AI Disruption: 5 examples where AI still shows itself 

When people hear the words “artificial intelligence” or “AI”, they usually think about something fantastic, but not many are aware of its usage. In fact, it has been used in our life for many years and had a major impact on it.

AI, of course, is present in our online and any other digital activity. Machine learning helps to improve our social media experience and at the same time can be used for developing new healthcare approaches.

In this article, we will disclose 5 most common examples where artificial intelligence plays an important part.

5 examples of industries where AI disruption still shows itself strong

Artificial Intelligence Tools (AI Tools and AI Disruption Industries)
Artificial intelligence has largely drives many industries behind the scene that many of us could hardly believe. here are large number of artificial intelligence tools that are been integrated into social media lately such as LinkedIn, Facebook and others. It has as well influenced development in the health and wellness industry, same of financial market and some others. It is not stopping anytime soon. Here are five Industries that AI has, and will still continue to disrupt massively in the future.

AI in medicine

Machine learning has a noticeable impact on this field. It is used almost at any stage of medical research and treatment. Collecting information about diseases and various cases allows making more accurate conclusions about patients’ health. Personalized treatment also becomes more accurate thanks to machine learning implementation. The same approach allows faster development of drugs as with algorithms clinical trial can be conducted more effectively.

AI in music

Seems like it is a field too creative to use artificial intelligence? Well, you will be surprised that machine learning has been used by services like Pandora or Amazon Music to customize the user experience.

But it goes further and with the help of algorithms, we can create some tunes. Of course, they will not be masterpieces, but hits – easily! The thing is that machine learning can analyze the structure, balance, harmony of the existing pieces of music and compare them to the human reaction. Trust us, that is how many “nostalgic” or “dancing” hits are done today.

AI in photo editing and design

If you use photo editors or social networks like Instagram, you might know already how AI can improve your experience in this case.

Filters, skin enhancers, color improvers and, of course, face finders – these are all the parts of machine learning approaches. They analyze the picture and offer some changes that in most cases make your photo better. And if you tune the settings, you will make your own input in the algorithm development.

AI in trading

Once trading was drastically changed by computers. Now, artificial intelligence took its turn to change the game. The main advantage here is that machine learning can detect patterns that humans can miss. Companies now seriously rely on AI to manage their financial operations.

AI revolutionizes almost every aspect of trading:

– cryptocurrency trading;

– sentiment analysis;

– forecast and predictions;

– blockchain analysis;

– fundamental analysis.

And this is not the limit. There are many other instances of AI disruption aside the aforementioned.

AI in website building

In this industry, we can witness how intensively the technologies evolve and the process of website building becomes simpler and affordable. The great example of such is Weblium. The AI-powered website builder allows people with little to no knowledge in web design to create a landing page or website in less than an hour. And the results always exceed expectations, since built-in Al prevents common design errors.

Machine learning makes it possible to enhance building processes:

– adjust new elements to the general website style;

– maintain the unity of the fonts, paragraphs and other visual elements;

– detect local and global changes and implement them, etc.

The greatest advantage of AI is that it can be taught and developed to meet clients’ needs.

Wrap Up

Of course, on the current level of ML development, we cannot completely eliminate the human part. We still need doctors and researchers to control the diagnoses and treatments that were given by AI.

But with its help, we can solve multiple issues within a shorter period of time and focus on solving more problems. When it comes to online business, you will see how effective your investments will be as soon as you start using services and tools based on machine learning.

The future is now and we should take advantage of it as much as we can.

By Olawale Daniel

I love tech support services!

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