Angry Birds Space vs. Angry Birds in Infographic Picture

Angry Birds Space and the previous Angry Birds game are two popular game that people always plays with passion. The game is awesome and interesting!

Recently, the new Angry Birds Space game was released by Rovio, but the taste of the old angry birds game, is still in the mind of people playing the game. There’s a lot of differences between Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds game because the later came with new improvement and new stage which makes it even popular than the previous one. Here in this post is an infographic picture explaining the difference between Angry Birds Space and Angry Birds game.

This awesome Angry Birds Infograpfics shows us the neccessary information we needed to know about the two angry birds version. And I do not need to explain more than to give you time to read and digest the information in the picture. Thanks for reading!

angry birds space vs angry birds infographic
Angry Birds Space vs Angry Birds Infographic

Angry birds space vs angry birds infographic picture above explains the differences between the two game versions.

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