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3 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Future of Social Media

With an estimated 2.77 billion active social media users in 2019, social networks are a hot spot for innovation. Recently, we have seen a large number of artificial intelligence tools integrated into social media. AI is changing social media; it’s no longer just about connecting with long-lost classmates on Facebook. AI-integrated social networks now offer more comprehensive ways for brands to learn about their consumers, provide better ways of connecting employers with job seekers and even produce virtual personalities who are slowly taking the place of human influencers.

Artificial Intelligence Tools Disrupting  the Future of Social Media

Artificial Intelligence Tools (AI Tools)
There are large number of artificial intelligence tools that are been integrated into social media lately, LinkedIn is a great example of that. In this article, we intend to expose you to other instances where artificial intelligence tools are been used to disrupt the social media space.

AI and customer data

Tech industry leader Mark Hurd stated the best way to beat the competition is “to have better information, to know who you’re talking to and to know how to motivate that customer.” AI information-gathering tools are the most prudent way of gleaning information from social media. AI has the ability to sort through astronomical amounts of unstructured data, from Facebook comments to trending hashtags across all social networks. The data gathered is provided freely by consumers and provides crucial insights into customer behaviors.

Not only do companies have the ability to learn more about the basic demographics of their customers, but Artificial Intelligence Tools allow them to understand the sentiments surrounding trending topics and what is most important to buyers. That means brands can learn who is buying their products and, more importantly, why these customers are purchasing certain items. The data collected allows companies to better tailor marketing efforts and merchandise to the people most likely to make a purchase.

More powerful recruiting tools

AI has impacted other social networking platforms. LinkedIn has become one of the most influential channels for job seekers and employers because of the Artificial Intelligence Tools (AI tools) in their job boards. LinkedIn has more than seven million open candidates at all times. They employ their AI technology to sort through each candidate’s profile and recommend the right positions to them, as well as offer predictions to hiring managers as to who might be the best fit for a company.

Candidates are in a unique position today in that they have the ability to narrow down their job search using multiple filters, such as the type of job they’re looking for, relocation preferences, pay rates and skills required. LinkedIn’s AI then takes that information and matches user preferences to recruiters looking for the same qualifications. AI can target specific applicants who will be the best fit for a role and can even predict their potential response rates, influencing which candidates hiring managers reach out to.

AI-generated Influencers

With the rise of artificial intelligence tools, it is no surprise virtual influencers are popping up all over social media. AI-based influencers like Lil’ Miquela and Shudu have generated substantial buzz in the social media and celebrity communities, each with millions of followers on Instagram. The two virtual personalities pose in the same real-life scenarios as any human influencers and seemingly have active social lives off-screen, all without actually being human.

“When I look at these 3D, human-based characters, it’s so close to the uncanny valley. We want to develop characters and we want to tell fictional stories rooted in reality,” noted Dylan Flinn, a former agent of Creative Artists Agency. These personalities can be molded to fit any brand and tell any story. AI influencers are only in their infancy and will prove to be a revolutionary advancement in the social media world as they continue to grow in popularity.

Social media is one of the most pertinent platforms for the integration of AI technology today. AI provides functionality beyond sharing, commenting and connecting with friends. With the advancements being made at any given moment, the future of social media lies in the hands of AI.

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