter by explaining to him your “best social recruiting success story”.

The best person with good and informative story will win an Apple iPad2 phone.

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Simple C Program Special Logic Tricks

//Swap Two Numbers In Single Statement Without Temp Variable



int main ()


C Program Special Logic Tricks

//Swap Two Numbers In Single Statement Without Temp Variable



int main ()


int a=1,b=2;



cout<<“A: “<<a<<” B: “<<b;



You Can Also Take Input Values For A And B Variables

May Be Your Question Is How This Statement Working ?


First Step a=1+2-(b=1); // Also Assign Values Of a To b

Then a=1+2-1

Now a=2, b=1

OshoGarg is a tech writer from latest tips and tricks blog who share tips on blogger.

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Alibaba Reach 1 Million Users in UK – INFOGRAPHIC

Alibaba is one of the largest online marketplace in the whole world when it comes to online e-commerce web portal. You can buy goods and send it to your loved ones in another countries throughout the world, you can order goods and services with rest of mind without the need of thinking if your money will get snatched by online scammers because of the quality payment system that Alibaba has maintained since the time it has came into existence. For this reasons, that is what make the Alibaba service a must use most of the people in the United States according to the research conducted by The Alibaba insiders. This research shows that Alibaba has reached 1 million customer based, a feat which many companies are striving to get to with no success.

In this infographic, you will be able to know how Alibaba UK customers base increase with more growth speed across the United Kingdom and you will be able to learn from their strategy and how you can apply it to your online business model. Alibaba is doing greatly in the United Kingdom when compared to the stats with the results from all other European nations according to the report gathered.

You will learn a lot from the great rise in market place for the Alibaba group and you can achieve such in your business if you can try to pick one or two ideas from their strategy and make use of it to achieve success.


What You Need To Know About Alibaba Growth? is the world largest online business to business marketplace for small businesses and in the UK membership has just reached one million:

  • Membership has grown by 51% year on year
  • Alibaba as at present is getting 29,000 newly registered users monthly
  • 10.7% of UK members are buying machinery and Alibaba is the right place where this can be achieve.
  • 5.8% of its members are buying minerals and metallurgy on regular basis and Alibaba stands at their source of achieving this.
  • Since Alibaba is the ideal place to get quality Chinese goods without the fear of loosing money to fraudsters, this makes it easier for Alibaba to get more UK members in the rate of 69.9%. This people are those sourcing goods to buy from the China market.
  • 5.1% of Alibaba users are those sourcing for goods from India
  • Most of the people that are using Alibaba in the EU are mostly from United Kingdom and this makes it more easier for Alibaba to achieve 1 million UK customer base.

Infographic Provided by Alibaba and YoungPrePro.

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Apple Released TV Commercial for iPad2

Apple Inc has released a new advert for iPad 2 on tv commercials titled “Now”. The advert which focus on explaining to the people how they can create, share and interact with others with the new iPad2 more than how the have been doing before. The ads cites an example that now the iPad2 can be useful in the area of reading newspaper and watching of movies and others. It reads:

“Now, you can watch a newspaper; listen to a magazine; curl up with a movie; and see a phone call. Now, you can take a classroom anywhere; hold an entire bookstore; and touch the stars, bcause now, there’s this.”

The ads continue by showing some other features that the new iPad 2 has over the formal products. You can watch the ads below or on youtube directly.

Introduction to iPad2 Features

iPad2 Ads Exanple #1

iPad2 Ads Exanple #2

iPad2 Ads Exanple #3

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Communication Satellite GSAT-8 Successfully Launched

The Indian largest advanced communication satellite known as GSAT-8 has been successfully launched according to TechGopal.
You can watch the video of the launch right below to see the rate of the satellite and some other information concering the successful launch of the GSAT-8.

Watch Now Via Youtube


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5 Steps To Avoid Email Phishing Attempts

When it comes to the issue of security on the internet, many internet users at times to take much time to care about this, they think that it is not that important but forget to realize that without the knowledge internet security measures, they can be a victim of internet fraud sooner or later.

Protect yourself from Phishing AttemptsEmail phishing is an act of stealing internet user’s contents (valuable data such as band information, website logging details, your email username and password and some other confidential information like that). This act has turned many people into something else, some have lost properties, business assets and many other valuable things to online phishing attack due to ignorance of the system. If you know how to protect yourself online from this type of wicked people, it will be very easy for you to live your life as you supposed to live it than someone else to tell you how to live it.

How to Overcome Email Phishing Nightmare

In today article, I will be starting a series of internet protection and security articles which will be going live here on weekly basis so that you can be very safe from the hands of internet hackers and crackers and also I will be showing ways in which you can use to identify all forms of email phishing attempts from anybody throughout the world in the series and some other ways for better online security measure.

Look At the Title of the Message Very Carefully

If you are type of person who regularly receive series of autoresponder messages from some services that you have subscribed to online, you will be able to know if a particular email is fraudulent or if it is legitimate to trust.

The way the autoresponder email series are programmed works well in helping you to know the type of person that is sending it and thereby also making you to have good relationship with the publisher but, also be careful that some of the phishers out-here are cunning in most of the times, they (hackers) too can craft an email in such a way that it will look just the same way like that of a legitimate company that is sending you regular mail on periodic basis.

Compare It With Other Related Title

Another thing that you can do to identify a phishing attempts from the normal email address from a legitimate group or company is by comparing the title of the message with other message that you have received from the company before, though, this also can look somehow confusing because they (phishers)can also make the headline look just the same way that the trusted company or individual usually sent to you. But, one thing that is very certain here is that there will be a difference between the two because the phishers doesn’t know that you are receiving mail from the person and another point is that he’s just trying to have access to your email in order to get more details about you.

So, with this it is very easy to identify them because there type of email will not go straight to the point as the person used to send you message but there’s will be a request, telling you to do this and that and from this you can be able to know if they are truly a genuine company or not.

Email Address Filtering –Identify Real Email Address of the sender

By scanning through the header of the email that this type of people sent to you will help you in knowing fully if the email is a fake or a genuine one. Getting the real address of the person who is sending you an email is another method you can use in knowing either if the person is a legit or not. Check the header of the email if the mail is in HTML format and you will be able to see the true identity of the sender whom sent you the message.

Check The Link Claimed That It Points To The Main Domain Name

You must take this precaution in order to stay save online, before you make any click on emails that you are not quite sure about, you have to hover your mouse on the link for about a second so that you ca be able to see the real link of the website.

The real identity of the website that was embedded in the email will be showed in your web browser status bar immediately you put the mouse on the link, not to click but to hover and look at the status bar. If you notice that the domain name in the link is mis-match, you must know that someone is trying to force you to submit your data in order to hack you thereafter and this can make you loose more information than you can ever think of.

Use Spam Filtering Software

If you are not quite sure of other ways to go, you can make use of spam filtering softwares that can help you block any forms of emails that looks like spam. Though, nowadays some mail client like gmail and yahoomail are now offering this services but it has limits but if you can as well help yourself by getting a spam-filtering software installed on your personal computer, you may not be able to view much of spamming emails in your inbox talk less of you opening it. You can get one email spam filtering software here by downloading the latest version of the Kapersky internet security 2012 or you can also download it from our official download page directly here and then install it on your computer for better security.

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Google Introduces New Feature – “Me on the Web”

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FireFox 5 Released -Reasons to Download Mozilla Firefox 5

Barely three months after the release of Firefox 4, Mozilla has released its new web browser Firefox 5 on this week. The new Mozilla Firefox 5 has new cool features that make it more easier to use thna the formal one, and one of the notable feature of it is th e ability to work both on personal computer and mobile phones (the new release supports android and some other smart phones and it can also work on your pc).

Computer Tips & Tutorials Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Product Reviews

DropBox Is The Future Of Internet

How would you feel if you’re to lose an important files due to hitches or malfunction of your computer? Have you ever wondered how you’d feel like if you were unable to restore your data after a computer hard disk failure? I know that you will feel troubled! But wait, that problem will be resolved soon if you can read this post to the end.

Yeah! I know that you are ready to know how you can save your computer from virus attack or disk failure. You can protect your files and other sensitive data from all forms of internet worms and computer viruses by having an online backup for it. You can do this by getting a reputable and trusted online backup company, which you can trust your data and valuable information with. It must not be company that will, in later time, sell some of your valuable information to other third-party companies for advertisement purposes or anything similar.

How Can I Know The Best Company To Trust?

You asked right!

There are many online data backup companies available to choose from but majority of them are not trustworthy while only a little percentage of them play according to the rule of the game. To know the best company that have good stuffs in store for you, a whole lot of research is required coupled with ability to follow your instincts in picking the right one, and other skills. But believe me honestly, you wouldn’t have to do that alone because that burden has been leveled down for you. Trust me!

In a matter of minutes from now, you will be backing up your data onto one of the most popular and free data backup company in the world. I have a company that I wanted to introduce to you so that you can be able to save your online data and the name of the company is called DropBox.

DropBox is an online data backup company that provides free data storage features for their customers. They have three different features, one for free users, another for paid members, while the last one is for organizations and small businesses.

DropBox lets you store your life in the cloud for easy accessibility

DropBox Free Users

You get 2GB data backup spaces to save your file and many other things, but you need to register and install their desktop folder where you will be saving the files to before they’ll be able to give you the 2GB space. It doesn’t stop there, as you continue to use the service, they believe that you too can bring your friends onboard, to enjoy their service, and in returns they will give you additional 25oMB space to add to your normal 2GB. Continuously, you can add more space till you reach 8GB storage space through invites alone. There is no limit until you reach 8GB and at that time you can now upgrade to paid version.

DropBox Paid Users

As a paid user of Dropbox, you get more features better than the free version, and the picture below show you what you will get as a paid user.Dropbox Is the Future of Cloud Storage

To Get More Spaces on your DropBox account

If you’re like me, who would love to stay free by all means, you can stay with the free version of the DropBox service until it reaches the bandwidth limit, this one is for you. You can start referring your friend and relatives to this awesome service in exchange for more bandwidth space on your dropbox account.

Any time you refer someone, you will get additional storage space of 250MB every time one of your friend or relatives register and download dropbox app for computer or mobile. To do this you can edit message like I did below, and add your link with it (you will get your referrer link in your admin area under the ‘sharing option’)

Always have your stuff when you need it with @Dropbox. 2GB account is free! (remember that you can change this link to your own link).

In case you didn’t get it right, you can drop your comments in the box below. I will be very much happy to help.

Thanks for reading.